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Best Personal Finance Software for Couples

As a couple, you want to manage your money wisely, saving for vacations and other family activities. With the best personal finance software for couples, you can learn about your spending habits and set goals for managing your money. This article provides tips on how a couple can manage their finances more easily. Read this article to learn more about best app for personal finance

Today I’ll show you the best personal finance software for couples! I’ve tested a lot of different online money-managing apps, and today, I’ve narrowed down my top picks. Whether you’re a young couple or something more senior, the need for personal finance software is universal. I’ve been married for the past 3 years and when we first got together we struggled to keep track of our money. I know that’s not the case with everyone but it is with some. There are many apps for couples out there but I’m going to go over a few of the best ones right now. So you’re a couple that’s looking to get out of debt and live within your means. It’s an admirable goal, but sadly it’s not always as easy as it sounds. With two incomes and multiple bills, figuring out where your money is going can be difficult. Since there are so many personal finance programs available, I thought I’d save you some time by highlighting the best solutions for couples. Are you struggling to get your budget in check? Would you like to be a millionaire couple, living the good life off your investments and savings? Well, with this software, you’ll be able to get there!

There are a lot of scenarios out there when you might still want to manage your money together; even if you’re not married. Your parents might share a joint bank account, adult children shack up with their parents, or you have any number of roommate/relationship combinations. Does your spouse want to leave you because of your spending habits? The combined bills are overwhelming? Let me tell you how my husband and I managed our money in a way that kept the peace in our relationship. If you’re going to share your money with someone, you should at least have the best tools for budgeting and investing at your disposal. Knowing your partner’s financial situation is a must if you want to plan a future together. If one partner has bad credit, you might have trouble getting into homeownership… There are dozens of tools available for tracking and staying on top of your finances, but most options are either very basic or overloaded with too many features that end up getting in the way.

Personal finance software for couples makes it easy to share expenses, taxes and plans for the future. It also means less fighting about money by keeping all transactions in one place and on schedule. We’re here to help you find the best personal finance software for couples. Finding the best personal finance software for couples is a never-ending quest. We’ve tested out a few different ones to help you get started on your search for the best budget for you and your partner:

Best budgeting apps for couples

1. Mint – Top Pick

Mint is the best free online personal finance software. It’s easy to use and can help you save money by making it easier to track your spending, budget and investments.

Once you’ve downloaded Mint, all you have to do is connect it with your financial institution accounts (it integrates with over 5,000 institutions). Once connected, it will automatically pull up all of your transactions so that you can see exactly how much money comes in and goes out each month. You’ll also be able to get a credit score and see how much money needs to go into savings in order for you to retire comfortably or pay off debt such as student loans or credit card debt

2. Goodbudget – Top Pick

Goodbudget is a free budgeting app, meaning it doesn’t have a monthly fee. It works on both Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android devices so you can use it on your phone or tablet.

The app is easy to use and has a clean interface that makes managing your personal or joint finances simple. You can also set up alerts for when bills are due or need to be paid quickly. The software lets you create budgets for spending categories like groceries, utilities and entertainment so you know how much money is left over after paying each one-off during the month—or week—and not wasting any more than necessary on things that aren’t important to your financial goals (I’m looking at all my friends who buy expensive coffee every day). If there’s ever an issue with payments being made late because one person forgot about something happening in their life (like getting married), Goodbudget allows users to edit their entries so everything stays accurate in real-time as soon as possible without needing approval from another party involved with their finances

3. You Need a Budget (YNAB) – Top Pick

If you’re looking for budgeting software that’s easy to set up, works on any device and helps you achieve financial goals, then YNAB is the right choice. It can be used by anyone with a bank account or credit card who wants to start tracking their finances.

YNAB also works with all kinds of budgets—whether it’s for groceries, rent or student loans—so there’s something for everyone. It even allows users to import transactions from banks so there is no need to manually enter them into the app by hand. Transactions can be exported from YNAB and imported into other applications if desired as well!

4. Digit – Honorable Mention

Digit is one of the best personal finance apps for couples. It’s a little different from other apps, but it has some powerful features that can help you save money and grow your wealth over time.

What Digit does is round up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar and deposit the change into an investment account of your choice. If you spend $3 on coffee every day, this means that after a while, Digit will be depositing money into an investment account along with the change from those purchases. This way, when those small purchases add up over time—and they will—you can have more money set aside than ever before without even trying to save it! You can also use Digit as a way to pay bills or track spending habits in order to stay on budget throughout the year (or just during tax season).

Digit also offers automatic deposits into savings accounts which makes saving easy because there’s no need for any effort on your part! You just link up all of your bank accounts through Digit and let them do their thing: round up each purchase made by linking through Apple Pay or Android Pay; invest those rounded-up amounts into an account set up specifically for this purpose within minutes; connect all other financial institutions including checking/savings/credit cards etc., then sit back while “Goals” are created automatically based on budget limits set by the user (which may vary depending upon income level).

5. PocketGuard – Honorable Mention

Personal finance software is a great way to manage your money as a couple, but sometimes it can be frustrating. There are so many options out there and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. To help you make the right choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top five personal finance software for couples:

  • You Need A Budget – A great tool for managing both everyday finances and long-term goals
  • Blooom – An online financial advisor that helps you grow your 401k accounts by providing personalized advice based on your retirement goals
  • Mint – Helps you stay on top of credit card charges, bank account balances, bills paid on time etc., all in one place

6. Goodbudget

GoodbudgetLearn more information about Goodbudget has been collected independently by CNBC and has not been reviewed or provided by Goodbudget prior to publication.

  • CostFree for 20 total envelopes; $70 annually for unlimited envelopes
  • Standout features allows couples to use the envelope system digitally for budgeting and allows couples to track their debt
  • Categorizes your expensesYes, but users must manually input transactions since the app does not sync to your bank account
  • Links to accounts, users must manually input purchases and transactions
  • AvailabilityOffered in both the App Store (for iOS) and on Google Play (for Android) and as a version for laptops
  • Security features information is secured using bank-grade 256-bit SSL

See our methodology, terms apply.


  • Free version of the app
  • Helps couples manage their money together, track spending and track debt
  • Ability to share budget with your partner
  • Digital envelopes help couples save for big goals that matter to them
  • Indicates when you’ve gone over budget
  • Money management courses and resources available


  • Can’t connect bank accounts so users must manually enter transactions

Who’s this for? The Goodbudget app allows users to track their household’s spending using the “envelope method.” The envelope method means that each month, users allocate a certain amount of their income into categories (or digital “envelopes”) labeled for things like groceries, rent, date nights, travel and debt payoff.

This makes it easy to prioritize your spending and plan ahead. Users are only supposed to spend the amount allocated to each envelope, and if they go beyond their budget the envelope will show red to indicate that they overspent.

The envelope method is generally recommended for people who are new to budgeting, so if you and your partner need a way to ease into categorizing your spending, the app might be able to improve your confidence in that area.

Unlike most budgeting and expense tracker apps, Goodbudget does not link to users’ bank accounts and credit cards. Instead, you manually input your transactions into each digital envelope. This actually forces couples to take a hands-on approach to manage their money since they’ll have to actually check to see how much they’re spending in order to upload purchases to the app. However, some people may find manually inputting their transactions to be tedious.

The Goodbudget app has a free version that lets you create 20 envelopes, use the app on up to two devices, track one year’s worth of transaction history and track debt. Some couples may find that 20 envelopes aren’t enough for them, in which case they may consider upgrading to the premium version of Goodbudget for $70 a year or $8 a month; the premium version allows the use of unlimited envelopes, access to the account on up to five devices, access to seven years’ worth of transaction history and debt tracking.

Money can be stressful and creating a budgeting tool that you both enjoy makes it much easier

You don’t want to be the couple that’s arguing about money. It can be a stressful situation, especially if you and your partner aren’t on the same page with your finances. Creating a budgeting tool that you both enjoy makes it much easier to save together and work as a team.

If you’re not on the same page, then it’s going to be more difficult in terms of creating something that works well for both of you since there will always be some sort of compromise made here and there. If you’re using this type of software in order to save money, then having one platform where all accounts are linked together will allow both people access without needing separate login credentials or having separate logins altogether (which would defeat the purpose).


Couples often have different views on finances. Some couples might argue over their spending habits. This is why they need to use the best personal finance software for couples. “Personal finance software” includes budgeting, expense tracking, investments and all things related to money management.

Of course, you’ll also want to consider your own personal preferences and lifestyle when it comes time to choose your budgeting software. After all, the best budgeting app for couples is the one that works for both of you! Whether you’re making the leap with your first love or you’re approaching the altar for the second time, it’s important to do things together when it comes to your finances. Couples argue over money more than anything else, and these personal finance software services will help keep your emotions out of play while also streamlining the process of managing your money and savings.  If you and your spouse want to be more organized when it comes to your finances, then consider a personal finance software program. The best free personal finance software for couples can help you manage your personal budget more efficiently, stay on top of bills, cut down on spending, and much more.

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