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Best Software to Convert PDF to Editable Word Document

Choosing the best pdf to word converter shouldn’t be a particular problem, but according to customer feedback, most of them still failed in quality and speed, and on top of this, there are many other programs that could be a good alternative.

PDF to Word document conversion is a task that can be very frustrating when you don’t have the right tools. Like if you don’t have the appropriate software and are using a tool that is not fit for that purpose. If on the other hand, you end up using an application (free software) which is designed to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word, then it makes your work so much easier.

If you have a PDF that you need to edit and you don’t have the software to do so, use our online conversion tool to convert it into a Word document that you can then edit. All you need is the original PDF file and either a Google email address or a Dropbox account, both of which are free. You can then convert your documents as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. We don’t limit how many files or how often you use our converter for free.

This article will discuss about pdf to word converter software tools and help you convert pdf to docx, doc, rtf and txt files step by step. If you have a huge collection of documents in pdf format that you want to edit or use, you can use the best available software to replace your pdf file in an editable one. The weight of the writer is such thing in writing ebooks where there is no particular kind of project that can suit to be selected. It gives the impression that the writer is a pro who knows what they are doing with their work.

PDF To Word Converter

Although PDF allows for the smooth and agile transfer of a document, it doesn’t allow for its editing. So if a user seeks to rectify details in the PDF file, he or she simply cannot do so.

Thankfully, this isn’t a big problem to fret about as there are tools specifically designed to provide a solution to this issue. On Google search, you will find a plethora of PDF to Word Converters at your disposal each in their own way to help you convert non-editable PDF files into editable Word documents.

In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of these tools, dive deep into the features that each of them offers, understand the price they offer it at, and ultimately leave you to ponder over which tool will better suit your requirements.

Fact Check: As of 2021, PDF is one of the most widely used formats for electronic documents on the web. In fact, in 2016 it was estimated that the users of Google Drive and Mail saved 73 million documents in PDF format. PDF is also a popular format for the distribution and consumption of e-Books.

According to the site Duff Johnson, PDF is the most dominantly used document format around the world ever since 2011, right before the Word Doc format.

Stats on Percentage of e-doc formats on Web

WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter – Best for converting PDF files to various formats like Word, Excel, Image files, Powerpoint, etc.

WorkinTool PDF

WorkinTool is a comprehensive desktop PDF converter. It has a user-friendly interface with clear navigation. You can read PDFs, combine files, convert them, slit and compress them, and use it to do a lot more with PDF files in just a few clicks. It is compatible with macOS and Windows.


  • It can convert PDF to and from various other file formats.
  • It can split and merge various PDF files.
  • You can remove pages from a PDF file.
  • You can add or remove watermarks to the document.
  • It can compress the PDF without compromising its quality.

Verdict: There’s a lot you can do with this all-in-one desktop tool like add or remove watermarks, split or merge PDF files, convert PDFs to and from different formats, and so on. Its easy navigation and simple interface make it all the more attractive to the users.

Price: Free


HiPDF is one of the best online PDF to doc converter that allows users to convert PDF files to various formats, including Word. The program supports the conversion of PDF files to a myriad of other file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF/A, and JPG, among others. The conversion process is simple and straightforward, and thus users can navigate with ease irrespective of their expertise.

document converter pdf to word


  • The program has a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can share converted files with ease.
  • It offers accurate and reliable conversion.


  • The free version has limited features.

Small PDF

Another famous name in the PDF to Word converter in the industry is SmallPDF. This program offers both desktop and free online versions. It works on various popular platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can use it to read PDFs, compress PDFs and merge PDF files besides converting them Word. To bring about the best quality of PDF to Word conversion, Small PDF has partnered with the best solution provider in the market-Solid Documents.

pdf to word converter software free download


  • The program ensures file safety and privacy.
  • The conversion process is easy.
  • Allows you to unlock PDFs.


  • The premium version is expensive.
  • The free version has limited features.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Best for capabilities to manage and edit PDFs.

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is a PDF software with functionalities to manage and edit PDF documents. It is a complete solution and supports Windows 10, 8, and 7. It will help you with creating perfectly sized documents so that they will become readable on any device.


  • Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 has features for converting PDFs to Word.
  • It has functionalities to create & edit interactive forms and comparing two PDFs side by side.
  • It has a snapshot function for the perfect screenshots of PDFs.
  • It will let you find & replace colors throughout the documents.

Verdict: Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is an all-in-one solution for editing and managing PDF documents. It has capabilities for converting PDF to Word. Its new toolbar, menu structure, and meaningful toolbar icons make it easier to use.

Price: Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is available for $29.99 (One-time payment). For home use, it can be used on 3 systems but for commercial use, it requires one license per installation. You can download the tool for a free trial.

EasePDF PDF to Word Converter

Best for Online PDF for word conversion, compression, and editing.

EasePDF Dashboard

EasePDF is an all-rounder of conversion between PDF and almost any other format. All PDF files can be converted effortlessly here. Batch conversion between PDF and word makes it easier and more efficient for those who need to edit the content of PDF for any purposes.

It also supports powerful PDF compression, editing, and merging features for your disposal. The truly rich functional menu but super clear and concise interface will let you know exactly how to operate quickly. To its credit, EasePDF performs well in preventing all your uploaded files from being exposed as it has strong 256-bit SSL encryption.


  • Online batch conversion in PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Drag and drop feature for fast upload.
  • PDF editing, rotating, and merging supported.
  • PDF signing and watermarks adding features.
  • Strong 256-bit SSL encryption

Verdict: EasePDF does a great job on combining almost all the useful and powerful tools related to PDF files and maximizing the use of them. Besides, the extremely simple approaches to this tool will make you fall in love with it. These are attractive enough for you to have a try.


  • Monthly subscription: $4.95/month
  • Yearly subscription: $3.33/month (Billed as one payment of $39.95/year)
  • You could also experience 2 free tasks every 24 hours.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

An accurate and impressive free PDF to Word converter


Operating system: Windows, AndroidTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Splits and merges documents

+Batch conversion

+Maintains original layout


-Five-page limit

WPS PDF to Word Converter is great for quickly converting from PDF to Word, even if you have batches of documents and want to retain your original formatting. It works on Windows, has an Android app, and has an online converter as well. In our test on Windows 10, images, tables, colors, and even non-standard fonts were preserved in documents created using this product, as was the layout and spacing.

One pain point that people often face is splitting and then merging different sections of a PDF document into one file. With the WPS PDF converter, you can choose the pages you want to convert, order them however you wish, and export a new document in a number of different formats, all with your original formatting and layout intact.

Wondershare PDFElement

A full PDF conversion suite in one neatly designed package


Operating system: Windows, macOS, iOS, AndroidTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Great for image-rich PDFs

+Supports multiple file types

+Document protection


-Five-page limit

With this free PDF to Word converter, you can create, convert, edit, and even sign PDF documents. It works on Windows and Mac and has a full-feature word processor much like MS Word that gives you a great deal of control over the documents, text, and images you want to manipulate. You can insert comments anywhere in your file, have someone else review and sign the document once it is ready, and easily share it with collaborators.

There were a few interesting advanced features with this product as well. For example, you can protect specific sections of your document so that only recipients who have the required permissions can see that information, and you can even download an app for iOS and Android to work on your PDF conversions on the go.

PDFelement Pro for Mac

PDFelement Pro for Mac has come with both the editing as well as the conversion feature for PDF to Word. Preserving the original layout of PDF file while converting to Word document is a challenge for many converters, but PDFelement Pro for Mac’s powerful conversion preserves the layout perfectly. Never worry if you have got a scanned PDF file as this type of protected file can also be converted with the software’s OCR feature without any problem. With the software, you can convert multi PDF files at a time, so you can save much time for converting PDF to Word one by one.

Other than converting, PDFelement Pro for Mac does superb job for editing PDF files too. PDF pages’ modifications, manipulations etc are all possible with this great converter.


  • Preserves the layout of PDF perfectly.
  • Has OCR feature.
  • Can also edit.
  • Very fast in converting and editing PDF.
  • Has batch conversion feature.
launch the pdf editor 6 professional

Acrobat for Macintosh

Acrobat for Macintosh is great software for creating as well as converting PDF on your Mac. This software has many nice features for converting PDF with a few clicks.


  • PDF to Word and Word to PDF conversion facility.
  • Paper documents can be converted to PDF.
  • Converts PDF into editable formats.


  • Running the software takes much time.
Acrobat for Macintosh

How to convert PDF to Word?

Upload your PDF file and adjust the optional settings to match your needs. If your PDF contains editable text choose “Convert”. If you have a scanned PDF and need it to be editable please choose “Convert with OCR”. You can select the language used in your file to improve the OCR result.

  1. Upload your PDF file.
  2. Choose Convert if your document does not contain any scanned images.
  3. If you need text recognition choose Convert with OCR. Configure the OCR settings to match your needs.
  4. In the optional settings choose Microsoft Word (*.docx) or Word 2003 or older (*.doc) from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click on “Start”.


Using Word as the software to convert PDF to editable DOC can get the job done, but you might not be pleased with the results. Every time I convert a document from PDF to DOC, I have to try several times before I find one that is usable. And so when I find a good PDF to DOC converter, I recommend it to everyone who asks me about how they can convert their documents.

There are hundreds of software available in the market that can be used to convert pdf documents to word format. These tools are very easy to use and non-professional user can also use these.

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