Best Software for 2d Game Art

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I’ve searched for the best software for creating 2d game art. Having said that, I know there are many out there to choose from. So here is my list of recommended tools. If you’re just getting started with game development, chances are you’ll need to create some game art. Whether it be 2d or 3d, if you haven’t created any game artwork before then this article should help guide you in creating some really cool looking game graphics using these tools.

Here are the list of available best options for 2d game art software.


MatterControl 2.0

Image of Best Free 3D Printing Software: MatterControl 2.0
MatterControl 3D printer host and control tool


  • SoftwareMatterControl 2.0
  • FunctionSlicer, 3D Printer Host, Design
  • Suitable Printer Type/sFilament
  • SystemWindows, macOS, Linux
  • Download/Visit:MatterControl

MatterControl is a CAD and 3D printing software for your desktop computer. Featuring printer host functionality that lets you directly control and monitor printing when connected via USB, STL slicing for export to SD card for offline printing, and even creating new designs in the software’s CAD section.

The interface is remarkably well structured. To the left side, you have a file browser and a library of geometric primitives for importing into your print. A new and most welcome feature is the ability to take these primitives, drag them into position on the STL you wish to print, and designate them as support structures, allowing for truly customizable supports.

Suitably advanced print settings for configuring your print jobs and a slick viewer rounds MatterControl out as a comprehensive 3D printing software for most aspects of the print process, from support preparation to slicing and control.

Aside from the slicing features that MatterControl offers, this all-in-one software package also offers the option for users to design their own models. These designs can be seamlessly transferred over into the slicer and printed. While many other 3D printing programs aim to serve a single purpose, MatterControl 2.0 tackles the entire process, from design to printing, all in one place.


TinkerCAD cover

TinkerCAD is a web-based 3D modeling and designing tool. The software comes with a straightforward and easy to use interface that simplifies the process of 3D printing. At the same time, it provides you with the capability to design complex models by leveraging shape grouping and shapes.

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Best For:

TinkerCAD is perfect for creating complex as well as simple 3-D models. Therefore, it comes in handy whether you are a beginner or a professional designer.

Key Features:

  • It supports STL files that enable designers to start 3D printing immediately
  • Users can easily import 2D and 3D models for printing
  • TinkerCAD is capable of executing laser cutting
  • You can instantly start 3D printing with a simple click
  • It offers cloud storage to save 3D models and designs
  • Provides an intuitive and easy to use UI to complete a wide range of tasks
  • Requires a smooth learning curve to leverage all its features
  • Offers a detailed tutorial to learn the software’s functionalities


  • 3D designed object’s complete surface triangles will never exceed the allowance value
  • The same bug also happens will importing files in the software


It is free software that you can use in your web browser or via application.



Image of Best Free 3D Printing Software: Cura
Ultimaker Cura slicing software


  • SoftwareCura
  • FunctionSlicer, 3D Printer Host
  • Suitable Printer Type/sFilament
  • SystemWindows, macOS, Linux
  • Download/Visit:Cura

Cura is the benchmark slicer software for all Ultimaker 3D printers, but it can also be used with most other 3D printers. It’s fully open source and can be extended via a plugin system. As one of the most popular and widely used 3D printing slicers on the market, there’s a good chance that the optimal profile settings for your 3D printer are already available on the software, making it easy to get started right away.

This 3D printing software is very easy to use and allows you to manage the most important 3D print settings in a clear interface. Start in “Recommended” mode for rapid on-boarding, where you can choose reconfigured printer quality settings.

When you need more precise control over the settings, switch over to “Custom” mode. In “Custom” mode,  Cura presents users with the ability to tweak more than 400 settings. This slicer is constantly being updated and refined, so new versions are constantly released.Find Your FillBest Cura Infill Pattern – Simple Guide

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You can also use Cura as 3D printer host software for direct control over your machine, but the 3D printer needs to be connected to the PC for the duration. Seamless CAD integration with the likes of SolidWorks and Siemens NX prove the software’s worth in professional applications, but for the vast majority of home users, Cura is a simple and accessible slicer for 3D printing.

In addition to this ease of use, you can also find a treasure trove of educational resources on how to best use Cura’s latest features, along with a community forum on the Ultimaker website.



MeshLab, again, is an open-source 3D designing tool that is most suitable for editing and processing 3D meshes. Users can leverage all its functions to edit, render, provide texture, and convert into meshes easily. Moreover, you can easily slice and prepare the design ready for 3D printing.

Best For:

The software offers leading-edge capabilities to process and edit 3D triangular meshes.

Key Features:

  • Its 3D reconstruction capability is efficient to create stunning designs
  • Does 3D color mapping and texturing
  • Best for 3D printing, offsetting, hollowing, and closing
  • Its efficiency enables the user to enhance the speed of 3D printing workflow
  • It offers convenient options to clean the mesh efficiently
  • The measurement tool can do reading linearly to calculate the distance between two points of the mesh


  • The navigation is rough and lacks several essential options
  • Same buttons have multiple functions


Meshlab is a free, open-source platform.



Image of Best Free 3D Printing Software: PrusaSlicer
PrusaSlicer slicing software


  • SoftwarePrusaSlicer
  • FunctionSlicer
  • Suitable Printer Type/sFilament, resin (LCD-based)
  • SystemWindows, macOS, Linux
  • Download/Visit:Prusa Research

Originating from a forked version of Slic3r, PrusaSlicer has gained a lot of popularity for a number of reasons. Not only does it feature vast lists of tunable settings, but it also has some handy features not seen in the original.

With a reworked interface, native support for Prusa’s own printer lineup, and handy presets for a number of common materials, there are a large number of improvements over the original software. Some key features include customizable support structures, multi-material support, and smooth variable layer height functions.Support SupportPrusaSlicer Support Settings: All You Need to Know

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PrusaSlicer can be used to slice models for both FDM and resin printers, and has various modes that allow you to edit settings based on your skill level, with Expert opening up a huge list of things to customize. Fear not though, even simple profiles can perform well in PrusaSlicer.

Having originated in Slic3r, PrusaSlicer maintains support for most of the original features, and even accepts Slic3r configuration bundles when importing profiles.



Image of Best Free 3D Printing Software: ideaMaker
Raise3D’s ideaMaker slicing software


  • SoftwareideaMaker
  • FunctionSlicer, STL Repair
  • Suitable Printer Type/sFilament
  • SystemWindows, macOS, Linux
  • Download/Visit:Raise3D

Raise3D’s slicing software is optimized for the company’s machines, much like PrusaSlicer is to Original Prusa printers and Ultimaker Cura is to the Ultimaker hardware, but like that software, it also plays nicely with third-party printers.

The workflow and UI are a little more complex than Cura and PrusaSlicer can both be, but dig a little and you have quick access to deep per-layer settings and print modifiers, including the ability to wrap textures onto prints for easy customization or branding of your parts.

Connected to Raise3D’s cloud services, you can download hundreds of community and Raise3D-created printer and material profiles for quicker and better printing, or create your own library of preferred settings and profiles.The BasicsIdeaMaker (Slicer): How to Get Started

Customizable supports, model splicing to optimize larger prints, and mesh repair tools all give ideaMaker the versatility to be a daily driver for your 3D printing.  Print queueing and native interoperability with OctoPrint are also some excellent additional quality-of-life features.

You can flip between dark and light modes, too, which is nice.


While 2D game art software is a lot cheaper than 3D, it still costs a good sum of money for a single license. These free 2d art software can make a big difference in your workflow if you don’t have the money to purchase premium software. You can do further research. Thanks

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