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Business Development Tools and Techniques Pdf

Are you looking to find out what Business Development Tools and Techniques are available, and how you can put them into practice? Then this report is for you. From Finance to Marketing, there is a range of Business Development Tools and Techniques available to assist in your business development plan. Refer to the following tools as indicated below:

The Business Development Tools & Techniques will help you to identify new business opportunities for your company, by leveraging the power of your team to generate new lead lists. This is a guide for doing “footwork”, to uncover new groups who are in need of your products or services.


business development semrush

As you’re looking for businesses to potentially partner with, you need a tool to help you identify the best opportunities. SEMRush helps business development teams analyze how popular companies are online by giving you their domain authority. The higher the domain authority, the more popular the company, and stronger their reach.

semrush domain authority

You can also find companies that are linking to the company you searched to help you find even more opportunities in your niche. If you’re looking for a tool that gives you more insights into the companies you’re reaching out to, this is the tool for you.


business development instapage

InstaPage is the best tool for creating personalized landing pages. For example, let’s say that you work for a tech company whose product can work for all industries. Instead of sending a potential client or business partner the link to your generic home page, you can create a personalized landing page targeted to their industry.

So, if you’re reaching out to a client that works in real estate, you can create a landing page custom to the real estate business. This helps the potential business partner understand your product better if you’re speaking their language.READ  New Product Launch? Here Are 8 Steps You Need to Take

InstaPage also has heatmaps that identify where users are clicking and scrolling the most on your landing page so you can continue to make improvements for optimal conversions.

If you’re not convinced, InstaPage touts that personalized landing pages can help increase conversions by up to 400%.


business development fiverr

Fiverr is a great tool for delegating some of your work to focus on what matters most – business development. The last thing you want is to get lost in all the recurring small tasks that you don’t have time to focus on getting new deals that could move the company forward. With Fiverr you’re able to find freelancers in just about everything.

fiverr screenshot

Whether it’s help with email marketing, web design, or public relations, you’ll be able to find someone to help you. The best thing about Fiverr is they’re unique approach to freelancing. Instead of posting a job and receiving bids, with Fiverr you’re able to browse the site similarly to the way you shop. The freelancers sell themselves to you instead of the other way around.


business development AWeber

All business development teams need a powerful email tool that will help them with their outreach. AWeber is a powerful email marketing tool where you can send out different email campaigns and schedule an automated sequence. You can tag the different emails based on clicks and open rates to help you segment your prospecting lists, which will help you drill down to those most interested.

The best thing about AWeber is just how simple it is to use. They have advanced features like A/B testing and drip campaigns, but they have designed the software in a way that’s intuitive and easy to use.


By now you’ve probably heard of OptinMonster. But if you haven’t then you’re likely missing out. OptinMonster is one of the best ways to find new leads. It integrates with every major CRM and email marketing platform and makes capturing, sharing, and managing leads very simple. Among its features, OptinMonster offers page-level targeting, exit-intent technology, onsite retargeting, and lead sharing.


When it comes to marketing and getting your pitch just right, Act-On is one of the best options available. This marketing automation tool allows you to give your marketing campaigns the boost they need to stand out. Act-On helps with inbound and outbound marketing, increases the effectiveness of your sales, and provides dependable ROI data.


This handy tool is not only great for creating effective, eye-catching websites and content, but also the right content for increasing sales. Unbounce software allows you to build dedicated landing pages that help drive more leads and conversions via pay-per-click campaigns. The software also helps you create sticky bars and creative popups the have a proven high conversion rate.


If you’re looking for new leads what do you do? You head to the Internet and start searching. But searching aimlessly rarely gets you anywhere. You have to be smarter than that. That’s where AeroLeads can help. This tool comes with a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to search AngelList, LinkedIn, and other online networks for the right leads. Add those leads to your account and AeroLeads will locate and display their contact information, including business email addresses. Just create your email and hit send.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn usually comes in as the number one social network for agencies looking to acquire new clients. If LinkedIn is a part of your social media mix, then you can’t go without their own Sales Navigator.

This helpful tool is good for both sales teams and individual sales reps. For organizations that want to build stronger relationships with their clients by unlocking company networks with enterprise LinkedIn features, Sales Navigator is perfect. It’s also very effective for individuals looking for ways to tap into LinkedIn’s network to find new leads and get more deals.


Another great tool to help you find more quality leads is Hoovers. Hoovers helps you search less and sell more. Hoovers provides powerful search and list-building capabilities. You get immediate alerts and detailed profiles of the potential leads. Stop chasing random leads and get focused on the leads that are more likely to become conversions.


provide you with proven, powerful business development tools and techniques to take your business to the next level. By knowing how to sell yourself, your business, and your ideas you can more easily meet your goals.

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