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Free Software for Church Membership Database

Churches, like other types of organizations, need programs or applications to help manage their day-to-day operations. Human resource personnel are needed for recruiting and human resources managers need to know how many employees their church has. Church membership database software helps keep track of training records, members’ personal data, attendance at specific events and much more. There are several free membership management software packages available to use as a church database.

If I talk about the spiritual task, then it involves the responsibility of serving the Lord along with the community. On the organizational aspect, every Church work like a small business unit where there are numerous matters to manage like; events, committees, groups, reporting, mailings, membership, donations, and so on.

To tackle all the activities of the Church, it is wise to invest in the Church management system that can help you organize Church activities accurately. 

What is Church Management Software?

Church management software handles the programs related to the event, worship presentation, accounting, donation, membership, community along with the databases. Churches can run, automate, manage, and organize daily operations with the help of ChMS (Church management software). 

There is a huge demand for Church management software these days. Studies indicate that the global Church Management Software market can touch USD 219.57 million by 2023.

Who makes use of Church Management software?

The following groups use church management software:

who uses Church Management Software

What are the components of Church Management Software?

Key components of Church Management software are as follows:

Key components of Church Management Software

Why is Church Management Software important?

Church Management Software is essential due to many reasons. By implementing this app, all sizes of Churches can be benefitted. It offers a variety of provisions:importance of Church Management Software

Consequences of not having Church Management Software

In the absence of Church management tool, there will be:

Consequences of not having Church Management Software

So to avoid the chaos in the management system of the Church, you can take the help of the Church management software system to keep the track and communicate with the congregants. It will help in the smooth functioning of the religious organization. 

There are a number of Church management (ChMS) tools available for all types and sizes of Churches. If you want to enjoy customization in less budget or free of cost, then the apt way is to go for free and Open source Church management system. 

table of church management software

Here you can explore the prominent features of Best Free Church management software that will allow you to run your religious activities efficiently. But before that, let’s explore the comparison chart of Free and Open Source Church Management Software.

Comparison Chart of Free and Open Source Church Management Software 



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By Bitrix

4.0 (496)If you are looking for free online church management software, you’ll love Bitrix24. Free for unlimited users, Bitrix24 is a tool of choice by many faith-based and non-profit organizations who have limited funds. More importantly, Bitrix24 has both social tools for engaging your congregation, like social network, user groups, polling, media gallery, shared calendars, video conferencing and business tools like CRM, telephony or project management that help you keep your affair in order. Learn more about Bitrix24CompareSave


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By Renewed Vision

4.6 (1821)Industry leading media and worship lyric presentation tool built for Mac and Windows. Download the free demo today! Learn more about ProPresenterCompareSave

Marketing 360

View Profile

By Madwire

4.6 (923)#1 Marketing Platform For SMB’s! Create a Free Account Learn more about Marketing 360CompareSave

Wild Apricot

View Profile

By Personify

4.5 (519)Easily manage contributions, create a website, accept online donations, create reports, send out emails, plan events and more. Learn more about Wild ApricotCompareSave


View Profile

By ChurchTrac Software

4.7 (490)Tired of searching for church software with good support? We’re the easy-to-use choice that’s affordable. See what makes us different. Learn more about ChurchTracCompareSave


View Profile

By ChurchTeams

4.6 (459)Mobilize your church with software that blends best ministry practices with latest technology like our award-winning Text-To-Church! Learn more about ChurchteamsCompareSave


View Profile

By Clearstream

4.8 (322)The powerful texting platform your church and people will love. Send mass texts to your church & engage in two-way text conversations. Learn more about ClearstreamCompareSave


View Profile

By Pursuant

4.3 (241)TouchPoint is powerful church management software for mid to large churches looking for a customizable and easy-to-use ChMS solution. Learn more about TouchPointCompareSave


View Profile

By Software4Nonprofits

4.9 (240)Easy to use, powerful, affordable program for charities and churches for tracking donors and donations and issuing charitable receipts. Learn more about DONATIONCompareSave


View Profile

By PastorsLine

4.3 (184)A cloud-based text and voice system for churches and ministries engaging members and visitors over desktop or mobile. Learn more about PastorsLineCompareSave

Continue to Give

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By Continue to Give

4.5 (182)Increase tithes and offerings with the number 1 online giving and church management system! Rates as low as .5% + .30 a transaction! Learn more about Continue to GiveCompareSave

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4.7 (180) Church Management, ChMS that helps you engage your community, equip your team, reduce administration time, & grow your church! Learn more about Tithe.lyCompareSave


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By Ministry Brands

4.1 (178)easyTithe helps you minimize the fees, so you can maximize your ministry by accepting online giving via Web, Text, Kiosk, or Mobile App Learn more about easyTitheSave


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By AssoConnect

4.8 (177)AssoConnect est un logiciel tout-en-un qui permet de simplifier le quotidien des responsables d’association sans compétence technique. Learn more about AssoConnectSave

ShelbyNext Membership

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By Ministry Brands

3.9 (154)Manage membership, giving, financials, websites & mobile. Serving churches since 1976. Learn more about ShelbyNext MembershipSave


View Profile

By Flocknote

4.7 (146)Manage your member database and reach your people all in the same place! Send quick text messages and beautiful emails with Flocknote. Learn more about FlocknoteSave


View Profile

By Subsplash

4.5 (116)The Ultimate Engagement Platform is the all-in-one solution for connecting with your community during your services and beyond. Learn more about SubsplashSave


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4.5 (113) ChMS is built for any size church. $50/mo for every feature & unlimited users! All-in-one, 100% cloud-based, and easy to use. Learn more about ElvantoSave


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By HelloAsso

4.6 (98)HelloAsso is a free online payment application dedicated to non-profit organisations in France. Learn more about HelloAsso Save

Rock RMS

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By Spark Development Network

4.8 (85)Rock RMS is a community supported open-source Church Management System that provides innovative features to churches of all sizes. Learn more about Rock RMSSave


View Profile

By Anedot

4.8 (66)Powerful giving tools made easy for everyone. Anedot is trusted by 20,000+ churches, campaigns, nonprofits, and universities. Learn more about AnedotCompareSave

Faithlife Giving

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By Faithlife

4.8 (64)Focus on Ministry, Not Money. Learn more about Faithlife GivingCompareSave


View Profile

By Jubilate Software

4.7 (54)High-quality, affordable church presentation software that does its job with no fuss. Download a 30-day fully-functional trial today! Learn more about ZionWorxCompareSave

One Church

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By One Church Software

4.9 (49)Modern church management powered by the cloud with amazing customer support and powerful tools. Learn more about One ChurchCompareSave


View Profile

By Gyve

4.6 (33)Designed from the ground up to increase first time givers. Users can round-up everyday transactions to donate to your charity. Learn more about GyveCompareSave

Free Church Kiosk

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By Givehub

3.5 (2)GiveHub (formally Free Church Kiosk) lets you capture missed donor opportunities with donation kiosks, text giving, mobile apps and Learn more about Free Church KioskCompareSave


View Profile

By ChurchWare

3.5 (2)On-premise contribution tracking system that enables churches to manage data entry and generate custom donation reports. Learn more about TitheCompareSave


View Profile

By ChurchBOX

5.0 (1)A fully managed church management solution. Manage your events, online directory, rotas, emails and more all in one place! Learn more about ChurchBOXCompareSave

FiscalOyster Church

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By FiscalOyster

5.0 (1)Simple Church Management and Photo Directory Software. Manage members, print directories, sync with MailChimp for emailing. Web-based. Learn more about FiscalOyster ChurchCompareSave

Iglesia HOY

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By JR Software

4.0 (1)Software for Hispanic christian churches throughout the world to manage their members in an efficient and orderly manner. Learn more about Iglesia HOYCompareSave


View Profile

By Acts246

0.0 At Acts246, we believe church management tools should be easy to use, and flexible enough to fit a church of any size. Learn more about Acts246CompareSave

Church on Cloud

View Profile

By Church On Cloud

0.0 Church on Cloud is a specialized software that assists churches in the automation of daily operations Learn more about Church on CloudCompareSave


View Profile

By GoDoChurch

0.0 Web-based church administration tool to streamline communications with congregation via group and event management, updates and more. Learn more about GoDoChurchCompareSave

GraceSoft Church Reservation System

View Profile

By GraceSoft

0.0 An Easy to Use church reservation software! Congregants can reserve a seat for an upcoming service, event, or church gathering. Learn more about GraceSoft Church Reservation SystemCompareSave


View Profile

By MissionMakr

0.0 A customizable online software and website that maximizes the impact of your short-term mission trips all in one place. Learn more about MissionMakrCompareSave

MORE Blessed

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By MORE Blessed

0.0 Custom online giving pages and mobile apps that perfectly match your church website. Learn more about MORE BlessedCompareSave


View Profile

By Pentesoft

0.0 A modern Church Management System focused on providing a one-stop-shop experience for churches large and small. Learn more about SteepleMateCompareSave

Working Church

View Profile

By Brothers In Christ Software

0.0 Manage your assets, resources, events, members and financial records with this church membership application. Learn more about Working ChurchCompareSave


View Profile

By Yapla

0.0 Yapla is an all-in-one payment and management platform that saves NPOs time and optimizes their funding. Learn more about YaplaCompare


The days of having that huge binder with all your contact information for your ministry are over! Stop wasting so much time flipping through pages looking for a number or name. With the technology we have today, there’s no reason to not have a church database! That’s why I’ve been working on a list of the best software for churches. I’ve put together this guide to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Entering your church membership data is essential for making informed decisions on membership campaigns and off-line committee assignments. However, with so many members, you don’t want to spend hours on an ineffective membership management system. This can cost you more than just time — it can make the difference between being able to effectively reach out to your members, or not.  

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