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Best Pdf Markup Tools

Markup tools are best pdf markup tools that helps you to add or remove multimedia and text from your PDF. You can also edit the structure like hyperlinks, master slides, callouts and much more.They are markup tools that are helping you to import your Word documents, Excel spreadsheet and other content into PDF.

PDF markup tools are used for a variety of reasons. Designers, engineers and architects make extensive use of PDF markups to provide annotations and make notes on their drawings. Contractors utilize PDF marks up to highlight potential changes or updates to the work that needs to be done. Our team has reviewed a number of products and have compiled this list of our favorite PDF markup tools.

The decision to use the best pdf markup tools could significantly improve your ability to create professional and correctly positioned PDF documents. It is for that reason that it is recommended for PDF enthusiasts and professionals to find information about the latest markup tools. You can find this type of information on some sites that have published content which is useful for consumers who know where and how to look for them.

The Best PDF Markup Tools for Students and Teachers One of the biggest frustrations with PDFs is that they aren’t very user friendly. You can’t highlight text, copy and paste from it, or write notes in the margins like you can on a paper document. Here are best PDF markup tools to annotate and edit PDF documents on your PC.

Free PDF Markup Software

The following are free PDF markup tools that should be considered when marking up your PDF documents.

EaseUS PDF Editor

Compatibility: Windows

EaseUS PDF Editor is a great PDF markup software that is compatible with Windows. Thanks to its simple interface, anybody can quickly learn how to use its various features.

In terms of marking up PDFs, you can add comments and annotations, or draw lines, arrows, and even insert shapes to your document. Apart from that, you will have a wide range of possibilities at your reach. For example, you can add annotations to text, highlight phrases, change font size and color, and so much more.

EaseUS PDF Markup Software

  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Highlight PDF in a simple way
  • Edit text, images, hyperlinks, and forms in PDF easily
  • Support converting to or from PDF files quickly
  • Password protect PDF documents for authorized viewing

Free DownloadWindows 10/8.1/8/7

 Microsoft OneNote

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Microsoft OneNote is an awesome PDF markup tool, which has great digital note-taking features. For example, it allows you to organize your line of thought, and quickly take any notes that you want. This important information will always be available for later use. It’s available on a full range of mobile and desktop devices, and it even has a web version for online use.

Furthermore, this free PDF annotation software has incredible drawing and design tools which come in handy when editing PDF files. In fact, you can draw directly with a digital stylus or your finger on a touch-screen device! 


  • It supports in-place editing of PDF
  • Add annotations to words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Add notes to the text


  • It is a slow program
  • You can´t change font size and color
NoeNote PDF markup

Foxit Reader

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Another great PDF drawing software is Foxit Reader, which is an alternative when you need to make fast and simple editing to your PDF files. A good advantage of Foxit is that it has plugins for Microsoft Office programs, which means that it makes it so much simpler to convert pretty much any file you open into PDF. Besides, you have at your reach a couple of necessary editing features like markup tools to add comments and annotations, strikethrough text, underline, among others. 

Another excellent feature is Foxit Reader’s security toolbox. It comes with a JavaScript security option, which can prevent unauthorized scripts from transmitting data.


  • You can insert and edit text properties
  • You can reorder, insert and delete pages
  • It has plugins for web browsers and Microsoft Office


  • It has a complicated user interface
Foxit Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

As one of the oldest PDF editors on the market, this is always a reliable choice for annotating or drawing on PDFs. With this program, you can effortlessly read, edit and browse your PDF documents on Windows and macOS.

In terms of power, it is a heavy-house since it can open and edit several PDF files at once! Furthermore, it is easy to use due to the simplicity of its user interface. All things considered, this free PDF markup software is more dependable than plenty of PDF editing tools.


  • Highlight any text
  • Merge and rearrange PDF pages
  • Delete pages from a PDF
  • Make scanned words editable with OCR


  • It is a heavy program on your computer
Adobe Acrobat reader

 PDFelement Pro (Windows & Mac)

PDFelement Pro is a great PDF markup software with different markup tools such as highlighting, lines, circles, comment boxes and more. In addition, it is also a complete PDF solution with many features for editing, converting, sharing and protecting PDF files. PDFelement is a very easy-to-use PDF markup software because it has a very simple interface, and you can access all functions from the main interface without the need for navigating elsewhere. There is a thumbnail block for navigating between pages and an adjustment panel that you can use to change functions such as thickness, color, opacity, style, and so on.


  • It provides multiple PDF markup tools to annotate PDF files.
  • It has high-security features to protect your PDF document.
  • It comes with professional editing tools and an advanced OCR feature.
  • It is very easy to use for creating a fillable PDF form.


  • You can try this PDF markup tool for free but files will be saved with watermark.

Nitro Reader (Windows)

If you want to markup your PDF documents for free, this is the application for you. Nitro Reader is one of the best free PDF markup software that is very useful for all basic tasks that you perform every day with your PDF documents. You can also use it to create PDFs from scratch. The PDFs that are created are totally compatible with other PDF readers as well.


  • It allows you to convert documents to PDF format.
  • It features a complete set of free PDF markup tools.
  • It has a nice interface.


  • OCR does not work well on large documents
nitro reader

Qiqqa (Windows)

Qiqqa is a useful PDF markup tool if you have your PDF documents littered across multiple locations. It enables you to keep your PDF secure and organize them, making them instantly accessible as well as searchable across all devices. You will never have to waste time hunting for missing PDF documents again because of the automatic tagging, identification, and categorization that it features.


  • Faster downloading of multiple PDF papers.
  • Ability to hide items with no PDF.
  • Ability to open PDF documents directly from the internet or email.


  • Viewing and annotating PDFs can be difficult.

 Preview (Mac)

Preview allows you to view and edit PDF files as well as images files. You can use it to view, markup PDF, combine as well as edit PDF files without any difficulties. When you are done editing the files, you can share them on a local area network or online very easily. Another thing that you will love about this free PDF markup software is the ability it gives you to add a digital signature to your PDF documents.


  • It includes an icon previewer that allows you to view PDF files in their respective thumbnail icons.
  • It allows you to digitally sign your PDF files.
  • Apart from editing PDF files, you can also use it to edit images.


  • Editing photos can be more complicated.

 PDF Expert (Mac)

PDF Expert is a free PDF markup tool that allows you to read and annotate PDFs easily on Mac operating systems. You can also use it to modify existing text and images. You can insert stamps and modify document outlines and annotations created either from PDF Expert. It is very fast and reliable.


  • Great support service team.
  • It features the ability to edit text and images
  • It makes modifying document outlines very easy


  • Free download but need pay for advance features.
expert pdf reader

 PDF Architect 8

PDF Architect 8 with features
PDF Forge

If you want a PDF editor that looks and works similar to Adobe without the Adobe price tag, check out PDFForge’s PDF Architect 8 (Free, with paid options). With the app, you can open and read any PDF file, view two documents simultaneously for comparison, create PDFs from Microsoft documents or by scanning a document, and reorder, delete, or move pages within your PDF.

If you need more functionality than that, however, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Architect’s paid plans, which start at $69/year. In addition to the features of the free plan, paid plans give you additional functionality, like splitting PDFs into multiple documents, editing and moving text, changing font style and size, inserting page numbers and headers, inserting and editing media, adding watermarks, and converting your PDF to a variety of other formats. The biggest potential downside is that PDF Architect is only available in your browser and doesn’t have companion mobile apps.


Xodo PDF Editor

Xodo (Free) is a great option for those who need to edit a PDF but don’t have the budget (or the desire to shell out) for a premium PDF editor. Despite being free, Xodo still packs a punch with its robust features and beautiful, modern interface (which is available online, and as iOS and Android apps). Xodo focuses on giving you a simple, clean functionality, instead of burying your document in a complicated and cluttered interface as many other editors do.

Xodo is a great option for signing documents, as it lets you create a signature with a stylus or your finger, and you can save it to use on additional future documents. Filling in forms is also a piece of cake—all you have to do is tap the field and type in your information. Want to annotate a PDF? Xodo’s ample tools let you highlight and strike out passages, add sticky notes, underline for emphasis, and make freehand drawings. It even creates a summary list of annotations, which you can jump to simply by tapping on one.

If you need to have a real-time, collaborative workspace, it supports that as well, letting anyone with access jump into work and even chat. Once you’ve created your document, you can sync it with Dropbox or Google Drive, ensuring you’re always working with the latest version. Easy and beautiful.

PDF To Word Converter

Although PDF allows for the smooth and agile transfer of a document, it doesn’t allow for its editing. So if a user seeks to rectify details in the PDF file, he or she simply cannot do so.

Thankfully, this isn’t a big problem to fret about as there are tools specifically designed to provide a solution to this issue. On Google search, you will find a plethora of PDF to Word Converters at your disposal each in their own way to help you convert non-editable PDF files into editable Word documents.


Pdf markup tools are used to add, remove or change text in pdf files. To use markup tools you have to buy a license. Many simple editing tools provide a free trial period that can be used to test and evaluate them before choosing the right one for your company’s needs. Markup tools mainly focus on extracting the text, data and graphics from the document. Most commonly PDF files get converted into mark-up language. Many markup tools are available in market, so one may face problem during selection of right tool.

PDF Markup Tool is a free product that enables you to annotate PDF documents. You can use the toolbar to select commonly used objects, such as arrows, text boxes and freehand shapes.

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