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Best Social Media Blog Tools

Best Social Media Blog Tools are designed to help bloggers, both experienced and amateur, find what they need to succeed. Whether you are building your first blog or looking for ways to optimize existing photos, the tools on this site will help you achieve your goals.

Best Social Media Blog Tools is an ultimate collection of web 2.0 updated blogging resources, tools and applications for your Social Media Blogging pleasure, to help you rank higher in search engines, manage huge traffic and drive more relevant visitors.

Social Media Tools: Google Trends


Pricing: Free


Google Trends is a completely free tool that Google created to help anyone search for trending topics online.

Brands use it to monitor notable things that are happening in the world. Many professionals use this as a way to discover and share information related to what’s most popular right now.

You can also use Google Trends to monitor keywords to see if they are trending and how their current volume compares to previous months and years. You can then use this information to inform your content and social media marketing strategy.


Social Media Tools: Canva


Pricing: Free (Canva for Work starts at $12.95/month)


Another fantastic tool that absolutely every brand or business online should know about is Canva.

Many times social media managers and marketers need to be able to create beautiful images without a designer. It’s what makes up part of a great social media strategy.

Canva is the tool so many marketers rely on for making great-looking social media images quickly. You can use the ready-made templates, icons, and illustrations to make your images look professional without having to do much of the actual design work.

Canva has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface plus a massive library of over two million graphic elements.


Social Media Tools: Animoto


Pricing: Plans start at $5/month


Animoto is one of our go-to social media tools for quickly creating stunning marketing videos.

Their video maker turns your photos and video clips into professional content in just a few minutes. They describe it as “fast and shockingly simple,” – and we would agree with that.

There are so many benefits to being able to quickly create engaging marketing videos. Video is a content format that we know a lot of people struggle with, but Animoto helps to bridge that gap.

We’ve used it to create quick recaps of recent blog posts for social media, videos promoting a big announcement, and videos around product launches.

Using Animoto, there are plenty of opportunities for you to add value to your audiences’ lives.


Joe Pulizzi, founder, Content Marketing Institute

“I use social media as almost a pure response vehicle. And I won’t start any new social media app, platform, or tool until I’m 100% committed to it. My goal with Twitter is to keep in touch and communicate my appreciation to those people that support me. Once I built an audience on those platforms, my goals and execution changed.”

An image of Joe Pulizzi's Killing Marketing Twitter account.


Neil Patel, entrepreneur and influencer,

“With BuzzSumo you can see what is hot in your space on social media and what isn’t. From there you can craft ideas on the type of blog posts you should write to generate traffic and leads. The best part about BuzzSumo is it shows who has shared the content so you can reach out to those influencers and ask them to share your content as well.”

An image showing a screenshot of Most Shared blog posts via BuzzSumo.

Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer

Rand Fishkin, founder, SparkToro

“Next to BuzzSumo – and without sounding biased – my favorite tool is Moz’s Keyword Explorer brand mention feature. It’s great for setting up mention alerts as well as finding content to share socially through keyword notifications. The mention authority feature works directly with Moz’s page and domain authority metrics and helps sort through all the noise you normally get with catch-all monitoring tools.”

An image showing a screenshot showing the results of Moz's Fresh Web Explorer Mention Authority Feature.


This is another great social media tool for monitoring and searching for hashtags relevant to your industry and track brand mentions.

To start your search, plug in the keyword, and the tool delivers content from several platforms.

Here are search results for #neilpatel:

Social Media Tools for Content Research - Tagboard

You can directly respond to these mentions right from the screenshot page.

On the right sidebar, you get useful stats around the frequency and sentiment of your hashtag.

Tagboard is especially useful to track conversations and engagement during conferences and live events.


Biteable allows you to create videos, animations, motion graphics, and a number of other visuals for social, ads, and even presentations. You can use any of their templates to get started.

You can sync your marketing calendar with theirs to get tips and ready-to-go video templates for relevant seasons, holidays, and events.

Social Media Tools for Visual Content Creation - Biteable


Hootsuite is a full-service social media management tool that lets you track mentions, engagement, and other metrics across all of your social platforms. 

You can schedule and track posts using their analytics tools and respond to mentions via your dashboard.

Hopper HQ

Hopper HQ connects your brand with top content creators in your vertical. Once you choose from a list of recommended creators, they deliver content you can share in posts and paid ads.


If This Then That is a fantastic social media tool to connect applications and automate social actions. IFTTT offers a series of applets that allow you to connect platforms and streamline your work.

For example, you can send your Instagrams to Twitter as native tweets. You can also get a weekly notification email of all of the people who followed you on Twitter. You can also archive tweets to a Google spreadsheet.

You can create your own applet from scratch by choosing a trigger and appending an action to it.

Or, you can use applets created by other people.

Social Media Tools for Monitoring and Scheduling - IFTTT

You can schedule the articles you choose to read later in Feedly on your social network accounts through Buffer. You only need Gmail and Buffer accounts to set up this applet.


There are a lot of tools out there that claim they can do a great job of helping you with your social media blog presence. You have to look at the tool in a very specific way so you know what you are going to get in a way that will actually help you in terms of cost and ROI. This is why we have put together this fantastic resource that will explain to you just what it is that you need to look for when choosing a great social media blog tool. It also explains some of the metrics you’re going to be interested in maintaining when it comes time to review the performance of your chosen platform.

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