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Free Open Source Text Editor Android

Best code editor for android free download, there are many code editors available in the android market. Some are free, some are paid. Some are best, and some are bad. If you want to use the best android source code editor, then please visit our android text editor blog.

If you’ve recently started your career as a developer, you must have faced the quest to choose the best code editor for android. It is not surprising. Here I’ll guide you through various aspects that can help you make an informed choice when it comes to picking a language editor for Android development.

Text editing apps and android devices do not work together for a lot of users. While some don’t prefer Android devices for editing text, others are still waiting for a standalone editing app. However, having that said, relying on your android device is still a better option than carrying your laptop everywhere.

What we need in this tech era is a distraction-free Android text editor app. These text editors for Android applications are specifically designed to optimize distraction, minimize interface cluttering and provide the maximum amount of screen space. 

An important thing to understand here is that note-taking apps, word processors, and text editors are completely different from each other and cater to specific user requirements. 

  • Note-Taking Applications: These tools majorly focus on features like notebooks, reminders, formats and other useful features. 
  • Word Processor: These are comprehensive applications that can effortlessly take care of all your word formatting needs, along with various font styling and text editing tools.
  • Text Editors: Text editors are simple tools designed to cater to the simple text editing requirements of users. They are generally used to edit plain text.

List of Free Open Source Text Editor Android

  1. Monospace
  2. iA Writer
  3. Writer Plus
  4. 920 Text Editor
  5. Writer Plus
  6. Jota Text Editor
  7. JotterPad
  8. QuickEdit Text Editor
  9. Code Editor
  10. Code Editor
  11. Droid Edit
  12. Acode
  13. Dcoder


Monospace is one of the best text editing apps for Android, despite its bare-bones appearance. Its UI only contains the most required options, which increases available screen space. Designers have ensured that the user remains the least distracted while using the app. Monospace has a single font type that is, its namesake, Monospace.

Monospace is a text editing app for your phone, tablet, and computer. It’s inspired by the traditional monospaced style of typewriting—that means it only has one width to each letter, as opposed to proportional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.

Why would you use Monospace? Well, if you’re looking for something that feels like a typewriter but works on your smartphone or tablet, Monospace is a great option. It also makes it easy to see where you are on the page and how much text you’ve already typed.

Monospace supports basic formatting. The only feature that you may find less important in the app is the hashtag-oriented organization feature. Click here to download Monospace.

iA Writer

Well, iA Writer is one of the best word processors that were previously available only for Mac and iOS. Now the app is also available on Android’s Google Play Store, and it’s well capable of providing a distraction-free writing experience. The app right now focuses on both plain text and markdown editing. Apart from that, iA Writer also has a focus mode that dims everything apart from the current sentence or paragraph.

iA Writer is a distraction-free writing software that helps you focus on writing, instead of being distracted by your other tools. It has a clean interface and allows you to focus on the words, not the formatting.

iA Writer was created by Information Architects, an independent design studio based in New York City, who set out to create a tool that would help writers focus on writing, not formatting. They believe that when we use tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, we become too focused on formatting our work rather than focusing on writing it. iA Writer is a lightweight, distraction-free text editor that helps you focus on your writing. The app has no UI chrome, no menus, and no toolbars—just words on a page. It’s perfect for writers who want to focus on their work without having to deal with all the bells and whistles that come with other word-processing software.

iA Writer has minimal distractions so you can focus on what matters most: your content. It also allows you to view your work in different ways—like showing only the first word of each line or hiding all formatting so you can see what your words look like without any distractions.

Writer Plus

Writer Plus is another great android text editor that also works like Monospace. The app primarily focuses on the minimal utilization of system resources. Therefore, Writer Plus uses less battery and makes sure that the operations are robust and crash-free. Basically, the app is an excellent choice for older or less-equipped Android devices.

Writer Plus is the world’s first writing app that lets you write on a virtual whiteboard and then share it with your friends and family.

The app is super easy to use: Just open the app, tap the “+” in the upper right corner, and start writing! You can use your finger to draw on the board or use a stylus if you prefer. You can also set up a new board by tapping “Create New Board.”

Once you’re done with a board, just tap “Save” in the upper right-hand corner. To share your work with others, simply tap “Send” at the bottom of the screen. Writer Plus is a tool that brings together all of the tools a writer needs, from formatting to citations and auto-corrections to vocabulary recommendations.

Writer Plus also includes basic features like Markdown formatting, folder organization, Night Mode, character and word counts, and Undo/Redo functionality. You can use keyboard shortcuts if you are able to connect a physical keyboard to an Android device. Click here to download Writer Plus.

920 Text Editor

The 920 Text Editor isn’t as feature-rich as the DroidEdit app, and user reviews generally ding it for missing features and pesky bugs. Still, out of nearly 1,000 user reviews, the majority give the app a five-star rating. If your needs are relatively minimal, it might be a good choice.

920 Text Editor is a simple, easy-to-use text editor that can be used for writing documents in plain text or Markdown. The app allows you to open and edit files from your local computer or from one of many cloud storage providers.

In addition to the standard features of a text editor, 920 Text Editor also includes:

  1. Spell Checker – Spell check your document as you type.
  2. Word Count – See how many words are in your document at any given time.
  3. Line Numbers – See line numbers when editing your document.
  4. Undo/redo support – Use undo/redo buttons to go back and forth through your edits.


  • Syntax highlighting for a bunch of languages, including ASP, ActionScript, C, C++, CSS, Erlang, HTML/XML/WML, Java, JavaScript, Lua, LaTex/TeX, Perl, PHP, Python, and SQL
  • Shows line numbers and blank characters
  • Automatic open file encoding detection
  • Toolbar for quick access to create a new file, open, save, undo or redo, and frequently used symbols
  • Recently opened file history
  • Auto indentation
  • Ability to run with root permissions
  • Preview HTML files

Google Play Average Rating: 4.4

Price: Free

Writer Plus

If you are searching for a simple-to-use and lightweight text editor for your Android smartphone, then you need to give Writer Plus a try. Writer Plus is the perfect tool for writers who want to improve their writing skills, but don’t want to pay for a subscription. This free online tool lets you write on any device, anywhere, and then provides feedback on how well your writing hits the mark. It’s fast, easy to use, and most importantly—free! Guess what? Writer Plus is another best text editors and markdown text editor app available on the Google Play Store, which brings combined features of both iA Writer and Monospace listed above. The key features of Writer Plus include basic markdown formatting, night mode, folder organization, etc.

Jota Text Editor

Jota is a powerful text editor that supports up to a million characters and also works well for writing source code. Under the Preferences tab, you can adjust search, font, view, file, input, toolbar, and theme settings, and you can even add customized shortcuts.

The Jota Text Editor is a free, open-source text editor for Windows, Linux, and macOS that’s designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

It has a small memory footprint and no installation required, so you can just download it and start using it immediately.

The Jota Text Editor was created by [company name], which is also known for creating the popular [product name].


  • Auto-detects multiple character codes
  • Search/replace (supports regular expressions)
  • Customize colors and shortcuts
  • Adjust word wrap and tab width
  • Line numbers and word counter
  • Auto save
  • Show tabs and line breaks
  • Free, open source, and under the Apache License

Google Play Average Rating: 4.6

Price: Free


If you are a creative being, you will love JotterPad. The software earns its place in the list of best text editing apps for Android for its creative flair over its counterpart in the list. However, it doesn’t mean that only a creative mind can use this software. Jotterpad facilitates everyone who wants to edit text. The interface of the app helps users to stay distraction-free while editing text.

Jotterpad includes special features like style customizations, typewriter scrolling, phrase finding, custom fonts, and keyboard shortcuts. The app also supports Markdown formatting and exports files to different file formats. The software is free but for advanced features like English rhyme thesaurus and syntax highlighting, you need to buy other advanced editions like Creative ($5.99) and Pro ($14.99). Click here to download the software.

QuickEdit Text Editor

Well, if you are searching for a fast, stable, and full-featured notepad and code editing app for your Android smartphone, then you need to give QuickEdit Text Editor a try. Guess what? QuickEdit Text Editor can be used as both a standard text editor or a code editor. This is also one of the favorite apps for programmers because it has over 40 languages supported out of the box, including C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, etc.

Code Editor

Code Editor is a simplified version of a traditional text editor that focuses on scripting. The beauty of Code Editor is that it contains all of the functionality that a programmer needs for coding. Syntax highlighting, auto indention, code support, infinite undo & redo, and more are some of the main features of Code Editor.


If you are searching for a simple-to-use text editor for your Android device, look no other than DroidEdit. It’s one of the best text and code editors for Android that supports many programming languages. It supports the most popular programming languages like C++, C#Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, AND MORE. Some of the key features of DroidEdit include Auto & block indentation, search & replace function, character encoding support, and more.


Acode could be the best option for you if you’re looking for a lightweight but efficient code editor for your Android computer. You can conveniently edit HTML, Javascript, and text with Acode. The software is absolutely free to download and use, and it does not contain any commercials. Acode also has GitHub and FTP support, as well as syntax highlighting (for over 100 programming languages) and other features.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use Android app to hone your coding skills, then Dcoder might be the perfect pick for you. Dcoder offers you a rich text editor supporting syntax highlighting. You can use this app to build and deploy your projects straight from your smartphone and integrate with Github. It supports a wide range of programming languages including, Java, Python, C++. Php, C#, and more.


Text Editor Android has been a long journey from the time when I first started looking for an editor to code my app project. For me, not much to say how much fun it was to discover all the different editors out there and to test them all.

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