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Best Pdf Editing Programs

Today we are looking at some of the Best Pdf Editing Programs. There is a fascinating array of programs available, each with their own features and benefits. We have made an exhaustive study of these and come up with this list of the Best Pdf Editing Programs.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to edit PDF files, it might seem tricky at first. There are plenty of free and paid programs that can do the trick, but figuring out which option is best isn’t always a walk in the park. To help you navigate the world of PDF editing software, I’ve created this handy guide on the best free pdf editing tool to choose from.

Pdf editing software is important for any business, large or small. Whether you want to edit images, add text, or even make minor changes like set your own password to a file, there are several programs which can help. Establishing the best of the best is what this article is all about.

Nowadays creating pdf files is typically required for almost everyone. Because of the universal compatibility and ability to carry both text and image, the need for such format became more common to be used in purposes like sending documents, marketing material and even books. But sometimes it is also needed to edit such files that have already been created by someone before.

Benefits of PDF editing software

  • Enhanced security: PDF editors have built-in security features that ensure the safety of information within the documents. Features such as password protection, user restrictions, and encryption can restrict recipients and viewers from printing the PDF, and changing or copying the content.
  • Easy editing: PDF editors allows users to directly edit PDFs without converting or retyping the document. Optical character recognition features make scanned or image-based documents searchable and editable.
  • Better control and visibility: PDF editors can convert PDFs into a read-only format that can’t be altered without leaving digital footprints. This lets you effectively track changes to maintain version control and visibility when collaborating on the same file.


Wondershare PDFelement

What We Like

  • Lets you edit the PDF’s text directly.
  • Supports adding images, links, and custom watermarks.
  • The background of the PDF pages can be edited.
  • Headers and footers can be included in the PDF.
  • Supports combining several PDFs into one.
  • PDF pages can be cropped.
  • Can insert, extract, delete, and rotate PDF pages.
  • Editing embedded forms is easy.
  • Can password-protect the PDF.

What We Don’t Like

  • Free version places a watermark on the PDF.
  • Requires large OCR feature download.
  • Must log in to save the document.

PDFelement is free, but with a major limitation: It places a watermark on every page of the document. That being said, the watermark is behind everything, so you can still see the content, and it’s important to realize that it supports some truly great PDF editing features.

This program would be a truly free PDF editor if it weren’t for the fact that the free edition will not save without first putting a watermark on every single page of the PDF.

Depending on what you’ll use the PDF for, however, the features it supports might be enough for you to consider living with the watermarks.

When you’re done editing, you can save back to PDF or any of the several other supported formats, including Word and other MS Office formats. To export or save, you have to have a Wondershare account.

Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS are supported.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Best for editing, converting, merging, and creating PDFs.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 Pricing: It is available for $29.99. It is a one-time payment. For home use, it can be used on 3 systems but for commercial use, it requires one license per installation. Its free trial is available to download.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 is an all-in-one solution for managing and editing PDF documents. It has functionalities to create, edit, protect, convert, and merge the PDF. You can encrypt the document if required.

It has functionalities for splitting up the PDFs into smaller documents and you can give a custom number of pages. It supports Windows 10, 8, and 7 platforms.


  • Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 has functionalities for comparing two PDFs side by side.
  • Its snapshot function will let you capture the perfect screenshot of PDFs.
  • It provides a new & simplified text formatting dialog.
  • It contains the auto-repair feature.
  • Its toolbar will show the recently used page operations.

Verdict: Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 will help you to create the right size documents for any device. It provides backward compatibility by supporting PDF 1.4. With its new menu structure, it is easier to use.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Best for: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the overall best solution for creating detailed PDFs and Forms.

Price: Adobe offers a free trial for Acrobat Pro DC. It offers two pricing plans for individuals, Acrobat Standard DC (For Windows only: $12.99 per month) and Acrobat Pro DC: (For Windows & Mac: $14.99 per month). For businesses, there are two plans Acrobat DC for teams ($16.14 per seat per month) and Acrobat DC for enterprise (Get a quote).

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can be used on any device. It can convert PDFs to MS Office formats. Acrobat Pro DC can edit, create, export, organize and combine files on mobile devices. In a few simple and easy steps, you can share PDFs and gather comments.


  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has functionalities for creating and editing PDFs.
  • It has features for converting, sharing, and signing PDFs.
  • Mobile App has functionalities to annotate, sign, and share PDFs.

Verdict: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will let you digitally track the progress and automatically archive the signed document. As per reviews, it has a complex interface.

 Foxit PhantomPDF

Best for its capability to edit PDFs everywhere.

Price: Foxit PhantomPDF offers two pricing plans, PhantomPDF Business 9 ($159) and PhantomPDF Standard 9 ($129). A free trial is available for 14 days.

PDF Studio

PhantomPDF has powerful editor capabilities. You can change the page layout by rearranging text boxes, resizing textbooks, etc. It will allow you to add stamps, watermarks, headers, footers, bates numbers, etc. You can crop, delete, add, swap, flatten, and rotate PDF pages.


  • PhantomPDF provides features and functionalities for organizing and manipulating your PDF.
  • You can merge PDF documents together or split PDF apart.
  • It supports dragging-and-dropping pages within a document or from one document to another.
  • You can make use of popular storage sharing products.

Verdict: Foxit PhantomPDF is an RPA-Ready PDF editor. It can be integrated with leading Content Management Systems.

Nuance Power PDF

Best for offering Adobe-like functionalities at an affordable price.

Price: The price of the product starts at $89.99. Its PDF converter starts at $49.99. Nuance Power PDF Standard is available for $129.99.

Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF is user-friendly, budget-friendly software with advanced features. It provides all the tools and functionalities required for businesses. It is designed for making business users more productive.


  • Nuance Power PDF provides the features and functionalities to annotate, markup, secure, and compress PDF.
  • It also provides the functionalities for document conversion, search, connectivity, etc.
  • It will allow you to create PDF files from a scanner in one click.
  • It has a drag-and-drop facility to combine files and remove or replace pages.

Verdict: With Nuance Power PDF, you will be able to create PDF files instantly from any PC application that can print.

Nitro Pro  PDF File Editor

The Nitro Pro PDF editor offers many PDF editing features similar to other PDF editors for Windows 10 listed above. Its features include the ability to edit, create and merge, review, and collaborate, among others. In addition, the Nitro editor will allow you to fill, sign, and secure your PDF files. It supports all windows operating systems and comes in 2 versions, personal and business. The professional version costs $179.99 and has its own set of more advanced features.


  • It is easy to use and also fast.
  • Includes OCR technology for editing scanned PDFs.


  • It is expensive in comparison to other top PDF editor software.
  • The trial version has limited features.

Price: The professional version costs $179.99 with its own set of features.

System Support: It can work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10/11 PDF editor.

best free pdf editor nitro

 Acrobat® Pro DC PDF Editing Software

There is no doubt that the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor sets the pace for PDF editing and is widely regarded as the best PDF editing tool for Windows 10; however, it is considered to be overpriced. It is important to note that PDF editing is not just for large businesses but also for individuals and small businesses, and therefore the price is critical. But Adobe is still a great PDF editor with top-class features that helps users convert, edit, and annotate, among other functions.


  • One of the best PDF editors with top-notch features.
  • It is easy to use with a decent and friendly user interface.
  • OCR technology is available to edit scanned PDFs.


  • It is a more expensive PDF editor when compared to other alternatives.
  • It may not be suitable for individuals and small businesses due to the cost.

Price: It costs $179.88 for one year or $14.99 per month for the subscription.

System Support: This PDF editor can be compatible with all Windows systems.

adobe pdf editor for windows

AbleWord PDF Editor

This PDF reader and writer may not be as well-known as software, but it still made it on our list of the best free PDF editor tools for windows. It is also a word processor, which means that you can edit files easily like you would with a word document. AbleWord supports reformat images, add or edit headers and footers, and tables, among other useful functions. It also includes spell check and other functions.


  • It is easy to use and also free.
  • It also supports some Microsoft Word features.


  • It has limited features.
  • Its output is not as good as some other top PDF editors.

Price: This is a free PDF editor. Just install and use it.

System Support: It can be used to edit PDF on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

ableword free pdf editor software

 HiPDF – Simple Online PDF Editor

Developed by Wondershare Technology as a free online PDF editor, HiPDF gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of any PDF workflow. For editing PDF files, it allows you to add texts, images, and shapes. Moreover, it includes a massive collection of PDF utilities for file conversions, encryption, PDF compression, file and page management, OCR, API, and much more. It’s a one-stop online shop for all things PDF. Each function has a dedicated web page where you can upload your PDFs and other documents, process the task, and then download the file with no watermarks or other restrictions.


  • Completely free, no strings attached; paid Pro option with richer features
  • A comprehensive range of utilities comprising a free PDF editor, converter, compressor, OCR, and other tools


  • Documents are uploaded to the web, where they may be at risk while in transit
  • You will need a stable and fast Internet connection when working with large files or complex processes such as OCR
hipdf online pdf editor

Key Considerations:

  • Mobile: The rise in bring your own device (BYOD) policies means employees work with many types of devices, such as tablets and smartphones, in the workplace. You want a PDF editor that supports use on smartphones, tablets, or laptops so you can view, edit, convert, and share files from anywhere. Look for dedicated mobile apps when evaluating PDF editors.
  • Collaboration: A PDF editor should allow multiple participants to collaborate on a single document. This will help both co-located and distributed teams to review and edit PDFs simultaneously. Look for PDF editors with shared review features to facilitate collaboration.
  • Features and cost: The cost of a PDF editing tool varies based on included features. Before buying software, determine the needs of your organization and which software features can help meet them. If you handle a small number of documents, consider a free or basic version of PDF editing software. But if you need advanced features such as a built-in spell-checker, language support, multi-file merging, and validating PDFs for ISO standards, you should look for an enterprise solution.


Increasingly and remarkably, electronic documents have become an important tool in the business environment. Because of this fact and to continue growth, users have demanded PDF editing services online so they can do their own editing and improve user experience.

In the last decade, there has been a huge surge in the number of people that have decided to share their work with others and write an eBook. Whether you’re writing your first eBook or your tenth, it’s always a good idea to invest in quality software that will make your job easier.

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