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Best Reviewed Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to acquire new customers. The most successful companies in the world (Amazon, Walmart, Google to name a few) still use email marketing as a main part of their business strategy. Email is usually considered to be the best marketing tool for many reasons: It’s cheap, you’ve got direct access to your clients and it’s easy to track which emails were opened and what actions were performed by whom. Yet, trying to find the best email marketing software for your company can be challenging.  In fact, it was way harder than we expected!

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to talk directly to your leads and customers. The importance of email marketing is growing every year, and the industry has matured significantly. It’s definitely not just sending a newsletter any more, it’s so much more. That’s why you should choose the best reviewed email marketing software that works with all of your other business processes.

The top reviewed email marketing software on the market today, as rated by users. We have ranked the best email marketing software for small business and organizations to help you get your messages delivered. All products have at least a 4-star rating. Save time and money by finding the right email marketing solution for your online business.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to drum up business online. According to statistics, almost half of all online transactions are carried out through email.  This article will tell you about the best rated e-mail marketing software to use and how some of them are better than others.  We’ve compared several different features and we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty so you can make an informed decision on the best email marketing software for your own business.

What is email automation?

Email automation allows you to send previously prepared emails to your subscribers at the previously scheduled time. This means that you can prepare these emails ahead of time and program them to be sent out automatically at the right time, to the right people, based on specific triggers. For example, email automation can be used to send welcome sequences to new subscribers or abandoned cart reminders to customers who didn’t finish the check-out process.

HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot – Best for native integration with HubSpot products.


HubSpot Email Marketing is an easy-to-use email platform that is widely popular for its ability to integrate seamlessly with HubSpot business automation software. This gives it a distinct edge in the market as its integration with tools like HubSpot CRM considerably enhances the user experience.

The software features an interactive drag-and-drop builder which allows you to create branded marketing emails in no time. It is very simple to send personalized and segmented emails with the help of this tool.


  • Drag and drop editor
  • Tons of ready-made template to create marketing emails
  • Contact list management
  • A/B Testing

Verdict: HubSpot Email Marketing solution works hand-in-hand with HubSpot CRM to make the email customization process more fruitful. The software features an intuitive email builder that allows you to create beautiful campaigns in no time. Apart from this, its A/B testing system ensures your email campaigns are adequately optimized to solve deliverability issues.


Omnisend is a sophisticated ecommerce marketing platform that integrates all your communication platforms in one place. Its free plan includes only email, but it’s more than enough to support the email marketing efforts of small and medium businesses. It allows you to automate your email delivery using behavioral triggers and easily time your communications based on your customers’ convenience.

You can utilize its comprehensive audience insights to send out more relevant email marketing messages. Design attractive newsletters using time-saving features like the Product Picker, which lets you select all the products you want to include in your email. You can also include scratch cards, discount coupon codes and gift boxes to further optimize your email performance.

Omnisend dashboard screenshot

Omnisend is a must among these email service providers for users who are running online stores only. It quickly pulls products from your store and generates beautiful and fun emails and opt-in forms to grow your email list.

How many emails/subscribers do you get for free?

The free email marketing plan offers you 500 emails per month, and you can reach 250 of your subscribers. It is possible to have a larger contact list but you will only be able to send to 250 of your contacts.

Upgrading depends on whether you need more emails per month or more advanced features. The pricing plans start at $16 per month for 500 subscribers and 6,000 emails. The email count and pricing goes up with more subscribers.

What makes this one of the best free email marketing software?

  • The free plan is a steal and the upgrades are rather flexible.
  • The eCommerce integrations instantly pull products you want to sell into the email.
  • It has creative signup forms like popups, landing pages, and a wheel-of-fortune game.
  • Send out discount codes or scratch cards.
  • Create automation reports and A/B test campaigns.
  • Retain mobile audience using mobile-friendly email templates.
  • Send out automated emails for abandoned carts and order confirmations.
  • Also offers enterprise solutions for bigger companies.

Who should use it?

Omnisend is a great free option for eCommerce stores. You can still use this free email marketing software if you’re not running a store, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the unique functionality.


SendPulse advertises itself as a multi-channel marketing platform, but its email marketing feature is the most popular. It comes with a ton of professionally-designed email templates that you can easily customize using a drag-and-drop editor. You can then set up these customized emails to be automatically sent out at the right time based on user behavior, event trigger and other variables.

SendPulse’s subscriber rating feature is an excellent way to identify your most valuable subscribers. It lets you analyze the open and click rates as well as the read and unread rate of each subscriber. You can even set replaceable text fields to personalize your emails by name, gender, date of birth, age and job role.

SendPulse subscriber rating

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a great option for an email marketing tool to design responsive emails that look great no matter which device they’re viewed on. If you need to add images to your email, you can even edit the image right on the platform. The email editor lets you add effects, stickers and text to effectively send across your message.

You have the option to choose from tons of pre-designed templates based on industry, type and occasion. For the more HTML savvy, you can even use the code editor to build emails from scratch. The dual view feature lets you see your email design as you’re editing it, which simplifies the whole email creation process.

Benchmark Email responsive design templates

Benchmark boasts a speedy email designer made just for busy marketers. You can edit photos right in the editor and the templates are great for a wide variety of businesses. At the same time, their free email marketing tool is easy enough to use that your people will be able to subscribe/unsubscribe without added hurdles.

How many emails/subscribers do you get for free?

The free plan lets you have unlimited subscribers and send up to 250 emails per month, which is almost exactly what you get with Mailchimp.

If you’d like to upgrade, you can start with 600 subscribers and unlimited email sends per month for $13.99.

What makes this one of the best free email marketing services?

  • It doesn’t take much time to craft email marketing campaigns using their drag-and-drop email builder.
  • You can easily custom code your emails.
  • The email automation options include welcome emails, abandoned carts, and follow-ups.
  • Polls and surveys are included.
  • You receive tools for A/B testing and integrating with hundreds of apps.

Who should use it?

Since the free plan is one of the best on the market, I would recommend this platform to those who can’t afford to pay anything for an email marketing tool. Otherwise, it works well for bloggers and eCommerce stores (running on WooCommerce and other tools).

 Sender (


Sender is yet another email service with a wonderful free plan. It also offers push notifications to go along with its segmentation, integrations, and stunning designs that you can customize.

How many emails/subscribers do you get for free?

The free plan lets you have up to 2,500 subscribers and send 15,000 emails per month.

The next upgrade is $10 per month for 5,000 subscribers and 60,000 emails per month.

What makes this one of the best free email marketing services?

  • It has plugins for most popular content management systems.
  • Video gets converted into animated GIFs inside emails.
  • The analysis tools include click maps and Google Analytics – so you can track all your metrics effectively and in an user-friendly way.
  • Adding eCommerce products is done by quickly copying and pasting links.
  • It can help you automate your social media marketing efforts.
  • It will also give you pointers on optimization of your subject lines.

Who should use it?

Sender has some wonderful tools, but I like it best because the pricing remains fairly low as you upgrade.

Constant Contact: Loved By Small Businesses

Key Specifications:
  • Full Mobile-Optimization
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Action Blocks, For Integrated Customer Options
  • Real-Time Tracking Tools to Measure Success
  • Dynamic Signup Forms & Hundreds of Integrations
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

constant contact


  • 98% Email Hit Rate
  • Lots of Landing Templates
  • Creations Remain After Trial Expires
  • No Free Plan
  • Few Automation Tools
  • Pricier Than ConvertKit
Starter Price1000 Subscriber PriceLanding Page TemplatesRating

Superb For Small Businesses 

So you have a cool email hosting provider.. We’re not done yet.

In the ever-quickening space race for the ´best email marketing service´ title, Constant Contact is only a few light-bursts away from ConvertKit.

While ConvertKit is a newer kid on the block, CC has been around since 1995. In that time, they have created very cool unique features, including a unique social media marketing tool, and an event management tool. You get more than just a great email marketing service UK ready for business.

Social Media Marketing Tool 

That’s right… Constant Contact’s Social Share tool lets you promote your emails via your social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Schedule your social posts ahead of time, right from your Constant Contact account. The social media Quick Starter Guide gets you started right away with a fast video tutorial.

Action Blocks 

(Yes, that’s a chocolate bar emoji above).. Find AB’s in the builder tab. Create compelling emails stop professional design to get customers to perform

There are different types. Just to name 2:

  •  Shopify action block – sell items from your Shopify account directly in emails
  •  Eventbrite action block – let customers buy tickets for events directly from emails

60-day Free Trial 

A cool win-win – figure out whether Constant Contact is for you. Create as many campaigns as you like. Try out the Action Blocks. And whenever you choose to become a customer – if you do – what you have created in the trial will be available for use.

You’re limited to 100 unique contacts. CC recommends that you try this out with your close friends or colleagues, to gather honest critique on your campaign skills.

A no-cost practice opportunity.

What are the four types of marketing emails?

The first type of marketing email is email newsletters. Businesses use email newsletters to send their subscribers emails with helpful tips and updates. The second type is acquisition emails. The goal of acquisition emails is to convert your subscribers into customers. The third type of marketing email is retention emails. These emails aim to retain customers and increase their engagement. The fourth type is promotional emails, which are strictly dedicated to promoting and selling products or services that your business provides.


Email marketing stands as one of the most effective ways of digital marketing. With the right platform, a professional service can be derived. The best reviewed email marketing software is designed by committed teams of email specialists in order to offer the marketers with entire set of tools they might require while conducting this campaign.

E-mail marketing software is a solution which helps you to build, send, and receive emails from your subscribers. The software can be used for the purpose of generating leads and making business transactions. Several businesses are using this kind of solutions for their email campaigns. It is important for the marketing professionals to choose the right software which will fit in their business needs.

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