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Software is computer programs created in the form of applications. As technology today, the software is wrapped up in your PC or laptop for it to function properly. You need unique application programs in order to utilize your computer’s unique functions. So if you are wondering, what is the best pc software? Better yet, what is the latest pc software available for my PC today? This article will discuss all that.

The future of technology is bright with unlimited prospects and opportunities. The field of Innovation and Technology is growing significantly every day. It involves the study, construction, and use of new concepts and new methods. It also deals with the research of innovative solutions to different problems or challenges related to life and living conditions.

There are so many software to choose from when you decide to buy for your computer. They differ in function, cost, and purpose. Some offer useful features while others simply clutter up your hard drive’s ram memory. It is important to find the software that best fits your needs.

Good Antivirus

Good Antivirus

It is a must-have app if you use the internet on your computer. The Internet opens the doors for criminals to enter your PC. Therefore, having and good Antivirus with internet security is the must-have of the software.

There is various free antivirus available on the internet, too, like Avira, Avast. However, you can visit our article Best Antivirus Software For your PC/Laptop if you are looking for better options.

MS Office

MS Office

If we talk about business, then the MS office comes first. Even a student needs an MS office to perform various projects. MS Office is also not free, but no one uses the paid version because the cracked version is easily available on the internet. So, it’s the must-have software on your computer.



Well, storing useful information in “the cloud” has become an everyday occurrence. Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage, which you can increase by referring friends. The best part about Dropbox is that it offers an app for every major device so you can take your files anywhere.

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We have already mentioned Antivirus in the previous point. But, Malwarebytes is a little bit different compared to other security solutions out there. The tool comes for free, but it can help you remove malicious and infected files even when your computer is unusable. The app can also optimize your computer’s performance.

Well, if you are searching for an easy alternative to Photoshop, then might be the one for you. Well, is a basic photo editing tool that is much more powerful than Microsoft Paint. The great thing about is that it has lots of plugins to expand the functionality.



ShareX is one of the best and free screenshot tools that you can have on your Computer. The great thing about ShareX is that it offers users tons of options to capture the screen. Not just that, but ShareX also comes with a built-in image editor, which you can use to edit the screenshots.

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup is a dedicated PC cleaning tool that will easily detect and remove junk files on your computer. It is efficient in scanning the complete system for any type of junk, obsolete, and redundant file and programs. It can also delete the old downloads, temporary files, and trash from the Recycle bin. This application will help you get rid of all the junk in quick steps and you can notice the improvement in the speed of your PC. This also comes with a Startup manager to add or remove the programs from the list of the startup programs.

This tool will optimize your PC and free up storage space in no time. The free version will help you uninstall programs from your computer. The Pro version comes with more advanced features such as an Invalid Registry cleaner to clean up the corrupted registry entries. The identity protection will erase the online tracks to keep you safe from online trackers. The malware protection includes the scan for the trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, and other malware.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Disk Image Software simply replicates system’s OS, drives, software, and patches, so that you can restore your computer anytime if any contingency happens. Precisely, a disk cloning software makes a clone of every bit of information from one hard drive to another disk. And, EaseUS Todo Backup Home is a dedicated hard drive cloning software that allows you to securely duplicate the configurations of multiple systems so that each machine is identically set up.

Using this disk mirroring software, you can efficiently take a backup of your computer and keep your data safe from malicious content. You might confuse it with a backup tool, but that’s completely a different story!

VLC Media Player

VLC player

You saw this coming, right? Talking about the best video player for PC and not mentioning the monarch isn’t possible. VLC Media player, the most popular HD video player comes with tons of mind-blowing features & functionalities. In fact, it doesn’t need any introduction, as probably it’s one of the most common windows media players that must be already installed on most of the systems. Being one of the best video players in the market, it offers to play files, discs, devices, webcams, streams, and all the popular codecs.

VLC Media Player is another best PC software that is completely free of cost and runs on all the popular platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Android, and iOS.



On the surface, Launchy is an effective windows launcher that helps your computer to shoot programs, software, websites and apps super-fast. But unlike other launcher apps, it has much more in its bucket, which is making it the best windows launcher in the category!
Aside from doing basic tasks like launching software, websites, folders, files, searching the web & organizing your programs. It performs advanced functions as well such as launching portable apps, opening buried directories, providing your favorite apps with short keywords for easy access, killing processes, performing calculations, etc. with just few keystrokes. It’s another best PC software you should download on your desktop right away.

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If you need to record or mix audio without spending big bucks on pro software, Audacity is hands-down the best option around. This powerful open-source audio editor offers excellent production capabilities—and a dizzying array of buttons and options. Snag it, then read PCWorld’s Audacity primer to wrap your head around the basics.

Is it worth it to upgrade to a paid version?

Maybe. For most users, Audacity is a powerful tool, but if you’re rising to the level of semi-pro and need a deeper level of audio editing then Adobe’s Audition CC for $21 per month might be worth it. Keep in mind, however, that Adobe Audition is a pro tool and not a starter option.



Image by Recuva

But what if you want to bring a deleted file back to the realm of the living? Recuva is a clean, simple undelete program from Piriform, the makers of CCleaner.

Be warned: Recuva won’t be able to recover all deleted files, and the odds are even lower if you erased a program with a secure delete tool like Eraser (another top-notch free program). Still, Recuva has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. 

Is it worth it to upgrade to a paid version?

Maybe. Recuva helps you recover files, but if you want power-user features like virtual hard drive support and automatic updates then the $20 for Recuva Pro might be worth it.


The decision to purchase one or another software product is not easy at all. You can find thousands of good programs for your computer. Every day, computer users are racking their brains, trying to find something new and interesting, something that will make their hard work easier and more efficient. Making a selection among so many software is indeed difficult and takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we try to help you out in this matter and give you some ideas on what you should be looking for when choosing the right software for your PC.

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