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Church Software For Mac

Church Software For Mac – Church management software is a type of computer program that ancient churches or individual worshipers who run a religious organization would use to keep track of its groups of followers, their children and even parishioner information. These programs will involve some level of accounting as well as payroll tracking. These will also allow the church or organization to accomplish some administrative purpose such as communication with church members, advertising services and coordinating goods needed for worship.

Church Management Software Designed for Apple Users

Church management software comes to meet the requirements of any church that wants to spend more time with its members and less time doing organizational things. New packages are being developed every month, with enhanced functionality and more attractive design for the churches of the new millennium. There are several criteria to consider when choosing a software package, some of them are presented in our article about church management. If you have a Macintosh OS the quest for the best management software is even longer, as most programs are made for Windows. Still, you should know that there are a couple of church applications designed specifically for Apple users. We will present the most highly ranked church software packages in the following.

#1. PDFelement Pro

Church accounting software packages do not have every feature you need. For example, you may not have the option to edit PDF reports. If the feature to edit PDF documents is not available, you will have to download PDF editing software, thus here comes best accounting document management software in terms of PDFelement Pro. PDFelement Pro is the best software package for editing PDF documents. The software gives you unprecedented freedom to edit and change PDF documents as you like. PDFelement Pro is the best complementary package to church accounting software.
PDFelement Pro is incredibly useful for anyone who uses PDF in their line of work. The software gives you the chance to edit PDF documents like you would Word documents. If you have any form that needs to be filled out, use PDFelement Pro to fill them out. Do you want to protect confidential information about church business? Encrypt the document or add watermarks. Need to organize information on a PDF file? Customize pages or add bates numbering. If you are a church administrator working with a lot of PDF files, then PDFelement Pro is perfect for you. The option to edit PDF files will save your time and make it easier to complete daily operations. You can download and install PDFelement Pro for both Windows and Mac. The software has fantastic support in the form of a comprehensive user guide. Everything you need to know about using the software to its full potential is noted on the user guide.TRY IT FREE

Key Features:

  • Encrypt PDF forms with passwords.
  • Add watermark protection.
  • Edit images on PDF documents.
  • Create free drawings by hand.
  • Add stamps to PDF documents.
  • Combine several PDF documents.
  • Annotate PDF documents with multiple PDF annotation tools.
  • Customize the calculation order in a PDF form.


  • Easy to access navigating feature with editing, converting, cropping, organizing all PDF document related task that will assist in managing your accounts.
  • Acts like a document management software ranges from excel, word, power-point etc with its smart editing and conversion tool.


  • Not yet found.
iskysoft pdf editor 6 professional

#2. ChurchPro

ChurchPro is a cost-effective, all-in-one integrated solution for running your church efficiently. The software lets you cover all aspects of running a church from filling out forms to tracking out donations. The software features a user-friendly interface to help you manage the many facets of running a church. ChurchPro works with MAC provided you have Parallels software installed.

Key Features:

  • Track payroll and donations management.
  • Complete budgeting and forecasting.
  • Manage assets.
  • Maintain a general ledger.
  • Perform fund accounting.
  • Manage accounts payable/receivable.


  • Easy to complete operations.
  • Includes management features.


  • Customer support is limited.

#3. CCIS Church Management Software

Serving more than 1000 churches throughout the United States, Church Management Software knows what is needed to run churches efficiently. CCIS is a top of the line software guaranteed to help you keep a firm grip on church finances. The best part about CCIS is customer support, where experienced representatives can help you sort out any issue you might have.

Key Features:

  • Payroll management.
  • Comprehensive database information.
  • Budgeting.
  • Customize financial reports.
  • Pop up calendars and calculators.
  • Journal entries both recurring and reversing.


  • On-line help.
  • User-friendly and precise.


  • May need customer support to complete certain actions.

#4. PowerChurch Online

PowerChurch is perfect for church administrators looking to complete their tasks quickly. The church accounting software is cost-effective, all in one package that streamlines daily operations. PowerChurch is an experienced developer, serving both churches and non-profit organizations since 1984. If you are interested in PowerChurch, you can download a free demo to see if it suits your needs.

Key Features:

  • Create budgets and forecasts.
  • Manage donation funds.
  • Maintain a general ledger.
  • Payroll management.
  • Create and manage accounts payable and receivable.


  • Functional and easy to use.
  • Excellent for identifying trends.
  • Works as a directory.


  • Needs more options to customize reports.

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ACS Technologies


Covering a wide range of desktop and web-based products and services for more than 50,000 clients, ACS Technologies is the world’s largest provider of information management solutions for small, medium and large churches, ministries and other non-profit organizations.  They develop tools for managing finances, membership, church development, Web sites, etc. The company also releases application for iPhone, thus being able to assist church-going mobile device users in their ministry. An overview of their products can be viewed on their website

Church Membership Online

  • church_online
  • Probably the most forward approach to church management is to take it online. Having all the data on a website so that every member, volunteer and congregation staff can update and work together on it regardless on their location is a real advantage. With Church Membership Online you will have the chance to do multiple things at once from a set of independent computers and you won’t have to periodically update the software to the newest version. Church Membership Online is compatible with both Apple Mac OS and Windows and three different browsers (Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari). The software offers the following features: Member, Household and Ministry Management, Attendance, Contributions, Calendars; Custom Fields, Church Growth, Mass Emailing, Reporting, PDA Access.
  • They also offer reliable and inexpensive website hosting plans for churches and ministries, namely Church Office Online. It has an easy-to-use control panel interface and  the disk size is 20MB for the Standard plan and 200MB for the Advanced plan.
  • Religious Suite Church Management Software 
  • rs
  • If you have a large and sophisticated church you will probably need a software that provides a very wide range of membership management functionality. The Religious Suite is available for both Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems and can handle an unlimited number of members. It offers complex functionality for managing both individuals and families, allowing you to can track members, attendance, groups, manage your finances, donations, pledges, and other forms or notices. You can download it for free at the Apple online store.
  • Aplos Simple Fund Accoubt – Church Edition for Mac 1.0
  • aplos
  • A very simple and flexible accounting tool for Mac users comes from Aplos. A more than friendly interface with only six buttons on the home screen welcomes the un-experienced user who also has the chance to test and learn the application in the provided 15-day trial. The application populates the giving statements when the transactions are entered and also automatically updates the people database. The use has the possibility to use the standard chart of accounts or he can edit, add, and delete accounts by hand. The price is $229.00.

Pro Presenter 3.5.5 for MAC

  • pro_presenter
  • A very popular lyric presentation system among churches and ministries using MAC OSs is ProPresenter. The program can be adjusted to any size display, allowing slides and backgrounds to grow or shrink easily and its output screen fully supports any resolution, from standard-def, HD or even ultra-wide resolutions for multi-screen installations.
  • ProPresenter also supports Quartz Composer documents, an advanced graphics rendering system based on mathematical computations. These documents look like QuickTime movies, but are much smaller in size and can even accommodate external audio or video inputs.
    It costs $399,00. Tutorials can be found on their website.


Today I get to help answer a very common question that I get. Often times our members are asking us what is the best Church Management Software for Mac? The great news is that there are plenty of great options out there, so let’s take a look!

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