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Can You Convert a PDF to Word Document

PDFs have become the standard file format for sharing documents in business but have proven hard to use as you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access and edit them. If you are looking for a better way to work with PDF documents on your PC, a perfect solution is converting a PDF to Word document. It’s more convenient and productive to edit them in the native Word environment.

Can you convert a PDF to Word Document? Converting a PDF file to Word may sound like an impossible task. However, it’s actually easier than you think. iSkysoft PDF Converter is one of the best ways for you to batch convert your PDF files to editable Word documents with ease.

You really need a PDF to Word Converter if you do not have a word document, and you have to edit a PDF file. There are a lot of reasons we have to convert a PDF file to Word document. Sometimes people build a document in a hurry, which contains many errors. They devote hours upon hours to find and fix them. But sometimes, it is not possible at all.

Convert your PDF to a Word document to edit it, print it or convert it to another format. There are several ways of converting a PDF to a Word file but many of them are not safe and might damage your document. If you want to know how you can convert a PDF easily, we will show you some free and easy ways. Find out which one is the best for you in this article.

How To Make a PDF Editable Online

Learn how to convert a PDF file into an editable format or edit it using PDFSimpli’s powerful toolset. It’s an easy way to make a PDF editable.

Part of the value of PDF files is that they aren’t editable. This can be helpful for sharing. However, sometimes you need to make changes or additions to your PDF and don’t want to go through the process of creating it again. PDFSimpli can help.

Using PDFSimpli’s PDF editing tools, you can edit your PDF file online quickly, easily and for free. Alternatively, you can use our document converter to create an editable file instead.

Below is our guide on how to edit and convert PDFs. However, PDFSimpli is so simple, all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.

How To Edit a PDF Online

  1. Go to the PDFSimpli homepage.
  2. Select “Edit PDF” or “Select a PDF To Edit” then choose your PDF file.
  3. In the editor window, make the changes you want. You can add text, add images, rotate the document and more.
  4. When you are finished, select “Download As” then “Download PDF.”
How to Make PDF Editable
Learn How to Make a PDF Editable

How To Make a PDF Editable Free

Converting a PDF into an editable file format is easy using PDFSimpli. Better yet, you can use the tool completely for free.

  1. Go to the PDFSimpli homepage.
  2. Select “Select a PDF To Edit” then choose your PDF file.
  3. In the editor window, make the changes you want.
  4. When you are finished, select “Convert.”
  5. Finally, download the file as the format you want. For example, you could download it as a Word document.

How To Make a PDF Editable on Mac or Windows

PDFSimpli is all online and in your browser. So, you can use it on any device including Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows. With an account, you can also save your work and open it on another device. It is a flexible and powerful toolset for editing and converting documents.

How To Make a PDF Editable in InDesign

When you create a document using Adobe InDesign, you can save it as a PDF. If you then open it with Acrobat, another Adobe product, you can make it editable. However, if you can’t make it editable or convert a PDF into an editable format easily using InDesign.

The better solution is to use PDFSimpli. With our powerful tools, you can create a variety of useful file formats from PDF files. You can also natively edit your PDFs.

Start Using PDFSimpli

Editing PDFs has never been simpler. Just open PDFSimpli today and edit or convert your PDF.

Adobe’s PDF standard is handy whenever you need to distribute some information and be sure that it’s seen the same way by all recipients. But PDF files are also infamously tough to edit.

Unless you’ve paid for Adobe Acrobat (the full version, not just the Reader), you’ll have to look for a specific tool to edit the text of PDFs. Many of these are available on various platforms, but for an easy and free method that works across all kinds of desktops and mobile devices, you can use Google Docs.

If you have your PDF file ready, open in any browser and log in with your Google account. It’s possible to go through this process on mobile with a phone browser, so long as you do it in “desktop view,” but it’s going to be somewhat difficult—get to a full laptop or desktop PC if you can.

Upload your PDF file from your local files by clicking the blue “NEW” button on the left, then “File upload.” Select your PDF and wait for it to upload to Google’s server.

Once the file is in your drive, right-click or long-tap the item in Drive’s main view. Select “Open Open with,” then click “Google Docs.” The PDF document will open in a new browser tab in the Google Docs interface.

From here you can edit any of the text in the PDF document as if it were a standard word processor file. some of the formattings may be a bit off thanks to Docs’ interpretation of the images and spacing in the PDF file, but all of the formatted text should be visible and editable—if it’s a larger file, Docs will even create an automatic outline separated into pages.

You can edit any of the text in this window and save your work online in Google Docs for later. If you’d rather have a standard document file for an offline word processor, click “File,” then “Download as.” Here you can choose from Docx, ODT, TXT, RTF, and other formats, so you can open them in Microsoft Office (or your word processor of choice).

Click on the one you want, and it will immediately be downloaded to your default desktop or phone folder. That’s it! You now have a saved, editable copy of your original PDF, compatible with any word processor.


You can’t just open and edit a PDF file right away. There’s a reason it wasn’t straightforward to edit a PDF on a Mac, on PC, or on mobile for a long time. They weren’t designed that way back in the 90s, when the intention was to realize the dream of a paperless office. Nowadays, you can edit PDFs and edit PDFs for free. 🤓

It’s easy to make a PDF form that is editable. If you need to do that, or to change the structure, format, or other big ticket items in a PDF, read our first how-to now. If you need to fill out a PDF, we have your answers in our second how-to.

Make a PDF Editable

  1. Choose the right Smallpdf PDF converter to Word, PPT, or Excel for your needs.
  2. Drop your PDF into the converter.
  3. Save your converted file on your computer and open in your chosen format (Word, PPT, or Excel).
  4. Make your edits.
  5. Use the relevant Smallpdf converter to change it back to PDF. All done!

How to Fill Out an Editable PDF

  1. Drag and drop the PDF you want to fill out into our free Smallpdf PDF Editor tool.
  2. Fill out the PDF by clicking where you want to type answers.
  3. You can also draw, annotate, type on, write on, or make highlights using the Edit Tool.
  4. Save and download your edited PDF!

How to Edit a PDF on a Mac

Using the second process above and our PDF converter, allows you to easily edit PDFs on a Mac. Mac does not have built-in software for converting PDF into alternative formats, which is why you might especially want to use our free online PDF converter tool to edit PDFs on a Mac. So far as I know, Windows and other operating systems do not have this built-in functionality either.

In order to convert PDFs to a different format for making larger changes, use our Smallpdf converter tool:

  1. Depending on whether you want to edit your file as a Word doc, PPT, or Excel workbook, for example, choose the relevant Smallpdf converter tool to change the file into that.
  2. Drag your PDF into the tool.
  3. Save your newly changed file to your computer and open it with the appropriate program or app.
  4. Edit and change as much or as little as you want in your file.
  5. Use the right Smallpdf converter to reverse the process and make your file a PDF again. Job done!

Why make a PDF editable?

So, then, why go through the trouble of making a PDF editable in the first place? There are plenty of reasons to make a PDF editable. For one thing, if a PDF online is not editable, then the text itself can’t be highlighted. You can still highlight free-hand, and our editor is amazing at that, but you may want to highlight the text itself for another reason. If your PDF is not editable and if you want to take notes from your highlights on a document—if you’re a student, an academic, a lawyer, a doctor, a person in the world— you can’t copy and paste text out of the document. So you can’t compile your notes. Once, you change your PDF into an editable PDF, grouping and organizing those notes becomes the easiest thing imaginable.

Fillable PDFs are Useful for Businesses

At the same time, if it’s editable, people can fill the PDF out with information and return it to you. Making a PDF editable automatically means it’s easy to make a PDF fillable. And having a fillable PDF means sharing a pdf form filler—like Smallpdf’s edit tool—is easy. Plus, our Edit Tool, the PDF filler, is free. If you’re running a business and you need people to turn around forms quickly, this is important. It could be as simple as their preferences for a fundraiser dinner you’re catering, it could be permission for a child to join a school trip, or it could be details about some work on a house that you, a contractor, are trying to win. In all of these cases, you want to make it easy for people to return filled-in PDFs to you. You want filling in PDFs to be easy and free for your customers. And we specialize in making all things PDF easy.


A pdf file looks professional and it’s secure. However, sometimes people have to hand out or share their pdf files to someone else. Such as landlord to a tenant, or booking voucher for a travel agency. There are many time where you have no choice but convert pdf documents to a word files, so that the recipient can edit and change the text.

Converting PDFs in Word files is a time consuming task for you. With this PDF to Word Converter application you can easily convert PDF to Word format file and thus save your precious time. Just download it and check out how many conversions can be done in a few minutes. It will definitely meet all your needs and you will enjoy using it.

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