Best Personal Money Management Software

A personal finance management program (PFM) is software that helps you organize your money. It generally includes many features like budgeting, bill paying and tracking expenses as well as generating reports on your income and expenses. Personal finance software offers a wide range of features, from budget planning to investment tracking. Our research team has tested many programs and found the best for any financial need.

Think managing your finances is hard? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. The best personal finance software for you can make all the difference in your ability to create and stick to a workable budget. There are a lot of options for personal finance software, and making the wrong choice can cause more harm than good. Choose wisely.

Sometimes people have trouble managing their finances because they lack the right tools. Some people think a spreadsheet will work, but spreadsheet programs aren’t set up to manage money effectively. A much better solution is personal finance software that was designed to help consumers keep track of their income, expenses, bills and bank balance so they can make informed decisions.

If you want to track and grow your money, you need to get the right personal money management software. There are tons of options on the market, but some apps are better than others. In this guide, we’ll review the five best personal finance apps for managing your money and helping you reach your financial goals.

Precautions To Use Online Money Management Apps

Three measures should be taken while using the online money management app i.e. look for the tool’s security features, its data backup policy, and see if it has a strong password. A strong password provides good security as it is not controlled by the provider of Personal Finance Software.


Mint is a free personal finance app that helps you track your spending, set budgets and save more money. It also connects to most major banks to track your account balances in one place.

Mint is available online, on the web or via its mobile app (both Android and iOS). It can help you with everything from setting financial goals to paying bills and tracking investments. You can also sync Mint with other financial accounts such as PayPal or Venmo so all of your data is in one place!


Quicken is a personal finance management tool that helps you track your spending, and it’s easily the most popular money management software on the market. It’s been around for more than 30 years, and its user base has grown significantly since then.

Quicken lets you categorize transactions into separate accounts and add notes to transactions as they happen so that they’ll show up in your reports later on. It also allows users to set up alerts when their accounts reach a certain balance or if there are any changes made from unfamiliar sources, which is great for preventing fraud or theft.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a web-based application that helps you track your spending, plan for your future, and be financially accountable. YNAB automatically syncs across all devices so you can manage your money wherever you are. You access YNAB through the YNAB website or desktop app, both of which are available for free.

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To get started with YNAB, sign up with an email address and password on either the website or desktop application. The first thing to do is set up categories for different types of expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries). Next create a budget using these categories as well as subcategories under each category (like rent: rent payment). Once this step is complete you’re ready to go! When buying groceries or paying bills it’s easy to manually enter them into YNAB with just a few clicks—the software will take care of everything else by categorizing and tracking those transactions moving forward.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a personal financial management tool that can help you better understand how much money you have, how it’s invested and what your net worth is.

It’s not as sophisticated or robust as some of the other tools we’ve looked at here, but if you don’t need to do too much analysis with your investments, Personal Capital might be right for you. This isn’t the best option for everyone—it requires a $100 minimum investment and charges fees when certain transactions are made through its platform—but if those are things that don’t bother you (or even interests) then this is one of the better overall offerings out there for personal finance software.


GoodBudget is a free budgeting software that is available for both Android and iOS devices. GoodBudget is budgeting software that allows you to create a budget, track your spending, and analyze your finances. It has several features that allow you to set up separate budgets for each category of expenses for easy management of all aspects of your income and spending habits.

This app will help you stay on top of all aspects of your finances by providing reminders about upcoming bills or other financial commitments so they don’t slip through the cracks. The app also offers tips on how to save money in various categories such as groceries or entertainment so that you can be more conscious about where your money goes each month.

Which personal finance software is best

Let’s get right to it. The best personal finance software is:

  • Mint (for beginners)
  • Quicken (for people with a lot of investments)
  • YNAB (for people who want to save)
  • Personal Capital (for people who want to invest)
  • Goodbudget (for people who want to track their spending)

We’re big fans of free software—that’s why we’re so excited to share our picks for the best free personal finance tools. In most cases, they have more features than paid versions and some even measure up to the very best paid software, but they don’t cost a dime!

Our favorite free personal finance software is Easy Personal Finance Software. It comes with a free trial so that you can try it out before buying it. If you want to learn more about what makes Easy Personal Finance Software so great, keep reading!

Quicken for Mac

Quicken for Mac is a personal finance software that helps you to manage all your finances in one place. In Quicken, you can track investments, keep track of bills and set up budgets for the upcoming months. You can also create reports about your spending habits and compare them with previous years. With the help of Quicken for Mac, you will be able to find out what’s happening with your money all the time.

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The best thing about this program is that it’s very easy to use, even if you’re not familiar with accounting software! It comes with an intuitive interface which makes it simple even for beginner users.

Another great feature of this program is that it’s compatible with Windows as well as Mac computers so no matter what type of computer system is used by an individual they will be able to use this software without any problem whatsoever.

In addition to these benefits, there are many other features available on this platform such as viewing bank accounts online or creating budgets for various expenses.


Moneydance is a very popular personal finance software. It’s available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, and it offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. Beginners will find the simple features useful, but advanced users will appreciate the ability to customize their experience with options for importing data from other accounts or downloading financial news updates automatically.

Many people choose Moneydance after trying out other programs because of its ease of use—it’s free! You can download it at

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is a software solution for budgeting, but it is also a philosophy. You Need a Budget (YNAB) was founded by Jesse Mecham in 2004 and has since become one of the most popular personal finance applications with over 500,000 users. YNAB is great choice for people who want to get a handle on their finances and those who want to budget and get out of debt.


Mvelopes is a great budgeting app that is easy to use and has a great user interface. It helps you track your income and expenses, and set a budget for each category. The app also allows you to pay bills through it.

Mvelopes help users save money by limiting the amount of money they can spend in each category, so they don’t overspend on something else like food or entertainment. Also, the app can help users set up automatic deposits from their bank accounts into their Mvelopes account every month or week so that they don’t need to worry about forgetting to make those deposits themselves!

AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is a free personal finance manager that can help you track your expenses and income. You can download it at the AceMoney website and use it to track bills, create budgets, manage investments, import transactions from banks or credit cards, and more. If you find the program useful then consider upgrading to get more features such as budgeting tools and budget report generation.


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You may not necessarily need TurboTax to manage your finances throughout the entire year, but when it’s tax time, the software can come in handy. While it’s one of the pricier tax preparation tools, it’s also consumer-friendly, walking you through your tax preparation to help you accurately file your tax return. Entering your tax information is fairly simple—you can import your W-2 information from your employer or take a picture of it and the software will transfer the information into the form.

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If you’ve used TurboTax in previous years, the software will remember your personal information and ask whether there have been any major changes. The most basic version lets you file your federal and state return for free if all you use is form 1040 with no attached schedules.

On the higher end, TurboTax Live connects you with a tax expert to give you personalized advice and answer questions about your tax return. Paid versions of TurboTax include a feature to help you uncover deductions you may not have known were available to you. While you can use TurboTax on the web, you can also download the software to your device for added security.


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If you’re a DIY investor looking for low-cost access to a financial advisor, FutureAdvisor is a great option. The investment software provides personalized recommendations to help you diversify your portfolio, which you can follow or not follow as you see fit. You’re eligible to sign up for the software if you have at least $5,000 in investable assets. FutureAdvisor manages the assets you transfer into the account for a flat annual fee of 0.5% of the managed assets, billed quarterly at 0.125%. When you transfer your assets into the account, FutureAdvisor works to consolidate them into accounts with its partners, Fidelity or TD Ameritrade.

How Much Does Personal Finance Software Cost?

Personal finance software varies in features, functions, and costs. Some software offers basic features with free and paid versions. Other software helps you meet more complex financial goals and charges monthly fees. Personal finance software typically costs between $5.97 and $12 per month, or you can pay annually for a discounted rate. Other software charges an annual $35 fee, and software that focuses on investing charges a flat rate of 0.5% of managed assets.


Personal finance management software is a valuable tool for those with large amounts of transactions, multiple accounts and investments. The best personal finance software programs will help you manage your finances by automating the calculation process, making it easier to see trends in your spending and track financial progress. Personal finance management – is the process of tracking, recording and analyzing financial data to make informed decisions about allocating resources. The best personal finance software helps you organize your accounts and track expenses so that you can budget responsibly.

Personal financial management programs can help you save time, keep better track of your money and get a clear view of what you have to spend. Having an effective personal financial management program will allow you to focus on the bigger picture and help you avoid anxiety over financial decisions that would normally overwhelm you.

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