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Best HR Tools 2021

Best HR Toolkit are some of the most essential tools that you require in your domain of work. If you are aspiring to hire new employees then you have to ensure that you have all the essential tool kits at your fingertips. And for this, you do not have to go anywhere. You can simply head over to and have access to all the tool kits that are required by any budding entrepreneur who is willing to run an organized HR department in the niche domain.

Are you looking for Best HR Tools? If yes, then welcome to the worlds of great resources of Best HR Tools. As we know that the best HR tool is the one that has enough features that can help you to manage everything better here in your department.

Let’s get in

Best HR Tools 2021



Xobin is an assessment software for pre-employment, skill, and psychometric testing. Use Xobin to optimize the recruitment life-cycle, from pre-hire screening to video interviewing and cultural fit evaluation.

Pros ✅: The candidate testing capabilities give accurate candidate evaluations, to establish teams that are a good company fit.

Cons 🚩: When making candidate appointments, Xobin has been criticized for lacking accuracy when displaying user time availabilities.

Price 💰: Xobin starts at $99.00 per month. No free version. Free trial available.

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People HR


People HR is designed for small to mid-sized businesses and provides a platform for employee recruitment functions, among others. Features include applicant tracking, personnel tracking, performance review, and more.

Pros ✅: People HR is a straightforward platform, that’s praised for its ease of use.

Cons 🚩: Sometimes there is a delay loading employee personal details and files.

Price 💰: Prices range from $2.65/user/month to $7.96/user/month depending on the plan. A free trial is available.

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Pymetrics uses neuroscience games to predictively match people with jobs. Candidate results are saved and can be accessed at any time.

Pros ✅: This is a fun way to access candidates. Once more, the tool helps you debrief results at the very end.

Cons 🚩: Assessments given for the end result could be more thorough. A deeper dive would be beneficial, to discuss success measures and how the candidate’s results compare to others in your company.

Price 💰: Pymetrics has not provided pricing information. Contact Pymetrics to obtain current pricing information. No free trial. No free plan.

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Lever is the only recruiting software that manages the entire talent relationship lifecycle in a single system. The platform is designed to attract, source, nurture, and hire top talent at every stage.

Great for small and mid-size companies but lacks some enterprise-level features” – Scott ParkerG2 Review

Pros ✅: Lever has quick, responsive technical support. Also, the working candidate profiles are intuitive and fast – especially with the newest CV review feature.

Cons 🚩: Lever has a lack of calendar synchronization and support for enterprise users not fully on G-Suite or Office 365.

Price 💰: Lever has not provided pricing information. Contact Lever to obtain current pricing information. No free trial. No free plan.

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Symphony Talent


Symphony Talent is an award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing platform. The tool helps organizations attract, engage, nurture, and convert candidates into qualified applicants. To do this, a centralized management system is used that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs.

Pros ✅: It’s a great place to house candidates that have been sourced, screened, and qualified. It’s easy to track each step the candidate was making, for reporting purposes to management.

Cons 🚩: Users have experienced candidate duplication and were not alerted of this fact. Also, issues are reported when searching for candidates, with the results provided poor based on the search criteria.

Price 💰: Symphony Talent has not provided pricing information. Contact Symphony Talent to obtain current pricing information. Free demo provided. No free plan.

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Employee onboarding and development

Employee onboarding is the process of settling a new hire into their role, which involves integration with the company culture and providing the information and tools needed for productive work.

Employee development is the process of working with employees to add to their professional skillset, while also enhancing, refining, and honing in on existing ones.

Let’s take a look at our top HR employee onboarding and development tools to add to your HR toolkit.

Process Street

Employee onboarding

You can use Process Street for many HR functions, whether it’s building managerial relations, regulating health and safety, or providing personal employee support. In this instance, we’ll consider Process Street’s employee onboarding function to exemplify what Process Street has to offer.

Process Street has a host of free template resources available in our template library, designed to inform, engage, and train employees. Document your employee onboarding processes, using best practices, and create the consistency needed to nurture top talent.

I wish all software companies were run like these guys do!” – Greg H.Capterra review

Pros ✅: With Process Street you can document your employee onboarding processes in templates to identify errors, remove bottlenecks, and optimize your employee onboarding approach. In so doing, you’ll continuously improve your employee onboarding processes.

Cons 🚩: There’s currently no offline version, so you will need an internet connection every time you need to run it.

Price 💰: The basic plan is $12.50/user/month. The standard plan is $25/user/month. Custom enterprise plans are available on request. A free plan is available. A free trial is available.

Click here to sign up for free at Process Street today!


Confetti enables businesses to easily organize completely customized, multi-vendor work parties with a few clicks. Happy hours, smoothie stations, and holiday parties are among the activities offered throughout the year.

Why we love it: Whether distributed teams or remote, Confetti offers over 1300 exciting and fun workplace experiences for employees.

This HR manager software is best for: Team building

Sign up for free but first, check out this cool video:

👉 Official Confetti Website👈

 Outback Team Building

Outback Team Building specializes in organizing team bonding activities, whether in-person or virtual,  that boost employee morale and engagement.

Why we love it: Outback takes the pressure of running team-building events by simplifying things for participants so they can enjoy themselves and direct their attention toward what matters most to them. Outback guarantees that you and your group have a memorable experience that helps you accomplish your objectives while also bringing your whole team closer together.

This HR manager software is best for: Team building

Here are some reviews from teams who participated in their own team building events:

👉 Official Outback Team Building Website👈


Better turnout and more participation are linked to better event experiences. Hoppier helps increase the overall participation and engagement in virtual and hybrid events. Event planners utilize virtual credit cards to provide attendees a credit account for lunch, drinks, and gifts that they buy instantly

Why we love it: Hopper cards are flexible in the sense that they may be used worldwide, serving as a platform for visitors to have unique and personalized virtual experiences. Every dollar is returned or credited, and you may personalize the cards to your requirements.

This HR manager software is best for: Employee engagement

The Hoppier team breaks down the kinds of tools to make a memorable virtual event:

👉 Official Hoppier Website👈


Blueboard is a unique reward and recognition platform for employees. Many Blueboard services provide businesses with fun, customized, and shared incentive experiences for their employees.

Why we love it: The beneficial long-term effects of giving your workers these benefits include improved employee motivation and retention rates, as well as increasing your company’s overall engagement measures, such as better workplace morale and employee happiness.

This HR manager software is best for: Company culture

Find a better way to reward your employees:

👉 Official Blueboard Website👈


Assembly is a free employee recognition tool where colleagues can reward and recognize one another. Because of its affordable, pay-for-actual-use model, it’s an especially good management system for startups.

Why we love it: Assembly builds team culture effectively across a distributed team. Implementing it is easy, and teams adopt it quickly due to how user-friendly the interfaces of this software solution are. The integration with Slack allows teams to communicate and collaborate with ease.

This HR manager software is best for: Employee recognition

Check out Assembly if you are looking

👉 Official Assembly Website👈


GooseChase enables HR and People Ops professionals to better engage their teams and colleagues. Whether your objective is to onboard new team members, implement new processes, or team building (or all of the above!), GooseChase lets you run scavenger hunt-like “games” that bring the team experience to life and makes a lasting impact on company culture and retention.

Why we love it: GooseChase is onboarding, training, and employee engagement reinvented for this new age of hybrid, remote, and physical work. GooseChase supports your workplace objectives by breaking them down into approachable challenges: it’s easy and intuitive to customize games to include Q&A, photo and video, and even GPS missions. The “friendly” competition will keep your colleagues engaged and help build culture and camaraderie. It really does put the “fun” in functional!

This HR manager software is best for: Team building

Here is an overview of the GooseChase onboarding software:

👉 Official GooseChase Website👈


SwagUp is the best swag platform for the contemporary office! With its one-of-a-kind platform, it creates, automates, and distributes quality swag to locations all over the world.

Why we love it: SwagUp offers a wide range of swag goods and items available for personalization, ranging from caps to pens to devices. It also offers a simple process of creating and designing your own SwagUp package to impress your new employees.

This HR manager software is best for: Swag distribution

👉 Official SwagUp Website👈


Do you want to be a highly successful business owner and entrepreneur ? To some, the idea of being a business owner seems unreachable. However, by using the right business tools, it is entirely possible for anyone to achieve success from home.

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