Best Python Ide for Ubuntu for Beginners

The Python Ide for Ubuntu is a free to use Python development environment that is available as a software package. In addition to being an IDE, this application comes pre-integrated with the latest version of the revolutionary programming language, Python. The best thing about this open source programming language is that it can be used for creating any type of softwares or applications for a web server or a web browser.

All you need to do is install this IDE and launch the same in order to make your first programming code. This article presents a brief overview of features offered by this IDE and how will be able to help you develop your own Python codes.

PyCharm IDE

Price: $199 per year per developer

Operating Systems Supported: Windows, MacOS and Linux Distros.

PyCharm Python IDE
Source: Jetbrains

PyCharm, an IDE developed and maintained by JetBrains is one of the most popular Python IDE. In a survey done by JetBrains, more than 20% of developers mentioned Pycharm as their preferred IDE.

As an IDE, PyCharm does much more than just allowing you to import libraries and write code. It is a professional grade IDE that allows Python developers to write production grade and maintainable code.

Features which makes PyCharm the best Python IDE:

  1. Code completion and automatic error detection
  2. Smart Code Navigation to help you quickly get to the right class, file, symbols, etc
  3. Makes refactoring painless with safe Rename and Delete. Easy to push project-wide changes
  4. Easy to implement unit tests and graphical UI tests with Python profiler
  5. Automated Deployment CI/CD pipeline integration
  6. Database integration – Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and other major databases
  7. Remote Development – you can write your Python code with PyCharm’s professional Edition.

Pros and Cons of PyCharm IDE


  1. Smart features like Autocomplete helping devs write code faster
  2. PyCharm supports multiple frameworks
  3. Highly reliable for production grade processes

Cons :

  1. Costs around $199 per year per user
  2. PyCharm has certain performance issues on Windows OS
  3. There’s a learning curve associated with PyCharm
  4. Requires SSD and considerable memory size

Spyder Python IDE 

Price: Free

Operating Systems Supported: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Spyder Pyton IDE

SPYDER is actually an acronym that stands for Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment. This IDE is mainly used by the Scientific Python community.

Tools and libraries like Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, etc are in-built with this Python IDE. Powerful features specifically built for the scientific programming makes Spyder a preferred IDE. It is also one of the best alternatives for Scientific programmers outside of Matlab.

Features which makes Spyder the best IDE for Scientific programming:

  1.  Integrated Pylint and Pyflakes for analysis
  2. Syntax colouring, breakpoints
  3. Code Autocomplete and Variable explorer
  4. Comes with most of the scientific programming libraries and framework
  5. iPython notebook integration
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Pros and Cons of Spyder IDE:


  1. Built to support data analysis and visualisation
  2. Leverage autocomplete and syntax highlight for efficient programming
  3. Helps you leverage iPython notebook to perform a more granular analysis of your code
  4. Real time code analysis and feedback


  1. Lack of version control
  2. Lack of integration of a debugger


Price: Free

Operating Systems Supported: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Pydev python IDE

PyDev started as an IDE that primarily worked with Eclipse, allowing Pythonista’s write code on Eclipse. But, no it has expanded beyond Eclipse and now can also be integrated with Visual Studio Code.

Although free, PyDev integration with VS Code costs $40 after a free trial of 1 month.

Features which makes PyDev best IDE:

  1.  All basic autocomplete features that other Python IDE’s provide
  2.  Code editing directly inside of Eclipse and Visual Studio Code
  3.  Django Integration and ease of unit testing

Pros and Cons of PyDev IDE


  1.  Open source
  2.  Pylint integration
  3.  Debuggers and real time


  1.  Limited Support as it crowd funded
  2.  Less features than other enterprise backed IDEs

Python IDLE

Price: Free

Operating Systems Supported: Windows, MacOS, Linux


Python IDLE comes by default in the Python Bundle once you download Python. This is a great IDE for entry level Python programmers as it is pretty much hassle free to set up on all OSes.

It is absolutely free to use. But, it isn’t good enough to create advanced level production grade Python code.

Features which makes IDLE the best beginner Python IDE:

  1. Easy to set up, requires little to no efforts
  2. IDLE is cross platform which means it can support you on all three operating systems
  3. Multi-window Code Editor that allows features like smart indentation, autocomplete, etc

Pros and Cons of Python IDLE


  1. Easy to set up Python IDE that’s beginner friendly
  2. Has low overall IDE size
  3. Not suitable for doing large projects


  1. Doesn’t has multiple language support
  2. Error markup feature is missing
  3. No integrated Debugging for Python code

Eric Python IDE

Eric is a featured-rich Python IDE, written in Python. It is based on the cross-platform Qt UI toolkit, integrated with the highly flexible Scintilla editor control. It has an unlimited number of editors.

It provides a configurable window layout, configurable syntax highlighting, source code auto-completion, source code call tips, source code folding, brace matching, error highlighting, and offers advanced search functionality including project-wide search and replace.

Eric Python IDE
Eric Python IDE

Eric has an integrated class browser and web browser, integrated version control interface for Mercurial, Subversion, and Git repositories as core plug-ins and so much more. One of its most important features, which lacks in many Python IDEs is an integrated source code documentation system.

Spyders Scientific Python IDE

Spyder is a scientific Python IDE with many features for research, data analysis, and scientific package creation. It ships with a multi-language editor with function/class browser, code analysis features (with support for pyflakes and pylint), code completion, horizontal and vertical splitting as well as goto definition feature.

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Spyder Python IDE
Spyder Python IDE

It has an interactive console, documentation viewer, variable explorer, and a file explorer. Spyder allows for searching queries across multiple files in your project, with complete support for regular expressions.

Pyzo Python IDE

Pyzo is a simple, free, and open-source IDE for Python. It employs conda, an OS-agnostic, system-level binary package manager and ecosystem. However, it works without any Python interpreter. Its main design goal is to be simple and highly interactive.

Pyzo Python IDE
Pyzo Python IDE

It is made up of an editor, a shell, and an assortment of useful standard tools such as a file browser, source structure, logger, and an interactive help feature to help the programmer in various ways. It offers full Unicode support in both editor and shell. And you can choose between different Qt themes to use.


Every developer looks for the python IDE with autocomplete feature. IDLE is a popular Integrated Development Environment which is mainly used by newbie developers. It is a cross-platform developed purely in Python. It has a multi-window text editor with various features including smart indentation, call tips, python colorizing, and undo.


  • Supports auto code completion, and syntax highlighting like other IDE’s.
  • It has an integrated debugger with call stack visibility to boost the performance of developers.


  • Usage issues.
  • The very basic design of the interface that is numbering of line is missing in this IDE.

Wing Python IDE

Price: $45 for Educators, $99 per user for professional license

Operating Systems Supported: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Wing Python IDE

Wing is a faster, stable and extremely light Python IDE, and if often compared a lot with PyCharm. From affordable subscription options to numerous features, this is the IDE which every PyCharm user should check out.

Features which make Wing one of the top Choice for Professional Python developers:

  1. Typeshed integration and code warnings
  2. Remote debugging similar to PyCharm
  3. Split reuse policy
  4. Pylint integration
  5. Supports to Type annotation with Python 3

Pros and Cons of Wing Python IDE:


  1. Remote development makes it easy to work using Wing for Python developers
  2. Numerous integrations for TDD
  3. Autocomplete, real time error warnings, etc
  4. Extremely fast, which means it won’t get in the way of a developer’s productivity


  1. Less features than other professional grade Python IDEs like PyCharm


It is a lightweight graphical user interface IDE that has a text editor that uses scintilla and GTK+. It supports all types of programming languages and provides support to the coder by highlighting syntax and line numbering.


  • Auto-completion of code.
  • Available on cross-platform.
  • Syntax parsing and code line numbering.
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  • Limited third-party plug-ins.

Visual Studio Code

It is a cross-platform, Microsoft IDE that supports multiple programming languages. You can customize it, create shortcut keys, and change the theme in this IDE. Just install Python extension to activate support for Python development in VS Code.


  • Syntax highlighter for every programming language.
  • Highly pluggable architecture helps developers to configure their environment according to their choice.
  • Excellent data visualization


  • The source code is a bit clunky.

Angular IDE by CodeMix

Write your best code with the new source code editor. The Angular IDE has an excellent control panel where you can view your project in a particular browser, generate blocks like components, directives, and guards. With a quick drag and drop option, you can customize your control panel


  • Well designed interfaces promote excellent design and data visualization
  • It has smart open declaration commands
  • Offer unified debugging support through an external Google Chrome browser
  • Rich HTML template validation with auto-complete HTML element feature to keep coding moving.


  • The commercial pricing plan is costly

Jet Brains IDE

Hackers only use IDEs for debugging and code analysis. There is no specific IDE designed for a hacker. But yes, you can use those Integrated Development environments with all the features needed in the code analysis. Jet Brains Popular IDEs are ideal for this purpose as they have all the smart features a hacker should need. You can use any of the JetBrains IDEs including PyCharm, Webstorm and IntelliJ IDEA.


  • Advanced Gradle build system
  • Hassle-free, easy to use interface
  • Intelligent code finishing and seamless tool integration


  • Very expensive


Atom is an open-source editor with the same features as an IDE. It supports almost all programming languages, including python. Atom can work like an IDE if you install some specific plug-ins and extensions.


  • Git integration
  • Smart auto-completion
  • It has a slick user interface and ideal for error diagnostics and auto code completion.


  • Needs some improvement in its accessibility


A hacker needs swift coding with excellent performance of the IDE, and Komodo is exactly what a hacker want. Now you can code faster in any of the modern programming languages including Python, PHP, Golang, Perl, Ruby and more.


  • Visual debugger
  • Great editor with code refactoring, autocomplete, and syntax highlighting
  • Extensibility is ideal. You can add tons of add-ons to customize.


  • The free version lacks functionality, and the licensed version is expensive.


Python is a programming language and it is one of the easiest programming languages to learn and master at any point in your life. This tutorial will go over some of the best IDEs for Python and how to install them.

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