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Best Hosting for WordPress Uk

If you’re looking for a well-rounded platform for your WordPress website, then you should consider using one of the top 10 hosting providers in the Uk. Not only will this provider offer great value and features, but they’ll also be more than happy to help with your website security and technical needs.

Best Hosting for WordPress Uk

1. Kinsta

Outstanding Quality & Ease-of-Use (£28.50/Month)

Key Specifications:

  • Secure like Fort Knox
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Daily site backups
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Constantly improves site performance
  • Did I mention how fast it is? Because it is fast


  • Extremely fast
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Highly automated


  • Costly for Some
  • No Domain Registration
  • No Webmail Features

This is pretty much the Hosting service I could see Tony Stark using. As mentioned in our Kinsta review, its technology is impressive, powerful and sublimely easy to use.

That being said, you’ll also need a similar budget to Iron Man to afford it.

Of course, I’m joking about that last part, but this is definitely a premium product. You might need to empty your wallet a bit more than the other options at £28.50 a month (for basic hosting).

But if you’re dedicated to having one of the best hosting services available, it’s a price worth paying!

Kinsta was created by a team of Wordpress aficionados who were deeply unsatisfied with the hosting options available to them, so they made their own.

And what a product they created.

Already used by some huge up and coming names like Ubisoft and, this platform clearly has something to offer for the rigorous demands of a thriving online business.

A Need for Speed 

Whilst utilizing many technological features to achieve this (Nginx, PHP 7.4, LXD software containers, MariaDB), Kinsta’s most impressive feature is how this speed almost never drops, regardless of traffic. Their traffic spike optimization is second to none, and you’ll never have to suffer lag if your site suddenly blows up.

I’m going to hark on about this because it’s one of the most impressive features. The company even dubs itself “Speed obsessive”, and boy do they live up to it; boasting an average speed increase of 200%.

2. Bluehost (

  • From: £2.13 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: unmetered
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: 1 free domain name included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.1

Bluehost is the mainstay of the WordPress hosting market and another company that is officially recommended by

Though they did have some rocky periods in the past, they’ve made huge improvements over the last couple of years, and are now offering one of the easiest to use interfaces out there in the WordPress hosting market overall.

Each WordPress hosting plan comes with WordPress preinstalled, automatic updates, a free domain name for the first year, 24/7 support (via phone and chat), and even staging (for WordPress development). Bluehost also has a data center in London.

3. Hostinger

Terrific Value for Money (£1.99/Month)

Key Specifications:

  • Free Domain name & Site Creator
  • Starts at £1.99 monthly
  • Multi-Language Customer Support
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Designed for Beginners
  • 1 Year of Free Domain


  • Quick Loading Times
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Starts Extremely Cheap


  • Not as Many Bonus Features

Want less innovation and more of a slobbering, shoestring budget? It’s the starting point for many businesses, particularly high-street fast-food ones.

Hostinger’s been around roughly fifteen years. During that time, their uber-cheap hosting offerings have built their user-base to 29 million. You’d think it’d be a dodgy service. But no.

They actually post up server updates with uptimes scores publically, to demonstrate that they’re on the ball. Despite costing less per month than a packet of cray-pees. Our Hostinger review proves that this host gives you just that.

4. SiteGround

  • From: £5.99 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: 10,000 visits monthly
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: not included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.9

SiteGround is a company that has taken the WordPress hosting market by the storm from the UK to Canada and Singapore. They’re the no.1 usual suspect on every WordPress hosting ranking, and for a couple of very good reasons:

First, they’re one of just three hosting firms recommended by Second, they get very good ratings from users and offer great performance. They also give you 24/7 support via phone, chat, and online tickets.

During setup, you get to select your server location to be in London, which is probably the best choice for UK-based websites.

The only downside is that SiteGround doesn’t include a new domain name free of charge. If you want to register a domain during setup, that’s going to be £14.95 / year.

5. A2 Hosting

Speedy & Reliable… But On More Expensive Plans (£9.60/Month)

Key Specifications:

  • Free Migration From Another Host
  • Starts at £9.60 monthly
  • Higher-Tier Plans Among the Fastest Available
  • Unlimited Refund Policy
  • Free Recommended Plugins
  • Compatibility With Various CMS


  • Data Centers All Over the Globe
  • Extremely Fast
  • Starts Extremely Cheap


  • Cheaper Plans Are Not as Fast or Reliable
  • Suffered a Total Security Breach in 2021
  • Average Uptimes Lower than Industry Standard

A2 advertises themselves more in one area over any other: Performance.. This company is too interesting to skip, considering it’s  great future potential.

First let’s chat. Earlier in 2021, some users found their websites were down for a full month. “Ransomware” got into Singapore servers. To stop the virus, A2 shut down the whole site.

If you didn’t know, cybercrime is a booming industry. Once ransomware gets into a company’s software, the company may have to pay the hacker to kill it. A2 has since released a public statement that they will ensure this security breach doesn’t happen again. Just thought I should make that disclaimer. 

6. 123 Reg

  • From: £5.49 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: unmetered
  • Websites allowed: 5
  • Domain name: 2 free domain names included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.3

123 Reg is the most popular domain name registrar (more than 3.5 million domains registered) and web host in the UK (over 1 million UK websites hosted). Established in the year 2000, the company has been making its mark and expanding their infrastructure constantly – now boasting about their latest hardware with load balancing and a “rock solid” network.

When it comes to their WordPress offering, we have to admit that parts of it are really impressive. Chiefly, the fact that you can host up to five websites and get not one but two free domain names for the first year!

The support options are also good – you get FAQs to answer most of your questions, a UK-based phone number you can call 24/7, plus an online ticket system. Naturally, being the primary host in the UK, 123 Reg has data centers in the country.

7. HostGator

“From Zero to Hero” Scalability (£4.76/Month)

Key Specifications:

  • Great 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud-Based
  • Free Website Transfer From Another Host
  • Starts at £4.76 monthly
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Easy Scalability


  • Reliable Uptime Guarantees
  • Engaging Customer Support
  • Free SEO Tools


  • Expensive With Pricing ‘Tricks’
  • Extra Fees Everywhere
  • Can Appear to Be Slow

Get your head in the clouds more often. What the heavy-weights in marketing—HG—do well, is infrastructure. They’ve many data centers across the world. This gives you access to a very reliable pool of resources and uptime. With the confidence that you’ll get your money’s worth when you pay more.

Now the first thing to know is that we’re not going to look at the standard WP Managed options, as we think HostGator stands out in terms of their cloud option.

Just install WP once you set up. HG uses 1-Click installs for that, so it’s nothing to worry about. The support team can take some time but will help you out if you have any issues.

8. 1&1 IONOS

  • From: £1 / month *
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: unmetered
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: 1 free domain name included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: yes
  • UK survey user rating: 3.8

*This is a promo price. As part of the offer, you get £1 / mo. for the first six months and then £8 / mo. after that.

1&1 IONOS is another very popular host in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. Being able to pay as low as £1 / mo. for the first six months plus a free domain name is something not seen anywhere else! This gives you more than enough time to test out your website idea in the wild.

Also, this is said to be a managed WordPress hosting plan, which means that you don’t have to trouble yourself with any of the technical setup. With 1&1 being a UK company, you get a data center in the UK as well. As for the customer support options, you get online support, a help center, and a UK-based phone number to call.

Additionally, the interface is also very user-friendly and makes configuring everything really easy. For instance, there’s a WordPress assistant that guides you through everything step by step. It asks about the purpose of your site and suggests some themes and plugins that could be beneficial.

9. HostPapa

“The Logo Says it All—Cheap, Chirpy, No-Nonsense” (£2.33/Month)

Key Specifications:

  • Continuous Phone & Email Support
  • Dedicated Website Chat Team
  • Add Additional Servers and Storage as Your Business Grows
  • One-Click Wordpress Install
  • Cheap Plans


  • Europe Data Centres
  • Starts From £1.95/mo
  • 100GB Storage


  • Smaller Web Host

Next up is your friendly neighbourhood host—rather than fighting crime at night or delivering pizzas, HostPapa has made a name for itself as a generous but relatively cheap WordPress web host.

Do you own a small business or personal blog? Do you need more search engine visibility, better management of your website traffic, and affordable web hosting? If so, then HostPapa is the right choice for you. Started in 2005—with one-tenth of a million dollars in funding—the company has grown into one of the largest and most popular hosts in the world. 

Today, they reportedly have 14 million monthly visitors and boast 200,000 customer reviews.Let’s take a look at why you should consider taking your small business or personal blog with HostPapa seriously.

10. GoDaddy

  • From: £2.97 / month
  • Traffic allowed / bandwidth: 25,000 visits monthly
  • Websites allowed: 1
  • Domain name: 1 free domain name included
  • WordPress preinstalled: yes
  • UK server location: no
  • UK survey user rating: 3.8

GoDaddy is the true behemoth of the hosting market – not just for WordPress, but overall! While the company hasn’t always had the best press over the years, they’ve been engaging with WordPress users quite heavily lately – with a strong presence at WordPress conferences and in the community.

Their new hosting platform was built specifically for WordPress with the goal to optimize for speed, reliability, and security. The only downside is that GoDaddy currently doesn’t have a data center in the UK. The nearest one is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

There’s also 24/7 support and phone support with a UK number – and they tend to be really helpful (tested). Also, they have top-of-the-line tools for backing up and restoring your site in case of trouble (also tested).

How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider.

A WordPress hosting provider is a company that provides servers and software to host and manage your website. Hosting providers can be divided into two main types: dedicated and shared. Dedicated hosts are better suited for smaller websites, while shared hosts are more versatile and can be used for larger projects.

What is a WordPress Hosting Provider

A WordPress hosting provider is a company that provides servers and software to host and manage your website. Hosting providers can be divided into two main types: dedicated and shared. Dedicated hosts are better suited for smaller websites, while shared hosts are more versatile and can be used for larger projects.

How to Use WordPress to power Your Site.

One of the most popular and versatile WordPress platforms is easy to set up, thanks to its intuitive interface. To get started, follow these simple steps:

1. First, create a new WP site by clicking the “Create a New Site” button in the WordPress admin area.

2. In the newly created website, enter your name and website address (e.g.,

3. After you’ve set up your site, click on the “Administration” tab to open the WordPress settings page.

4. On this page, select the “WordPress Site Configuration” option and enter your desired site settings:

5. Next, select the “Hosting” tab and ensure that you have enabled “WordPress server side scripting (WSS)” under the “SSL Settings” section:

6. Click on the “Activate WSS” button to turn on WSS and finish setting up your site!

7. Now it’s time to preview and test your website by clicking on the “Preview Website” link in the top left corner of the WordPress admin area. If everything looks correct, click on “Save Changes” to apply your changes and exit WordPress!

8. If there are any issues with your website or if you notice any problems with performance or security, please contact us at [email protected] dot com for assistance!

9. Enjoy your new WordPress site!

How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for SEO.

When you’re optimizing your WordPress site for SEO, you need to take into account all of the factors that affect website visibility. These include your content, design, and layout. You can also optimize your site for search engine optimization by using the right tools and techniques.

How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Visibility

Subsection 3.2.1 How to Optimize Your Header Tags and Headings.

Subsection 3.2.2 How to Optimize Your Pages and Posts.

subsection 3.3 How to Optimize Your Pages in Google Maps or Other Maps Services

subsection 3.4 How to Optimize Your Images

sub subsection 4 What To Do If My Website Loses Rankings In Search Engine Results Pages.

In order to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs), you need to optimize your content, be sure your site is correctly designed, and use the right tools and techniques. You can optimize your content by using the following methods:

– Header tags: Add keywords or other important phrases in the header of your document to help keep search engine crawlers from indexing and ranking misspelled or outdated words lower in the page ranks.

– Headings: Place headings at the top of each page so that readers can easily find specific sections or topics.

– Pages: Create multiple pages on your website, one for each section of your business or product.

– Posts: Write quality posts that are easy to read and share with others on your website.


Choosing the right WordPress Hosting Provider is important for two primary reasons: first, because you want to use WordPress as your main website platform; and second, because each provider has its own set of features and services that can make your site faster, more secure, and more efficient. By optimizing your WordPress site for SEO and using the right WordPress Hosting Provider, you can create a high-quality site that will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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