Best Personal Finance App for Mac Os X

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Personal finance is allocating money, tracking your spending and aiming to save more. Personal Finance Software is a tool that helps you manage your personal finances, including income, expenses and balance sheets. So if you are looking for the best personal finance app, here we have some great tools for Mac or desktop users.

Personal finance apps for mac os x can be quite effective in helping you keep track of your personal spending and income. We will look at some of the best personal finance software for mac os x, which are easy to use, have a great user interface, and have the functionality to help you plan your financial future

The personal finance app for Mac OS X (or best personal finance software for Mac) is a powerful and handy way to manage your money and financial information. This software helps you keep track of your spending, calculates your net worth, makes projections based on current trends, and much more.

To keep my finances organized and to work toward my savings goals, I like to use a personal finance app. I’ve tried a bunch of different ones over the years, and each has its pros and cons. Here are some of the best personal finance apps for Mac OS X—including both free and paid options.

General Features Of Personal Finance Software

While choosing the software, you can also look for the below-mentioned features.

  • Mobile App
  • Bank-level Security
  • Real-time updated information
  • Categorization of transactions
  • Financial accounts in one place.
  • Setting of goals
  • Tracking of goals and spending.
  • Reports on your performance.
  • Balance forecast
  • Tool’s personalization capabilities.

Money Pro

Money Pro is a personal finance app that helps you track your spending, save money and reach your financial goals. It’s designed to be simple, yet powerful. Money Pro is great for keeping your finances organized and gives you tools to help make smart decisions about spending and saving money.

Intuit Mint

Best for online accounting.

Intuit Mint

Intuit Mint is the platform for personalized insights, custom budgets, spend tracking, and monitoring subscriptions. It supports Android and iOS devices. You can add your cash, credit cards, bills, and investments to the tools to track the money easily. It will categorize bank transactions and provide safety and security to your data.


  • Mint is a platform with a budget planner and credit monitoring.
  • In a budget planner, you can add and update the categories as per your requirement easily.
  • For securing the data, it has various features like safeguarding the mobile app with a 4-digit code, multi-factor authentication, etc.
  • It automatically finds the savings that are missed.
  • It can track the bills to help you without missing them.

Verdict: Intuit Mint is a trusted, protected, and dedicated platform to manage your finances. It will help you stay focused on your financial goals. It is a platform for all accounts in one place and offers the functionalities of bill payment tracker, budgeting goal tracker, free credit score, budget alerts, investment tracker, etc.

Price: Intuit Mint is available for free.


Best for couples to manage finances.

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Honeydue is an application that helps couples to manage their finances together. It is a smart tool that provides instant notification and real-time balances & budgets for each partner. It is a collaborative tool. It is a secure platform and offers real-time card locks functionality. It offers 24*7 fraud protection.


  • Honeydue has the features to access cash from more than 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs, Apple, and Google Pay.
  • With Honeydue joint bank account, the couples will be able to bank together.
  • Honeydue supports multiple languages.
  • It provides reminders for bills.

Verdict: Honeydue is a mobile application that will let couples collaborate on their terms. It offers the functionalities for tracking all the accounts, coordinating bills, and chatting. Honeydue is working on automatic bill payment features too.

Price: Honeydue is available for free.


YNAB is a popular budgeting app that helps you budget and saves money. It’s designed to help people get out of debt and save more money in their lives. With YNAB, you can track your spending, save for the future and give every dollar a job by setting financial goals for yourself.

Unlike many other personal finance apps, YNAB isn’t just a way to track your income and expenses but also teaches you how to manage your money effectively so that it works for instead of against you.

Banktivity 7

Banktivity is a great choice for anyone who wants a simple, reliable, and powerful personal finance app for Mac. You can easily track your spending, bill payments and income right from your desktop or mobile device using this amazing tool.

Banktivity 7 offers several handy features that make it easy to manage your finances no matter where you are. For example, the Bill Reminders feature allows you to add reminders when bills are due so that you don’t forget them (and risk getting hit with late fees). You can also set up recurring transactions that automatically occur at regular intervals. These features make Banktivity 7 an excellent option for managing your money on the go because they allow you to stay organized whether you have a home office or work from home full time.


  • Spendee is a free personal finance app that helps you manage your money.
  • You can track your spending and income, as well as set budgets for different categories like groceries and entertainment.
  • It has a barcode scanner so you don’t have to manually enter each purchase.
  • It supports multiple currencies, which makes it perfect for international travelers or those who live abroad but want to keep their finances in U.S dollars (or vice versa).
  • The built-in calculator allows you to quickly determine the breakdown of how much money is going into each category throughout the month or year. This feature is especially handy if you need to budget out future expenses, like saving up for Christmas gifts or vacation trips next summer! If any unexpected expenses pop up during this time frame then simply add them into your budget planner so they’re accounted for before they happen rather than after when it’s too late!
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Personal Capital

If you’re looking for a personal finance app that can do it all, Personal Capital is the best option. This free application allows users to track investments, bills and expenses, net worth, credit score, spending, and cash flow. With an easy-to-use interface and helpful financial calculators built into the software program itself, this online tool makes it possible for even novice investors or money managers to gain valuable insights into their financial lives.

Personal Capital’s website boasts that it is “The best free money management app” because of its features such as:

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Investment performance reporting tools


If you need a good personal finance app for your Mac, MoneyWiz is the way to go. The tool helps you keep track of your income and expenses. It also lets you set up a budget so that you can see where your money is going each month.

MoneyWiz has been around for some time now, but it’s still one of the best personal finance apps out there (and it works on Windows and Linux as well). If you don’t want to pay anything at all, then this app will work just fine for managing your finances.

Here are some personal finance apps that can help you stay organized, build savings, and achieve your goals.

  • Money Pro: This is my favorite Mac personal finance app. It offers a wide range of features, including budgeting tools, bill tracking and reminders, debt consolidation, investment tracking and more. Money Pro also makes it easy to move money between accounts on your iOS device and from your bank account into the app so you can see all of your accounts in one place.
  • YNAB: “You Need A Budget” (YNAB) is another great option for Mac users who want an easy way to manage their finances. The program allows users to create multiple budgets with separate categories for budgeting purposes—for example, housing costs and groceries—and then track the flow of funds from one category into another by creating transactions within each budgeted category (like paying rent or buying groceries).
  • Banktivity 7: Whether you’re using Quicken or Moneydance, this is still one of the best solutions available on any platform today because it allows access to all sorts of useful data without being overwhelming like other financial management apps can sometimes be at first glance if they clutter up everything else with lots more features than necessary just because they felt like adding another thing here or there without thinking too much about exactly how useful those things really are when compared against how often they’ll actually be used versus how often people would rather just get right down into business without having to navigate through an overwhelming maze full of the unnecessary clutter that gets in their way instead of helping them achieve their goals faster at every step along the way


HomeBank is a personal finance management tool that is easy to use and has a clean interface. It can be used on Mac OS X and Linux, making it an excellent choice for those who use both platforms. HomeBank is also free open-source software, meaning that anyone can contribute to the development of this software. Finally, HomeBank comes in many languages including English, Spanish (Español), French (Français), German (Deutsch), Italian (Italiano), Portuguese (Português) and Dutch (Nederlands).

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GnuCash is a free open-source personal finance software designed for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

GnuCash is a full-featured personal and small business financial accounting software that helps you track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.


MoneyDance is a personal finance software that allows users to manage their accounts and organize their finances. It can be used for business, as well as personal use.

  • Key features:
  • Money management tools in one place
  • Automatic data entry with transaction download from banks and brokers
  • Unlimited accounts and transactions
  • CSV import/export of data files (spreadsheets) between MoneyDance installations (Mac or PC)

MoneyWiz 3 – Personal Finance

MoneyWiz 3 is a personal finance app for Mac that helps you to manage your money. It’s an open-source personal finance software for Mac. MoneyWiz 3 is a powerful and flexible personal finance software for Mac.

You can use MoneyWiz 3 to track your income and expenses, but it also lets you create budgets, explore spending habits and set goals.

MoneyWiz 3 offers many different ways to view your financial data: in the form of charts and graphs; as text tables; or even as lists arranged by date or category. You can customize its interface so that it displays only the information that matters most to you

All of these free personal finance software apps work well and have solid reviews.

The Mac personal finance software apps reviewed here are all free and available for Mac. The reviews of these apps are mostly positive, with the exception of one app that has not received any reviews yet.

The apps have a good user interface (UI) and experience (UX), which contributes to a positive user experience (UxX). They also have good security features such as two-factor authentication, password encryption, and strong data encryption. Additionally, they all offer support via email or phone.

The features offered by each app include budgeting tools, bill reminders, investment tracking software and portfolio analysis toolkits


Personal finance software is a very effective tool to help you keep track of your finances and meet your personal goals, as well as find ways to save money. The best personal finance app for mac os x can be used to keep track of spending and incomes, manage checkbook registers, pay bills and set reminders that help you stay on budget.

Personal finance apps are one of the most useful and popular apps available on Mac. Good personal finance software can help you manage your financial life and maintain records of all your finances, budget your income and expenses, save money by tracking your spending habits, credit rating and so on.

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