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Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress

Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) and it’s one of the most popular website platforms on the planet. It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many amazing WordPress project management plugins out there.

Best Project Management Plugin for WordPress

1. WP Project Manager Pro

WP Project Manager is one of the most-popular project management plugins available on WordPress. It’s open-source and packs enough potential to compete with full-fledged project management systems.

For example, its basic features include project creation, user assignment, messaging, file attachments, and the ability to leave comments on tasks or projects. The premium version adds a calendar with drag-and-drop functionalities, expanded privacy settings, milestone tracking, and more.

You can also incorporate add-ons like WooCommerce and BuddyPress to track additional activities on your site. The WooCommerce integration creates projects after a product is purchased and the BuddyPress integration creates tasks for different internal teams. With these added features, you can maintain a finger on the pulse of everything that’s going on with your site. 


2. SP Project & Document Manager

Whether you’re adding a last-minute post to your social media calendar, or announcing an unexpected update for a new product, sometimes it’s critical to share information quickly. The appropriate stakeholders need to be in the know and receive information at the right time if you want your campaigns to be successful. And, to accomplish this, you’ll need a project management system like this one to disseminate information swiftly and efficiently. 

The SP Project and Document Manager allows you to create unlimited folders and subfolders, and each folder can contain as many files as you would like. You can upload documents, images, videos, and other types of media all into one place. This makes it easy to share an entire campaign with new a team, department, or stakeholder because all of the campaign’s files are located in a single shared folder. 

The premium version of this plugin offers a bit more customization. For example, you can add tags to your files so that they’re easier to find when searching for them in a folder. You can also group files based on who created or uploaded them. This helps you keep track of which teams are hitting deadlines and which ones need more support to successfully complete your project.

3. WP Client Portal

The WP Client Portal combines elements of a CRM with a project management system. One example is the “Private Messaging” feature, which acts similar to the messaging feature on a CRM contact record where you can send emails to a client that are recorded on their internal profile page. 

Another example is the “Client Manager” feature, where you can assign clients to someone at your company who then is responsible for sending them information and promotions. This is similar to a “teams” or “contact owner” feature offered by most CRMs. It funnels information into one pipeline that can be reference over time as needed.

One standout feature for this plugin is its “Estimates & Invoicing” tool that lets you create customized and branded estimates and invoices for clients before and after they make a purchase. Clients can then view these documents as PDFs and even pay an invoice online rather than doing so over the phone or in person. 

4. CoSchedule

CoSchedule’s marketing calendar helps you easily visualize your workload and organize your marketing team’s digital strategy. All of your content is scheduled on a shared, drag-and-drop calendar where users can communicate and collaborate in real-time.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, this plugin packs several unique social media features, including the ability to optimize promotions using “Best Time Scheduling,” a tool that identifies the most effective time to engage your following. There’s also an option to automatically reshare top content, so you can capitalize on the material that generates the most engagement.

CoSchedule also integrates with HubSpot, which means you can streamline and manage blogs, landing pages, and emails all within the calendar. 

5. Panorama

Panorama is a true project management tool, meaning it’s designed to help users and stakeholders understand what a project’s timeline looks like and when they can expect that project to be completed. Unlike some of the other options on this list that provide additional features and tools, Panorama focuses solely on project management and sharing information between internal and external stakeholders.

While you may think this limits Panorama, it actually makes it a powerful project management plugin. With Panorama, each user has their own custom dashboard giving them a summary of what projects they’re currently working on and how far those projects are from completion. This feature lets everyone know what they need to do to complete a project  — which makes the goal feel much more attainable. 

Another unique feature is the task completion system that measures time elapsed between each completed task. With this tool, you can see which teams are keeping pace with the project’s timeline and which tasks have yet to be finished before a project is complete. 

6. Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban was designed for agile project management, but it can be used for tracking marketing and sales activities as well. Its project boards are customizable and most editing can be done right from the board interface. Tasks can be created and assigned to team members, and you can track how long it takes to complete them. 

With this tool, you can also create “custom views” which filter your project board by different criteria. You can bookmark individual tasks and updates, and delegate them to team members who can collaborate in real-time. 

And, the data you gather with Kanban is stored outside of your WordPress account. This makes it more secure and reduces the chance of sharing data with unwanted parties. 

7. BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a popular WordPress plugin because it adds a great deal of functionality to your site. It’s not only a project management tool, but also a social networking integration, a content management system, and a web design resource. 

When it comes to managing projects, BuddyPress offers a variety of features that help users collaborate in real-time. For instance, users can form and join groups where they can chat internally and update each other on their progress.

They can also follow “activity streams,” which are timelines that highlight what another user has been doing over a certain period of time. Rather than having that user notify everyone when a task is complete, those who follow their activity stream will be alerted automatically once they’re finished.

8. Behance Portfolio Manager

Behance is a useful tool for presenting projects to different stakeholders. With this plugin, you can either pull up a single project or group a few together and compare them without having to jump between browsers. Its grid interface is responsive, so you can review projects on the go and there’s also a custom styling option that lets you change how a project looks in the presentation view. 

If there are details of a project that you don’t want to share, Behance has an option to hide specific information as well. That way, you don’t have to mention that embarrassing hiccup that delayed a task and instead, you can focus on the important details that stakeholders should know.  

9. Upstream

Upstream offers many of the same features provided by other plugins on this list. It lets you upload files and documents, assign tasks to users and teams, and create project discussion threads so team members can chat internally about different goals and tasks. 

One unique feature that Upstream provides is its issue/bug tracking tool. This tool reports glitches and roadblocks as they arise, and just like delegating a project task, these issues can be assigned to team members who are responsible for fixing them. 

If you want to share your progress with external stakeholders, Upstream has a feature that lets people view data without granting them access to your WordPress admin panel. That way, you can keep relevant stakeholders updated without having to add them as users in your WordPress account. 

10. Business Manager

Business manager is a project manager, a document manager, and an human resources manager all wrapped into one plugin. 

With this tool, you can track when a project starts, when it’s completed, and how many hours and days were spent on each task. You can also categorize projects by different types and statuses and write detailed notes so you know exactly what’s going on with each one. Business Manager uses Kanban Boards to outline projects in a calendar format, so you can drag and drop new items in as your work develops.  

The HR management tools are more employee-specific. For example, you can monitor company-wide holidays and keep track of when employees are taking vacations so that you’re properly staffed throughout the year. You can also create performance reviews that measure how well an employee is doing at your company. These reviews include skill ratings, strong/weak points, and career goals that you and your employees can set together. 

WordPress project management plugin free

1. UpStream

Our first recommendation is UpStream. This plugin enables you to manage any type of project straight from your dashboard. You can also conveniently track all activity on your website, including any bugs and tasks assigned to your team members.

UpStream comes with a front-end view where your clients can see each project’s progress. You can mark milestones and address important issues in a dedicated discussion thread. Plus, the tool automatically tracks task completion for you, so you can easily plan and manage your project.

On top of all that, this plugin lets you customize almost every aspect of your project. For instance, you can edit templates, create custom fields and statuses, adjust the colors, and add CSS. You can even rename labels if you wish.


  • Bug and issue tracker
  • File uploading
  • Milestone and task linking
  • Custom client logo
  • Separate customer login page
  • Project manager and user roles
  • Custom permissions
  • Translation ready
  • Access to premium extensions (Calendar View, Email Notifications, and more)

 Pricing: Free.

2. Zephyr Project Manager

Next up is Zephyr Project Manager, a modern and user-friendly WordPress project management plugin. This feature-rich tool boasts a beautiful interface that helps you effortlessly track all of your tasks and projects.

The plugin enables you to create unlimited projects and monitor their progress using one of many built-in features. For instance, you can access your files from a dedicated file manager page. You can also build charts to track your tasks visually or view them in a calendar instead.

Zephyr Project Manager lets you manage your workload more effectively, enabling you to prioritize specific items, receive email notifications, or convert projects into tasks. You can also use the discussion panel to exchange messages and files with your team.


  • Customizable profile
  • Ability to assign tasks
  • Automatic and printable progress charts
  • Unlimited categories
  • Full localization
  • Task export and import to and from CSV and JSON
  • Android app to track projects on the go
  • Personal dashboards for each user

 Pricing: Free.

You can also purchase the Pro license for $49 to use it on unlimited websites. This gives you access to more advanced features, such as the ability to customize the front end.

3. Kanban for WordPress

If you’re a fan of tools such as Trello, Kanban for WordPress might be the ideal solution for you. This plugin can help you build a robust project management system that you can access directly from your WordPress dashboard. It lets you create tasks and to-do lists that you can move between boards, just as you would in Trello.

Kanban for WordPress is an excellent choice for agile project managers. The plugin adapts well to a variety of scenarios, making online collaboration easy. You can also fully personalize the board to suit your team’s needs and create custom swim lanes.

Furthermore, the Kanban for WordPress plugin helps you build a lightweight customer relationship management (CRM) system. You can use it to analyze client interactions and reach out to your leads. If you manage a busy blog, you can also create an editorial calendar and assign articles to writers. As an eCommerce site owner, you can track sales and ensure that your funnel flows smoothly.


  • Task comments
  • User and access management
  • Files upload
  • Customizable fields
  • Color coding
  • Email notifications
  • Multiple boards
  • Time estimates for tasks

 Pricing: Free.

4. WP Project Manager

Next on our list is WP Project Manager. As the name suggests, this plugin helps you run WordPress projects and manage tasks without leaving your dashboard.

The tool comes with advanced features that will satisfy the most demanding power users. For instance, you can create unlimited to-do lists, assign tasks, create due dates, and add attachments to messages.

It also enables you to track progress on each to-do list with a visual status bar, making it easier to handle even complex projects. Plus, you can seamlessly monitor milestones and view them in three categories:

  1. Upcoming
  2. Completed
  3. Late

Although WP Project Manager is suited for advanced users, it’s still simple to use thanks to its intuitive interface. Each user gets their own personalized dashboard, making it easy to collaborate and stay updated about the tasks. The premium version lets you generate a front-end board, invoice your clients, create Gantt charts, use Kanban boards, and more.


  • Time tracking
  • Advanced performance reports
  • Discussion threads
  • File sharing
  • Email and push notifications
  • Permission controls

 Pricing: Free.

Alternatively, you can purchase the premium version from $55 per year, which includes advanced features (such as front-end and deadline management).

5. Panorama

Our final recommendation is Panorama, a robust WordPress project management plugin. It’s a powerful solution if you need a customizable tool that helps you create beautiful dashboards with your own branding.

Panorama helps you streamline your projects and visualize the process. For instance, all members and clients can access their custom dashboards with a visual representation of each task’s progress.

The plugin will also automatically calculate the time needed to complete each job and display the relevant due dates. This way, you can minimize email queries and boost your team’s efficiency.

Furthermore, Panorama enables you to create eye-catching progress bars for your clients, where you can indicate critical milestones and achievements. You can also clearly define each task and add further details, to ensure that everyone understands what needs to be done.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited project phases, tasks, and users
  • Simple communication
  • User permissions
  • File uploads
  • Document status tracking
  • Project templates

 Pricing: Free.

However, you can upgrade from $69 for use on one site to access various add-ons and email support.

WordPress team management plugin

1. Team Members

With over 40,000 downloads to date, the Team Members plugin by WP Darko is a leading team showcase plugin for WordPress.

This free tool is configurable in your dashboard and lets you display unlimited team members with up to five team member cards in one row. Complete each card with a photo, bio, position, description, and up to three links to social media profiles. Team Members’ displays are also mobile-friendly out of the box.

While you get basic functionality for free with this plugin, upgrading to the pro version of Team Members (for $19/year) allows for tighter control over style — you can add a “more info reveal” box, filters for photos, and assign different colors per team member.

What we like: Team Members by WP Darko is one of the most versatile free team member plugins for WordPress, with a reasonably priced pro version for power users.

2. WP Team Showcase and Slider

WP Team Showcase and Slider is another free plugin that lets you creatively display staff photos on your site. It comes with two different layouts for team cards, along with social links and a pop-out option for more information on mouse hover. Cards can be arranged in a mobile-responsive grid or slider and are placed with shortcode.

This plugin also offers a premium version with 25 designs, light and dark themes, drag-and-drop placement, and support for the Elementor, WPBakery, Beaver Builder, Divi, and SiteOrigin page builders.

What we like: The free version of WP Team Showcase offers a good amount of customizability, as long as you’re comfortable creating and placing shortcode.

3. Team Showcase

The paid Team Showcase plugin provides an easy way to display photos of team members and add name, position, and contact information, while allowing more control over appearance than free options.

You have several layout options for display, including a simple grid, a grid that reveals employee information on mouse hover, and a thumbnail display which reveals information on click.

You can style your displays with various image effects and add filters to display personnel by category. The information below each member can be aligned to the left, right, or center, and arrange order with a drag-and-drop feature in your dashboard. If you prefer, you can also create a single page on your website for each member with this plugin.

What we like: This premium option packs several impressive layouts and styles into one plugin, and is easy to configure for users at any level. There are also features like effects and filters that you won’t find in free plugins.

4. ASWM Team

ASWM Team applies a modern aesthetic to team display modules, aligning your website with clean design trends we’ve seen taking hold across the web.

If you choose a grid display for your team members, you can set cards to reveal more information on mouse hover, either through a fade-in, slide-in, or card-flip transition effect. A list display allows for name, description, role, and social buttons as well.

ASWM Team integrates well with the WPBakery page builder, and is a great choice for small teams and modern businesses — you’ll get a sleek layout with almost no design work on your part. The core plugin is free, but ASWM Team Pro adds layouts including modal windows, slide-ins, tables, and circles.

What we like: Sleek on both the front end and the back end, AWSM Team is a delight to use and lets anyone make clean and minimalist team displays.

5. Team by RadiusTheme

The Team plugin from RadiusTheme comes with four different grid layouts for presenting your team, including two with square profile images and two with circle-cropped profile images, along with a carousel slider.

Like other options we’ve mentioned thus far, Team’s modules are responsive and easily placed with shortcode. You’ll also get control over the primary color of the display and image sizes.

By upgrading to the pro version for $17, you unlock 20+ more layout options, more control over colors and typography, and other detail controls so you can further customize the layouts you’re given to match your site’s theme.

What we like: While Team’s free version is decent, the paid version is where this plugin really shines, allowing tight control over your display’s content, layout, styling, and filtering.


If you want to be successful in project management, it’s important to choose the right project management plugin. By reading this guide and following some simple tips, you can improve your efficiency and get the most out of your projects. Additionally, stay up-to-date on financial news and project updates to stay ahead of the curve.

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