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Free Vector Animation Software

Are you looking for free professional animation software programs to use? Are you looking to learn about best free vector graphics software programs? Or about best free vector graphics animation software programs? This year, I decided to make a list of my personal favorite software programs I’ve used in the past.

So, you want to learn about best free vector graphics software? Or, perhaps, you want to learn about free vector graphics animation software? Well, keep reading for more information. There’s a lot to explore in the realm of professional animation software and many different options to choose from.


Supports AI, EPS, PNG, JPEG and SVG formatsSynchronization of the project through an online accountA large number of manualsCross-platform

Little functionality for professional workProblems occur when working with contours

Verdict:Vectr is a free graphic editor using which you can create both simple images and complex vector illustrations. This is one of the best free vector graphics software as it offers a large number of tutorials on managing layers, creating and editing paths, rotating and scaling objects, etc.

This software has all the necessary tools for basic vector editing, including shapes, text, layers, fills, etc. Also, you can export and import such file formats as AI file, EPS file, PNG file, JPEG file and SVG, which makes your work very convenient.


You can create illustrations from scratchFlexible work with contours of shapesLarge selection of vector elementsHas a ready-made clipart You can’t use large filesYou need to have a Facebook account to work


SketchBook was previously a paid animation app from Autodesk, but now it’s completely free! Similar to Pencil2D, SketchBook is a perfect starter program. It has a beautiful user interface that’s easy to pick up and understand — even without a tutorial. The brushes also feel really natural when you’re drawing on the canvas.

SketchBook UI

SketchBook’s user interface has a wonderful layout and is user-friendly. Image via SketchBook.

SketchBook was the first free animation app I tried out, and I wasn’t disappointed. As a filmmaker, I could see myself using it to create write-on text or animation arrows. It also has features like onion-skinning and allows you to rearrange the UI to suit your needs.


You can work with clones of different objectsCollective drawingContext toolbar optionsYou can use Bezier curves Not found

Verdict: Inkscape is a free vector program that provides advanced tools for working with shapes. It has four tools that can change the control nodes and the numerical parameters of the shapes.

You can also try cloning objects during operation, which will save your time. When working in this software, you can analytically set curves with the Python language, and use files of such formats as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, XPM, GIF, SVG, etc. To protect your project from theft, use free watermark software.


Verdict: If you need an intuitive free graphic editor, you can choose a free graphic design software or use Vectornator. The unique features of this free vector program are advanced work with layers and the possibility to use an unlimited number of them to create the most complex illustrations.

For professional work, Vectornator provides professional shape and contour tools, CMYK color profiles, custom fonts, actual layer blending modes, masks, the function of duplicating objects, etc. You can also carry out teamwork on one project and make your edits and changes at once.


Blender’s recently overhauled drawing tool — known as Grease Pencil — allows you to draw in a 3D environment. It’s perfect for creating traditional 2D animation, cut-out animation, and hand-drawn motion graphics.Blender's Grease Pencil

This tool allows you to draw in a 3D environment, create hand-drawn motion graphics, as well as traditional 2D animation. Image via Blender.

If you’re already familiar with Blender’s 3D tool set, then you should be able to dive right in.


OpenToonz is another popular 2D animation application, and it’s widely accepted as a free substitute for apps like Adobe Animate. It may have more of a learning curve than other beginner apps, but it has a host of professional features — onion-skinning, bone rigging, node-based editing options, and more. OpenToonz also supports bitmap and vector images.


The possibility to customize the interfaceGreat tools for editing on canvasProfessional tools for creating shapesTools for managed drawing Open-sourceIncorrect work with layers

Verdict: Carbon will be the best free vector graphics software for those who want to create clipart, logos, illustrations or photorealistic vector images. However, for these purposes, you can also use any Adobe Illustrator alternative too.

Carbon free drawing software has a customizable user interface with freely placed toolbars. You can use various drawing tools to create contours in your work, including contour drawing, pencil tool, calligraphy drawing tool and gradient tools. You can also perform managed drawing, for example, snap to a grid, guidelines, outline nodes, etc.

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio is an animation app similar in depth to OpenToonz and Adobe Animate. While the user interface looks a bit sterile and comes with a bit of a learning curve, it does have many advanced features.

One of those advanced features is vector tweening, which allows layers to automatically transform into other shapes. The software also includes layers, filters, and bone-rigging, and it supports both bitmap and vector images.

Boxy SVG

Import of raster imagesLibrary of ready-made vector drawingsAccess to Google Fonts collectionEasy to use Not suitable for professional workA small set of functions and tools

Verdict: If you need a simple, easy and absolutely free vector editor, then Boxy SVG is the best option for you. Using it, you can create banners, icons, buttons, graphics, interface sketches, etc. without much effort. It offers an intuitive interface and a set of the most necessary tools for amateur work.

In Boxy SVG, you can use ready-made vector drawings that will help you when creating your own illustrations. You can also work with layers, shapes, and import bitmap images to create more complex sketches.


Export to PNG, JPEG, BMP and WEBP formatsYou can view and edit SVG sourceA large history of actionsYou can work with layers Improper functioning of shapes’ outlinesFor simple tasks only

Verdict: SVG-Edit is a simple and free online editor that is suitable for simple tasks with vector graphics. This software has the minimum necessary tools using which you can draw simple shapes. You can also use layers and gradients to create your illustrations and edit the SVG source.

The software has a large history of actions with more than 1000 steps, which is very convenient. You can also export your finished works to PNG, JPEG, BMP and WEBP formats. Also, you can make changes to the source code by yourself to add or remove your own tools and functions.


There are many free vector graphics software apps out there. You can find most of them if you start looking for the best GIF maker, the best vector images software, the best 3D modeler, and similar searches. However, be aware that some of these might include limitations in one way or another — for example, watermarks on exported files, which will make it more difficult to use these results for professional purposes.

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