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For any business that has a digital presence, there are always documents that need to be edited. These can be anything from press releases to landing page content. When you are handling these documents yourself you are saving time and building your company’s portfolio. But is it worth the time? While building your own copy can have many advantages, editing existing content can help you save time and work smarter not harder. We often overlook the power of online editing tools but they can definitely make a big impact on your website content creation and marketing efforts.

Writing a paper isn’t easy — it’s such a huge task. I remember how badly I needed some help the first time I had to write one, and how much I was willing to pay for that help. Luckily there are some affordable online tools that can be used when you’re on a budget or simply don’t have the time to write your paper by yourself.

More and more online document editing tools are being offered to the public, with the goal of helping busy people accomplish common tasks with ease. This is our article on free document editing software. We’ll list some of the most important features that these tools have so that you can improve your time management skills while editing your documents online.

Choosing the best document editing tool can be tricky because they all claim to be the best. But to know which one is truly the best or even just really good is a tough choice. The first step in deciding if a program is right for you is to look at the types of services it offers…

The Best Online Word Processors to Use Anywhere

A free online word processor may not come with the advanced options built into desktop word processing apps. But it can still work out well for you.

Finding a satisfying solution depends on the feature complexity you need. And now you have several great online options to choose from. While you’re exploring them all, you might also want to take a look at a few other browser-based tools for writing and related activities.

1. Microsoft 365

The original and best office productivity suiteToday’s Best DealsVISIT SITE

Reasons to buy

+Market leader+Essential office tools+Cloud based

Microsoft Office is probably the platform most people think of first when it comes to office productivity suites, with the cloud-based Microsoft 365 (previously named Office 365) being the latest incarnation.

What ensured that Office became a market leader is a comprehensive way data can be covered by different applications and moved between them, making working more efficient and hassle-free. With Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook forming the core programs, these cover everything from documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails – in effect covering most essential office needs. In addition to that, OneDrive offers online saving and backups to keep your files safe.

While there are alternatives to Microsoft 365, most rivals attempt to play catch-up with Microsoft rather than provide innovative new features, and Microsoft 365 still remains the office suite with the most comprehensive range of features. And even if you do use one of these alternatives, the chances are you are going to be working with document formats created specifically for MS Office, and handle data from customers and suppliers who are using the MS Office platform.

While Microsoft 365 does have its critics, the bottom line is that nobody does office productivity better than Microsoft, and the core applications in Office have yet to be bettered.

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Website screenshot for Evernote
(Image credit: Evernote)

2. Evernote

King of the note takingToday’s Best DealsVISIT SITE

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Reasons to buy

+Processes hand written notes +Easy collaboration +Good range of app integrations 

Scaling down the canvass a little, Evernote, as its name suggests, specializes in note taking, filing and sharing, and has been widely adopted in the work place (and by individuals) for a number of years. 

Despite its digital makeup, it can process hand written notes as well as receipts and audio files and makes everything accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. It also has the collaboration factor, with users able to work on shared notebooks that update instantly on editing. 

Evernote is available for businesses with basic, plus and premium models. This expands storage on the free offering, and makes it easy to share content, digitize important documents, capture image-centric brainstorms, and keep track of finances.

You may well be thinking that Evernote would work well in addition, rather than instead of, your current word processing and productivity tools. Such a demand has been noted – pun intended – and the service can be fully integrated with Google Drive, Outlook, Slack, Salesforce and others.   

Website screenshot for WPS Office
(Image credit: WPS Office)

3. WPS Office

A powerful free mobile office suiteToday’s Best DealsVISIT SITE

Reasons to buy

+Powerful range of features+Supports wide range of file types+PDF manager+Free to use

WPS Office is an all-in-one office productivity suite with a full range of document editing and management features. 

Although it’s available for download to Windows PCs, it has found particular success as a mobile office suite for iOS and Android.

While the PC version has a basic free version and a more advanced paid version, the mobile version of WPS Office is free and supported by non-intrusive ads though you can pay a subscription to remove them.

Where WPS Office comes into its own is the vast number of types of different files that can be edited or managed, from the wide range of document types to additional file formats such as PDF and XML, as well as a number of programming file types.

It’s easy to convert office files between types, whether relating to documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, and there’s a fully functional PDF editor and manager included for free.

Files can be automatically saved to the cloud via various services, not least Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive.

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Website screenshot for PandaDoc
(Image credit: PandaDoc)

4. PandaDoc

Document management to boost your bottom lineToday’s Best DealsVISIT SITE

Reasons to buy

+Special features for business and sales +Easy to manage, organize and reuse assets 

Reasons to avoid

-No live collaboration option on documents 

Sales-focused document manager PandaDoc describes itself as ‘the future of documents’, and it reports statistics that apparently show the difference it makes to your business’s bottom line. According to the service, clients report 50% less paperwork, 30% higher close rates, and 15% higher value per closed rate thanks to PandaDoc.  

Your sales team is salivating, but what exactly does the program do? Well, features include a document editor that comes with themed templates for consistent branding, content and image libraries to store reusable assets, cost and margin calculators, document analytics to show how long people spend on each item, a configure, price and quote (CPQ) tool and many more.  

While workspaces are available for collaboration, multiple users are not able to access and work on a document at the same time, which feel likes a drawback. Nevertheless, the business-focus of PandaDoc will appeal to those who want to specifically manage sales and finance via their document manager, something the other services we’ve covered don’t offer.   

Website screenshot for Adobe Acrobat DC
(Image credit: Adobe)

5. Adobe Document Cloud

For comprehensive PDF managementToday’s Best DealsVISIT SITE

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Reasons to buy

+Edit and manage PDFs+esigning option+Merge files

Reasons to avoid

-Limited to PDF files

The Adobe Document Cloud works with the proprietary PDF file, rather than a range of common file types as some of the above listed software does. However, in business PDF files are ubiquitous, so it makes sense to have a dedicated software package that can not just work with these but also allow the widest range of editing features.

While many people will be familiar with the read-only PDF file, the Adobe Document Cloud allows the full range of creation and editing, even with existing PDF files. There are also additional features such as the ability to merge PDFs, password protect, as well as esign PDF focuments for returning agreements.

This makes the Adobe Document Cloud both incredibly versatile and useful as a document editing and management platform, allowing full control of your files in ways that common document formats either do not support.

Additionally, because so many businesses scan documents into PDF format for their digital archives, this makes Adobe Document Cloud an even more essential part of your office software range, even if you also use other programs for different tasks.

And as documents can be commonly exported into PDF format by other office software, this can make the Adobe Document Cloud something of a master controller for all your document editing and storage.

6. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice logo - Document Editing Software

Just like Microsoft Office, this software lets the user edit presentations, excel sheets, forms, and documents. Apache OpenOffice is free to download, distribute, and use. The software has a long history and on the virtue of this experience, it has got millions of satisfied users until today. You can use it for varied purposes such as educational, private, government, commercial, public administration, and much more. Once you download this software, you will get access to different tools such as Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math, etc.

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7. Google Docs (Sheets, Slides, Forms)

google-docs - Document Editing Software

In your professional or educational journey, you surely must have come across Google Docs at some point of time. The best part about Google Docs and the related tools is that it allows you to create, edit, or share documents right from your browser. There is no separate dedicated software required.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms lets you create useful docs, sheets, slides, and forms with total ease. You can edit and collaborate on those for free from wherever you are. A wide range of templates you can access that lets you execute your task efficiently thereby achieving high productivity. You can access your files from a computer, tablet, or smartphone even though there is no internet connection. Another important feature of this tool is that all the changes are saved automatically. The revision history is also maintained so that you can check who made the changes and what changes were made to the document.

The team at Google is constantly adding new features and tools to Google Docs to further expand its capabilities. So, if you had used Google Docs a few months or years back, do check the platform again. You will be surprised to find new valuable additions to it. It is also easy to share the documents and allows multiple users to edit, chat, and annotate the document.

8. Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote


Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote lets you develop well-organized spreadsheets that cover several images and tables. You can create documents that are exemplary for the amazing creativity. A user can use an Apple pencil to produce illustrations and diagrams that will give additional grace to the slides. The keynote lets the user create presentations of his life through stunning effects and extraordinary tools. The more time you spend, the more you will explore this fabulous software.

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9. WPS Office


One of the best free all-in-one office productivity suites, WPS Office has seen quite a significant success over the past years. The PC version of this software is free, while there is a paid advanced version for mobile devices. The ads in the mobile version can be removed through subscription. It is loaded with a range of powerful features for document editing and management.

WPS Office can be used to edit a wide range of file types, including programming files and you can also convert files between different formats. All files created and managed in WP Office can be saved on cloud platforms like DropBox, Google Drive, and One Drive. The main feature of this tool is the fully functional PDF editor and manager that has been included for free. This is a word processor that is feature-packed as MS Word.

10. PandaDoc


PandaDoc has created a niche segment for itself, as it has marketed itself as a sales-focused document manager. This document manager comes with special features for sales and business. Its document editor comes with themed templates for content, branding, and image libraries to store assets that can be reused. It also comes with analytics tools to analyze how long are people spending on each item. This tool definitely appeals to people who want to manage their finance and sales via a document manager. You can also collaborate with the workspaces. But multiple users cannot able to access the files.

What is a Word Processor or Document Creation Tool?

As the name resembles, document creation software is a tool that helps you in creating awesome and up-to-date documents in less time. You can easily compose, edit, reshape and print documents instantly using a word processor tool or a document creation tool. A document creation tool is widely used in different organizations for daily routine tasks. Students use different types of word processors to fulfill their school, college, and university needs. Books and novels are also written in a document creator and editor tool, and then printed and published according to the needs.

Modern Word processor comes with advanced features that can help your business grow, and it can also help you to create different documents while sitting at your home.


Document editing has become a daunting task for students and professionals alike. Unfortunately, the more academic the document, the more it requires an editor to make multiple corrections, mainly because of the rules of writing. It has become an impossible task for students these days to meet deadlines and edit their own documents within time. As a result, they have started turning to online document editing tools.

We all have been there, some time in our life. We need to either do an editing job on a document or we are interested to try a feature out of our favorite document editing application. In these cases, it is nice to be able to do the editing job within another application and import the result back into the original software. The reason for this might be that we want to try the feature out without actually install another app or that the feature is only available in a different operating system than the one we normally work with.

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