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Best Video Editing Software for Advertising

Are you wondering about best video editing software for advertising? Do you want to know about the best video editing software for advertisers? If so, you have come to the right place because today, we are going to talk about the best video editing software that is popular and used by many experienced advertisers.

You’ve got to do something amazing together with your advertising videos. You must be able to make it remarkable, captivating and grab the attention of the viewers. In order to take advertising video to a next level, you need to edit it in the right way with the best video editing software or video editor.

CCM ranks the most popular video editing software for advertising. There are many authoring systems, digital video compositing software, and video editing programs on the market, so how do you know which software is best? We’ve picked out the top programs in terms of popularity and ease-of-use and examined them in depth.

This free video editing software is ideal for the novice video editor or someone looking to get some basic skills in editing sped up video. It offers a streamlined interface that’s intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. In addition, the best video editing software boasts a built-in tutorial to help you learn what you need to know as well as over 100 video effects.

Which software is best for video editing?

Right now, Premiere Pro from Adobe tops our list of the best video editing software. This industry-standard, subscription-based tool is aimed at professionals and comes packed with sophisticated and powerful tools. And the latest features, released in October 2021, show just how committed Adobe is to continually updating and improving it.

If you’re more of a hobbyist, though, you’re probably better off with our second choice, CyberLink PowerDirector 365. It’s cheaper and easier to get started with, and it’s available to buy via a one-off fee. 


Headliner might be the easiest way to create a video with captions. (Remember that designing for sound off is key for social videos!)

video editing software

With Headliner, you can upload a video and let it automatically transcribe the audio into captions or create a video simply by uploading an article or an audio file. You can also upload or search for images, videos, and GIFs to be added to your video.

Works withiOSAndroidWeb

Price: Free; $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year from the Basic tier

Clipchamp Create

Clipchamp Create is one of the most generous free online video editing tools I’ve found in my research. The free plan lets you create unlimited video projects, gives you access to all basic editing tools, and allows you to export your videos in 480p output resolution without a watermark! (There’ll be a watermark if you use the stock footage, which is reasonable.)

video editing

You could upgrade to Premium or higher to gain access to their stock library and to download your videos at better resolutions.

Clipchamp also provides a few other video tools, such as a video converter, video compressor, and webcam recorder.

Works withiOSWeb

Price: Free; $9 per month to upgrade to Premium

Quik by GoPro

GoPro has two free video editing apps for creating and sharing content from your smartphone and GoPro devices. (It doesn’t have to be GoPro footage at all, and the videos created won’t have any watermark!)

online editing

Quik is the simpler of the two, which aims to let you create videos with minimal effort. As GoPro stated, “it automatically analyzes your footage to find the best moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs it all to the beat of the music.” (Mindblown!)

Works withiOSAndroid

Price: Free

Splice by GoPro

Splice is the other video editing app by GoPro. According to GoPro, Splice ‘puts the power of a professional desktop editor at your fingertips.’

online video editing

You can select transition style, trim your footage, add text, change the video speed, and more. Splice also provides a huge library of free soundtracks for your videos.

Works withiOSAndroid

Price: Free


Canva is well-known for its design and photo-editing capabilities, but a more recent addition is its video creation and editing features.

video editing software

With Canva, you can edit your videos using a variety of templates and access to a library of images, music and more.

Works withiOSAndroidWeb

Price: Free; $12.99 per month for the Pro upgrade


Price: Starts at free | Platforms: iOSAndroidOnline

Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram: Magisto

Image Source

Video automation is here — in the form of the Magisto video editor.

Owned by Vimeo, Magisto allows you to make incredible videos without ever leaving your smartphone in three easy steps: First, you’ll choose your video editing style (the type of story you’re telling), then you’ll choose the photos and video clips you’d like included, and lastly, you’ll pick your music from Magisto’s built-in music library.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), this intuitive app helps organize your footage in a video that best delivers the message you have in mind. Why not stop at the free version? Upgrade to Premium or Professional for a small monthly fee and make longer movies with more of your own content.


  • Easy-to-use templates for hassle-free creation
  • Intuitive, beginner-friendly interface
  • Online version available for creating both on Windows and macOS laptops
  • Professional and Business plans come with a free Vimeo Pro subscription


  • The “Created with Magisto” watermark will be visible unless you upgrade to premium
  • No multi-track editing or 4K exporting
  • Ideal for very short social media videos (< 3 minutes long)
  • Stock videos are only accessible with a Professional plan


Price: Free | Platforms: iOS

Hyperlapse is an app created by Instagram itself that condenses videos into brief, hyper-speed videos that you can upload to Instagram or Facebook.

You can choose among a few different speeds, and the app will show you how long the hyperlapse video will be for every speed in comparison to the length of the video in real-time. (So a 40-second video in real-time will become roughly a 7-second video in Hyperlapse at 6X speed.) It’s a cool way to capture something that usually lasts a while — like a sunset or an event setup.

See what happened when I used Hyperlapse to film daybreak at 12X in the video above.


  • It’s an easy way to speed up process videos.
  • Use a minimal layout that’s nearly identical to the iPhone camera.
  • You can capture videos straight from the app.
  • No sign-in is required to get started.


  • It only has one capability: speeding up videos
  • You can’t import already-filmed videos into the app
  • The video saves to your camera roll, taking up storage space
  • No multi-track editing, 4K exporting, or other features typically associated with apps for video editing

 Wondershare Filmora

Price: Starts at free on mobile | Platforms: iOSAndroidmacOSWindows

Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram: Wondershare FilmoraImage Source

Wondershare Filmora (formerly Wondershare Video Editor) is the perfect option if you want to start with basic video editing functionality with the opportunity to get more advanced as you go. The app is perfect for Instagram but can create audience-ready videos for numerous platforms.

Filmora is available for Windows and Mac computers, whereas the company’s FilmoraGo mobile app is free to download for both iOS and Android devices.

Filmora’s “Easy Mode” strips away the complexity so you can drag and drop video clips, add some music, and produce a finished video in a matter of minutes. The FilmoraGo app has many of these features, plus an Effect Store where you can incorporate preset intros, themes, and transitions into your video creation.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, you’re right: The free version of Wondershare Filmora adds a watermark to your videos that you can only remove through upgrading to their paid service.


  • This app is a powerful option for both beginner and advanced video editors.
  • The desktop version offers multi-track editing and more traditional video editing capabilities.
  • The mobile version includes easy-to-use effects, stickers, and filters.
  • You can layer music and different sounds in the mobile app.
  • Relatively affordable (starting at less than $50 per year for Filmora X, and free for the mobile app) compared to competitors such as Adobe.


  • The desktop apps are not free, but a trial is available.
  • Videos are watermarked with the Wondershare branding unless you upgrade to a premium plan.

 Movavi Business Suite

Movavi Business Suite is a great video editing software for beginners and professionals. It takes just a few minutes to record and edit with this video ad maker. Movavi Business Suite lets you add audio and commentary, include screen recordings, and choose from more than 200 effects and editing tools. It’s a comprehensive media editing platform that lets you create and convert videos, record your screen, and a whole lot more.

Key Features:

  • Built-in image, video, and music libraries
  • Free and paid courses to learn the software
  • No subscription fees; just pay for the lifetime license is one of the top video ad makers with a drag-and-drop interface that’s easy to use and it comes with tons of features that make creating a great video ad a breeze. With’s free plan, you’ll get access to an extensive, royalty-free library of video clips and images, as well as five free videos with a 15-second time limit.

Key Features:

  • Resize videos, add videos and images, and change layouts
  • Add graphics, stickers, watermarks, music, and captions
  • Unlimited social media native shares


FlexClip is one of the best video ad makers because it offers editing tools and resources that are both powerful and easy to use. It offers ad creators the ability to add transitions and filters, as well as changing up video speeds. FlexClip also provides a large media library with photos, videos, and music that you can easily add to your video advertising. FlexClip offers video ad templates you can use if you don’t already have a creative direction in mind.

Key Features:

  • Rich media resources
  • Video ad templates
  • Easy editing and exporting
  • No watermarks for videos under 1 minute that don’t use resources from the stock library

Vimeo Create

The best video editing software for quick social videos.


Platform: BrowserKey features: Templates, stock content, intuitive interfaceFree trial: 30 daysBest for: BeginnersToday’s Best DealsVisit Site

Reasons to buy

+Excellent templates+Lots of stock content

Reasons to avoid

-Limited use cases-Requires membership

Need to make a social media video, but don’t have any experience of doing so? YouTube rival Vimeo offers a paid-for service that helps you do it quickly and easily, without needing any particular skills. Vimeo Create provides a range of pre-prepared templates, so you just drag and drop in your own clips and you’re most of the way there.

If you don’t have your own content, you can also access millions of stock video clips, photos and commercially licensed music tracks for free. It all works in the browser, and the easy interface allows you to produce videos for a variety of aspect ratios for different social platforms, such as square, horizontal and vertical. It’s very basic and aimed at those with no experience or inclination to learn to edit video from scratch, but we found it gets the job done for social media content.

Using Vimeo Create is free, but to save and share your video you’ll have to pay for a Vimeo Pro, Business or Premium membership. For more information, read our Vimeo Create review.

What is the easiest software to edit videos?

If you’re just starting out in the world of video editing, and using a desktop PC or Mac, our top recommendation is Premiere Elements. It’s a simplified version of the more powerful Premiere Pro, so there’s not such a steep learning curve, and it’s cheaper too. Plus unlike most Adobe tools, it’s available for a one-fee rather than a subscription.


Did you know that advertisers and designers rely on video software to convey important messages to their audience? What’s more, some advertise by requiring potential buyers to watch a video before they may contact the makers. From these examples, it’s clear that effective video design serves an important role in advertising.

Whether you are a film or video production company or an advertising agency, you need to hire the best video editing software. You might have just assembled a production team or are still in the process of completing your team members. Now it’s time to find the best editing software for filmmakers or video editors and if you are pressed for time, you can check out this review article here.

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