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Best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software

If you are serious about making money with email marketing, self hosted email marketing software is the best solution. With a self hosted email marketing server, you have all the features of a professional mass email marketing software but your emails are safely stored on your own server and out of reach for spammers and marketers.

The best self-hosted email marketing solutions are those that give you all the tools you need to succeed at marketing with email. Start selling more with the most powerful software in the marketplace today. These solutions can help you improve your productivity, automation, and deliverability so you can grow your business using email marketing. There’s a reason why most marketers today use popular web-based solutions for sending their email marketing campaigns, it’s because it makes things easier.

What is the best Self Hosted Email Marketing Software? These are some of the top options that you should consider out of 20 available alternatives of Self Hosted Email Marketing Software. These products are sorted by the popularity, ratings, and our algorithm.

When it comes to self-hosted email marketing software, there are many options to choose from, and most of them are charging you a monthly fee. Here are some free self-hosted email marketing software to help you send unlimited emails at no cost.

What is a Self-Hosted Email Marketing?

Self-hosted email marketing is an online service that automates your email marketing campaigns right from start to end. It allows users to set up email campaigns depending on various triggers like subscriptions and email clicks. It also allows users to track email campaign parameters like open rate, bounce rate, clicks, invalid emails, etc.


Sendy is one of the popular solutions to send a bulk email at a much cheaper cost.

It’s built-in PHP and MySQL and sends an email via Amazon SES. It is one of the most affordable services with a plan that costs only $1 for 10,000 emails. You can avail of all the future updates and support from their technical team for a one-time fee of $59.


  • You get all basic featured including Campaign builder, Reporting, Automatic Bounce Handling, Auto-responder, Complaints, Unsubscribe, Statistical Graph, etc.
  • You can create separate accounts for your clients and ensure that they online get a view that is required for them instead of displaying all the lists
  • It has an email filtering list. If an email does not exist, it is automatically cleared off from the list the next time

In the latest version of Sendy, they have introduced setting a custom domain for the brands and the following features.

  • Get notified when someone subscribes to the list. Earlier it was only possible with Zaiper integration.
  • Create a suppression list of emails if you never want to send them.
  • Housekeeping to clean inactive or unconfirmed subscribers
  • Block domain if you don’t want to send email to them anymore

Sendy 4 got a fresh new look. If you are an existing customer and using an earlier version, then you can upgrade for only $29.


Octeth is a feature-packed email marketing software from the founders of Sendloop, which has over 4000 clients in around 80 countries.



  • You can log activities for your subscribers, use their data such as their name, age, address, etc. and even set-up autoresponders.
  • You can seamlessly generate forms using their form designer
  • With Octeth, you get subscription and unsubscription alerts through emails as well as ping
  • You can use their wizard to design your email as well as save it as a template
  • Octeth lets you set up autoresponders for sending regular emails to your subscribers
  • After integrating Octeth with PreviewMyEmail, you can test your email design on more than 4o email clients


MailWizz is one of the complete self-hosted email marketing systems available today. Written in modern PHP and using MySQL as it’s a database, it can run in any web hosting account.


MailWizz makes email marketing accessible to everyone, as simple as possible. It is suitable for both experts and beginners.


  • Add as many accounts as you need in a single install
  • Create regular campaigns, autoresponders or recurring campaigns
  • Send campaigns based on external RSS or JSON feeds
  • Get detailed reports related to your campaigns and share these reports with anyone
  • Send your emails with any SMTP server or a well-known solution such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun, SparkPost, PepiPost, ElasticEmail, etc.
  • Import your subscribers from CSV, text or external database
  • Create as many custom fields as you need for your subscribers
  • Segment your list based on custom fields and target only the right segments

You can actually start your email marketing business as a SaaS. Check out the features page to find out more.


Mailtrain is a newsletter application and mail listing app built on top of Nodemailer, Node.js & MySQL under a GPL v3 license.


It is a great tool that offers automation along with analytics and works well for large mailing lists, typically of millions of subscribers.


  • You can add mail addresses of your subscribers manually or import them from CSV
  • Through merge tags, you can add various tools like custom fields, including text fields, numbers, drop downs & checkboxes.
  • You can even filter the subscriber list and send emails to specific subscribers that match the segmentation rules predefined by you
  • It allows you to create landing pages for actions like unsubscribing from the list
  • Apart from self-hosting, you can also use various services like Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), SparkPost, SendGrid, Mailgun that support SMTP protocol

The great thing is it’s FREE.


Mautic is available in two flavors – self-hosted and cloud-based.

You can download the self-hosted version from and then follow the essential setup guide for its configuration.


  • It is open-source and has an active community
  • It is quite easy to install and has minimum server requirements
  • You can create contacts and segment them
  • Apart from creating email campaigns, you can also create landing pages and forms
  • Since it is open-source, new features and enhancements are regularly introduced

Mautic is FREE.

List Messenger

list messenger

(Source: List Messenger)


  • Automated Subscribing/Unsubscribing
  • Message Archive System
  • Integrated Subscriber History
  • Spell Check
  • Automated responses
  • Analytics
  • Database Management

List Messenger is one of the most basic E-mail marketing software tools out there. It has a simple and extremely customizable UI. But being simple does not make it devoid of an array of features. It has a completely automated subscriber management system. Along with this it has a vast message archive system which makes it easy to manage similar response and alerts. Subscriber history enables tracking of vital information and helps you manage messages and campaigns accordingly. It also has a very convenient spell check feature which keeps your e-mails precise and error-free. List Messenger is integrated with Google Analytics which helps keep track of important information regarding subscribers and important alerts and responses on a daily and weekly basis.



(Source: pHpList)


  • Personalization
  • Extremely Scalable
  • Automated E-mail responses
  • Subscriber Management
  • Analytics
  • Bounce Processing
  • Campaign Scheduling

pHpList is a great E-mail Marketing software tool that enables seamless integration over a range of platforms. It is very scalable and can be used from the smallest of businesses to even large enterprises. The response and alert systems are automated which make it very time-saving. It has an excellent subscriber management system which helps sort them, and adapt and respond according to their activity. It is fully integrated with Google Analytics, keeping you in the loop with overall activity on a daily basis. Bounce processing and management another very important feature which helps avoid delivery errors and keeping check on invalid E-mail IDs and accounts. pHpList helps in creating and managing campaigns as well, from scheduling them to planning them. pHpList is a complete package when it comes to E-mail marketing and can be used by small and medium enterprises.



(Source: OpenEMM)


  • Fluid and Simple UI
  • Bounce Management
  • Mail and Link Tracking
  • Automated data import and export
  • Scripting and personalized E-mails
  • Target Group management
  • Analytics

OpenEMM is a very simple and customizable E-mail management system. The UI is very fluid and user-friendly. It has a great bounce management system which helps avoid delivery errors. E-mail and link tracking help keep track of regular responses and alerts from subscribers. OpenEMM can import and export data and manage a huge database regarding users and subscribers. OpenEMM can help you script and personalize E-mails in context with the user’s needs. OpenEMM can also keep track of your target groups, segregate them and automate your responses regarding those target groups. It is integrated with Google Analytics which helps keep track of responses and alerts on a daily basis.  

GroupServer (Linux)


GroupServer is an open-source web-based mailing list manager, but with some additional features and differences. It supports multiple groups on a site, shares uploaded files, skinnable and customizable, and more.

Also, not all the features in the main GroupServer do appear in the other email marketing solutions. But in general, all of them do have the same basic features and user interface.

Additionally, the GroupServer provides an excellent integrated web interface, builds for most of the major Linux distributions.



Mailman doesn’t focus on being a professional managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists, but instead, it’s targeting list owners to administer their lists. Mailman making it easy for users to manage their accounts. Its user interface is quite simple, and the program itself is powered by python. It supports single user account to manage all subscription addresses, supports virtual hosting, REST-based API for the core system, support for integration with your site, and more.

The program is released under the GNU General Public License and can be downloaded along with its source code from GitLab. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.



MoonMail is another software that comes to mind when talking about open-source email marketing solutions. MoonMail is licensed under the MIT License. The company is based in hungary and provides a GraphQL API, Client API, JavaScript SDK open-source email marketing software that is written in Javascript.

It’s also Messaging Platform that collects (Email, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Amazon (ADM), Apple (APNs), Baidu & Firebase (FCM)) all in one app. It provides to create and store recipients in lists, along with creating, edit and delete campaigns, schedule campaigns to be sent in the future feature, and has a public API to interact with the SAAS version.

MoonMail is capable of Updating the recipient status with any of the following: Unsubscribed, Bounced, Complaint-Spam, Suppression-list.

For download instructions and more information, visit MoonMail’s official homepage.



Listmonk was built in the first place to be a self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager. The latest version is v1.0.0 released on 16 May 2021. Listmonk provides a very beautiful web-based user interface that you can run from inside your browser.

Listmonk is written in the Go programming language for the backend and the frontend is Vue with Buffy for UI, and It uses a PostgreSQL database as its data store. it licensed under the AGPL v3 license. Its main features are:

  1. Mailing lists
  2. Messengers
  3. Templating
  4. Performance
  5. Privacy
  6. Media manager

Listmonk is a very good option if you want to monitor the mailing list. The latest image is available on Docker Hub.

You can download it from its official GitHub repository, or learn more about it from its website

How can you make customers read through my email?

Follow the following points to make customer read through your email:

  • You have to focus on clarity instead of creativity.
  • Add a catchy subject line.
  • Use numbers than numerals
  • Make email urgent.
  • Add images in your email.
  • You can use the preview text to preview the text body, make sure to write up to 60 characters.
  • Make your first email sentence engaging.
  • Keep email short
  • Highlight important parts in email.
  • Make bullets so that your email becomes easy to scan.


Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to market your business online. Collecting leads from your website and sending out industry updates via email are both powerful tools that help to build brand loyalty, trust and long-term customer relationships. But in order to get started you need the right software. And choosing the best all-in-one email marketing solution can be a frustrating experience.

Using the best self-hosted email marketing software lets you have full control over your data, and you will have extra ownership and protection of your data. In case your hosting server goes down, then you are the one to fix it or contact your hosting company to help you.

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