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Best Software for Hacking

Always wanted to be a hacker? Instead of a hacker, you could be a malware writer, a cracker or a virus creator. The time has come for you! Because Newgenboss gives you everything you need to become a skilled cyber-criminal within hours! Our software is compatible with the top operating systems and provides access to all the tools necessary to quickly master your chosen profession.

Here are some collections of hacking tools. Hope they don’t hack your heart! 😉

Social-Engineer Toolkit

social - engineering- toolkit- 5 Best Hacking Tools For Windows 10

This hacking software is very famous among hackers as it offers many services such as Spear Phishing Attack Vector which lets you hack any social networking account on facebook, twitter, and Gmail, etc.

It is basically used to send a fake login page to the victim so that he or she can enter their id and password on that page and thus getting their password hacked.

Aircrack ng

Aircrack ng - 5 Best Hacking Tools For Windows 10

This wifi hacking tool is widely used for network monitoring.

It is purely based on the command-line interface.

In AirCrack you will find lots of tools that can be used for tasks like monitoring, attacking, pen testing and cracking.

Without any doubt, this is one of the best network tools you can use to hack wifi. This tool also supports all the versions of wifi such as WPA/WPA2-PSK etc. In short, this tool captures all the packets present in network connection and converts it into the text from which we can see the passwords.

Learn How To Hack WiFi Password


Cain & Abel

⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Classic old school hack tool, which can helps with attacks such as MITM (Man In The Middle).

✓ Another classic tool loved by Pentesters;
✓ Actively updated and supported tool.

Cain and Abel (often simply abbreviated to Cain) is a hugely popular hacking tool and one that is very often mentioned online in a variety of ‘hacking tutorials’.

At its’ heart, Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Windows but it can be used off-label in a variety of uses, for example, white and black hat hackers use Cain to recover (i.e. ‘crack’) many types of passwords using methods such as network packet sniffing and by using the tool to crack password hashes.

Cain, for example, when used to crack password hashes would use methods such as dictionary attacks, brute force, rainbow table attacks, and cryptanalysis attacks.



⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Say no more. If you had to live on a desert island with only one hacking tool then it would have to be Metasploit. Remembering of course that Metasploit works with other tools listed in this resource, for example, Nmap also pipes into the framework.

✓ The “mother” of all Hacker Tools;
✓ Gigantic resource of exploits just waiting to be used;
✓ A “must-learn” tool if you’re serious about becoming an Ethical Hacker.

Metasploit is probably the most famous tool in our opinion, probably because it has such a vibrant community, it’s absolutely well-maintained and also packs a ton of options with being able to deploy payloads into vulnerabilities.

serious Penetration Tester should know how to use this Pentesting Tool inside-out. If you had to learn one tool to use in 2021 we’d definitely push you to learn Metasploit.

The Metasploit Project is a hugely popular pentesting or hacking framework.

Metasploit, along with Nmap (see below) and Wireshark (see below) and probably the ‘best known’ three hacker software tools out there.

If you are new to Metasploit think of it as a ‘collection of hacking tools and frameworks’ that can be used to execute various tasks. Also – we should also add that if you have never heard of Metasploit and are interested in getting into the Cybersecurity Industry, especially as a Penetration Tester, then this is a ‘must-learn’ tool.

Most practical IT Security courses such as OSCP and CEH include a Metasploit component.

Widely used by cybersecurity professionals and penetration testers this is an awesome piece of software that you really out to learn.

Metasploit is essentially a computer security project (framework) that provides the user with vital information regarding known security vulnerabilities and helps to formulate penetration testing and IDS testing plans, strategies and methodologies for exploitation.

There’s a ton of incredibly useful Metasploit information out there and we hope that the books that we’ve chosen go some way to help you on your journey, not least if you are a beginner just starting out and looking for beginners tutorials in how to use Metasploit.



⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This tool really is the Social Engineers tool of choice. This tool runs on intelligent software that can map out all connected social profiles. It’s a must-learn for any budding Security Professional.

✓ Actively supported;
✓ One of the main tools for Social Engineering hacks

Maltego is different in that it works within a digital forensics sphere. Maltego is a platform that was designed to deliver an overall cyber threat picture to the enterprise or local environment in which an organization operates.

One of the awesome things about Maltego which likely makes it so popular (and included in the Kali Linux Top Ten) is its’s unique perspective in offering both network and resource-based entities are the aggregation of information sourced throughout the web – whether it’s the current configuration of a vulnerable router within a network or the whereabouts of your staff members on their international visits, Maltego can locate, aggregate and visualize this data!

For those interested in learning how to use Maltego we’d also recommend learning about OSINT cybersecurity data procurement.



⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This is another old school classic. All the times I’ve used it its worked well. Zero complaints.

✓ Supported by the mighty OWASP (i.e. these folks know a thing or two about web app security);
✓ Huge library of exploits and hacks.

The Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is now one of the most popular OWASP projects. The fact that you’ve reached this page means that you are likely already a relatively seasoned cybersecurity professional so it’s highly likely that you are very familiar with OWASP, not least the OWASP Top Ten Threats listing which is considered as being the ‘guide-book’ of web application security.

This hacking and pen-testing tool is very efficient as well as being an ‘easy to use’ program that finds vulnerabilities in web applications. ZAP is a popular tool because it does have a lot of support and the OWASP community is really an excellent resource for those that work within Cyber Security.

ZAP provides automated scanners as well as various tools that allow you the cyber pro to discover security vulnerabilities manually. Understanding and being able to master this tool would also be advantageous to your career as a penetration tester. If you are a developer then you have it’s obviously highly recommended that you learn how to become very proficient with this ‘hacker tool!’



⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This tool is the mac-daddy of all network monitoring tools on the market today. It’s so big that there is even a security conference dedicated to it called SharkFest! Update! SharkFest 2021 has been canceled due to COVID-19.

✓ A hugely important tool that you must learn if you want to be an Ethical Hacker;
✓ A massive community so don’t worry about being able to ask questions and master this tool.

Wireshark is a very popular pentesting tool and for over a year it was not included on our list, however, by popular demand, we added it in late June 2016 and it remains a constant fixture on our list, even in 2021.

It is difficult to place Wireshark in any specific category but in most cases, it is used to monitor traffic.

Wireshark essentially captures data packets in a network in real-time and then displays the data in a human-readable format (verbose).

The tool (platform) has been highly developed and it includes filters, color-coding and other features that let the user dig deep into network traffic and inspect individual packets. If you’d like to become a penetration tester or work as a Cyber Security practitioner, then learning how to use Wireshark is a must.

There are a ton of resources out there to learn Wireshark, and, of particular interest, there’s also a Wireshark Certification which you can achieve and place on your LinkedIn profile.



⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

By far the most popular WiFi Hacking Tool on the Internet. Period. This is one of those “must-learn” hacking tools.

The Aircrack suite is the defacto bad-boy toolkit for any Wireless Hacking Deployment. It’s a classic and spawned a generation of hackers on the Interwebs.

✓ Fantastically written efficient tools that work great;
✓ Not difficult to learn and easy to modify and tweak.

The Aircrack suite of Wifi (Wireless) hacking tools are legendary because they are very effective when used in the right hands.

For those new to this wireless-specific hacking program, Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking hacking tool that can recover keys when sufficient data packets have been captured (in monitor mode).

For those tasked with penetrating and auditing wireless networks Aircrack-ng will become your best friend. It’s useful to know that Aircrack-ng implements standard FMS attacks along with some optimizations like KoreK attacks, as well as the PTW attacks to make their attacks more potent.

If you are a mediocre hacker then you’ll be able to crack WEP in a few minutes and you ought to be pretty proficient at being able to crack WPA/ WPA2. For those interested in Wireless Hacking we’d also highly recommend taking a look at the very awesome Reaver, another very popular hacking tool that alas we couldn’t add to our list.


metasploit - 5 Best Hacking Tools For Windows 10

It’s a forensic tester which is used by governments as well.

Metasploit allows you to remotely control any computer from anywhere and at any time in the world.

It basically works on the principals of trojan.

Now, what is a trojan? It is a software which allows the remote access of any device in the world. For instance, if the trojan is installed on a particular computer then a hacker can access and control that computer from any part of the world.

This software is also used to make trojan for Android devices which you can hack any android device using Metasploit.


ocl hashcat - 5 Best Hacking Tools For Windows 10

If you love password cracking then this tool is best for you.

While Hashcat is a CPU-based password cracking tool, oclHashcat is its advanced version that uses the power of your GPU.

It is the world’s fastest password hacking tool with the world’s first and only GPU based engine.

It offers a great variety of features such as Straight, Combination, Brute-force, Hybrid Dictionary + mask and Hybrid mask + dictionary.


Best Software for Hacking is an amazing tool that allows you to hack the facebook account of a person by accessing their facebook account. This social hacking tool is a application application that works directly with a Facebook account and allows you to view information on the person. Can You believe this, awesome!

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