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Replace Color with Transparency Online

If you are looking for info on how to replace color, change color, or recolor images online for free, here are some useful tips. You can download my top 10 free online tools for image replacing in this article. With these free online replacements, you can replace or upgrade your broken pictures, fix pictures, or photos that have multiple colors in just one click. There are many reasons why changing the color of an image in photoshop is important. The color, the hue and the hues, have always been a topic of discussion ever since our ancestors first started to paint their cave walls. For example, in the ancient times when people would paint their cave walls using twigs and charcoal as backgrounds, they would create patterns by mixing red with yellow. However, when people started painting on paper, it became easier for them to use colors more precisely and create more subtle colors than before without having to wait for those pure-red-yellow-purple-etc. mixes to dry.

The most common reason being is that you have a black and white picture in the background of your desktop with no dark shades in it and you want to make the gray shades range wider instead of leaving them blank. There are several advantages to using these algorithms for this purpose, like if you wanted all of your pictures


In the world of photo editing, Photoshop is king. It’s a powerful tool that can let you transform any image into something completely different. Whether you need to remove pesky acne or add some extra pizzazz to your photos, Photoshop has got you covered. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can do with this software:-Remove unwanted details from photographs-Create surreal effects-Make your images look more professional-Add text and graphics

Photoshop is a widely used image editing software that helps you to create professional looking photos. It has a wide range of features that allow you to edit photos, logos, and text. Photoshop also has tools that allow you to create effects such as blurs, distortions, and highlights. You can also use Photoshop to make your photos look more authentic by adding elements of vintage photographs or artwork.

Photoshop’s Replace Color adjustment is a quick and efficient way to swap one color for another.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly change the red design of the skateboard and turn it into a vivid lime green design.

Step 1

Start by going to Image > Adjustments > Replace Color. Tap in the image to select the color to replace — I always begin with the purest part of the color. Fuzziness sets the tolerance of the Replace Color mask. Set the hue you’re changing to with the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness sliders.

Step 2

Next, choose the eyedropper with the plus sign to add to the selection. Tap on any remaining red areas to change them to green. (If you accidentally click in a spot you don’t want to change, hit command/control-Z to undo.)

Step 3

When you’re finished selecting all the red that needs to be changed, hit the OK button. Save under a different name (green_skateboard.psd) to keep both the red original skateboard and the replaced color boards.

Want to learn more quick photoshop tricks like this one? Head on over to KelbyOne where you can find classes on anything from blending to mastering selections to advanced compositing and more. 


One of the best online photo editors, Lunapic doesn’t disappoint when it comes to doing the job of replacing colors in images. It lets you pick the target color by clicking on it in the image, which makes the overall task easy. Once the final image generates, you can then adjust the threshold of the color. So for that, you can use this website to change the eye color.

To change the color of an image using Lunapic, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Lunapic website.

Step 2: Click on Upload and choose your file on the next screen.

Replace Color Of Image Online 1
Replace Color Of Image Online 2

Step 3: Once you add an image, click on Adjust in the top toolbar followed by Replace color.

Step 4: Choose the color that you want to add to your image from the color palette box next to New Color.

Step 5: On the image, click on the color that you want to replace by the color selected in step 4.

Step 6: You will get your image with the changed color. In case you want to adjust the threshold of the color, use the slider at the top. Finally, click on Apply color.

Step 7: Use the Save button at the bottom to download the image on your PC.

If you want to play more with color replacement, Lunapic provides additional features such as color tint, color spots, and color box. You will find all of them under Adjust.


  • Easy to use
  • Color selection available
  • Additional features such as color box and color tint


Pixlr is a free online photo editor that lets you easily edit and share photos with friends. You can use Pixlr to add text, filters, and stickers to your photos, or to create collages or montages. You can also adjust the tone, brightness, and color of your images.Pixlr is easy to use and free, making it a great option if you want to quickly edit your photos without spending a lot of time on each one. Plus, it’s compatible with most social media platforms so you can easily share your photos with friends. Pixlr is a photo editor software that allows users to easily edit and share photos with friends. The software is available for both PC and Mac and includes tools for cropping, applying filters, and annotating photos. There are also tools for saving photos in a variety of formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, and TIFF. Pixlr is free to download and use, with various features available as paid add-ons.

Pixlr is a well-known online image editor with an image color replacement tool. Unlike the above two tools, it lets you paint and replace color intelligently. Using this online color replacement tool is simple. Begin with loading your photo. Now, select the Color Replacement Tool from the toolbar on the left. The next step is to select the color with which you want the original color to be replaced. The color replacement tool is actually a brush that you can run over the area of which you want to replace color. What makes this tool interesting is that it intelligently detects borders and replaces colors of desired parts only. From the Brush panel at the top, you can even select the brush type and brush size of a color replacement tool.

Pixlr can be a good tool for a color replacement online as it lets you manually replace colors, and you can reach small areas as well. You can also carry out different image editing before saving your photo.


Unlike the websites mentioned above that allow you to change a single color, the Many Tools website lets you change the color tone of the entire picture. It’s a simple website where you need to upload the image and select the color. You can test different colors before saving the final image. Also, you get the ability to change the contrast of the picture.

Here’s how to change the color:

Step 1: Launch the Many Tools website.

Step 2: Click on Choose File to select the image.

Step 3: Scroll down and select the color to apply. You can adjust contrast and choose from Duotone, Multiple, and Screen modes.

Step 4: Click on Download to save the final image.


  • Colors look real in the final image


  • Cannot select a color


Unrecognizable coder using modern smartphone while sitting at office desk and working on ambitious start-up project, close-up shot

IMGonline is an image color replacement tool that lets you replace a color in image with another color. After loading your image, you need to specify the color to be replaced and the color to replace the original color. You can select a color from the list of colors, or simply enter the color HEX code to specify colors. Other parameters that you can set are Color replacement intensity, smoothing, and grain of replaced color. You can also set output image format, quality, and choose to copy image EXIF before execution. IMGonline software is a powerful online image management system that allows users to manage and organize their digital photos in one central location. With IMGonline, users can easily create albums, add photos, share photos with friends, and more. The software also offers a variety of features to make photo editing easy and fun.IMGonline is free to use and includes a wide range of features for both personal use and small business needs. Some of the features include: album creation, photo editing, sharing photos with friends, rating photos, and more. Additionally, IMGonline offers an extensive user community that can help users find answers to questions or offer suggestions for further improvements to the software.Overall, IMGonline is an easy-to-use online image management system that offers a wealth of features for both personal use and small business needs.

As you hit the Ok button, it processes the image and replaces all the parts of the image with specified color to the selected color.


Another website that lets you change the color of the entire picture is Phixr. Interestingly, you can even select an area for changing its color. Sadly, the site doesn’t provide proper selection tools for exact selection. You only get a rectangular/square selection.

Further, you do not get the proper color for the final color. You will have to adjust various color sliders for the final color.

Step 1: Launch the Phixr website.

Step 2: Click on the Start button and upload your image.

Step 3: In case you want to change the color tone for the entire image, click on the color balance icon from the left sidebar. However, if you want to select an area, hold and drag the mouse button to draw the required selection box. Then click on the color balance icon.

Step 4: From the color balance pop-up, adjust the color for your required color. Finally, hit the Execute button at the bottom.

Step 5: Download the image using the Download/save option at the bottom. Here you can select the format in which you want to save your image. The available formats include PNG, PDF, GIF, and JPEG.


  • Area can be selected


  • Tiresome to use
  • Multiple saving modes

Change Background Color Of Image

Change Background Color Of Image is a dedicated online tool that lets you change the background color of a photo to any color of your choice. All you need to do is drag and drop your photo here. After that, click on the color box to manually select the color from the color palette. You will see the background color change in real-time. When satisfied, simply click on the Download button on top of the image. If you want to change the background color of an image, there are a few different ways to do it. One way is to use the Paint program on your computer. Open the image you want to change and click on “Paint” in the menu bar. From here, you can select the “Background” option and choose a new color. Another way to change the background color of an image is by using Adobe Photoshop. First, open the image in Photoshop and select all of it with your mouse. Then, go to “Image,” “Adjustments,” and “Color.” Here, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the image. Finally, when you’re happy with the results, save your changes and enjoy your new background color!


There are some common reasons why you might want to replace colors in images online. Whether you want to recolor an image for fun, to get rid of the background on an image, or to maximize your design options by converting an image to greyscale or black-and-white, replacing colors is the best way to go.

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