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Our world is becoming much smarter, not by following the traditional way but by freely using online tools that help us to perform much better our tasks.

Project management tools also play a vital role in improving our productivity and easier to handle project workflow. There are thousands of fantastic project management software out there but here we pick up the 10 best software for businesses which you can use to improve your project management skills.


Airtable: Project management software

This project management software is an all-in-one collaboration platformIt has some high profile clients like Buzzfeed, Slack, and Time Inc. 

 Some key features include:

  • Teams can view their work through grids, galleries, kanban boards, and calendars. 
  • It has an array of useful templates you can choose from.
  • It consists of bases, and each base is an individual project. These bases can be grouped into workspaces and teams can access it.

Airtable is at the top of its game. Though this free project management software has a steep learning curve so is a bit hard to figure out, there’s plenty of help and guidance. 


Project management software by Paymo

Paymo’s free version only allows access for one user, but if you’ve got a small team or you’re a freelancer, this could be an efficient option for tracking billable hours and invoicing clients. Along with tracking finances, Paymo also allows you to organize project timelines, create to-do lists, and stay on top of your budgets for multiple projects at once.

Features include:

  • Kanban boards for easy, at-a-glance project updates
  • Time tracking to keep everyone on the same schedule
  • File sharing and Adobe CC extension for easy sharing of assets
  • Timesheet reporting to keep stakeholders in the loop
  • Project templates to jumpstart projects with a click

PricingFree; $9.95/user/month (Small Office); $15.79/user/month (Business)

Notion: Provides reporting and statistics on workflows

Notion is a knowledge management and collaboration tool that connects your people, project ideas, and notes to one platform. It helps you create and organize workflows for you and your team with the help of a drag-and-drop editor.

Additionally, it also helps you create roadmaps with customizable tags, and you can invite your team members to edit and add tasks and activities to the roadmap.

You can also use Notion to create a centralized knowledge base for your team. It offers a flexible Kanban  board, lists, and tables to handle all kinds of processes. With advanced permissions, you can control who has access to company data and share assets with other departments if necessary.

Notion offers email, phone, and chat support. It also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.*Analysis accurate as of September 2021 BEST FUNCTIONALITYNotion4.7 (404)Read reviewsVISIT WEBSITE

Key Features:

  • Activity/news feed
  • Brainstorming
  • Budget management
  • Calendar management
  • Create subtasks
  • Customizable templates
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Trial/Free Version:Free TrialFree VersionDevice Compatibility:

Todoist: Integrates with third-party voice command applications

Todoist is a task and project management software tool that helps you organize your workflow. The tool allows you to create work tasks and get an overview of your work schedule.

It first assesses your task list and highlights the day’s most important tasks for you. Additionally, Todoist lets you divide your tasks between team members and allot a timeframe for finishing them.

Todoist offers Kanban-style work cards that provide a “board view” of all the activities associated with your projects. You can group and label tasks and assign them to individual contributors on your team.

Additionally, you can integrate Todoist with third-party email platforms, and it will automatically create tasks from what you receive in your email. Review upcoming projects and add new ones from any device that you use this software on.

Todoist offers email and chat support. The tool has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.*Analysis accurate as of September 2021 MOST AFFORDABLETodoist4.6 (1420)Read reviewsVIEW PROFILE

Key Features:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Customizable templates
  • File sharing
  • Gantt view
  • Kanban board
  • Notes management

Trial/Free Version:Free TrialFree Version

Device Compatibility:

Weekly updates in TodoistRead our project management software buyers guide to understand the benefits and common features of these tools.


todoist project list

In Todoist, it’s easy to quickly capture thoughts and ideas on your phone and then get reminded about them later. 

You can plug in deadlines, like pay bills in three days, and the project management app will automatically remind you.

However, you don’t get any real-time collaboration features in the basic free version.

Also, did you know Todoist was built as a personal task management app and not as a project management app for businesses and team collaborations? So to easily manage your teams and their tasks, you’ll have to opt for the paid plan or a different tier version.

Read our take on Todoist vs. ClickUp and learn about other top alternatives to Todoist.

Here’s what you get in the free version of the Todoist app:

  • Access on 10+ platforms
  • Recurring due dates
  • SSL secured connection
  • Sub-tasks & sub-projects
  • Task priorities (four levels)
  • 80 Active projects
  • Five people per project

What people think about managing projects with Todoist:

“I haven’t found a way to get integration with Google Calendar in a way that works for me. It syncs tasks, but the manner in which it does so isn’t fluid with the way that I work, so that is probably due to user error or my personal preference and less likely a reflection of the program.” — G2Crowd


trello project kanban board

Trello has become a popular free project management solution in the last few years by introducing the Kanban board approach to the masses. And you can use it even if you don’t use Agile or Scrum project management methodologies.

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However, Trello isn’t perfect.

Not a fan of Kanban boards? 

Sorry, but you have nowhere to flee since Trello doesn’t have any other kind of views.

Check out why in our Trello and ClickUp comparison. And learn how to import from Trello into ClickUp.

What you get in the free version of Trello:

  • Unlimited boards, task lists, cards, users, checklists, and attachments
  • One integration per board
  • Up to 10MB for files

What people think about managing projects with Trello:

“So far Trello is doing a great job. What is advertised is done as expected. The only thing I will like to mention is the modern user interface. I would really like to have a new and fresh look for this software which will make the user experience more effective.” — G2Crowd


Wrike: Project management software

Wrike is another project management software that boasts of having top clients. Companies like Hootsuite, Google, L’Oreal use this tool. When it comes to setting up, Wrike has a pretty simple interface and is easy to start with. This tool is mainly suitable for companies with large teams, mainly medium to large businesses.

 Some key features include:

  • Interactive Gantt charts for a visual representation of the project schedule with easy drag and drops feature.
  • Online work and project calendars to view the most up-to-date tasks and schedules.
  • Drag and drop dashboards that you can customize in accordance with what you want to view.
  • Has its own inbuilt document editor.

This free project management software is recommended for people who want a simple and easy to use surface. Wrike also offers many integrations and works seamlessly with OpenOffice, PDF, JPG, PNG, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Office file formats.


Jira: Project management software

 Jira is a project management software used by agile teams and is one of the top-rated software on Finances online.

  Some key features include:

  • Choose a workflow or create your own according to your convenience.
  • Integrate your workflow with other developer tools like Confluence, Bitbucket that you might be already using.
  • You can plan, track, release, and report your project using real-time updates.

Jira has a good mobile interface which is why it is recommended for large and remote teams working across various geographical locations.

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Avaza: Project management software

Avaza is an all in one solution for project management, resource scheduling, time and expense tracking, quoting, and invoicing. Its interface is more visual, so it’s recommended or teams who are looking for a more visual experience. It has been trusted by ‘30,000+ businesses in over 150 countries.’

Some key features include:

  • You can convert emails into tasks.
  • You can view your tasks through lists, Kanban boards, or Gantt charts.
  • There are flexible project budgeting & billing methods.
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bitrix24 project view

Be a master of none or a niche player? That’s an age-old question.

Bitrix24 is an intuitive free project planning software and project management solution that tries to solve multiple business needs at once. Great for some businesses, especially small businesses, but it kind of depends on both your personality and your team’s habits.

The annoying bit is, you’re probably using several of these tools already. In that case, integrating may be better than going all out for a one-stop-shop solution that’s confusing!

But as a free project planner, it offers you tasks, Gantt charts, and task dependencies. The only cap is with the number of users and storage.

Need more insight? Check out our detailed Bitrix24 review.

What you get in the free version of Bitrix24:

  • Task management
  • Kanban boards
  • Resource management
  • 5GB of storage
  • 12 users

What people think about managing projects with Bitrix24:

“Bitrix is riddled with whimsical graphics that smooth over the transitions from page to page. They ultimately slow down the experience and draw the eye away from the more critical business elements of the page. On top of that, helpful reminders reminiscent of ‘Clippy’ show to block key functions of the page, making them hard to ignore and, at the end of the day, frustrating.” — G2Crowd

Teamwork Projects

teamwork projects dashboard

Teamwork Projects is a very well-known project management system or software geared more for audiences needing enterprise management with single sign-on, HIPAA compliance, and premium support.

Their paid plans have many feature options for teams and offer a suite of tools such as billing and invoicing.

However, their free tier is quite limited.

Many clients and teams will pony up for those advanced features, but it’s a risk if you don’t want to be locked into a long-term pricing plan. For instance, in the Pro plan, you get lots of integrations such as Dropbox and Slack, way more storage, and up to 50 users.

What you get in the free version of teamwork projects:

  • Two active projects
  • Limited task boards
  • Subtasks
  • Color themes

What people think of Teamwork Projects:

“The software seems to be popular just in Europe, so there are a few third-party apps which have developed something connected to Teamwork, but it has access to the API and webhooks to compensate.” — G2Crowd


Having used numerous different online project management tools I’ve decided to create this review of the best available online. There are a lot of good tools out there that can really help you stay on top of large or small projects.

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