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Best Shared Calendar App for Couples

The best shared calendar app for couples iphone and android apps. Great free best shared calendar app for couples , Free best shared calendar app for couples , Get the best shared calendar app for couples android,  And learn about the best best shared calendar app for couples .

If you are looking for the best shared calendar app for couples iPhone, or android, or free, this is the right place. Here you will learn all about the best shared calendar for married couples.


Making time for family is important, which can be a struggle for working parents and couples. You can get the Calendar App on your phone to help you stay connected in a few key ways.

Calendar allows you to create time slots in which others can request your time. Just as the app does for clients and employees, having a visual in front of you helps your significant other be able to see when to contact you without interrupting a meeting or a phone call. That enables you to reach your spouse while he or she is off the clock.

Calendar is also a great tool if one of you happens to be traveling. Calendar automatically adjusts time zones, making it easier to find time for an evening call when you’re both available.

Calendar also has great import features. It can sync up with other online calendars you already use, such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. You can import calendars from your children’s school or extracurricular activities. That way, you can keep track of family events and commitments that would otherwise be overwhelming. Having separate but connected calendars is an excellent way to stay organized and informed.


Couplete App

Couplete is a mobile app which acts as a wish list for couples. It is for those who want to plan everything they want to do together. This outstanding app does have a dedicated messenger, a wish box, calendar, timeline, and a love letter feature. It also allows sharing a calendar. It is truly a gift for couples.


  • Timeline: It can share each other’s present mood and can bank sweet and valuable memories and fun moments.
  • Chatting: For you and your partner, there is a private messenger. It also presents you with lots of stickers and emojis.
  • Wish Box: Share real-time syncing to-do lists for everything you want to do together.
  • Love Letter: You can send love letters to your partner and can put magical seals on the envelope.

Simply Us

If you are looking for an app to organize your life and your significant others, the Simply Us is the app for you. That is the main purpose and function of this app – organization. And it’s absolutely amazing, just saying. Stay completely connected and on the same page with your wife or husband with a variety of different features packed inside this app.


  1. Shared Calendar: always know what is coming up for each other in the next days, weeks and months with a shared calendar app for couples.
  2. Private Messaging: Work out your schedules with your significant other with the built-in chat.
  3. Shared Lists: Don’t forget the milk next time you go to the grocery store. You and your significant other can share lists like a grocery list to make sure you don’t forget.


Calendars are a great way to maximize your social time, which is a key ingredient for happiness. Your romantic partner is someone you should be spending more time with than anyone else.

Helping you get quality time with your closest relationships is Raft’s goal. Currently, Raft is only available to Apple users, but it holds a lot of promise for the future of online family calendars. It has a beautiful, intuitive design that makes it easy to schedule yoga sessions, lunches, and more.

With Raft, you can choose to share events only with certain people. Private events keep your plans with friends separate from your private life with your significant other. Other calendar information can be imported into Raft’s system so that you can stay connected across your favorite platforms.


Couple App

If you stay in touch with your favorite person, then Couple app is a mobile app is the right choice. It also has a private timeline for your special moments also. It offers real-time messaging, calendar reminders for your planned schedules, and many other features.


  • Private Timeline: Couple helps you to build a Private timeline that sums-up your history and has the ability to track and share your unique moments with your loved one.
  • Secret photos: A special feature of this app is that it allows you to send a photo to your partner and it will vanish after a certain time.
  • Thumb kiss: Thumb kiss is a feature with which you can touch the same spot on your phone as your partner. The phone will vibrate to let you know that both of you had a thumb kiss.


Just like the above-mentioned app, Simply Us, Avocado is also an app that is mostly focused on organization. It also includes such features as sharing photos, built-in chat, and list capabilities. If you are a couple though that wants an app that focuses on organization and communication, this is the app for you.


  1. Calendar: The shared calendar function will make both your lives easier and more organized.
  2. Private Messaging: Message each other back and forth about whatever your heart desires.
  3. Photos: You can both upload photos to create a digital photo book for just the two of you to see and share.


On the calendar app Between, you can only have a single contact: your partner. As The New Yorker put it, “If Facebook is a high-school reunion and Twitter is a cocktail party, Between is staying home with a boxed set and ordering pizza.”

While your idea of intimacy may be different than pizza and movies, the principle remains the same. Between connects you with your partner in a way social media never could. Between’s shared calendar requires no manual syncing. It keeps you continuously in contact with an internal calling and instant messaging system.

Between also wants to help foster happy memories you create together. Between can save important photos and dates and create countdowns for anniversaries and special events. Looking back on memories and creating new ones keeps a relationship young and happy.


TimeTree App

TimeTree guides you to settle your activities, friends meetings or your personal day planning. Timetree app helps you share calendars with the one with whom you want. You can also chat with your partner or people involved in your schedule.


  • Multiple Calendars: In this app, every calendar including OS calendar can be showed with the help of an On and Off
  • Changeable Colours: In this app you can alter the color schedule. After selecting the schedule you can confirm it with a simple click.
  • IN PC: In this app, you can see your monthly calendar in computer. It can remind you of any details or events.

My Darling

My Darling 96660.jpg

An app designed for couples, My Darling lets you store important and intimate information like anniversaries and birthdays, once you have registered your significant other (I wouldn’t rely on the app to remember this information though). With a home screen widget that updates periodically, you are always kept in the loop and on the same page as your significant other. My Darling is free, however only available on Android.


  1. Birthday and anniversaries are shown on a widget.
  2. Diary available so you and your loved one can write your memories to keep and look back on.
  3. Support for Android Wear.


Whether you’re a new couple or parents with several kids, Bievo can make organization and planning easier. Bievo has a few features that can be molded to your family situation:

A key one is Bievo’s task list. Every couple has things they need to accomplish. If not recorded properly, these can be easy to forget. Bievo makes it easy for you both to access your shared task list from your mobile devices.

Another smart feature of Bievo is what it calls “family circles.” This is Bievo’s way of sharing events with your family. One circle can contain the in-laws; another, the grandparents. Events like birthdays and graduation parties can be shared with the members of one or multiple circles.

The best calendar apps can do amazing things, including keeping you connected with the people who matter most to you. Get one that works for you and your partner, and spend the time you save together.


Shared calendar for couples android, iphone, ipad, windows phone. The best shared calendar app for couples make Music calendars, movie calendars, and party calendars easy to share with your loved ones. No matter what type of event you are planning to attend, these shared calendars for couples are always there for you!

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