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Best Speech To Text App Android 2019

Speech to text android is one of the most powerful application for Android mobiles that allows users to easily convert their speech into texts.

The speech to text android app has huge list of benefits for user. It converts blocked text on Android phone into normal texts which you can easily copy and edit it like any other text during your chatting or while writing mails or even while making presentations.

iFlyTek – iFlyDictation

Image of iFly Dictation Software

iFlyTek is a China based company and has been active in the field of intelligent speech and language technologies for about two decades. Their AI based voice recognition client iFlyDictation is amongst the best dictation software to date achieving one of the highest accuracy rates.

Good accuracy – With a recognition rate of up to 95%, the client has been popular amongst businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to create, manage or send messages, eMail or short blog posts via voice input.

Languages – The tool is available on iOS and Android and supports English, Mandarin and Cantonese but also handles handwriting and stroke inputs.

The iFlyDictation dictation software could be interesting to those who wish to use a free client with high accuracy and also have their work priorities and activities set in the languages mentioned above.

Mobile: Android, iOS.
Price: free | Rating: ★★★★★ | Website:



A computer that can convert your speech to text is great, but what if it could do a lot more, such as playing your favorite music and doing mathematical calculations? That’d be pretty cool, right? Well, that’s exactly what Braina is.

Braina lets you transcribe spoken words to text, but that’s just one of its many capabilities. It’s a multi-functional AI-based (artificial intelligence) software that provides you with a single-window environment to control your computer. With Braina, you can use your voice to look up information on the Internet, open/search files on your computer, set alarms and reminders, create notes, automate various tasks and even read eBooks. It’s basically similar to virtual assistants like Siri, but with a lot more features.

Speaking of dictation features, Braina lets you convert your voice to text in any website and software (e.g. Microsoft Word, Notepad). It supports over 100 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc.) and accents. It can accurately convert most of the accents and be used by multiple users without the need of separate profiles. The program can be further customized to recognize custom words and create canned responses. Interestingly, Braina can recognize unusual vocabulary and understand most medical terms.

BEST FOR ANDROID Gboard Voice Typing


Android is all about choices, so if you use an Android smartphone and/or tablet for all your typing needs, there are a lot of dictation apps that you can choose from. Of these, Google’s Gboard is certainly the best.

Gboard is an on-screen keyboard app developed by Google. It has many features such as text prediction, GIF support, and of course, voice typing. To get started, you just need to have Gboard selected as the default keyboard app (this can be changed under “Language & Input” in Android’s settings) and have the voice typing option enabled.

Once that’s done, things get pretty straightforward. Launch the app (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Docs) in which you would like to enter text, tap the microphone key on Gboard and start speaking.


Verbit brings advanced transcription and captioning features using artificial intelligence (AI). The software specifically is meant to help enterprises, and educational institutes in faster, and precise speech-to-text conversion.

The software leverage multiple speech models including neural network models, and AI algorithms to suppress the background noise and improve the accuracy of the transcription by understanding the speakers regardless of accent. The AI algorithms also enable software to identify and incorporate contextual events from the speech.

Overall, Verbit is an ideal solution for transcription services, even though the software does offer direct speech-to-text service.

Express Dictate

Image of Express Dictate Dictation Software

Operations and Technology has awarded Express Dictate the title as “easiest to use dictation software”. It offers a wide array of advanced features. However, it is worth knowing that this is dictation software without any speech-to-text capabilities. This means that your recordings still need to be transcribed at a later stage.

Multiple file formats – You can record in many different formats, including .wav, mp3 and dct.

Advanced editing features – Express Dictate allows you to perform editing in many different ways. You can insert speech at any stage, overwrite all or parts of an existing recording and add notes at the end of the recording. Playback ignores long pauses. This makes it easier when transcribing the audio file into text.

Manage recorded files – Once a recording is done, you can save it to your hard drive, but you can also send it to recipients via email, FTP or your computer network. If you send more than one file at a time for transcription, you can prioritize the files.

For those of you that do not do your own typing, this is the ideal dictation software solution. It is popular with busy people who are continually on the move and wish to work when they have time available.

Systems: Windows
Price: from $99 Single user. | Rating: ★★★☆☆ | Website:

Braina (Android, iOS, Windows)

Powered by AI, this app can dictate over 100 languages. It can automate various computer tasks, give you updates on current events, set reminders, and more. It can be used as a thesaurus and dictionary, read eBooks out loud and search files on your computer. Price: Braina offers a range of limited free software, or you can buy the full package for $239.

Nuance Dragon Professional Individual

Image of Dragon Professional Dictation Software

Dragon Professional Individual (visit website) offers all the features and benefits of Dragon Home. However, it goes quite a few important steps further along the road of efficient dictation software.

Transcription feature – With this version, you can use any digital device to dictate and record your documents. These audio files can then be transcribed automatically into text whenever it is convenient for you.

Synchronize devices – You can easily start on a document by using one device and then complete the document at another time using a completely different device. This allows for a high level of efficiency. You need to register for Dragon Anywhere, however.

Powerful customizations – You can create customized commands to perform certain tasks such as filling in your personal details. You may also format your documents with spoken commands or import custom word lists and acronyms. You can even create and fill in forms.

This is one of the best dictation software for environments with multiple users that need the flexibility of being able to work anywhere and at any time, using different devices.

Systems: Windows and Windows Server, iOS or Android
Price: $500. Visit Website. Discount: Pro + 12-month Dragon Anywhere. Get Deal.
Rating: ★★★★★.

 Microsoft Dictate

Microsoft’s Dictate is here to prove that the even best text to speech software can be free and be just as good as premium software. Created by Microsoft Garage (a division of the company where employees get to work on their ideas as projects), this feature-rich application boasts the same advanced speech recognition technology that powers the Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant.

Best Speech to text software

Dictate is essentially a Microsoft Office add-on and works well with Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can install it from the Microsoft store if you don’t already have it pre-installed with a copy of Microsoft 365. Once installed, you can access it through the “Dictation” tab that shows up in the top right of the Ribbon toolbar. The app supports voice commands for most standard operations such as typing or editing text, moving the cursor to a new line and adding punctuations either manually or automatically.

Furthermore, the app offers features such as visual feedback to specify that it is processing speech input. Microsoft dictates also supports dictation with real-time translation 60 different languages. Microsoft Dictate is compatible with Office versions 2013 and above and works well with Windows versions 8.1 and above.

Apps Compatibility: Windows devices only

Price: Free

Download Link:

BEST FOR IOS Built-In Voice Dictation


Millions of people around the globe use Apple’s iPhones and iPads for their productivity needs. If that includes you, you don’t need to look for any third-party dictation app, as iOS already has one.

The voice typing features of iOS are always being improved. Currently, they are on iOS 14 and it works great.

What’s best is that iOS’s voice typing feature is integrated directly into the on-screen keyboard, so it’s always available. All iOS apps that support text input through the on-screen keyboard, support voice typing as well. This means that you can use your voice to write e-mails, create notes, reply to text messages and more. Simply tap on the microphone key on the keyboard, and start speaking. You can also speak keywords like “Period” and “New Paragraph” for a better dictation experience.


A few weeks back, I received a speech-to-text transcription from a client, but it was an app that was not up to the mark. So, I decided to find some robust apps on the market that could do a decent job of converting spoken words into text. But here was the challenge: I wanted apps for Android and iOS. So, while there were a lot of applications out there, they were available for either Android or iOS. Therefore, I had to look for alternatives for both platforms.

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