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Software for Grants Management Nonprofits

Post Award takes the pain and complexity out of managing and reporting on federal, state, local and private agency grants. Software for Grants Management Nonprofits (SfGMN) is the most comprehensive grants management software available. Our solutions are used by government agencies, non-profit organizations,and private corporations to streamline their internal processes and provides answers that matter to stakeholders.

Nonprofits benefit from working effectively with government and other funders. Grants Manager helps nonprofits, universities and international organizations handle their grants administration efficiently. Features include: automated project workflow and full traceability for all steps in a grant management process, integrated financial controls with budgeting capacity by sub-organization or project level, integrated reporting and dashboards across multiple operating units or grants portfolio, ability to handle complex projects that involve several funding agencies and different types of awards (grants, contracts, subawards), fund manager’s activity reports on personal activity (workflow updates), the Reports Module provides everything you need to analyze data, including metrics like cost per funder or funder average days per award,   ‘what if–?’, view budgets by individual program areas within the organization by month/quarter/year and more.

Salsa CRM

Salsa includes grant management software in their suite of fundraising software.


With Salsa’s grant management software, you can attach documents to your grant profiles, configure and assign custom tasks to different members of your team, and have multiple users working on one grant.

Plus, Salsa includes a built-in word processor so that you can write your grant proposal directly in the system.

Why We Love It

Salsa’s grant management software is a part of a larger suite of tools that your nonprofit can use to raise funds and engage with donors.


Salsa has packages that start at $179 plus $0.01 per constituent record.


Neon membership management software


NeonCRM makes it easy for your nonprofit to track every step in the grant process all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Since applying for grants takes a team effort, Neon has created a tool that lets your staff seamlessly work together by assigning separate tasks and setting deadlines. 

Their grantmaking tools will help you stay organized and efficient so that you can apply for and receive more grants.

Why We Love It

Neon also offers additional nonprofit fundraising software and web design services.


Neon has plans starting at $110 a month, but the price will vary based on the number of constituent records your organization needs to record.

Fundly CRM

Your nonprofit can use Fundly CRM's donor management software.


Fundly realizes that tracking grant proposals can be tricky without the right tools. That’s why they’ve created a system that makes it easier.

Their software allows you to set deadlines and make edits to multiple grant profiles at once. 

Why We Love It

Fundly’s grantmaking features can be paired with their other powerful fundraising tools, so your nonprofit can raise even more funds for your cause!


Fundly CRM has plans that range from $55 to $550 a month.

AmpliFund ★★★★★★★★★★ (1)

Project Details
Contact Information
Award Information

WHAT WE LIKEStreamline Grant ProcessesAmplify ImpactWHAT WE DON’T LIKEHigh Cost to BeginOVERVIEWPrice Range: $$$Starting Price: $5,000/yearClient OS: Mac, Web, Windows, Linux Demo  Pricing

AmpliFund is a donor management system made to help maximize your organization’s grant dollars. AmpliFund gives you everything you need to streamline and manage the complete grant lifecycle, configured to your exact needs.

With AmpliFund, you can both amplify your financial impact and achieve your overall mission. This software is designed for grantmakers to ensure the funds you distribute are drawn down properly and grant seekers to maximize your grant dollars while increasing collaboration.

Abila MIP ★★★★★★★★★★ (7)


WHAT WE LIKECustomizable ReportsOn-Premises or Cloud DeploymentWHAT WE DON’T LIKEClunky designWeak Reporting CapabilitiesOVERVIEWPrice Range: $$$Client OS: Windows Demo  Pricing

Abila MIP Fund Accounting gives nonprofit organizations the ability to perform grant management, fund accounting, budgeting, human resources management, reporting, and more. With this system, government and NGO agencies alike can make informed decisions, keep organized, and be prepared for audits. MIP is also designed to scale with your organization, so you get continued functionality as your organization grows.

This solution keeps track of all important grant information and documentation, monitors the organization’s budget position and forecasts expenditures, and collects budgeting performance data to measure program effectiveness.

Abila MIP can be purchased upfront or leased on a SaaS model, giving you the option for a locally installed or web-based solution based on your organization’s needs.

Zengine ★★★★★★★★★★ (3)

WizeHive Project Info Input
WizeHive Grant Application
WizeHive Grant Requests
WizeHive Grant Submissions

WHAT WE LIKECreate Custom ApplicationsGrant Reviewer PortalWHAT WE DON’T LIKEOccasional Bugs and Speed IssuesCustomization for Industry-Specific Reporting Costs ExtraOVERVIEWPrice Range: $$$Starting Price: $3,995/yearClient OS: Web Demo  Pricing

Zengine by WizeHive streamlines grant management processes through the entire lifecycle of application-based programs for charitable foundations, nonprofits, corporations, educational institutions, and more. Collect and manage funds from grant, scholarship, internship/fellowship, award, and accreditation applications all on one easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

Zengine includes a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system to track applicants, reviewers, grantees, volunteers, or donors. And the customizable dashboard can be changed to fit your needs.

Benefits of Grant Management Software

Grant management software allows grant seekers and funders to:

  • Save time: Searching for grant opportunities manually is time-consuming. By the time you find a good opportunity, it may be too close to the submission deadline to prepare a detailed application. Some of the processes involved in awarding grants also take up a lot of time, taking staff members away from other projects. Using grant management software can reduce the amount of time it takes to perform repetitive activities, allowing everyone involved in grant management an opportunity to focus on other tasks.
  • Get organized: With grant management software, there’s no need to search for important paperwork or fill your office with overflowing file folders. All the information you need is stored in a single database, making it easy to access applications, grant agreements, and other funding documents from almost any location. Many software packages also have built-in alerts to help you plan your schedule and meet every important deadline, ensuring that you meet all funding requirements promptly.
  • Generate more grant revenue: Because grant management software makes it easier to identify funding opportunities and apply for them, using these tools may increase the amount of revenue generated from grants each fiscal year.

Must-Have Features of Grant Management Software

Every software package offers a unique combination of features to help grant-making organizations and grant recipients manage each stage of the funding life cycle. However, some features are more important than others. When searching for grant management software, it’s important to look for the following options:

  • Discovery tools: They help grant seekers identify funding opportunities and access application materials. These tools can also be used by funding organizations to identify nonprofits in need of financial assistance, manage grant applications, and streamline the award process.
  • Tracking features: These make it possible to track grants through every stage of the life cycle, from the initial application to the final disbursement of funds. Grant seekers can use these features to track the status of each application and determine if any supporting documentation is missing or incomplete, and grant-making organizations can use tracking tools to check how many applications have been received, determine if award recipients have been notified, and follow up on compliance requirements.
  • Reporting capabilities: These are a necessity when applying for grants or providing funding to a nonprofit. With the right reporting tools, users can sort through a large volume of data and extract important insights about each grant program. For example, grant recipients can use reporting tools to determine what percentage of their applications are approved for funding, and grant-making organizations can use them to determine if any recipients aren’t in compliance with reporting requirements.

The Cost of Grant Management Software

The cost of grant management software depends on several factors, including the number of users in the organization, whether the software is cloud-based or must be installed on each device, and whether the buyer needs access to basic or advanced features. Many companies offer several versions of their software, so they require prospective customers to contact them for a price quote.

Among companies that publish their pricing, many vendors charge a monthly fee, and a few charge an annual fee. Monthly fees can range anywhere from $75 to $15,000. Low-cost software packages are often used by nonprofit organizations that need help managing their grant applications but also need to be mindful of their costs. The more expensive options typically are reserved for corporations that spend millions of dollars on charitable giving each year.

Vendors that charge an annual fee may charge anywhere from $1,250 to $8,300 per year to use their software. Paying an annual fee instead of a monthly one makes it a little easier for users to manage their budgets. The main drawback of paying a one-time annual fee is that it may be difficult for some organizations to come up with several thousands of dollars at one time instead of paying a smaller monthly fee.


Software for Grants Management Nonprofits. The most up-to-date grants management software on the market; designed by a non-profit organization for use by a non-profit organization. Echoing Hope is easy to use, affordable and flexible, allowing you to meet all of your funding needs, regardless if you are a smaller or larger organization. Based on our years of experience working with nonprofits we have developed a solution that will simplify your funding and help you succeed in obtaining grants.

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