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Best iPhone App for Documentation

The ability to sign documents, to create new agreements and conduct important meetings, is powerful. But what if you could combine the best of an iPad and iPhone to do this? Would it make things easier? cheaper? or just as convenient? Well that’s what I’m going to talk about in this article on best app to sign documents on iphone.

I prefer to create, edit, and design documents on Mac. However, with the availability of a wide range of high-quality document creation apps for the iPhone, I choose my iOS device to create praiseworthy documents whenever I’m on the go.

If you are a frequent traveler, you must already know how important it is to document your travel plans and expenses. If you’ve ever been on a business trip for more than one day, you might want to keep some sort of record of your travel expenses. This way, you will have a clear idea of how much money you spent when traveling from place to place. What’s the best iphone app for keeping track of your travel expenses?

You can effortlessly create good-looking documents, edit them using numerous tools, and sync them with your favorite cloud services. Primarily based on functionality, these are the best document creation apps for the iPhone and iPad. Let’s head over to know more about these top apps!

What if people don’t follow directions?

If end-users aren’t following directions, check your documentation. We strongly recommend internal documentation software.

Maybe it’s hard to follow. Maybe it’s in a bad location and difficult to find. Good internal documentation software can go a long way to improving software usage.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Google Docs” is a top class document creator app. You can effortlessly create a new document and will be able to edit it on the move. It also allows you to open, edit and save Microsoft Word documents right from inside the app.

As whatever you type is automatically saved, you don’t have to worry about saving your files. You can add and respond to comments with ease. Protect your personal files using password, share them with your friends and even work together on the same documents. Even better, you will work on your important documents even offline.

Price: Free

2. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Lens)

Microsoft Office iPhone App Screenshot

Microsoft Office has always been one of the best document creation suites.  It makes document creation fast and easy. You can choose from real document layout or easy-to-read layout to create a top quality document.

It lets you view your email attachments and access them from Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint. Add charts, images, tables, and footnotes to improve the quality of the documents. Moreover, you can print your files via AirPrint-enabled printers.

While Excel lets you create and manage spreadsheets with ease, PowerPoint is designed to create a dashing presentation with a variety of great tools. Office Lens allows you to trim, improve and make the photos of the whiteboard as well documents readable. It even converts images into editable Word or PowerPoint files.

These Office apps are available for free.

Price: Free
Visit App Store

3. iWork from Apple

iWork App Screen

iWork consists of three apps Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. With pages, you can easily create top class documents and choose from various tools to enrich them.

The Numbers lets you quickly add charts, tables, and images that showcase every aspect of your data. Keynote is perfect for creating amazing slideshows. The advanced graphics tools help you design slides with absolute precision.

Price: Free
Visit App Store

4. OfficeSuite & PDF editor

OfficeSuite & PDF editor iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

OfficeSuite & PDF editor is arguably one of the best document creation apps for your iOS devices. With more than five million downloads, the app claims to be a leader in this category. You can trust its five year’s experience in serving countless users of iPhone and iPad. You can quickly create, view, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your iOS device. A step further, you can perform advanced PDF operations on this app.

A Cloud storage manager allows you to access your documents anywhere in the world. You can edit those documents and upload in the cloud. MobySystems Drive offers you 5GB free cloud space once you sign in. You get cloud support of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Yandex Drive and Box.

Price: Free (Premium Full License: $19.99)

5. File Manager & Browser

3 Images

file manager icloud
file manager settings
file manager browser

Documents by Readdle can be a bit too overwhelming for new users. The File Manager & Browser app is a good alternative to this. It has a simpler, more visual UI that helps you accomplish many of the same tasks. You can import files from a PC using Wi-Fi transfer, arrange and organize files, and share them with third-party apps.

You can also use the browser to search the web and save documents that are featured on the web pages you visit.

The app’s UI is playful and it displays all the important options at the bottom of the screen instead of hiding them away in a menu (which is what most productivity apps do). It also allows you to set a unique passcode specifically for the app, making your data safe if you regularly allow other users on your iPhone.

Download: File Manager & Browser (Free, subscription available)

6. Send Anywhere

3 Images

send anywhere receive
send anywhere settings
send anywhere send

Send Anywhere is a simple app that allows you to send and receive images, videos, contacts, and files.

Allow Send Anywhere access to all photos and videos, and then head to the Send tab.

On the Send tab, you select the images you want to send, then the app will give you a six-character key, a QR code, and a link. The recipient you’re trying to send photos to can then use either the link or the QR code to head to the image and download it.

If they also have the Send Anywhere app, they can head to the Receive tab and then input the six-character key to get the photo to their app, allowing them to download it to their device.

You can sign up for an account with Send Anywhere to manage your links.

Download: SendAnywhere for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Your iPad Is a Productivity Machine

We’ve been hearing for years now that the iPad is a device for consumption, not creation. Well, that’s a flawed narrative. You can get almost everything done on the iPad these days. Yes, it won’t be as straightforward as using a Mac and you’ll need to change your workflows, but you can totally pull it off.

7. Pages

Pages on iPhone
Pages on iPhone

While third-party apps like those above come with wonderful features, you should also consider using Apple Pages for your document editing. This app also syncs with your Mac, so you can pick up right where you leave off when you’re on-the-go.

On iPhone and iPad, create a blank document or pick from an array of templates. Formatting options in Pages lets you adjust font styles, sizes, and colors, insert bulleted or numbered lists, use columns, and include images, audio files, drawings, and equations. You can also use tables, charts, and shapes in your Pages documents.

Invite coworkers or fellow students to collaborate or share with your device sharing options. Syncing with iCloud Drive and being able to search when you have tons of documents are added benefits of Pages.

Pages is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and of course, Mac. Like with Google Docs, you have no worries of in-app purchases, subscriptions, or ads with Pages.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs on iPhone
Google Docs on iPhone

Another terrific document editor for iPhone and iPad is Google Docs. What’s nice about this app is that you can not only access your Google Docs documents on your mobile device but you can work offline.

On iPhone and iPad, you can create a new document from scratch or choose a template like with Microsoft Word. And you can edit existing documents, share or export, and save in a Word format if needed.

Formatting options with Google Docs are extensive as well. Pick your font styles, sizes, and colors, highlight text, create lists, and insert tables, links, images, and more.

Google Docs is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. There are no hidden costs for extra features or ads, making this an excellent document editor for iPhone and iPad.

9. Documents (Office Docs)

Documents on iPhone
Documents on iPhone

If you’re interested in a document editor that you can also use on your Apple Watch, check out Documents (Office Docs). While many might not think this is a valuable feature, it really is when you need to review a document in a hurry.

While you can only read documents from this app on your Watch, you can do much more with it on your iPhone and iPad. You can create a new word processing document or spreadsheet as well as scan documents, snap a photo, or open an image. You can also use Documents as a PDF reader.

You’ll have basic formatting features with Documents like bold, italics, and underline for text in addition to colors. Documents also lets you store your documents locally or in iCloud and save or share via email and other cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

10. OfficeSuite & PDF Editor

OfficeSuite on iPhone
OfficeSuite on iPhone

For going beyond simple word processing documents, take a look at OfficeSuite which also lets you work with spreadsheets, slides, and PDFs.

On iPhone and iPad, create documents with templates or import existing documents to make edits. Format your documents with font styles, sizes, and colors, highlight text, and then save, share, or export to a PDF file.

The app also gives you a full-screen focused view, search feature, and file organization with folders. Similar to the tabs you would see in desktop word processing applications, OfficeSuite lets you select similar ones from a drop-down menu for Design, Layout, Review, and Format.

OfficeSuite is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. There are also in-app purchases for the premium version or prescription options that give you more features.

11. OneDrive


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service. If you don’t necessarily need to view and edit documents or you want a place to store everything at once, OneDrive is a great spot to do it. You get 5GB of storage for free, and after that you have to pay $2 per month and up for 50GB to 5TB.

In OneDrive, you can view documents and have limited editing powers. You can also store photos, videos, and other files, and you can share it all. If you like to keep things in the Microsoft family, then definitely check out OneDrive.

12. OfficeSuite

Not to be confused with the Microsoft Office suite, OfficeSuite is billed as the “complete mobile office”. It’s fully compatible with all Microsoft file formats and even supports .RTF, .TXT, .LOG, .CSV and more.

You can create and edit your own documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs, and by upgrading to premium, you can get a ton of new fonts, password-protect your files, export to other file formats, edit PDFs, and more.

If you’re looking for a total alternative to Microsoft Office or just an app that can work in tandem with it, then check it out.

13. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is for viewing and editing documents, PDFs, presentations, and spreadsheets, and is fully compatible with all Microsoft file formats. You can sync things across all of your devices, and Polaris even adds some creative flourishes, like the ability to handwrite and draw. You can also insert photos and videos straight from your iPhone.

In-app purchases are available for removing ads and premium features. If you’re making your way through Office alternatives, Polaris is a great one to try.

14. Documents 6

Documents is an app for just that. You can read, view, listen to, and annotate all types of documents, including PDFs. Documents is all about convenience, so you can search through files, even PDFs. Developer Readdle Inc. bills it as the “Finder for iOS you’ve always wanted”.

You can connect all of your cloud services to Documents, including iCloud, and you can set up two-way sync in specific folders so that files automatically upload. The nice part about Documents is that it’s completely free — no in-app purchases to upgrade to premium or any of that stuff.

Get the Best Document Editor for iPhone and iPad

Each of these document editing apps for iPhone and iPad has great features and they each offer something a little different than the rest. Maybe you need iCloud syncing, want the ability to create lists, or need to use tables and columns. Pick one of these awesome apps that you think will work best for you or use more than one!


As the world consists of corporate employees, the need for documentation using portable devices like iPhone has increased greatly. The iPhone is one such device which makes it possible for anyone to create and sign important documents without having to go through a tedious process. Also, you don’t have to visit a specific office to get your signature on any important document because now you can do it all from your iPhone.

The world we live in today is extremely dynamic and technology-dependent. In simpler times, paper was the only way to document an event or record a process; but now, thanks to our amazing smartphones, we can record everything that goes on around us and even sign important documents directly from our phones.

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