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Best Tax Software for S Corp

Tax season is not fun. I’m hoping you use an accountant or at least someone who knows what they’re doing so you can save yourself some time and money. But if you don’t use an accountant, don’t worry! Here I will provide a list of top tax software for your S-Corporation including TurboTax and H&R Block.

When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, it’s not always easy to know which tax software is right for you. When settling down as an S-Corp, you need to be prepared for hitches along the way. if you’re thinking about starting out first as an individual, then read this first before jumping into the realm of S corporation tax law.

H&R Block


We chose H&R Block as best overall because it is a trusted name in tax preparation, and its tax software for small businesses and business owners offers an excellent user experience and covers a wide range of tax situations. It offers a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to do your taxes accurately the first time.Pros

  • Online version includes self-employment and small business income on your personal tax returns
  • Option to upgrade for on-demand assistance from a tax expert
  • Mobile app allows you to upload tax documents and track filing status


  • Business editions are priced higher than competitors
  • Some functionality may not be available on mobile

H&R Block is a well-known brand in personal and business tax preparation. It was founded in 1955 and has prepared more than 800 million tax returns. If you want to do your own taxes, you can choose between online and downloadable versions of H&R Block’s tax software. For the 2019 tax year, H&R Block prepared almost 22 million tax returns and nearly 9 million people used H&R Block Online to do their taxes.

Windows desktop users get the most robust options, including corporation or partnership tax forms and employee-specific tax forms. This comes through H&R Block’s downloadable Premium & Business software, which costs $89.95 plus $39.95 per state return. If you can get by with a Schedule C, you can file with the Premium Online edition for $69.99 or Self-Employed Online for $109.99. Both require an extra $44.99 per state. If you have significant business expenses, you’ll need the Self-Employed edition, their top-tier online option.

The software program does a good job of walking you through complex tax situations. If you think you’ll need extra help, you can upgrade to Online Assist, which allows you to do your taxes on any device with unlimited, on-demand help from a tax pro. It costs $159.99 for Premium or $194.99 for Self-Employed, plus $49.99 per state.

Whether you file online or with the download version, the tax software comes with a maximum refund guarantee and 100% accuracy guarantee. All versions have an audit support guarantee. Whichever you choose, H&R Block covers most tax situations and is a top choice for many business owners, which is why it gets our best overall ranking.



We rank TaxSlayer as best for self-employed because of its low pricing and a highly rated online experience that works well for self-employed tax filers who earn via a 1099 and need to complete a Schedule C.Pros

  • Low pricing for federal tax return compared to larger competitors
  • Self-employed edition includes access to a tax professional
  • Chat, email, and phone support available
  • All federal filings are free for active-duty military families


  • No download version available
  • No support for forms 1065, 1120, or 1120S for partnerships and corporations

TaxSlayer traces its roots in tax preparation to 1965. It started offering tax software to professional tax preparers in 1991 and launched its consumer-facing do-it-yourself tax software business in 1998. With TaxSlayer, you can do your taxes online or with the TaxSlayer mobile app.

The Self-Employed edition costs $54.95 plus $39.95 per state. This version includes tax preparation for a 1040 Schedule C for those who operate as sole proprietors as well as LLCs. If you have a side hustle and get a 1099 tax form, for example, TaxSlayer Self-Employed would handle your needs. Active-duty military can file all federal tax forms for free and just pay $39.95 per state.

The Self-Employed edition includes access to a tax professional for help with all of your individual tax questions while completing your taxes. It also includes phone, live chat, and email support as well as technical support. Both the Premium and Self-Employed editions include Audit Assistance for up to 3 years after your return is accepted.

TaxSlayer includes a 100% accuracy guarantee and a guaranteed maximum refund. While it doesn’t work for certain businesses that are required to complete more complex tax returns, it does a great job of handling the needs of many self-employed individuals, making it our top choice for those needing a Schedule C.



FreeTaxUSA’s extremely low pricing starts at $0 for federal returns and $14.99 for state returns including self-employment income, making it our review’s best for low cost.Pros

  • Free federal filing and low-cost state filing for business taxes reported on Schedule C
  • Low-cost upgrade to Deluxe Edition includes priority support and live chat
  • Unlimited amended returns and audit assistance are included in Deluxe Edition


  • No download version available
  • Less-robust support with the basic free edition

FreeTaxUSA is a low-cost solution for doing your own taxes online. FreeTaxUSA was launched in 2001 and is owned by CPA firm TaxHawk, Inc. FreeTaxUSA is an online tax preparation service that works in your web browser; there is no downloadable version available.

The federal return is free in most cases, though many users will pay up to nearly $22 for the full tax preparation experience—$14.99 per state and $6.99 to upgrade to the Deluxe edition, which includes priority support, live chat, unlimited amended returns, and audit assistance. However, if you live in a state where no state return is required, you can file completely for free.

Support is limited for users of the free edition, which makes sense, as you are not paying for individual service. The live chat with priority support included in the Deluxe Edition is available from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday.

FreeTaxUSA includes a maximum refund guarantee and 100% accuracy guarantee. If you choose the free edition, you have access to every federal tax form and won’t have to pay anything in most cases. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution for your self-employed tax return, FreeTaxUSA may be your best choice.

Jackson Hewitt


Jackson Hewitt was founded in 1982 by American entrepreneur John Hewitt and more recently began offering online tax preparation and filing services. We chose it as best for additional support because it offers robust online help for true DIYers, with the option to hand over the process to a trained professional anytime.

Jackson Hewitt’s basic online filing services don’t offer anything more than its competitors. Upload their W-2 forms and use the software’s step-by-step guide combined with live online help during business hours to complete and file their returns. 

Jackson Hewitt also offers hybrid versions that bridge the gap between doing it yourself and working with a professional. Its Tax Pro From Home plan lets users start their return on their own and upload it anytime to be finished by a tax professional. The company also gives users the option to drop their tax documents off or sit with a tax pro at a Jackson Hewitt office near them.      

Those who want to do all their filing online themselves can access customer care support online, talk to a real person during business hours on live chat, and take advantage of the company’s 100% accuracy guarantee.  

Pricing for its Tax Pro From Home plans is available by request.


Corporate tax season is fast approaching and the stress of preparing and filing your corporation’s taxes is enough to make you throw up. Well, we’ve got good news — we’ve designed and built a mobile and desktop tax and accounting app to make everything easier (even if you use an S Corp).

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