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Best Apps for Investing in Startups

The best apps that I have compared are Stash Invest, Motif, Robinhood, Acorns, and Betterment. They are the best to invest in startups with because they are all portfolio management apps. I have included their ranking, pros, cons, features & more below so you can choose the best app for investing in startups.

Here are a couple of investment apps to consider.


Wefunder is another crowdfunding option for raising funds. With a detailed stats page for proof, Wefunder has been in the game for a long time and know how to get results.

So far, they have helped hardware startups raise over $9million in total. You can raise between $20,000 to $50 million dollars with Wefunder.

Startups pay $0 upfront to start their campaign. Only startups with successful campaigns are charged by Wefunder. Their fee is 7.5% of the total fundraiser, and they’ll match the price if you can find a better deal anywhere else.

However, only a for-profit, US-based corporation or LLC is accepted.

With no startup fees, you have nothing to lose by trying Wefunder to raise your funds.


GlassDollar focuses on matching your startup with investors. They have their investors fill out criteria and match startups to them that meet that criteria.

This makes sourcing and finding investors easy. You will only be matched with relevant investors and saving time and energy in the process.

You get to approve which investors you would like to give your pitch and then move on from there.

GlassDollar is free to use and there’s an easy assessment to see if your startup qualifies.

With this cool machine learning technology, finding investors have never been easier — or cooler.


Republic is another great platform to crowdfund your startup funding. The website is powered by AngelList, which is featured next, so it’s highly reputable.

Using Republic gives you access to the general public so you don’t have to rely on angel investors or venture capitalists. Anyone can invest in your startup for as little as $10USD. This makes it accessible to more people wanting to invest.

They will hook you up with great tools to create a branded campaign page that will accept all types of investments including ACH and wires.

There’s a baseline cost of $3,000 to raise money with Republic and then they will take a commission on successful campaigns.

Only US-based companies that are accepted are able to raise money on this platform.


One of the most popular platforms out there is AngelList. AngelList offers startups opportunities to find seed fundings and angel investors.

It also has a job board for people looking to find a job in a startup environment. You can post job ads as well if you’re looking for new members.

AngelList lets you build your own network on the site, through email invite or by connecting your social media accounts, to increase your chances of getting funding. Or you can use its search tool to find investors that will be a good match for your startup.

It is free to make an account with AngelList, so you have nothing to lose by using this platform to search for investors.

 Investor Hunt

Sitting at number one for the best online platform to find an investor for your startup in 2019, we have Investor Hunt.

Investor Hunt gives you access to over 40,000 angel investors and venture capitalists. You can choose between three different plans.

A basic plan, $69/month, that gives you unlimited searches, investor name data, social media links and past investment data per investor.

A pro plan, $149/month, that builds upon the basic plan with exporting options and direct email addresses. And a premium plan, $299/month, that also includes phone numbers and office addresses of investors.

Their database is filled with investors investing in digital products to physical products, so your hardware startup can find what it’s looking for.

Since it’s built by Product Hunt, you can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth with Investor Hunt.



Founded by Nathan Beckord in 2016, Foundersuite has helped numerous startups raise over $2.2 billion in seed and VC. It gives the opportunity to get access to an impressive database of about 41,000 funds including VC, strategics, family offices, and more, but also more than 100,000 angel investors.

This platform offers affordable monthly subscriptions, in different plans, with a free one to at least check what the platform has to offer and how it works.

It also does have an interesting concept: an investor CRM, where you can check and follow up with the progress of your investment research, using a pipeline.

Definitely another platform to try out if you want to raise money efficiently, especially with this CRM pipeline that will definitely help you save time and focus on other matters as we all know how raising funds can be really time-consuming. There is a more thorough article on medium on Foundersuite.


Crowdcreate is a one-of-a-kind growth marketing service used by businesses to accelerate their investor funding and influencer sales. What makes them different? Their track record of raising over $130 million dollars across 80+ successful client projects. They’ve built a network of investors, influencers, and strategic partnerships over the years to help businesses grow.

In short, they connect companies with qualified investors that are regularly allocating capital. They take a 5 step process to get people in front of investors.


The Bamboo app is unarguably one of the most highly recommended investment apps in Nigeria for Nigerians for a good investment returns. It bridges the gap between Nigerians and the American stock market. Offering Nigerians access to over 3000 stocks from the American and Nigerian markets.

It lets users fund their accounts with different currencies. You can fund your bamboo
an account with Dollar, Naira, or any currency available at your disposal.

Bamboo lets enthusiasts invest in any company of their choice with as low as 15,000

The developers of Bamboo understand how imperative it is to feature a very rigid security
system. As such, they featured a two-factor authentication security system that secures
your account from intruders.

Still speaking on security, Bamboo is insured by the SIPC and FINRA up to $500,000. This
means they have backup cash to settle users in the advent of unforeseen circumstances.

Please note that it does not provide investment advice and individual investors
should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.
Features of Bamboo

  • Over 3000 stocks Nigerian and US stocks
  • Allows investments as low as 15,000 Naira
  • The account can be funded with any currency
  • Provides users with 1.45% annual interest on uninvested cash
  • Top-notch security with 2-factor authentication and data encryption
  • Un-invested cash left in account accrues 1.45% interest annually
  • Available on Android and iOS.



Taking the second spot on the best investment apps in Nigeria for Nigerians is the Trove app which is another intuitive app that allows Nigerians to invest in foreign companies. It gives Nigerians access to investment opportunities in America, China, and Nigeria.

Investment on the trove app goes as low as 1000 Naira, which is way less than the 15,000 Naira mark on the Bamboo app.

Trove lets users invest in stocks, bonds, and lots more. All investments made can be seamlessly monitored within the app.

The Trove app comes packed with a 256-bit encryption system, as well as other security technologies geared towards protecting your cherished data from intruders.

  • Live quotes and charts for 4000+ financial instruments
  • Technical Summary, Market Quotes, advanced charts, and more.
  • Lets you make investments as low as 1000 Naira
  • A one-time fee of $5 is required to open a US brokerage account.
  • 256-bit encryption system
  • Available on Android and iOS.



The Carbon is the third Investment app in Nigeria for this list. Carbon is multi-dimensional as it offers multiple services. For starters, the Carbon app is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria that allows people to pick loans as much as ₦1million without collateral.

The Carbon app is also a savings app that allows users to save money to meet a particular target.

As an investment app, Carbon allows you to invest between Ten thousand naira to Ten million naira and earn up to a 16% interest.

  • Intuitive interface
  • The minimum investment amount of N100
  • Payment flexibility to withdraw and fund your account
  • Opportunity to earn up to 16% interest per annum
  • Bank-grade security
  • Available on Android and iOS.



PiggyVest is over the years grown to earn itself a place in the list of the highly recommended app for managing finances. They help individuals save money and also lets individuals earn interest in saving money for a particular duration.

Aside from allowing users to save cash, Piggyvest also offers a system that allows people to invest in lucrative sectors to earn more money.

The introduction of the Investify system provides Piggyvest users with the ability to make investments with funds as low as ₦1,000. Piggyvest lets you invest in sectors like agriculture, real-estate, transportation, commercial papers, and lots more. This has made PiggyVest be on the list of best investment apps in Nigeria.

  • Lets you make investments with as low as ₦1,000
  • earn nothing less than a 25% interest rate over your capital.
  • Earn interest on funds saved for a specific duration
  • Autosave feature: Piggyvest automatically deducts monthly or weekly savings money from your account.
  • Referral programs that offer ₦1,000 for referrals.


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The CowryWise app operates in a manner similar to that of PiggyVest. It is designed to help you save your money and also make investments. It comes in as one of the easiest apps for managing your finances as a Nigerian.

CowryWise offers makes it possible for Nigerians to save and invest as low as 100 Naira daily, weekly, or monthly with a period plan.

Savings and investments are secured by Meristem Trustees Limited, registered with the Security and Exchange Commission(SEC).

  • Seamless transfer of funds from banks and vice versa
  • Numerous savings and investment plans
  • Minimum of three months for savings and investment
  • Interest gain on savings.
  • Intuitive system for monitoring investments and savings.


CrowdyVest (FarmCrowdy)

Crowdyvest is an impact-driven platform focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that connects its users to multiple income opportunities by enabling them to sponsor projects in different sectors and also earn returns on their sponsorship.Crowdyvest has launched opportunities in the agricultural sector through Farmcrowdy, transportation through PlentyWaka, real estate sector through partnerships with LandWey and Rent Small Small and the Health sector through a partnership with Crenov8.With the Crowdyvest app, you can sponsor opportunities across different sectors and also monitor your sponsorship.

When you sponsor with Crowdyvest, you get:

1. Good returns on sponsorship
2. Insurance on projects3. Easy to use personalized dashboard4. Responsive customer service
5. Available on the web and also Android and iOS for mobile users



The Afrinvestor App is yet another highly recommended Investment apps for Nigerians. It is one of those apps that simplifies the whole process of making investments remotely.

It comes packed with an investor’s guide, Which helps guide enthusiasts in making investments with the app.

The Afrinvest platform is based on West African stocks. It offers the enthusiast a wide range of African companies to invest in. The investments are done in an intuitive environment for simplicity.

  • Doesn’t require any initial deposit
  • Brokerage commission fee of 1.35% on equity trades
  • Offers live equities trading that allows you to see live prices of stocks and also bid for offers.
  • Intuitive dashboard to track your investment
  • Supports for all countries.



ThriveAgric is another app that lets you invest in farm agriculture. This platform was developed to help farmers raise capital to farm, which in turn creates an avenue for investors to make money.

Pairing the ThriveAgric platform to an app makes it easy for you to monitor your investments, also helping you keep track of the farming circle.

Aside from using the app to monitor progress, investors are also allowed to visit the farm only after giving a week’s notice of their coming.

ThriveAgric also boasts of a seamless and secure payment system. This payment system is secured by PCI-DSS Compliant gateways.

  • Provides an avenue to earn money from agriculture without laboring
  • PCI-DSS Compliant gateways
  • Monthly updates on farm produce
  • Investors are allowed to visit the farm only after giving a week’s notice of their coming
  • Insured by lead way insurance company.


I-invest (Treasury bills)

I-invest makes making investments a breeze. It is a platform designed to make investments more approachable. It features a very intuitive/easy to understand interface that favors newbies.

The I-invest app lets you remotely invest in Treasury, Eurobonds e.t.c right from the comfort of your mobile device. This app eliminates the need for brokers.

Provision for tracking was also provided. Investors can track their earnings and investments directly from their dashboard.

  • Offer a user-friendly interface to track Investment portfolios
  • Has a mobile app for both Android and iOS users
  • Provides access to an array of Treasury bills and Eurobonds investments
  • I-invest does not charge any additional fee
  • Registration is made easy and does not take you more than 5 minutes
  • Flexible bank integration; you can easily fund your account with your debit card or through any Nigerian bank
  • Minimum cash investment is N100,000 naira
  • The minimum holding period is 30 days (minimum Investment duration).


Ziing (Investment One)

The Ziing app platform is designed with tools designed to help you succeed financially. It is an all in one app designed to help you save and make Investments.

The Ziing investment apps are packed with the essentials needed in an investment app. These include an intuitive interface, access to a wide range of investment opportunities, security, and lots more. For this, they are well known for their investment plans and operations and that is why we have selected them for this list of best investment apps in Nigeria for 2020.

  • Virtual investment simulator
  • Opportunity to place trade mandates on NSE
  • Corporate and individual accounts
  • USSD code to trade directly (*5678# This method is available for only GTBank account holders.) This helps you invest, monitor and transact on the go
  • Liquidation of stocks can be done easily within 3 working days.
  • zSave: An interest-bearing wallet.
  • zPlan: Target savings automated from your debit card or zSave account.
  • Mutual Funds: A number of mutual funds based on your risk profile and objectives.
  • Stock trading. Ziing gives you the ability to set up a local brokerage account and begin trading local shares in a couple of hours.
  • Instant withdrawals on all investments.



Investment is something that everyone has thought about. It is alluring because of the opportunities it presents where you can make substantial amounts of money. If you are wondering if you should invest in startups, there are lots of platforms out there where you can start your venture.

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