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Best Web Hosting for WordPress UK

WordPress is the go-to platform for many small businesses in the United Kingdom. That’s great, but don’t forget about your website security. A compromised website can mean a whole lot of business loss and legal problems down the road. To keep your website up and running securely, it’s important to consider a WordPress hosting service. Here are the Best Web Hosting for WordPress UK.

We have reviewed the Best Web Hosting for WordPress UK here. Read our comprehensive review guide to make an informed choice.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress UK

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows website designers and developers to easily create, manage, and publish web pages and blogs. WordPress was created by two software engineers, Matt Drudge and Bryan Lee, in 2009. It is used by millions of people around the world to create websites and blog posts.

The main benefits of using WordPress include the following:

1. WordPress helps website designers and developers to easily create, manage, and publish web pages and blogs.

2. WordPress can be used for both personal and business purposes.

3. The platform is free to use, making it an excellent choice for small businesses or first-time webmasters.

What is the Best WordPress Theme for Your Business?

There are many different WordPress themes available that can be used for different purposes. To find the best theme for your business, you first need to determine what type of business you want to create a website for. If you are creating a website for a personal use, then a more casual or easy-to-use theme like W3 Total Cache or Yoast may be the best option. If you are designing a website for a company, then you will need to choose a more complex or sophisticated theme. Some of the most popular and well-known WordPress themes include WPForms, Jetpack, and Gravity Forms.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress UK

1. Hostinger

Hostinger(opens in new tab) offers ideal web hosting solutions for beginners, for personal websites, small businesses and revenue-generating businesses in different plans and pricing. With Hostinger’s proven success in site performance and speed, the company has rightfully claimed its place as one of the top performing web hosting providers in the UK.

Hostinger dominates the world with its six data centers in four continents and this guarantees worldwide speed, so regardless where your target audience is, your site is covered. The 99.9% uptime guarantee is not an overstatement, as Hostinger takes this matter very seriously, which is, quite frankly, the benchmark of their success. You can expect lightning fast website speed with the lowest latency, not to mention reliability of the servers. 

Hostinger’s data centers are located in the USA, EU, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia, contributing to the speed it offers wherever your target audience may be. Their own cache manager also allows for faster load time so you can ensure your customer doesn’t leave your site while browsing. If you’re running a WordPress site, that’s all the more reason you should choose Hostinger as it is WordPress optimized, boosting its performance. Customizing is also fairly easy with its custom dashboard that’s easy to use. 

2. iPage

iPage Pros:

+ Unlimited storage and bandwidth
+ Free domain name included
+ Over £100 in extras for just £1.50 per month
+ 99.97% average uptime on my test website
+ 24/7 support
+ 1-click installs with plenty of features

iPage Cons:

 Not enough performance for an eCommerce site
 iPage use Vdeck instead of cPanel

You get a whole lot more for your money than you’d think with iPage. This budget web host offers outstanding features for just £1.50 per month, not bad hey? iPage, for me, not only feels like a reliable and affordable web host but also a responsive, user-friendly tool that enables its customers to put together the full package.

For individuals or small businesses that feel overwhelmed with the hosting options available on the market, iPage makes things really simple. They offer one shared hosting plan that provides almost unlimited features like storage space, bandwidth, and emails.

Instead of fumbling around finding the right plan for your website, you can pay just £1.50 per month and get it all from iPage. While they don’t advertise an uptime guarantee, we’ve found they’ve always been very reliable. In fact, I’ve not seen my website’s uptime drop lower than 100% with iPage, meaning it rivals Hostinger and SiteGround.

While iPage’s shared hosting plan isn’t going to suit every website, it’s a really easy choice for personal websites, portfolios, blogs, and small business websites. All the tools you need are available, including a free website builder, free SSL certificate, and free domain name.

3. HostPresto

Best for free migration and Reliable WordPress hosting.

HostPresto is cloud web hosting platform in the UK that is lauded for its affordability and reliability. The hosting provider offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all hosting and managed services that it offers. The best aspect of HostPresto is the free migration. HostPresto’s engineers make sure your switch to this UK-based host is seamless, secure, and not affected by any downtime.


  • Free Migrations
  • UK Hosted and Supported
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Domain flexibility

Verdict: With HostPresto, you get fast and reliable hosting that ensures complete security and high uptime. The hosting service is powered by servers with the latest specs. Along with this, HostPresto also offers round-the-clock support and a 30-day money-back guarantee, thus making it one of the best UK-based hosting services you can approach for your website.


  • Nano: £3/month
  • Mega: £6/month
  • Giga: £10/month
  • Tera: £16/month

4. SiteGround

SiteGround’s superiority comes from its commitment to speed, uptime and support, making it the fastest host in the UK. The company’s servers are built on Google Cloud which accounts for its super fast network, kept secure by Let’s Encrypt SSL. Though SiteGround(opens in new tab) may not be the cheapest web hosting provider, the perks they offer make their plans worth every penny.

Other features of SiteGround include easy site management from popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress, domain management convenience that lets you manage both your domain and your site, and WordPress installation for all the plans. They also offer 24/7 support, 20GB SSD storage, and have a recorded super fast speed in London. 

Higher plans with SiteGround offer higher tiers of features that include a wider range of server resources you can utilize with your site including Git integration, a staging tool to test your website before going live, and dynamic WordPress caching, among others, all crafted to ensure your site reaches its optimum performance. To top it all off, SiteGround hosts your site from their servers in three continents, with data center locations in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, and Singapore. That makes targeting your audience a lot easier. 

5. BlueHost: Best WordPress Hosting (£2.30/Month)

+ Exceeds performance expectations (100% uptime recorded over a 30 day period)
+ Unlimited Bandwidth
+ Free domain name included (nice touch)
+ No hidden charges that you’re not expecting
+ Intuitive UI and control panel
+ Quick live chat responses
+ Free SSL Certificate included

Bluehost Cons:

 There are limits in their T&C’s to ‘unlimited’

There’s no doubting the experience that BlueHost brings to the UK web hosting market. Established in 1996, they host millions of websites across the world.

If you’re set on, or already are hosting a site via WordPress, BlueHost can offer you a great marriage of value and performance (including speed and reliability). Their 24/7 customer support is available should you need any assistance.

Like SiteGround, Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress. This means Bluehost meets stringent WordPress hosting requirements to offer the best WordPress hosting in the UK.

Whilst they are popular for shared hosting, Bluehost also has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. For starters, their managed WordPress plans are 100% worth taking a look at if you’ve got a WordPress website. Important tasks like core updates, plugin updates, etc. are all dealt with by WordPress experts, so you can focus on what really matters.

Bluehost also boasts impressive VPS hosting plans and dedicated hosting. They are flexible in terms of how long you want your hosting term to run and offer a free domain when you sign up.

6. HostGator

Best for hosting growing and stable websites in a secure environment.

Hostgator is suitable for startups and stable online businesses. Every plan includes unmetered bandwidth. You also get access to a free domain name and SSL certificates. The web hosting provider also offers free website transfer. It supports a one-click install of WordPress websites.


  • 1-click WordPress install
  • Free SEO tools
  • Dedicate IP
  • Free SSL certificate

Verdict: HostGator offers a great website hosting package for all types of businesses. You can select a plan based on your website requirements. The web hosting service offers great value for money due to its affordable price and a multitude of features.

Price: £2.04 to £3.89 per month

7. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting(opens in new tab) is one of the most reliable hosting providers with consistently strong server speed. Their VPS servers’ performance is also as highly notable and competitive. To guarantee this, their 99.9% uptime guarantee offers offsetting account credits should there be more downtimes than expected. Scala Hosting also offers a comprehensive and powerful SPanel, Scala Hosting’s alternative to cPanel, made more developer-friendly for easy navigation.

Some of Scala Hosting’s strengths are their approach to security and impressive performance. Their own SPanel locks installation files for security, restricting hacker access to the server to upload malware. Traffic spikes do not become an issue either, as your site’s speed will remain untouched with their impressive connection time. 

Support is also not overlooked and Scala Hosting offers 24/7 chat support to ensure you get all the help you need anytime. Scala Hosting’s plans offer competitive pricing, though renewal fees can go pretty steep. These plans include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, guaranteed resources, a free domain and free SSL, SSD powered servers, SShield Cyber security, and a lot more. 

Other features of Scala Hosting include daily backups that are done remotely, a 1-click installer, free website migration, and the eleven years of progress Scala Hosting has on their hands, currently powering 700,000 websites from over 120 countries. 

8. GoDaddy: Best Small Business Web Host (£2.99/Month)

GoDaddy Pros:

+ 99.9% uptime guarantee (my test website recorded an average uptime of 99.97%)
+ Generous money-back guarantee of 45 days if you’re not satisfied
+ Unlimited bandwidth
+ Plenty of storage even on their cheapest plan (100GB!)
+ High security measures including 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection
+ Smooth customer journey and easy to use interfeace
+ Plans available for Windows and Linux users

GoDaddy Cons:

 Live chat is for sales only (not customer support)
• Watch out for the price increase at renewal

If you’re not sure where to start on your web hosting journey, GoDaddy is a great option. They provide plenty of features to get started, backed up by decent performance statistics, and aren’t too pricey!

I’d highly recommend them for beginners or small businesses looking to make a name for themselves. They make web hosting look easy, and provide an excellent user experience.

Although you might not turn to GoDaddy for superior performance and high-traffic websites, they do offer a wealth of tools and decent servers to get your website experience started on the right foot.

Known for being a domain name registrar, GoDaddy offers domain names from just 1p for the first year! All of their hosting plans include a free domain name and come with unmetered bandwidth so you won’t have to worry if you get sudden traffic spikes.

GoDaddy hosting customers will have access to their simple cPanel interface, over 150 free 1-click install apps, multiple data centers, and on-demand resources.

9. A2 Hosting

Best for website hosting for small and medium-sized companies.

A2Hosting offers a great package for website owners to host their websites. You can select managed VPS, or dedicated hosting plans. Additionally, the web host company also offers reseller hosting services.

You can host Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress websites. The company offers software and hardware optimizations to ensure fast website performance. It also supports tools for custom website and app installation.


  • Unlimited SSD Storage.
  • Unlimited Websites.
  • Shared website hosting.
  • Automatic backups.
  • Supports WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Verdict: A2Hosting is one of the best website hosting providers for UK website owners. The web hosting packages are affordably priced. It is recommended for businesses, e-commerce firms, agencies, and blog owners.

The website hosting platform provides scalable plans that can grow with the requirements of the website. The company claims that its Turbo package provides up to 20 times faster performance than traditional hosting servers.


  • Startup: £1.84 per month
  • Drive: £3.15 per month
  • Turbo Boost: £4.44 per month
  • Turbo Max: £8.88 per month

10. GreenGeeks: Best Eco Web Host (£3/Month)

GreenGeeks Pros

+ Eco-friendly web host fuelled by 300% renewable energy
+ 10 years of hosting experience
+ No hidden fees
+ 99.9% uptime guarantee
+ Free SSL certificate with every hosting plan
+ Free domain registration

GreenGeeks Cons

 Lacking in customer service skills
 Not many currency options

If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, GreenGeeks are your go-to eco-friendly web host. Similar to SiteGround, this web host provides a variety of data center locations for you to choose from. This allows you to choose the closest location to where the majority of your website visitors come from, offering them a faster and better user experience.

Boasting a 99.9% uptime guarantee, green energy isn’t the only thing GreenGeeks is known for. With over a decade in the hosting industry, GreenGeeks are steadily climbing the ladder of popularity, hosting many websites worldwide.

With GreenGeeks, everything is straightforward. There are no hidden fees, you’ll get a free domain and SSL with each hosting plan, and ultimately you’ll feel better for choosing a green web host.

GreenGeeks aren’t for everyone but they certainly strike a nice balance between features and affordability. They’re a great choice if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the eCommerce world but don’t necessarily want to pay through the roof.

How to Use WordPress for Your Business.

Setting up WordPress for your business can be a simple process. First, create a new website and name it after your business. Next, add a few posts to your website’s content area and include the following information:

1. Your business name

2. Your contact information

3. Your business logo

4. Your website address

5. Your business phone number

6. A brief overview of your business

7. How you plan to use WordPress for your business

After adding all of this information, you can begin setting up WordPress for your website by following these steps:

1. Choose the language in which you want to set up WordPress for your site (English or French).

2. Click on the “add post” button to create a post and then enter the following information:

1. Title of the post 2. Description of the post (optional) 3. Email address of reader(s) 4. Website address of reader(s) 5. Phone number or email address of writer(s) 6. When will readers see this post? 7. Category or section where readers can find this post

After setting up WordPress for your website, you can begin using it to serve traffic from your site into other parts of the world! To do this, you need to provide some coding instructions specific to how WordPress should be used in order to serve traffic from different languages into different websites with ease! Additionally, you must also provide instructions on how to properly optimize and design a website so that visitors from all over the world can enjoy it!


WordPress is one of the most popular and well-known website platforms in the world. It’s a versatile platform that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating websites, blogs, and applications. Whether you’re looking for a perfect WordPress theme or to get started with website building, there are plenty of options out there. In this article, we’ll take a look at what WordPress is and how it can be used in your business. By following these steps, you should be able to create an online presence that stands out and enjoys success on the web.

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