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Best Pc System Utility

Best Pc System Utility

To keep your PC running smoothly, you should tune it up on a regular basis, just like you would your car. We all use computers on a regular basis, and an increasing number of people use them to run their businesses or complete work-related tasks. Slowdowns may occur if you fail to maintain your computer’s performance.

Fortunately, there are several options available to assist with regular maintenance. These apps typically require little user input, but they can have a significant impact on your PC’s performance and overall health.

Best Pc System Utility

 IOLO System Mechanic

A seasoned tune-up program with a reputation for good performance and usability is Iolo System Mechanic. 30,000 faults can be found and fixed thanks to updates from Iolo Labs. When your computer isn’t in use, it will begin operating automatically.

Your hard drive will be defragmented by System Mechanic, which also allows you to manage CPU and RAM consumption, delete unnecessary files, and disable startup programs. NetBooster is a cool function that will optimize your internet settings to speed up downloads and page loads. The deletion of surfing data and the patching of Windows vulnerabilities are examples of privacy and security safeguards.

The fact that you only need to pay one fee to cover all of your home’s PCs is a big advantage over other utilities, which might require you to buy a separate license for each computer or have a cap on the number of PCs you can cover. This makes Iolo System Mechanic the best option for a household with children or a group of roommates.

iObit SystemCare

Both a free and a paid version of iObit System Care are accessible. If all you need is a basic cleanup, you could find that the free version is sufficient. It offers real-time system condition monitoring, low-level cleaning and optimization, and one-click disk error repair. Additionally, it has a few privacy and security features like an email filter, automated FaceID intruder detection, and spyware eradication.

The clean, contemporary dashboard of this program is simple to use and appropriate for both new and experienced users. Make sure you select the custom installation option so you can specify exactly what gets installed and how the application functions because iObit System Care does install additional apps by default, including a VPN. Windows XP and newer are compatible with this tool.

AVG TuneUp

The free edition of AVG just scans your computer. You must choose the premium version if you want a true tune-up. A performance optimizer that can significantly speed up your device is also included with this. This is one of the most expensive tools on the list despite providing excellent performance.

This software operates quickly and has an easy-to-use interface. To prevent crashes and failures, AVG will clean your registry, and routine maintenance will remove browser traces, cache files, tracking cookies, and software remnants. The realtime optimization is one of this tool’s coolest features. This enables you to prioritize the apps you want to put to sleep, reducing the load on your computer’s memory and CPU and accelerating your systems. This is quite useful.

With the help of this utility, your hard drive, installer files, cache, outdated backups, and temporary system files will all be thoroughly cleaned, giving you more space. In order to make browsers faster, lighter, and less unstable, it also purges temporary data and other internet remnants from them (including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). Over 50 well-known apps will have their updates installed automatically by AVG’s software updater. Bloatware and unwanted programs are eliminated with a software uninstaller.

Norton offers a number of tune-up programs, including Norton Utilities Premium and Computer Tune Up. The Tune Up is essentially a once-off remote access service that allows a specialist to enter your computer and perform an evaluation and optimization.

Choose Norton Utilities Premium if you’d prefer to receive regular tune-up services. This offers a simple dashboard that enables one-click PC optimization. It will increase program access speed and save up hard drive space. To avoid crashes and slowdowns, unwanted startup programs are found and eliminated, and common problems are resolved.

Your computer’s memory and processing speed will be automatically optimized with Norton Utilities Premium. Your device will run faster once it fixes common issues, and it can find and get rid of unnecessary startup programs. Utilizing the browser’s file download delete feature will help you increase your online privacy. Personal documents can be securely disposed of with a file shredder so that others cannot access them.


Slimware SLIMCLEANER has a ton of tools that can keep your PC operating quickly and efficiently. This software has a seven-day free trial period but no free version. Your PC’s problems can be swiftly found with a one-click scan. Performance boost mode, start time improvements, and the removal of pointless startup elements are additional benefits.

A distinctive community rating system built into this software offers suggestions for new programs and software based on ratings from other users. This implies that the performance of your PC is being optimized using the most recent information available from the industry. The junkware and superfluous files will be removed by the slimware SLIMCLEANER, clearing up space and preserving your privacy.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Both a free and a premium version are available for Ashampoo WinOptimizer. The free alternative is fully functional and optimizes system performance. AntiSpy (which deals with issues like remote access and folder sharing), Win10 Privacy Control (which enables you to turn off Cortana, cloud syncing, and location services), and a file wiper tool are among the privacy and security tools that are included (ensures deleted files are irrecoverable). Ashampoo WinOptimizer free offers configuration choices for browser and cookie settings and also removes junk files and cache from browsers.

Even while Ashampoo WinOptimizer’s free edition is a great option for anyone on a tight budget, it also has extra capabilities that you might be interested in paying for. When it comes to speed optimization, this software produces amazing results. It now has a better dashboard, which has increased its usability. It has a wide range of features and offers disk defragmentation, control of browser extensions, benchmark tests, automatic cleaning, and more.

For the purpose of clearing out unwanted files and conserving disk space, Ashampoo has created a unique algorithm. Automatic features boost performance in the background. One of these is Game Booster, which stops unneeded background processes while you play games and restarts them when you’re done. View thorough analysis logs if you’re eager to learn more about what the tool is doing.

Partition Wizard

To organize disk partitions and utilize your drive as efficiently as possible, use the greatest system utility software, Partition Wizard. It can manage your disk consumption by analyzing it. It operates by examining the file system, lining up the SSD partition, and migrating the OS to the SSD.

Key Features of Partition Wizard Utility Tool:

Partition wizard can show the speed performance of a disk with graphical figures.

You can check and see which file is taking up too much disk space when the system is slowing down.

This windows utility software can move non-adjacent partitions to merge together. It can shrink large partitions to obtain free space as well as extend C drive to remove low disk space warning.

It optimizes computer performance by upgrading system disk from HDD to SSD.

Partition Wizard can find and recover data from the lost partitions which are damaged, formatted and inaccessible.

PC Startup Master 3

The PC Starting Master 3 software accelerates computer startup by turning off superfluous programs that launch during system startup. These programs add extra time to the startup process of your system.

Key Features of PC Startup Master 3:

PC Startup Master 3 acts as a disc cleaner by allowing you to disable unnecessary applications while startup.

It has a feature called Startup Delayer which helps in optimizing system startup speed. It does so by optimizing the launching sequence of startup applications.

This mac utility software helps filter out spam with the help of startup guard. Startup guard is an additional application which comes with Master 3 that monitors and notifies about any unnecessary changes made.

PC Startup Master also provides certain tools to manage startup components like Windows services and scheduled tasks.

Symantec Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities, a maintenance package from Symantec, is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier versions. This PC tune-up tool is capable of performing a number of tasks, including disk defragmentation, disk repair, browsing history and cache cleanup, system registry cleanup, restoring backups, and startup program optimization, which removes unneeded programs from startup and speeds up boot time, among other things. Additionally, its privacy tools safeguard your data from online thieves.

It contains an intelligent dashboard that shows a complete summary of your PC’s health, including the status of the RAM and Hard Drive, the status of any third-party apps, privacy concerns, and Windows startup time.

Additionally, Norton Utilities comes with privacy, performance, and recovery capabilities to assist you in recovering any lost files.

Best PC Tune-up Software Free

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic clears RAM, deletes different logs, browser history, and caches, eliminates junk files and undesirable apps, prevents bloatware and unwanted auto-run settings, and wipes garbage files and unwanted apps.

This not only releases important system resources but also protects your privacy by erasing records of your internet behavior.

Every time we’ve tested System Mechanic, we’ve noticed a noticeable speed boost, especially at startup, which is due to its PC optimization toolbox. The free edition is fantastic, but if you find yourself utilizing System Mechanic frequently, the two paid versions, System Mechanic and System Mechanic Pro, are well worth considering.

System Mechanic is our favorite PC optimizer because of the noticeable performance increase we experienced after running it. Continue reading to learn about four more of the top Windows PC speed-up applications.


Although Restoro doesn’t have the most features, it does an excellent job of giving the necessities and managing things well without including too many extraneous features.

The robust system repair utility scans for several issues, lists them if any are discovered, and fixes them.

Malware detection is included with every Restoro scan (opens in new tab). Any questionable files will be recognized right away, and you can choose whether to delete them or not.

You can use Restoro’s powerful real-time monitoring features if you have one of the two unlimited use options. These are made to assist you in keeping an eye on your computer and spotting potentially harmful software or security flaws before any harm is done.

It should go without saying, but Restoro’s complete money-back guarantee essentially allows you to ask for a full refund if you’re dissatisfied with the way the program performed.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

There are two versions of IObit Advanced SystemCare: a free version that just offers basic home cleaning, and a Pro version that also boosts internet performance and adds real-time optimization, privacy protection, deep registry cleaning, and 24/7 technical assistance for three PCs.

No matter whatever edition you select, IObit Advanced SystemCare’s user interface is intuitive, well-designed, and unlikely to intimidate even the most inexperienced PC user. If an installer wants to include more apps, we’d take away points because that goes against the idea of keeping unnecessary software off your computer. However, if you choose a custom installation, you can easily avoid this.

Like the majority of PC optimizers listed here, it uses a straightforward, elegant dashboard to remove unnecessary files and directories, clear up the Windows registry, and fix hard disk issues.


Because it cleans areas of your computer that many other free system optimization applications don’t, CCleaner has been around for a while and continues to be popular.

The optimization software has a commercial version that includes real-time protection and cleanup scheduling, but the free edition of CCleaner takes care of the essentials like clearing browser caches, deleting temporary files, retaining only the necessary cookies, and so on.

This free PC optimizer should be used first if your computer simply feels slow. It lacks some of the more sophisticated functions found in programs like System Mechanic, but the features it does have are known for making PCs run slowly.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

The most appealing feature of Ashampoo WinOptimizer is its adaptability; with just one click, you can scan for garbage files, corrupt registry entries, and browser cookies, and with another, you can delete them all.

Alternately, you can examine the scan findings one at a time by clicking the “Details” option. Ashampoo WinOptimizer provides a thorough explanation of every problem it finds, describing in detail what it is and why you should think about deleting it, unlike some PC optimizers. After that, you’ll be more equipped to decide whether to keep it or delete it.

A collection of “modules” for standard maintenance chores like defragmenting hard drives and streamlining starting procedures are also included in WinOptimizer. Although any of these operations might be carried out within Windows, having them all in one place is far more practical than navigating through menus.

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex may be the solution if your computer has trouble when you try to play a game. To get the greatest potential game performance, this free PC optimizer suspends pointless system programs, cleans up memory, and defrags your system.

For the majority of users, the results will mean slightly smoother visuals rather than astonishing performance improvements. Razer Cortex is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. While the differences won’t make you jump up and down in amazement, it does automate the laborious process of turning off unnecessary software and services when it’s time to play.

Best Tuneup Utilities for Windows 10

Advanced System Optimizer

One of the most reputable and well-known systems optimization & tuneup tools in the world, Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) not only optimizes the computer but also conducts PC tune-up on Windows 10 and earlier versions. Since its release in 1999, this PC tune-up program has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

ASO is a Windows optimization tool that also excels as a registry cleaner, system cleaner, game cleaner, disk cleaner, and other tasks. It is an all-inclusive package that makes your computer as good as new. For Windows PCs, Advanced System Optimizer performs all necessary tasks, including hard drive cleaning, RAM optimization, and cleanup of privacy-revealing traces.

Piriform CCleaner

Since it has been available for a while, Piriform CCleaner Tuneup Utilities has received numerous rankings as the finest tune-up software for Windows 10. It is a clever tool for cleaning up and optimizing Windows 10 and earlier versions on computers. Real-time protection and the cleanup schedule are included in the optimization toolkit’s premium edition.

One of the greatest tune-up tools for Windows 10 and earlier versions to try for free is this Windows optimizer and a set of Windows tuneup applications 2022. Over 2.5 billion people have downloaded CCleaner worldwide, and it removes over 35 billion gigabytes of useless data each month. Although this product is not accessible in English, you can download it and join the over 5,000,000 installations every week. It is also available in over 55 other languages.

In addition to removing unnecessary files from your computer, CCleaner also takes care of your browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Additionally, CCleaner fixes registry issues and removes erroneous registry entries. It also has a ton of other Windows optimization features, making it a full-featured suite of tune-up tools.

Advanced PC Cleanup

One of the best PC tune-up programs accessible in 2022 is Advanced PC Cleanup. It is a one-stop shop for removing unnecessary programs, managing start-up items, cleaning up garbage files, and optimizing registry files. You can also get protection from malware, spyware, and other nefarious dangers with the Pro version. While securing your IDs, passwords, or OTP codes across many browsers, it also safeguards your identity traces. The 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 are all compatible with Advanced PC Cleanup.

You may schedule frequent scans with Advanced PC Cleanup to locate and get rid of trash from your system. It removes cookies, prefetch files, temporary internet files, browsing cache, and older download files. In order to improve system speed, it also does a deep scan to remove malware, adware, and potential dangers. It is distinctive and a full utility package to optimize Windows 10 since it manages system files and start-up files.

iObit Advanced SystemCare 13

One of the best methods to optimize a computer is to clean it. Windows 10 and previous Windows operating systems can be perfectly cleaned with the help of the iObit Advanced System care program. The software can be upgraded to a Pro version for advanced functions and is offered for free with a limited feature set. On a clean PC, this great utility can speed up internet access. The system’s excellent privacy protections work in conjunction with faster PC reaction times to secure your data. In addition to clearing RAM, the tool may remove malware and spyware.

AVG TuneUp

Since their launch a decade ago, AVG Tuneup utilities have significantly improved in their more recent iterations. One of the best tune-up tools for Windows 10 and earlier versions, this fantastic Tuneup tool has received high ratings. AVG Tuneup utilities are the best PC tune-up software that may improve computer performance by identifying and resolving any performance-related problems.

This fantastic Tuneup tool offers unique capabilities including the ability to examine and put performance-draining programs into sleep mode. You can get rid of unwanted software and apps that you haven’t used in a while with the aid of its software uninstaller. AVG Tuneup utilities can thoroughly clean your disk and browser and remove junk files from more than 200 Windows files and apps.

Iolo System Mechanic

The best PC tune-up tools for Windows 10 or earlier versions must be used if your computer takes a long time to boot up and load Windows applications. One of the best and most reliable Windows optimizers for Windows 10 and earlier versions is Iolo System Mechanic. Iolo System Mechanic keeps your privacy intact by eliminating surfing traces in addition to freeing up system resources.

It promises to increase CPU speed by up to 17%, download speed by 39%, graphics by up to 8.6%, and startup speed by 88%. It offers an easy-to-use user interface that allows you to quickly improve Windows 10 performance.

Symantec Norton Utilities

One of the most user-friendly and practical PC cleanup and optimization tools for Windows 10 and earlier versions is Norton Utilities. It has a split console that is simple to use and divided into various areas. The intelligent dashboard shows a thorough overview of the state of your PC, including information on privacy concerns, the performance of third-party software, the hard drive and RAM, and Windows startup time.

Performance, privacy, and recovery tools for finding deleted data and restoring registry backups are also included in the Norton Utilities package. Additionally, it defragments the hard drive and cleans the system, registry, cache, and browsing history.

AVG Pc Tuneup

For both new and seasoned computer users wishing to simplify their maintenance procedures, AVG TuneUp is a fantastic freeware utility. It will undoubtedly assist you if you weren’t aware that you even needed to maintain your computer. There are numerous options in TuneUp that can assist with everything from speed optimizations to secure file deletion and everything in between.

It’s vital to remember that depending on the device TuneUp is installed on, you will get different advantages. Since a brand-new computer is likely already operating at peak efficiency, you won’t see many dramatic improvements. On the other hand, if you’ve had your computer for a while and use it frequently,

AVG TuneUp, formerly known as AVG PC Tuneup and TuneUp Utilities, is a tool that performs numerous helpful computer maintenance tasks automatically.

Although you can typically perform them by hand, TuneUp enables you to create a maintenance routine and then continue working (or play). You may concentrate on the tasks you want to complete with your computer rather than making sure everything is working well.

Do Macs support AVG TuneUp?

Technically, it isn’t. TuneUp is developed to run on Windows-based PCs. But AVG also offers an app called AVG Cleaner which allows Mac users to clear out unnecessary clutter, and duplicate files and free up disk space on Mac machines.

The main purpose of this app is to reclaim storage because most MacBooks are shipped with only 256GB (or 512GB) in flash storage which can be filled up quickly. You can get AVG Cleaner for free on the Mac App Store or read our detailed review of the best Mac cleaner apps.

Is it safe to use AVG TuneUp?

For the most part, TuneUp is absolutely safe to use. AVG is a reputable company that also offers a number of other programs, including a well-regarded free antivirus software suite. There is no spyware or adware included in the installer, and it doesn’t attempt to install any unwanted third-party software.

However, you should always be extremely cautious to read the complete details before making any of the changes it advises because it has the ability to interact with your file system and alter how your computer functions. It periodically marks huge files, like older restore points, for removal when it’s trying to clear up disk space, even though you might want to keep them. It’s possible that if you “sleep” a necessary software, the feature that extends battery life by doing so will act unpredictably on your computer. Before you start, be certain you know exactly what it wants to do!


Routine PC cleanups are required to keep your computer healthy. Actually, a slow computer can be annoying and cause numerous crashes. Computer optimization software can significantly increase the speed of your computer. With the aforementioned tune-up tools, you will have a pleasant computing experience.

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