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Car rental software is a specialized software that provides key features and functionalities to manage car rentals and hotel stays. The software also allows small businesses to manage inventory, track quotes, monitor reservations while also integrating with other systems such as accounting and CRM. Read on to learn about how you can find the best car rental software for your business.

Car rental software allows you to run your car rental business with ease. This car rental software for small businesses can save money and time. Learn about best practices in using car rental software for your small business. Learn about the best sizes for font, font style and layout, as well as pricing information on different car rental software programs.

Car Rental Software Small Business is typically the most widely used by of the business. It is a simple way to manage all information concerning clients, suppliers and employees.  So, if you are thinking about developing car rental software for small businesses, you need to hire a good software development company and develop a web-based application using this software. Are you in the market to upgrade your car rental software? Car rental software for small businesses is not just a luxury, it is vital for companies with the potential to scale their business overseas. We have compiled some key features that you need to look for when buying car rental software for small businesses. Car rental software small business is another significant division of car rental software. It can assist to process the transactions for the company. Car rental software has become a necessity for car rental companies. Accessing different modules on online or in offline mode makes it user-friendly software. It is integrated with different ERP systems and comes with impressive features including inventory management, easy customer management, reservations, a vehicle tracking system and much more.

Car rental software is the newest trend in car rental industry. The advanced technology and the modern internet world has brought disruptions in every business. Software for travel and tourism companies are now becoming popular. Here are the latest trends that can help you earn good money with car rental software. Small business car rental software allows businesses to manage customers, employees and vehicles within a centralized server. Flexibility is the biggest advantage of car rental software. Additionally, software used by car rental businesses can be customized to include features that are specifically needed. Car Rental Software helps you manage your car rental agency’s daily operations. Create quotes and invoices, track customers and vehicles, manage inventory, and communicate with customers by mail, email or SMS. Software issues can be catastrophic for your small business, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The best car rental software helps keep these issues from getting out of hand.

Cloud-based car rental business software

Cloud-based car rental business software is a fantastic option for you if you are searching for an easy-to-use, flexible program that will allow your small business to grow quickly. With the cloud, you can access your data from any device and use the software on any device. If you need to add or remove users as your company grows, it’s simple to do so. There’s no need to worry about setting up an IT infrastructure—the cloud provider takes care of all of that!

The best part? Cloud-based systems are easy and intuitive; they don’t require extensive training or technical expertise. In fact, many people find that once they get started with their first project in a few minutes! The user interface (UI) is well laid out and very user friendly so even those with little experience using computers should be able to navigate easily through the system without getting frustrated by confusing menus or dropdown options that seem unnecessary at first glance but later turn out to be crucial pieces needed when completing tasks related directly with their jobs (or hobbies!).

Mobile-optimized reservation website

A mobile-optimized reservation website is a perfect solution for small business owners or startups who are looking to launch a website and need it quickly. As opposed to creating an entirely new site, you can easily convert your current site into a mobile-friendly, responsive one. This will save you time and money while improving the usability of your site across multiple devices with minimal effort on your part.

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Online reservation system

An online reservation system is a must-have for any car rental business. With an online booking platform, customers can make reservations with ease. This way, you can avoid the frustration and stress of overbooking your vehicles—and it’s much easier to check in on the status of each reservation in real-time.

In addition to using an online reservation system to manage customer bookings, you’ll also be able to track important data like customer demographics and vehicle availability.

Vehicle maintenance management

There are many ways to use vehicle maintenance management software as a small business. This includes keeping track of vehicle inspections, tracking maintenance costs, tracking mileage, and more. Vehicle service companies can also use this type of software to help them manage their fleet vehicles.

One thing that you may notice is the difference between how each term is used throughout the industry:

  • Vehicle servicing refers to routine maintenance services such as oil changes or tire rotations. You might ask your mechanic what they do during their “vehicle servicing” appointment every six months or so if it’s not something obvious like an oil change.
  • Vehicle servicing costs refer specifically to how much money it costs for each individual repair job done on your car over time (e.g., $200). For example, if there were two different repairs done over ten years (20 total years), then that twenty-year would be divided by 10 because there were 20 total years times two repairs which equal 40 individual repair jobs per decade divided by 10 decades equals 4 whole cars worth of work completed within each decade with no additional fees outside those required by law imposed upon any person who does not complete these tasks themselves simply because they cannot afford them either due lack knowledge skillsets necessary abilities required tools needed equipment necessary tools needed manpower needed space available facilities available accessibility time availability budgeting constraints

QuickBooks integration

  • Import data from QuickBooks into USave Auto Rental.
  • Export data from USave Auto Rental into QuickBooks.
  • Use USave Auto Rental to create invoices, bills, and reports.

Credit card processing

You can accept payments in person, over the phone, via email or social media—you name it. With our flexible payment processing options, you can provide your customers with payment options that suit them best.

We offer a variety of credit cards for you to use—MasterCard and American Express are just two examples. You’ll be able to process Visa cards as well as other types of debit and prepaid cards including those from JCB and Diners Club International (DCI).

Business intelligence tools.

Business intelligence tools are the most powerful way to understand your business. In this section, we’ll explain why you need them and how you can use them effectively.

The first step is understanding that there are many different types of business intelligence tools available; some are more appropriate for certain situations than others. For example, if your company has multiple locations or distributorships it makes sense to use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to interacting with customers and making decisions about how best to serve their needs.

A popular example of a CRM system is Salesforce—though there are others out there too! A closer look at what these systems do shows just how useful they can be: they help users track interactions with customers in real-time while also allowing them to analyze past trends in order to determine where best to spend their time moving forward. This gives businesses an edge over competitors because now everyone working within each department knows exactly how effective their campaigns were last month vs this month vs last year–and when problems arise they’re able–not only immediately address any issues but also to adjust future plans accordingly!

Referral tracking.

Referral tracking is one of the most useful features for any small business in the car rental industry. If you want to make sure that your customers are getting the best rates and experiences possible when renting from your company, then this feature will be very helpful in doing so.

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This is because it helps you track all of the people who referred a customer to you, so that you can see who has been referring your business and do something special for them if they have been consistently sending good customers to yours.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools. CRM software is a must for any car rental business, no matter how big or small it may be. These tools help you keep track of customer data, manage customer relationships and activities on your website, generate reports and so much more. Some of the most popular CRMs in this category include HubSpot, Zoho CRM and Salesforce.

USave Auto Rental has a range of features to help you automate your small business operations.

The USave Auto Rental system is designed to work with your existing accounting and inventory management software. You can easily integrate it into your existing systems, allowing you to track your business from end to end.

You’ll also have access to a range of features that will help you automate your small business operations.


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RentWorks from Bluebird Auto Rental Systems provides feature-rich software, more than 100 report options, and specialty add-on modules for easy customization.


  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Ample support
  • Drag-and-drop interface


  • No free trial
  • Can be difficult to find reports due to the quantity

This RMS is designed for rental agencies that need advanced functionality to support corporate customers or handle high volumes. RentWorks offers comprehensive software to create custom workflows, automate fleet management, and improve your reservation speed. With multiple ways to configure your software, like adding modules for texting customers or processing credit cards, RentWorks stands out for its advanced features. 

RentWorks offers cloud-based software for all devices, including desktops as well as native iOS and Android apps. Regardless of how you access the software, you get advanced features such as:

  • More than 140 possible integrations, including brokers like Expedia and Bookmyride
  • Res Planner uses drag-and-drop technology so agents can quickly assign vehicles
  • Corporate customer database that’s searchable by company, number, or authorized driver name
  • Over 100 reporting options for fleet, management, and exception reports
  • Allows multiple split billing options for insurance companies and customers
  • Can link to your cash drawer or point of sale (POS) devices
  • Helps you manage parking tickets and toll fees

Add-on modules provide extra support to your rental business and give you access to more features in areas like:

  • Accounting and dealership integrations
  • Credit card processing
  • Signature pads
  • Accident claims manager
  • SnapShell driver license scanner
  • Equifax credit reporting
  • Erez for website integrations
  • RentWorks texting

RentWorks does not share prices online. You must contact sales and set up a demo to learn more about the pricing for your needs and situation.

You’ll find a list of updates and quick reference guides on the RentWorks website. And you can call or email customer service for further assistance.

Best for Small Businesses RentGuruz

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The RentGuruz platform provides a user-friendly dashboard with one-click access to all the basic tools needed to run your business.


  • Day free trial
  • Simple user interface
  • Stores customer flight data


  • Will need the training to learn how to use all features
  • No telephone customer support

The RentGuruz cloud-based auto lease and rental software allow business owners to use one system to manage fleet inventory, customers, and new reservations. Its simple interface and multiple integrations are perfect for small locations where staff members need to perform various job duties. 

With RentGuruz, you don’t need to pay more to access enterprise-level features. Instead, your monthly subscriptions provide full functionality so you can handle all your small business rental needs from one dashboard. The cloud software and mobile apps for iOS and Android phones offers:

  • One-click organizer module to quickly connect reservations to vehicles
  • Integrated calendar with reminders and a task list
  • More than 20 reporting options available to export via Microsoft Excel or PDF
  • Define vehicle maintenance schedules and get alerts
  • Book rentals via the web, phone, email, or walk-in
  • Invoicing options for customers, insurance, and third parties
  • Store customer insurance or trip data, like hotel or flight information
  • Track damages, expenses, and insurance for each car
  • Get pre-authorization, deposits, or credit card payments online
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RentGuruz provides four rental software plans that only differ by a number of cars, locations, and users. The service is the same for each plan. When selecting your plan, you can add payment gateways or a reservation plugin. You must speak with a sales representative to learn the prices. Plans include:

  • Silver: For up to 100 cars, two locations, and two users
  • Gold: For up to 200 vehicles, five locations, and five users
  • Platinum: For up to 400 cars, 10 locations, and 10 users
  • Diamond: For over 400 cars with unlimited users and locations

Once you sign up for services, you can access training videos on-demand or schedule a paid training session. You can reach customer support via email or by submitting a support ticket.

Best for Limos Limo Anywhere

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Get limo dispatch management and driver tracking tools to manage and grow your limousine company.


  • Unlimited users and drivers
  • Chat support from 7 am to 7pm
  • Driver and customer mobile apps


  • Initial setup may require extra assistance

Limo providers require special applications that help business owners communicate with drivers and ensure timely airport pickups. With real-time tracking, best-in-class mobile booking, and branded applications, Limo Anywhere is the best choice for limousine rental businesses.

Take advantage of Limo Anywhere’s dispatch, booking, reservation, and scheduling management system by using it to:

  • Track customer flights in real time
  • Process credit card payments via payment gateway integrations
  • Customize your customer-facing mobile apps with brand logo and more
  • Dispatch and oversee limo services, including accounting, billing, and driver payroll
  • Improve customer experiences with a three-step booking process for customers
  • Send trips to drivers, view driver locations, and allow them to take payments in the limo

Limo Anywhere offers five monthly subscription plans. You will pay an upfront fee of $299 to set up your service. Certain features, like texting or branded customer apps, require additional monthly fees. The monthly packages consist of:

  • Starter: $89 per month for up to 150 trips
  • Standard: $109 per month for up to 450 trips
  • Pro: $129 per month for up to 750 trips
  • Ultimate: $189 per month for up to 1,500 trips
  • Enterprise I: $239 per month for up to 2,250 trips
  • Enterprise II: $379 per month for up to 4,500 trips
  • Enterprise III: $659 per month for up to 9,000 trips
  • Enterprise IV: $999 per month for up to 15,000 trips

Along with a good-size knowledge base, you can chat with customer support on Meta Messenger or send an email.

What Does Car Rental Software Cost?

Car rental management software varies by provider, with many using a subscription-based model where you pay per car. However, some services like RentWorks charge per opened contract, whereas Limo Anywhere charges a monthly fee according to the number of limo trips in that month. Price ranges include: 

  • One-time costs: Setup fees are one-time charges and range from $299 to $1,299
  • Per vehicle plans: You’ll pay $1.85 to $9 per car each month
  • Annual pricing: Pay $99 to $199 for plans with only annual packages


Car rental software program is important for small and large businesses. Car rental software free download can help you to track daily business, manage all customer information, manage the price of renting cars, convenient to buy insurance when renting car, easy to apply tax and so on. If you want to know more about car rental software pricing or other functions of car rental software programs. Please read this article on car rental software free download.

Car Rental Software is specifically designed to improve your business in all areas. Whether you’re starting out or want to improve, car rental software helps you streamline processes, increase profitability, and keep track of important information. Car Rental Software Small Business is the perfect solution for your growing business. An online software designed to organize car rentals, it tracks clients and vehicles, manages each rental transaction with a quick customer checkout, and provides several reports to track activity and profitability.

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