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Cheap Online Payroll Services for Small Business

Cheap Online Payroll Services for Small Businesses Does it sound impossible to find a cheap online payroll service that can perform the same quality of work as an expensive company? It is not. There are many online payroll services for small business at affordable rates. The payroll service companies we reviewed in this article are fully licensed to provide their services in the United States. They have extensive experience in payroll and HR management for small businesses and have compiled the list that comprises the best of their ability with relevant factors such as cost, customer satisfaction, and a range of other features.

Payroll Company provides complete payroll services, Payroll processing and Tax Return Filing. Our Payroll software is easy to use and available online which eliminates the need to install or update software. payroll company offers quick and hassle free setup of your employees payroll details. Our online payroll service is suitable for small businesses, contractors, Freelancers and Self-Employed individuals who are looking for cheap unbundled payroll solutions in UK and USA. Best for Multinational Businesses
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Best for companies that largely do their business overseas or staff many multilingual employees. 

Managing employees is a major task for any business. When employees are spread across multiple locations, or even countries, there may be language barriers and added steps for completing payroll taxes to account for. Boasting support for a whopping 65 languages, is perfect for multinational teams that also need access to basic payroll processing features and human resource management tools. is able to support payment by direct deposit, check, or even cash. A business can also designate multiple managers in the system through a role-based user access control feature to divide payroll responsibilities. Additionally, employees can use the platform to input hours worked, request PTO, print their pay stubs, and check their vacation accrual among other tasks. Users can also import timesheets, expense reports, and share documents via the software’s workflow function.


  • The software supports a total of 65 languages.
  • Businesses with any number of employees may utilize
  • The flexible payment schedule lets you cut checks monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, and weekly.
  • Data is encrypted and secured daily with off-site backup.


  • Does not incorporate U.S. labor law compliance.
  • Customer support is handled through a crowd-sourced online forum. Features & Pricing offers free access to one-hundred-percent of its features and doesn’t require that you subscribe to any plans to unlock extra benefits. It accomplishes its free service through crowdfunding from its user community, so you just need to sign up to start using it.’s free features include:

  • Payroll processing that supports multiple pay periods
  • Attendance management & time-tracking
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Print & export payroll results, leave transactions, and time clock records
  • Regular software updates that introduce new free features

For the number of features it offers for free, is a contender not to be taken lightly when compared to other ostensibly free payroll software solutions, which sometimes gate certain features behind monthly fees and annual renewals. is “Free! Forever.” according to their home page, so what you see with them is what you get when you sign up: support for unlimited user accounts, time management, multiple pay schedules, a self-service portal, and much more. Summary

Small business owners and HR managers who need multi-lingual payroll software will be pleased with’s support for literally dozens of languages. The software offers payroll features such as online HR and payroll, leave management, and expense reporting that are essential to businesses that don’t yet have mature payroll processes set up. And, since supports an unlimited amount of user accounts, it’s a feasible payroll solution for businesses that want to increase their number of employees in the near future.

Patriot Payroll: Best for Mom-and-Pop Businesses Wanting a Do-It-Yourself Option

Patriot Payroll

Overall Score: 3.73 OUT OF 5

Use the simple, affordable, and fast online payroll system of Patriot and increase your efficiency. They offer two services, full and basic service.

In Basic payroll, getting started is easy, along with setting up the payroll, tax information, and employees. They will also help you with historical data for your previous payrolls. Next, running your payroll online is simple in 3 steps:

  • Enter the work hours of your employees along with contractor payments
  • Approve the payroll with fast and accurate calculations
  • Go paperless and save trees using a free direct deposit or print paychecks/ pay stubs.

Lastly, they also provide you with important data needed to deposit or file your payroll taxes. But, if you want to save yourself from the hassles of managing payroll taxes, upgrade your plan to the Full-Service Payroll.


Using the Full-Service Plan, payroll taxes get easier with their timely and accurate tax filings for federal, state, and local taxes. Apart from tax filing, they also handle deposits and decide which taxes are crucial, based on your organization and business type.

With Patriot, you can avail different payroll reports:

  • Payroll detailed report showcasing employees, checks, totals, and locations. You can download it as a CSV or PDF file.
  • Tax filing reports will automatically be stored in the software. Just choose the payroll tax year to view the filings for each quarter.
  • Tax deposit reports with details like filing dates, payroll period, and amount. Choose a year and view both scheduled and processed tax payments.
  • Contribution history of your employees.

Its Basic Payroll is priced at $10/month, while Full-Service Payroll is priced at $30/month. Both include a 30-day free trial.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Offers multiple plans that include full-service payroll and a do-it-yourself (DIY) option
  • Unlimited pay runs
  • Free payroll setup and expert support

What’s Missing

  • Multistate tax filings cost extra
  • Lacks benefits options
  • Standard lead time for direct deposits is four days
  • Very limited HR tools

Patriot Payroll Pricing

  • Basic Payroll with DIY tax filings: $10 per month + $4 per employee monthly
  • Full Service Payroll: $30 per month + $4 per employee monthly
  • Full Service Payroll + HR Software: $36 per month + $6 per employee monthly
  • Full Service Payroll + HR + Time and Attendance: $42 per month + $8 per employee monthly

Add-on fees

  • Multistate tax filings: $12 monthly for each additional state
  • 1099 e-filings (for Basic Payroll subscribers only): $20 for up to five 1099 e-filings; an additional $2 per 1099 is required for six to 35 filings (no additional charge for 36 or more)

Patriot Payroll offers a flexible option that others on our list don’t: a choice between full-service payroll and a more affordable DIY version that costs only $10 monthly plus $4 per employee, per month, if you file your own taxes. Both plans come with unlimited payroll runs, multiple pay rates, automated PTO accrual calculations, and customizable deductions and contributions. You can pay employees through direct deposit or manual checks. If you choose its full-service plan, Patriot will pay and file all federal, state, and local taxes. It even has payroll packages that include access to time tracking tools and an HR solution for managing employee information.

Scoring 3.73 out of 5 in our evaluation, Patriot Payroll received perfect marks in reporting, pricing, and popularity among users. It posted the lowest score in HR functionalities because it doesn’t offer new hire onboarding and employee benefits that most of the payroll software in this list provides. However, users still appreciate its reasonably priced plans and helpful support team. Others said that while it has user-friendly and efficient payroll tools, they wished Patriot Payroll offered faster direct deposits and additional integration options.

Patriot Payroll Features

  • Self-service plan: You can save the most money if you have a couple of employees and are willing to file payroll taxes on your own using Patriot’s Basic Payroll plan. Priced at only $10 plus $4 per employee monthly, this is the most cost-efficient option among all the payroll providers in this guide.
  • Flexible payroll system: In addition to unlimited pay runs, Patriot Payroll supports multiple pay rates, plus you can either use its standard deduction and contribution types or create your own to capture payroll details for garnishments, health insurance options, and retirement plans. Employees and contractor payments are made through direct deposits, but the processing time is four days. If you want fast direct deposits, consider QuickBooks Payroll (its basic Core plan comes with next-day options) and Square Payroll (its Instant Payments feature lets you pay employees instantly).
  • Multiple full-service payroll packages: Aside from its standard Full Service option, Patriot has payroll packages that include time tracking and employee information management tools. All plans include one state filing, but if you need to file taxes in multiple states, each additional filing costs $12 monthly.
  • Tax penalty guarantee: If you subscribe to one of its Full Payroll plans, Patriot ensures that your taxes will be calculated and filed on time. Any disputes will be resolved and paid for by Patriot for tax filing mistakes that its representatives will commit.

Patriot Payroll’s Drawbacks

  • Four-day direct deposits: Unlike Gusto, QuickBooks Payroll, and Square Payroll, which offer multiple direct deposit options—such as next- and same-day options and instant payouts—Patriot’s standard timeline is four days even if you get its higher Full Service Payroll tier.
  • Limited HR tools: While its HR and time tracking solutions can help you manage employee information and capture actual hours worked, respectively, Patriot Payroll lacks the onboarding and benefits options that most small business payroll software like Gusto and QuickBooks Payroll offer.


We provide payroll services for a variety of small business sizes. We offer it all: Payroll Services for Startups, Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking, Hourly Payroll, Direct Deposit and Banking Services, Online Paystubs, Year-End HR Support and more. Let us help you get the payroll service your company needs at a price you will love .

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