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Best Payroll Software for Small Construction Company

This article discusses features and characteristics of Best Payroll Software for Small Construction Company. Get paid quickly, increase productivity, save employee time and effort, and maintain compliance with accurate and compliant payroll for your small construction company.

For small construction companies, it can be difficult to manage your payroll process. Luckily, there are software companies that specialize in this area so you can find the best fit for your business.


ADP logo

Best Overall Construction Payroll Software

checkmark PROS

  • Time tracking
  • New hire support includes background checks
  • Union payroll features

x cross icon CONS

  • No transparent pricing
  • Charges per pay run
  • Year-end forms and reporting cost extra

Overall Score4.20OUT OF5


ADP Run is one of the best-known providers for both HR and payroll, and it offers strong features for the construction industry as well. It’s a good choice for small, midsized, and large companies, particularly those with growth plans that need or will need benefits and HR features.

ADP earned 4.20 out of 5 stars. While the quote we received was competitive, pricing is not transparent, and ADP may charge setup fees and for specific features. However, it offers advanced reporting such as background checks, an employee self-service portal, time tracking, and more. Of special note are the background checks—important when workers are in people’s homes—and pay cards for workers who don’t have bank accounts.

ADP Run Pricing

You have to contact ADP for a specific quote. We were quoted $9.95 per employee, per pay run for basic payroll for 10 employees. Prices may be higher for construction companies needing specialized payroll or reports. It has setup fees as well, but it sometimes waives these or offers the first few months free.

ADP Run Features

Please note: You’ll have to pay extra for some features.

  • Payroll: Automated pay runs, 2-day direct deposit processing time, pay cards, contractors payroll plus hourly and salary employees, PTO tracking, time tracking with geofencing, employee self-service portal
  • Tax filing: Tax filing (federal, state, and local); year-end report prep and delivery; unemployment insurance; penalty-free guarantee if ADP makes an error
  • Construction-specific tools: Multiple pay rates, multi-state, union-specific tools, job costing tools and reports, industry analytics (costs extra)
  • HR: Onboarding, workers’ comp, new hire reporting, document management, 24/7 expert advisers, HR handbook wizard, ZipRecruiter job posting, background checks
  • Ease of Use: ADP earned 4.5 out of 5 stars across the board for overall functionality, ease of use, and customer service. It provides live phone support at no extra cost, a dedicated representative (with a premium plan), how-to guides, and software integrations.



Best Construction Payroll System for Small and Growing Companies

checkmark PROS

  • 2-day direct deposit and pay card options
  • Files and pays state and local taxes
  • Multi-state options

x cross icon CONS

  • No advanced HR support like compensation management, performance tracking
  • Pricing not transparent

Overall Score4.07OUT OF5


Paylocity is a good payroll company for growing businesses. It serves clients with 25 or fewer employees but can also handle mid-sized and large companies. It provides strong basic services, and you can add on other features, like tax filing and HR, as needed.

This service earned 4.07 out of 5 stars. It rocked the chart for payment features, with everything we looked for. It also offers customized reports and the basic HR functions, plus multi-state payroll and other tools useful to the construction industry. As with many of the services on our list, it lost points on pricing for not being transparent on the website and for setup fees. It also lacks some HR and ease-of-use features.

Paylocity Pricing

We did not receive updated pricing for Paylocity, but our past quote was $300.75 for 15 employees, or about $20 per employee, per month, which included certified payroll and prevailing wages. There was also a setup fee.

Paylocity Features

  • Payroll: Unlimited pay runs, automatic pay runs, 2-day direct deposit and pay cards, pay contractors as well as hourly and salary employees, multiple pay rates, PTO tracking, time trackers, employee self-service terminal
  • Tax filing: Federal and state tax filing, year-end report prep and delivery, files state and federal unemployment insurance
  • Construction-specific tools: Multiple pay rates for jobs or states, job costing, certified payroll, EEO-compliance tracking, some construction-specific reports (may cost extra)
  • HR: Employee onboarding, compliance tools, workers’ comp, files new hire forms, benefits administration
  • Ease of Use: Users gave it 4.2 out of 5 stars overall, with 4 out of 5 for ease of use. We gave it slightly lower—3 out of 5 stars—because the interface is not customizable and we did not find live support options.


Rippling Logo

Best Construction Payroll Software for Employee Management

checkmark PROS

  • Multi-state and labor costing
  • Integrates with 500+ apps
  • Handles local as well as state and federal taxes

x cross icon CONS

  • Limited to 1,000 employees
  • Help desk and compliances extra

Overall Score3.95OUT OF5


Rippling is a highly adaptable payroll program that fits the construction industry. It starts with an employee management program that includes a database, onboarding, document management, reporting, and API integrations for over 400 programs. Then, you can add modules, including full-service payroll that works in all 50 states.

Ripping earned a respectable 3.95 out of 5 stars, making it close to Paylocity. It does not promote itself for the construction industry, but it handles compliance, offers a large library of pre-built reports or allows you to create your own, and has job codes you can customize not only for work but also for unions. The price is also excellent, especially since it allows unlimited pay runs. Rippling boasts a user satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Rippling Pricing

  • Employee management (must purchase): $10 per employee monthly
  • Payroll: $8 per employee monthly
  • Employee benefits: $6 per employee monthly
  • Applicant tracking: $6 per employee monthly
  • Flex HSA and FSA benefits: $6 per employee monthly
  • Device management: $8 per employee monthly
  • HR Help Desk: $100 monthly
  • App management: $8 per employee monthly

Contact Rippling for a quote on a program tailored to your needs.

Rippling Features

  • Payroll: Unlimited pay runs, automatic pay runs, 2-day direct deposit, pay contractors as well as hourly and salary employees, multiple pay rates, PTO tracking, employee self-service terminal
  • Tax filing: Federal, state, and local tax filing; year-end report prep and delivery
  • Construction-specific tools: Multiple pay rates for jobs or states, use job codes for union tracking, job costing
  • HR: Employee onboarding, ACA and COBRA administration, files new hire forms, document management, expert advisers on staff
  • Ease of Use: Users gave it 4.9 out of 5 stars overall. It has an intuitive interface, how-to guides, an extreme number of integration possibilities, and quick problem resolution.


Automate all the hard stuff of making payments to your team at the right time with OnPay payroll software. It lets you run your payroll even from your smartphone with just a few clicks by entering hours, reviewing, and approving every pay run.

OnPay can easily handle the federal, local, and state taxes via guarantee calculations so that you can avoid mistakes. Bring every book into a single window and say goodbye to the double data entry headache. Besides, Xero and QuickBooks are flexible accounting integrations so that you keep the books looking good and save time. 


OnPay’s Report Designer helps you check all the information you care about. You can set up and save the custom payroll reports to highlight the numbers that matter to your business. It also provides employee self-service so that they can sign HR paperwork, request PTO, and onboard themselves.

Manage your team workflows, audits, etc., to stay organized. OnPay introduces COVID compliance by providing cloud-based and mobile-friendly payroll software. You can track medical or FFCRA sick leave and automate FFCRA tax credits. Get HR tools like e-signing, in-app offer letters, online W-4, and I-9 forms, personnel checklists, direct messaging, compliance audits, document templates, and many more.

Get everything at a low monthly fee of $36/month base fee and $4/month for every member.



Payroll4Free is the best free payroll service you can find that’s truly free—as long as you’re willing to do a bit of manual work. You won’t be able to file payroll taxes or pay your employees via direct deposit, unless you’re willing to fork out a low payment. If you have a business with fewer than 25 employees, this would be a step up from a pen-and-paper method of doing payroll.Pros

  • Free to use
  • Inexpensive to file taxes and pay via direct deposit
  • Pay W-2 or 1099 workers


  • Limited features
  • Setup is totally manual

Payroll4Free is the only free software that allows for all the administrative components needed to run a payroll. Essentially, Payroll4Free lets you input hours for payroll for your business, leaving a lot of the administrative tasks up to you. It’ll calculate things for you, though. Setup is manual, but it includes a setup tool to help you enter the right information in the right places. This leaves room for error, but that could be said for many payroll software tools.

There are no fees to use Payroll4Free unless you have more than 25 employees or you want Payroll4Free to file your payroll taxes for you. Payroll tax filing costs $15 per month as a flat fee. If you want to pay your employees via direct deposit, that will be another $15 per month. Otherwise, funds will be deposited into your account so you can manually pay your workers by check, though you may want to consider paying for check printing software. Even if you choose to pay for these services, you’ll still pay less than most other services.


The Construction Payroll Software from Sage is the ideal solution for small construction firms. This comprehensive software package is one of the most powerful payroll systems available on the market today. With its easy step-by-step set up and straightforward design, it allows you to store all your pay details in just a few clicks. Your users will benefit from being able to manage their own timesheets and being presented with an easy to use report generator that also showcases valuable financial data. Designed specifically with small construction companies in mind, this software has extensive support to enable you to achieve greater levels of efficiency within your company. Operating seamlessly with Sage 200 accounting software, the Construction Payroll Software can easily be integrated into your business procedures from day one.

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