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Best Simple Screen Recording Software

Want to create instructions, how-to videos, or presentations for your clients but aren’t sure what software you should use? Maybe you want to start a tutorial channel but aren’t sure how to go about it. Maybe you want to give your audience a chance to see what you’re doing when you’re working on something. Whatever the case may be, screen recording software can be useful in all of these situations — and more. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult trying to find the right program for your needs.

Windows users often have confusion regarding best software to record their system screen or mobile screen in real time. There are several tools are available on web to achieve this task but some are paid while some are free. If you’re going to use a software that is not eco-friendly, you need to make up your mind before thinking anything else. However, for non-Windows users like Linux or Mac, it becomes even more difficult for them to find the best software for their purpose. In this article, I am going to give my honest review about top screen recording softwares along with their pros and cons with genuine user review and ratings so that new users can make the best choice for themselves based on their needs.

Screen recording software allows you to record, edit, and convert video files of your screen activity into different video formats. It is available in a variety of versions and also in different price ranges. But the thing to keep in mind is that you do not always have to spend a few dollars for the best screen recording software. If you are looking for the best recording software but do not want to break your pocket then read this article.

Simple screen recording has been designed for fast screen-capturing and recording audio narration as well as video overlay. It is capable of recording any area of the screen and its to show the software beside or under the recorded parts in the computer window. This best simple screen recording software includes a feature that enables you to record anything at any time, while keeping your hands on your mouse, keyboard or touchpad so that you can keep working while you’re recording, and it also allows you to record your own audio commentary with videos.

Uses of recording software

They can be used to:

  • demonstrate processes step-by-step in a tutorial
  • demonstrate software to other people or record tips and tricks for later reference
  • share pointers for playing a game
  • record product reviews
  • record recurring problems with your computer to show tech support

The ability to make a screencast video can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims.

1. Free Cam

This is one of the best free screen capture software with audio that you will find quite helpful when it comes to recording your screen. The software is quite easy to download, and the developers will not ask you to provide any irrelevant details to reach the download link. The interface is also quite intuitive, and you will find all the features very easily accessible.

As soon as you open the app, a dialogue box will appear up providing you with the option of New Recording or Browse to open an old recording for some tweaks. When you click New Recording, it will give you a screen selector that you can drag according to the area that you want to capture.

You will also get to set the screen resolution, and you can record up to 1080p. The video quality that you will get will be crisp, and you will also get to set the keyboard shortcuts to start/stop the recording. The software will also allow you to record the cursor movements along with the clicks.

free cam


  1. There will be no watermarks or ads throughout the recording.
  2. The video recording will not have any time limit.
  3. The system rounds and mic input will be recorded.
  4. The video quality will go all the way up to full HD.
  5. You can export video to your storage or upload it to YouTube right from the interface.
  6. Also gives you the option to reduce background noise.
  7. There is also a long list of audio effects to choose from.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is one of the most reliable best free screen capture tool for Windows and mac since it allows people to speed up their footage. It also comes with a built-in video editor, which enables you to modify recordings to make them more attractive and entertaining. Editing features like the addition of music are great options where the video’s audio has no use. Similarly, incorporating blurs in the clips ensure that you help viewers focus and understand the most important aspects. Most professionals or entertainment fans prefer using this tool because it further allows users to share videos on YouTube, without necessarily downloading it.

screen o matic


  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows computers
  • It has varieties of editing options, such as adding images, blurs, titles, and music
  • It compresses clips to desired sizes
  • It stores the clips in a range of formats
  • It exports screen capture to various cloud platforms like Google Drive and sites like YouTube quickly.
  • It does a webcam recording too.


  • It limits your screen recording time to a maximum of 15 minutes
  • The quality of the video captured is always lower.
  • The free version puts a watermark on your captured videos
  • The free version does not allow adjustment of the higher and lower quality recording

3. OBS Studio

This powerful and free screen video recorder with audio makes screencasting intuitive and so it is among the most reliable tools for Windows 10. Open Broadcaster Software has a clean and easy to read interface that enables the addition of images and sources, specific windows and capture cards, among other items. It also has interesting features like real-time audio and video mixing. The easy to use audio mixer ensures that you can exclude noises through suppression. Additionally, it allows streaming to websites like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Hitbox, and Twitch. When screen capturing, the software allows you to select your monitor’s resolution.

OBS studio


  • It is an open-source and free cross-platform
  • It allows users to do real-time video streaming from majorities of the streaming video platforms
  • It enhances functionality through over 20 plugins
  • It supports multiple filters
  • It gives users the freedom to video record, without time limitations, making it perfect for long-time recording
  • It syncs webcam


  • It is dysfunctional in Windows XP
  • It is impossible to link the audio file as a source.
  • It is not suitable for beginners since it requires some technical knowledge
  • It is slow and the streaming quality is quite disappointing.
  • It can drop out if the internet becomes weak.

4. Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is among the best free screen capturing software that allows you to record all Windows 10 happenings. It has the ability to capture microphone sound, allowing you to make demonstration clips without audio recording. Despite having an odd interface, it is user friendly as the elements are well labelled so that new users can navigate them easily. This tool gives you unlimited recording time and does not apply watermarks to your clips. Additionally, it provides Windows screen recording options; you can choose to record full screen of the desktop, selected an area or opt under the cursor.

debut free screen capture software


  • It is compatible with several formats like LLV, MP4, MOV, WMV, and 3GP
  • It gives users unlimited recording time
  • It is effective in security systems since it also records from external cameras
  • It enables users to schedule their recording
  • The quality of the clips remains intact having not been compromised
  • It is customizable and easy to work with


  • It does not edit recording due to lack of editing features
  • It cannot upload clips to platforms like YouTube for sharing
  • The interface appears outdates, making it unattractive
  • It is a slow software considering that uploading videos take a while

5. ShareX

Professionals consider ShareX as one of the best screen capture tools for Windows because it is a small-installation based program, making it a lightweight. Therefore, this open-source free screen capture software frees the space in your PC, enabling you to use it constructively with other matters. It has multiple capture modes feature that diversify how you quickly take screenshots of any region, window or the entire screen. Additionally, it records your screen in two forms, GIF and video. With the built-in image editor, you can make your screenshots interesting before using the automatic upload feature to upload them online instantly.



  • It comes with editing tools
  • It does video recording in high-quality
  • All features, which are useful and important, are freely available
  • It allows you to record screen video and audio and take screenshots on more than one monitor.
  • It perfectly facilitates quick sharing of videos, GIFs, and screenshots through the auto-upload feature, which uploads them to your server
  • It allows customization of the shortcut key to bind your command


  • It is impossible for Instagram users to sync it with the site.
  • The Customization of the recording settings is quite cumbersome.
  • It is complicated and thus not recommended for beginners

6. Apowersoft

Apowersoft, a free screen capture software, allows you to capture your Windows 10 screen without challenges. To begin with, it does not need the installation of computer software since it is a web-based free video capture software. It has a cheerful and clear interface that is quite easy to understand, making it appropriate for beginners and learning children. Due to its multiple capabilities and tools, this software offers numerous editing and capturing features, such as timed video screen recording. The ability to share the screen in Facebook and Twitter posts and also email image files helps users in sharing crucial entertaining content.

apowersoft screen recorder


  • It does not have recording time limitations
  • It supports webcam as well as screen video recording
  • There are multiple video exporting options
  • It allows usage of FHD and HD output formats
  • It handles full image editing. You can include shapes, arrows, and text, apply effects such as pixelate, sharpen and blur, and rotate, resize, crop, and add borders.
  • It allows users to share screen recordings in Facebook and Twitter, and email attached image file


  • It demands a very stable internet connection
  • It is not beneficial to game players since it is not appropriate for game recording
  • It cannot capture on a secondary monitor

7. CamStudio

If you are looking for a free screen capture software windows 10 that can provide you with the basic functionality and you don’t have to dig in the features to find something, CamStudio can be one of the choices that you can make. It’s not very bulky software, and you can install it with some very simple steps.

The software is also quite needed by the users who aren’t going to edit their videos intensely. Like some previous ones on this list, CamStudio is also an open-source application, and you will get all the features free.

As you will open the application, the dialogue box will show you all the options right upfront. If you are looking for a screen recorder that can also provide editing capabilities, this one is not for you.

There is one thing that you need to take care of, and it’s that before the setup file is downloaded, it will ask you for some surveys, you should deny everything as it may download some malware on your system.

camstudio free screen capture software


  1. The videos that you are created will primarily be in AVI format. However, later you can convert them into SWF.
  2. This software will allow you to record screen-in-screen videos.
  3. The files/videos that you will render using CamStudio can be saved in small sizes.
  4. You will also get to set a custom cursor/pointer, and it will be very helpful in recording tutorials.
  5. The animation/transition effects are present but are very limited.
  6. You will also get to record your audio.

8. Debut Video Capture

Great video recording software for creating demonstrations and streaming video games

OS: Windows

Debut is among the best free screen recorders for Windows and allows you to make videos for almost any task. It has a slightly odd and old-fashioned interface but boasts advanced functionality. For example, you can make mouse highlighting spotlights, show keystrokes, replace the background with images, video, or color, add a logo or watermark to your video capture, and even schedule a recording. 

 Debut Video Capture


  • Can capture from a network IP camera and other devices
  • Records screen, webcam, and audio
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Robust editing options
  • A variety of output formats
  • Green Screen tool 
  • Time-lapse video recording


  • Limited editing features
  • Outdated interface
  • No interactive or animation features
  • Reported to slow down when uploading videos

Here’s a video on how to record your screen with Debut:

Debut Video Capture

Comparison Chart of Free Screen Recorders

Product nameWebcam recordingAudio recordingVideo editingOutput
1. Free CamNoYesYesWMV
2. DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video RecorderNoYesNoMP4, BMP, JPEG, PNG
3. ShareXNoYesNoAVI, MP4, GIF
4. CamStudioNoYesNoAVI, SWF
5. EzvidNoYesYesWMV
6. TinyTakeYesYesNoMP4
8. DebutYesYesYesAVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, MOV

Paid Screen Recording Software That We Love

The Internet’s bountiful supply of screen recording products means that one is sure to find free and low-cost options. However, when searching for high-quality performance, elaborate presentation, and expert technical support, many users are ready to invest their money in paid software. Here are seven paid screen recorders that have gained customers’ and reviewers’ trust and continue to expand their eminent presence in the market.

9. iSpring Suite

A perfect solution for creating video courses, how-to videos, and software tutorials

OS: Windows

iSpring Suite is a fully stocked authoring toolkit designed for creating eLearning content. It includes a professional video studio, as well as a set of other tools for online training: a course authoring tool, a quiz maker, a conversation simulator, and an interaction editor. The video studio allows you to make screencasts with voiceovers, instructional videos with annotations, and screencasts complemented with a presenter video. After a screencast is recorded, you can easily edit it: remove noise, insert media objects and annotations, delete unwanted fragments, and add transition effects.

iSpring screen recorder


  • Can record two videos at the same time: a screencast and a webcam video
  • Records a narration
  • Has a multi-track timeline for video editing
  • Adds images, visual hints, infographics, and captions
  • Creates smooth scene transitions
  • No time limits for recording


  • Only mp4 video format is available
  • Few interactive and animation features

To get a complete sense of iSpring Suite and its options, watch this video:

iSpring Suite

Price: $970/year for the entire toolkit.  Free 30-day trial → (no credit card required)

10. Camtasia

A robust screen recorder with quizzes and interactivity options

OS: Windows and Mac

Camtasia is a feature-packed tool for detail-oriented enthusiasts. It allows you to record video and audio one after another, combining the results afterward. Camtasia is quite flexible in terms of using animations and video effects and adding overlays. The best thing is that the tool is constantly being updated and receives new features on a regular basis.

Camtasia screen recorder


  • Incorporates a webcam
  • Audio, video, and cursor tracks can be edited separately
  • Imports existing videos, music, photos, and PowerPoint slides
  • Adds captions, callouts, and quizzes to your videos
  • Frame-by-frame editing
  • Has a library of royalty-free music and sound effects


  • One of the most expensive screen recorders
  • Reported to slow down on large and heavy projects
  • Busy multi-track interface

Here’s a brief overview of Camtasia:


Price: $249. Free 30-day trial.

Common features

Most video screen capture software utilities have a number of attributes in common, such as the ability to:

  • film picture-in-picture to capture video from screen and webcam
  • edit and annotate a video after it has been filmed
  • create videos in a variety of commonly used file types


Simple screen recording software that is easy to use and free. I have tested many software programs but have come with some clear favorites. When choosing a screen capture software, features like on-screen tutorials, recording sound and voiceover, simple editing tools and export functions are all important factors in making the right choice.

Screen recording software are specially designed applications for multimedia creation. They are used as an aid in desktop demonstrations and high-quality tutorials. Video tutorials are very effective way to promote your goods and services. They teach, engage, entertain and inform your prospects. However, the production of high quality video tutorial requires expensive professional studio and lots of advanced skills in video editing. If you own a computer or laptop, possess minimum technical skills and have some knowledge about the process of creating site videos then simple screen recordings will help you to solve all these problems.

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