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Rental Equipment Software is one of the important aspects for any Rental Company. The Software should be helpful in maintaining the record of equipment, customer and other daily activities. It is also important that the software should be easy to use so that employees can easily handle it without any hassle.

Finding the Best Rental Equipment Software For Your Business Is Easier Than You Think! There are only three things you need to find the right rental equipment software for your needs. We’ll tell you what they are, so listen up. The more research you do into a product — particularly an online software product — the better the odds of finding one better suited to your needs than what’s already out there. But how do you separate the good from the bad? How do you know where to look? These are valid questions, and ones we’ve tried to answer in as user-friendly a manner as possible.

There is no doubt that the software for rental equipment is the best way to learn about a variety of equipment. It helps you find the best option for your business or organization. Whether you own a small or large business, with different types of equipment, it’s important to find the right tools that meet your needs.

Rental equipment is a great way to save money and get the tools you need for your job. However, managing rental equipment can be challenging if you don’t have the right software in place. You’ll have to manage inventory, track payments and reimbursements, manage maintenance schedules for each piece of gear, and much more. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of top five rental equipment software solutions so that you can make an informed decision about which one meets your needs best!

What is Rental Equipment Software?

Rental equipment software is software used to manage rental equipment. It can be used to manage the inventory, maintenance and finance of the rental equipment.

It can be used for many things including:

  • Managing your rental inventory
  • Managing your maintenance schedule for each item in your inventory
  • Managing the finance that comes from each item in your inventory

1. ezRentOut

If you’re a small business owner, ezRentOut is an excellent choice for rental equipment management software. It’s cloud-based and integrates with PayPal, which makes it easy to accept payments from customers. The program also comes with customizable invoicing options that will help you get paid faster while improving your customer service. Plus, the software has customizable reporting tools that let you see how much money your business is making at any given time so that you can make smart business decisions at all times instead of wasting time on guesswork or old company records. If your company needs something more robust than what ezRentOut offers, consider looking into other online solutions such as MintApps or Rental Manager.

2. Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a cloud-based rental management software that helps you manage your rental business more efficiently. It’s one of the best rental equipment software because it gives you access to all the features you need in one place, including inventory management, accounting, payments, and more.

Asset Panda offers a free trial so you can try it out before deciding whether or not it’s right for your company. If you decide to subscribe to Asset Panda after using the free trial then they offer an affordable monthly subscription rate starting at $30/month!

3. RentalTrax

RentalTrax is an equipment rental software for construction, engineering, film, and event rental companies. It is a cloud-based rental software for construction, engineering, film, and event rental companies. With RentalTrax you will be able to manage all your inventory and orders from anywhere in the world. You can also track all of your customer information and billing history in one place so you never lose track of anything!

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4. Coresystems Field Service Management

Coresystems Field Service Management is an innovative and easy-to-use field service solution that can be used to manage and track equipment, parts and labor. The solution is a cloud-based solution, so it doesn’t require any additional software or hardware. It also doesn’t require any third-party integration, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues when it comes time to use the software.

Field Service Management is compatible with any operating system and browser, so you won’t need to worry about using outdated technology in order for your company to benefit from this program.

5. Rental360 by Soft4rental

Rental360 is a rental equipment management software for construction, manufacturing, and rental businesses. It’s a cloud-based rental equipment management software that helps businesses manage their rental equipment inventory, rental contracts, and rental agreements. The software has intuitive features and can be used as an online or desktop application. Rental360’s features include:

  • Creating and managing contracts with customers such as price lists, payment information and delivery details;
  • Organizing customer data by storing contact information like phone numbers or email addresses;
  • Managing the entire process of renting out equipment including scheduling delivery times with customers;
  • Adding attachments to emails sent out to customers such as pictures of their rented equipment to give them more confidence in using it safely;

Rental Software

RentalSoft is a cloud-based rental software for equipment rental businesses. It’s a full-featured rental software that includes inventory management, accounting, and online booking. And it has a free version that is limited to 5 locations and 10 items.


RentalControl is a powerful rental equipment management software that allows you to track your rental equipment inventory and manage your rental business.

RentalControl is the only rental software that provides automated invoicing, job costing, reporting, and pick-up/drop-off tracking features for your business.


RentalForce, cloud-based software for equipment rental management, is designed to help equipment rental companies manage their businesses more efficiently. RentalForce enables companies to streamline their operations and increase profitability by automating processes such as customer service, accounting and invoicing.

RentalForce offers several features that will help you grow your business:

  • Streamlined customer service with email templates and automated reminders
  • Improved efficiency with automated tasks like invoicing and inventory management
  • Improved productivity with time tracking features

Trooco Technologies Limited

Trooco Technologies Limited is a cloud-based rental management software that can be used for equipment rental management, inventory management, and accounting.

Trooco Technologies Limited offers both a free version and paid version of its software.

eZee Absolute – Equipment Rental Management Software

You can have the best equipment rental business using eZee Absolute. eZee Absolute is a cloud-based software that allows you to manage your equipment rental business with ease.

eZee Absolute is a complete solution that provides you with a full range of rental management features, such as cost and profit tracking, inventory control and more. The system has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for even new users to navigate through their data quickly.


Rentman is the #1 rental management software for small to mid-sized businesses. Our rental equipment software solution is 100% web-based and comes with powerful features like rental equipment inventory management, billing & invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM) and more!

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For those looking for a free rental software solution, Rentman offers a 14-day free trial. You can start your trial right away by visiting our website.

There are many choices for free equipment rental management software, as well as commercial options. Free software can be a good way to test the waters and get your feet wet with software that will complement your existing processes. While it may not provide all of the features you’re looking for in a full-fledged solution, it will give you an idea of what would work best in your organization’s unique environment. Additionally, free solutions do have limitations and may not be the right fit for large rental companies or those that require robust reporting capabilities.

Pain Points

  • Keeping important information secure. Your rental equipment software will be storing sensitive information including the location of your expensive assets, as well as customer contact and billing information. The solution you choose needs to have security features to protect all of your private information.
  • Adapting to changing trends in your industry. Many rental businesses need to modify or expand the selection of rental equipment they offer to keep up with the evolving trends in their industry. The equipment rental software you choose needs to be able to not only manage what you have now but be flexible to grow as your business grows.
  • Keeping organized billing, invoicing, and contracts. Without equipment rental software, keeping track of recurring invoices, late fees, and signed contracts is extremely difficult. Forgetting to invoice a customer or incur a late fee when necessary will cost you. Equipment rental software will automate invoice payment reminders, send alerts for contract renewals, and assist with invoicing.
  • Unorganized or non-existent inventory tracking. If you don’t have a system for managing inventory or are using pen and paper or excel, you are likely losing money. Without software, it’s significantly more difficult to manage reservations and inventories. You could have equipment sitting around for long periods of time or accidentally double-book the same piece of equipment, causing you to lose business. Equipment rental software makes it easy to see what you have available and when the equipment is scheduled to be used.
  • Online equipment renting. More and more people and businesses prefer to rent equipment online. Having a system that lets customers see your available inventory and make rental reservations online is important today.
  • GPS tracking.’s article “Software Trends and Tomorrow’s Rental Business” states that GPS tracking is being used by more equipment rental companies than before. The size and cost of GPS tracking devices have been going down, making it a more viable option for businesses. Track your equipment’s location and deter theft with the GPS tracking functionalities in equipment rental software.
  • Technological advances are positively impacting the equipment rental industries. According to CONEXPO-CON/AGG 365’s article: “How Tech is Changing the Equipment Rental Market”, technological advancements in equipment and tools are making it more financially viable for businesses to rent instead of pay a large amount upfront to own the equipment. Many businesses also want to try out new technology before purchase, making renting a more practical option.
  • Rental industries seeing revenue growth. As reported by Construction Business Owner, equipment rental industry revenue is projected to grow steadily through 2021. Equipment Trader’s article “Equipment Rental Trends: How Big is the Boom” reported: “In 2017, a whopping 77% of construction survey respondents report that, compared to last year, they are maintaining or increasing their equipment rental usage. Only 23% are decreasing how much they use rented machinery.” Make sure your business has the right rental equipment software to keep growing your business along with the growing demand.
  • Manufacturers are designing equipment with the rental industry in mind. According to’s article “Strong Rental Market Drives Equipment Design”, the Great Recession made many construction contractors turn to rental equipment to save money. In response, manufacturers have started designing equipment with fewer bells and whistles and focused more on durability and simplicity to increase ROI for equipment rental businesses.
  • Increasing competition in the equipment rental industry. The growing demand for rental equipment and technological advances like telematics and the Internet of things has made it easier for more businesses to get into the rental industry. ConstructConnect found that “even companies not traditionally involved in renting heavy construction machinery now play this game successfully (Home Depot, Hertz, etc.)”. With increasing competition, it’s important to stay up-to-date with great equipment rental software to provide your customers with fast, reliable services.
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How to choose the best rental equipment software for your company?

When choosing rental equipment software, you should consider:

  • What do you need to do? Do you simply need a database for your rentals? Or do you need more advanced features such as online booking and customer service tools? The purpose of the rental equipment software will dictate how much functionality it needs and how many resources it requires.
  • Your budget. A good rental equipment software is not cheap, but neither is hiring someone to manually manage your business or using a spreadsheet or other basic system. Software that costs thousands of dollars per month is usually worth the investment if it helps reduce manual errors and streamline processes, but make sure that what you’re getting for the cost makes sense for your business’s size and growth potential.

The internet has made it easier than ever to find and buy all manner of industrial and construction equipment, but sometimes renting is still the best option for companies that need tools for temporary projects or for companies that want to avoid the storage and maintenance problems associated with buying equipment outright.

If you’re looking for a way to rent equipment online, there are several options available. The internet has made it easier than ever to find and buy all manner of industrial and construction equipment, but sometimes renting is still the best option for companies that need tools for temporary projects or for companies that want to avoid the storage and maintenance problems associated with buying equipment outright.


Rental equipment software is best for managing equipment. It helps you to track the rents and returns of all your equipment. The best rental equipment software can make your business more efficient and profitable. You will be able to make better decisions, save money, and offer better customer service.

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect rental equipment software for your business. We’ve outlined some of our favorite solutions above and provided some tips on how to choose the right one for you. No matter what system you choose, we hope that these insights will help save time and money as you work through this process!

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