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Best Speech To Text Software

Speech to Text’ features of the computer allow for conversion of normal human speech into characters. It is very useful in generating text documents on the computer without having to use pen and paper.

With this computer software, it is possible to store important notes that are created within a meeting or lecture. It is able to record the entire conversation on your computer with the computer software. However, you will need a high definition microphone for using speech to text software.

BEST FOR TRANSCRIPTION Transcribe – Speech to Text

  • PRICE:$5 per hour of transcription
  • FREE TRIAL:15 minutes of transcription


Why We Chose It

Transcribe – Speech to Text offers you the opportunity to transcribe any voice or video file with a 90% accuracy rate.


  • Transcription available for over 80 languages and dialects
  • Easy to use software


  • Pricey
  • Only available for Apple products


Journalists or secretaries who have a lot of conversations to track may find this app useful. Using A.I., Transcribe can turn any voice or video memo into a transcription in over 80 different languages and dialects. After recording, you can drop your file in this app and export your raw text into another app such as DropBox.

Keep in mind that Transcribe is only available for Apple products with Voice Memo and video since there’s no direct in-app dictation. Transcribe can also get pricey. (That said, it costs less than human transcriber rates, though is more prone to error with a 90% accuracy rate.) Users receive a free trial for 15 minutes of transcription. For every hour extra, you pay $5. For ten hours, you can pay $30.


Do you wish someone reads your PDFs, ebooks, and loud text with natural-sounding voices without involving a human sitting beside you?

Here is the solution – Try TTSReader for FREE, where you need to write or paste any text in the box and click the play button. It supports many languages, accents, and variations of speeds to play. You can also check the box if you want to save your position and text to the cloud automatically. It supports nearly all browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

There is no need for downloading, login, and passwords; simply drag or copy your text, drop it in the box, and start playing. It is excellent for kids and listening to content in the background, proofreading, and more. TTSReader provides high-quality sounding voices from various sources.


You will get female and male voices in multiple accents and languages. Choose from the voice and language you like and generate polished speech, and enjoy! It remembers your text and the position when you paused. If you exit the browser, you can come back and start listening to it where you left it previously. It also works on mobile, which is ideal for reading articles.

Get the Android Text Reader App to save your time and money by using it offline wherever you want. It extracts the words from PDFs to read them loudly and highlights currently read texts. You can also get a chrome extension for FREE to listen to websites like news, wiki, blogs, etc.

Newscaster Vocalizer:

Website Link:

newscaster vocaliser


  • 67 Natural Voices
  • Includes Men and Women voices
  • No installation required
  • Natural voices using neural networks
  • Price: 69$/one year
  • Save to Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3

Get Newscaster Vocalizer NowSee how it works

Newscaster Vocalizer can generate professional speeches which can be hard to find that they are computer generated, they sound like real humans. Newscaster Vocalizer can generate up to 67 natural sounding voices that include different men and women voices with different accents. The tool is completely Cloud-Based application that means you don’t have to install any software on your desktop pc. It is completely online and the voices are generated by using AI neural networks.

You’ll get commercial license with Newscaster Vocalizer, so there won’t be any copyright issues on the voices you generate. You can add the voices in any kind of videos like story-telling videos, teaching videos and upload it on your YouTube channel. Or you can sell your videos to your clients as a freelancer. Now let’s hear some voice-overs samples generated by Newscaster Vocalizer.

As you can hear the voices that they are really hard to find that they are generated by AI, not by real humans. You can export the voices directly to Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox. It also includes voices released by Amazon Polly Newscaster Service.

To check the live demo and full details of the Newscaster Vocalizer, Click HERE.


  • Collection of 67 Voices
  • Export to Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3
  • Web-Based App


  • Less natural compared to Synthesis
  • No other languages are supported
  • Yearly subscriptions

Verdict: If you are looking for an text to audio converter that can generate speeches with english language in 67 voices. To know more about Newscaster Vocalizer, Click here or press the button below.To see how Newscaster Vocalizer works, Click Here

Best for MacOS: Built-In Dictation

Buy on Apple

There aren’t any speech to text software programs available for macOS. But then, with the excellent Dictation feature built right into Apple’s desktop operating system, there’s no need for third-party solutions anyway. Surprisingly accurate and responsive, it makes converting your spoken words into text a walk in the park.

To set up Dictation, navigate to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard and click on the “Dictation” tab. Here, you can select the dictation language, choose whether to use “Enhanced Dictation” (It can be used offline and supports continuous input and live feedback), and configure other options. Being a native component of the operating system, Dictation works well with any text field in macOS.

To use it, place the cursor in any text field (e.g. Apple Pages document, E-mail compose window), press the “Fn” key twice to activate dictation, and start speaking. Since this feature learns your voice’s characteristics and adapts to your accent, it gets better with continued use. Dictation supports multiple voice commands for all standard operations (e.g. selecting/formatting text, moving the cursor to a specific position, entering punctuation marks/symbols) and allows you to create your own as well.

For more Mac programs, check out our guide to the best video editing software for Macs and the best Mac desktop publishing software.

Best for Enterprises: Dragon Professional Group

Buy on

Even though documentation is a crucial part of any organization’s day-to-day workflow, it usually takes up a lot of valuable time and resources. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, thanks to Dragon Professional Group. The best speech to text software for enterprises allows employees to create documentation 3x faster (compared to typing) and 99% recognition accuracy. This is made possible by the program’s next-generation speech engine, which uses “Deep Learning” technology to achieve high recognition accuracy while dictating, even for users with accents or those working in open office spaces.

Dragon Professional Group also makes it simple to automate repetitive tasks and streamline multi-step processes. You can configure custom voice commands for quickly inserting frequently-used items (e.g. signatures) into documents, create time-saving macros, and even add industry-specific terms to the software’s vocabulary, which can then be shared with other employees.

The program also comes with “Nuance Management Center,” a centralized user administration console that allows for easy management of everything from user profiles to custom command databases.


Wideo offers you an easy path to convert your text to speech that is straightforward and fast. Write the message in the box directly or upload your text file, choose from the voices, define the speed, and start listening to it.


Wideo provides the best option of downloading the voice in mp3 format. It is FREE and straightforward to use and is helpful to create an explainer video or a demo video where you can add the voiceovers in the videos by using this text to speech tool.

Integrate Google text to speech through Google API, but you need to pay for the number of characters used. Wideo integrates with Google TTS technology and offers you FREE conversion.


Website Link:

Speechelo online text to speech software


  • 30 Natural Voices
  • 23 popular languages
  • Includes Men and Women
  • 3 different voice-tones
  • Can add breathing sounds in the speech
  • Can generate text from a video/audio
  • One-time payment of 47$

Get Speechelo NowSee how it works

Speechelo is another cloud-based text to speech app that converts the text you given into a perfect voice-over for your video or audio podcasts. It can generate speeches up to 30 voices in 23 popular languages. Speechelo has customizable options including changeable speed and pitch for the speeches you can generate.

You can change the voices from Male to Female anytime or vice-versa and you can also assign different voice tones like normal, serious and joyful to get the desired voice.

Speechelo also has an cool feature that can transcribe which means reverse engineering the process and convert any audio from a video to text and generates the audio with other voices. Or you can generate captions for any videos. This tools can work with any 3rd party video creation softwares like Camcastia, Adobe Premier, Audacity, etc. Come on, let’s listen to some Speechelo voice samples.

What do you think about those voices? Are they sounding like AI generated or a real human voice?. Overall, Speechelo is one of the best and top rated text to speech software to get the perfect voices for your videos with 30 different voices and 23 popular languages (including Indian languages). I wrote this Speechlo review by actually going through a lot of reviews and informational videos, share it with your friends if you like this.

To get more details about the Speechelo and to check how it works Click HERE.


  • Can generate voices in 23 Languages
  • 3 Voice Tones with changeable pitch and speed controls
  • Can Transcribe an audio/video
  • Can work with 3rd party Video Creation Apps
  • Can add inflections in the voice
  • One-Time Payment


  • Less natural than Synthesys
  • No backup option if accidentally lost

Verdict: If you are looking for a top-rated text-to-speech converter online that converts only to the English language, then Speechelo is a good one to go with. To know more about Speechelo and check how it works, Click Here or press the button below.To see how Speechelo works, Click Here

We also have a detailed review on SpeecheloClick here to read. (opens in a new tab)


Best Text to Speech Software is very useful software. The text to speech software allows the users to listen to the document or any other content in an audio format. The best text to speech software depend on the user’s needs and purpose.

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