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Valuation Software For Small Business

Business valuation software. Business valuation process. Automated business valuation. This software can help you easily do the procedure of business valuation; it only needs the data you input, then it will automatically generate reports about your business. You can see your company’s current status or possible trend in the future through the analysis, this will help you know whether there is much potential for development of your company in the future, so as to decide if any changes should be made in it.

In today’s time, you can see a lot of small businesses starting up in your neighborhood. In the world of technology, small business owners think it’s a great idea to have automated business valuation software. These business valuation calculator reduce the workload significantly while making sure that they get the real value. So here, we’ll try to discuss this topic in detail.


CalcXML has been providing a wide range of financial tools to small businesses for a while now. And the company’s valuation calculator is a tried-and-tested model.

It’s a simple tool designed to give potential buyers a quick snapshot. It takes all of the basics into consideration, including: annual earnings, excess compensation and level of business risk. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes.


ValuAdder gives you comprehensive business valuation under the three standard approaches—AssetIncome, and Market—using well-known valuation methods:

  • Capitalized Earnings. Calculate business value based on the earnings estimate and capitalization rate.
  • Capitalized Excess Earnings. Use the classical Treasury Method to calculate the value of business goodwill and total business value.
  • Discounted Cash Flow. Determine the value of any business based on its earning power and risk.
  • Market Comps. Price the business quickly and accurately using comparable business sales by industry. Calculate the business price range, average, and median values.
  • Multiple of Discretionary Earnings. Create a comprehensive business appraisal based on business earnings and a set of key financial and operational value drivers.
  • Net Present Value. See if a business investment makes sound financial sense.


Eqvista is one of the leading cap table management software and business valuation providers. They perform high-quality business valuations for clients at a price they can afford. While evaluating a company, you can use different kinds of small business valuation methods. Using Eqvista’s business valuation calculator, you can get an idea about the worth of your business.


EquityNet is one of the globe’s leading pioneers in crowdfunding. Established in 2005, the platform works to connect thousands of entrepreneurs with investors of all shapes and size — and has already helped start-ups across the globe raise hundreds of millions in equity, debt and royalty-based capital.

As part of that mission, EquityNet provides a valuation calculator backed by real market data gathered from over 3,000 business across North America. That enables you to weigh the value of a business against potential competitors — which is a factor some analysts often overlook.

EquitNet also provides free calculators to work out a company’s profit margin, cash flow and startup risk.


Another reputed online support service that empowers business owners to connect with potential buyers is ExitAdviser. ExitAdviser is home to a rapid business valuation calculator intended to give potential buyers quick quotes in line with that service. To get an evaluation, buyers need to enter net profit from the most recent financial year of the company and forecast its sales growth. There are plenty of more advanced input options to help generate more accurate valuations.


Like most free valuation calculators, BizEx hosts a platform based upon the ‘Multiple of Earnings’ method. But their calculator is far more advanced than most of the free models you’ll find kicking about on other sites.

By including an in-depth breakdown of a company’s discretionary and multiple earnings, you’re able to create instant valuation ranges depending upon a range of variables. Afterwards, you’re given the option to talk these numbers over with a broker if you’re so inclined.


MoneySoft provides a software solution to perform automatic business valuation. The software performs a business valuation using the three common methods: book value method, the DCF method, and the valuation multiples method. Based on the results a very comprehensive valuation report is built. The report includes all the necessary information for interpreting the results as well as general information about the used methods and business valuation.  A sample valuation report can also be found.  MoneySoft costs $795/year.

Digital Exits

Finding the most accurate value of your business requires going through a lot of data. Digital Exits has analyzed 82 different industries to give business owners a more accurate estimate for what you can expect to earn, based on their specific business.

The data the company provides will give you a better understanding of where your business sits so you can better gauge the market.

Hadley Capital

Hadley Capital’s business valuation calculator is somewhat different in that it utilizes a multiple of EBITDA to prepare the Enterprise Value of your business. A small business will typically trade for around three or four times its normalized EBITDA. That being said, the multiple will slide dramatically based upon a variety of characteristics specific to your business. This calculator sensibly emphasizes your annual EBITDA, annual capital expenditures, and how much of your revenue comes from top customers.


Smergers is a financial advisory company that provides also free business calculators for SME owners. The more comprehensive valuation is provided only per request, and can be requested via a contact form on their website.

MassMutual Financial Group

MassMutual is an all-encompassing insurance provider that represents over 13 million clients across the globe. Consequently, the company values user experience far more than some of the industry’s smaller websites. Its business value calculator is no exception.

This user-friendly calculator very clearly and concisely walks you through every step of the valuation process in order to work out a decent estimate in as little as two minutes.

American River Bank

The discounted cash flow method is used by the American River Bank business valuation calculator to determine the value of the business. According to the bank, this method is more appropriate as the future operating conditions and cash flows are variable or not projected in this method. So, in case you are searching for a business valuation method with such situations, go for the American River Bank valuation calculator. 


Bizpricer is a valuation solutions provider for either a business owner looking to sell their company at fair market value or a buyer looking for good acquisitions. The valuation is based on the Available Cash Flow method.


HelpSME is a great resource for small businesses in need of tutorials and advice. That’s why the site offers an easy-to-use valuation calculator using the Net Present Value (NPV) method. This approach uses a company’s future cash flows to try and work out how much it’s worth in the here and now.

HelpSME’s calculator also includes useful guides designed to help you wrap your head around the value provided.

National Life

National Life is an all-encompassing collection of financial services companies. Its online valuation calculator draws upon that power to produce relatively well-informed market estimates. National Life’s calculator finds the company’s worth by studying the present value of its expected future earnings. It puts particular consideration on a lack of marketability and excess compensation of the company.

There are many brilliant valuation calculators online that you can use to generate a snapshot of how much a business may be worth. One thing you should keep in mind is these free business valuation calculators aren’t always accurate. It’s up to you to do your homework to make sure that you have put in or accepted the best possible offer for an existing company.

Now that you know the top 9 Business Valuation Calculators You Can Try in 2021, it would be best to choose one per your needs. Before opting for any one of the business valuation calculators, it is important that you perform a little R&D yourself. This will assist you to have more knowledge about your business value and choose an option that best suits you. Now Do not wait much and Go ahead, choose the perfect business valuation calculator for your business Now!


Small business owners want their business to stay in the family, but that can prove a difficult proposition when a family member dies. A business valuation software can be of great help in this situation. By conducting a free business valuation evaluation, you can have a localized competitive advantage for selling your interest or pass it on to your heirs upon death.

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