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Coding Worksheets Middle School

Programming is a fun way to further students’ learning in all areas of the curriculum. These printable coding worksheets are aligned with the grades 3–5 curriculum but can be used at any grade level. 

If you are searching for coding worksheets for middle school pdf, then you are exactly right. We have some of the best printable coding worksheets in pdf software available online for your convenience.

Students between the ages of 11 and 14 are starting to comprehend and process concepts. Their typing abilities also provide them access to several computer languages used by coding experts. Beginner students are exposed to narrow answers including NOeryone keeps constructing the fundamental ideas and principles of programming.

We offer Javascript Gaming, a course that culminates in a finished game, for people interested in making their video games.

Although challenging, our middle school Python programming course is also user-friendly. 

Each course covers a fundamental coding idea and is intended for students who desire a strong foundation in computer science. Projects to construct games and applications that pupils design and build themselves are integrated into courses on coding concepts.

Unplugged Coding Independent Worksheets | Distance Learning

by EdTech Classroom7FREE

  • PDF

Also available in an interactive notebook version! Unplugged Coding Packet for grades K-2ONE-PAGE DIRECTIONS 10 CODING MAZES using coding narrow answer KEY INCLUDED NO PREP!This is a great distance learning activity to help kids stay engaged in STEM, coding, and critical thinking. Like this activity? You would know Computer Science – TechnologyCritical ThinkingInstructional TechnologyGrades:K – 2ndTypes:Lesson Plans (Individual)ActivitiesIndependent Work Packet

Also included in: Unplugged Coding Independent Worksheets BUNDLE | Distance LearningWish List

FREE QR Code Around the School Scavenger Hunt

by Imaginative Teacher9FREE

  • PDF

I created this hunt for the 700 students at my school to complete and they had a blast! Originally, I made 3 different, smaller ones but have condensed it down to 1 larger, more generic hunt to match more school locations. The younger students had an older buddy work with them so this was aSubjects:ReadingComputer Science – TechnologyGrades:1st – 6thTypes:ActivitiesFun StuffWish List


by Presto Plans22FREE

  • PDF

FREE SHAKESPEARE BIOGRAPHY QR CODES: Transport your students back to Renaissance England using modern technology! This assignment has students use QR codes as a method of research for Shakespeare’s life and times. ===============================================================TEACHING SHAKESPEARE?Subjects:English Language ArtsDramaLiteratureGrades:9th – 12th, Adult EducationTypes:WorksheetsActivitiesPrintablesWish List

Winter Coding Worksheet NO PREP

by Anchored in Edu8FREE

  • PDF

This no prep worksheet would be a perfect STEAM activity! Simple for any teacher, no coding experience needed. A great way to incorporate technology into the classroom during the winter. This activity helps students to practice the basics of binary (computer) code, by coloring the ornaments to matchSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyWinterGrades:1st – 3rdTypes:ActivitiesFun StuffPrintablesWish List

FREE Gingerbread Coding – DIGITAL + PRINTABLE – Hour of Code – Christmas Coding

by Brooke Brown – Teach Outside the Box198FREE

  • PDF

***NOW INCLUDES GOOGLE SLIDES AND SEESAW DIGITAL FORMATS FOR REMOTE/DISTANCE LEARNING!***Interested in Unplugged Coding for the Entire Year?! Click Below!★Unplugged Coding ALL YEAR GROWING BUNDLEThis simple holiday introduction to block-style coding is perfect for Kindergarten through third gradersSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyGrades:K – 3rdTypes:ActivitiesFun StuffPrintables

Also included in: Unplugged Coding {All Year Bundle} – DIGITAL + PRINTABLE – Hour of CodeWish List

Binary Code Your Name Bracelet Craft Activity | Printable & Digital

by Katie Stokes57FREE

  • PDF
  • Google Apps™

Students will have fun learning binary code with Binary Code Your Name! Included is a worksheet for students to use to translate their name into binary code. Then, students can make a bracelet using their own unique code! Some students with longer names may need to make a necklace. A digital versionSubjects:Arts & MusicComputer Science – TechnologyInstructional TechnologyGrades:2nd – 5thTypes:WorksheetsPrintables

Also included in: Binary Code STEM Activities – All Year Bundle | Printable & DigitalWish List

Computer Hex Code Worksheets

by ThweattHearts2FREE

  • Google Drive™ folder

Hex Code Worksheets are a fun way to introduce hex code to even the youngest of learners! With 5 Computer themed different puzzles, students use the hex code provided on the page to figure out the mystery fact about Computer This activity would be great for subs or early finishers!Please note, whenSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyInstructional TechnologyLibrary SkillsGrades:3rd – 6thTypes:WorksheetsPrintables

Also included in: Hex Code BundleWish List

For Loops Worksheet – Computer Programming & Coding

by Cultivate Coding ConceptsFREE

  • PDF

Teach computer programming and coding concepts with this worksheet. Test students knowledge of for loops and computer logic.Subjects:Computer Science – TechnologyCritical ThinkingEngineeringGrades:Not Grade SpecificTypes:Examinations – QuizzesAssessmentIndependent Work PacketWish List

Crack the Binary Code School Worksheets

by ThweattHearts21FREE

  • PDF

Crack the Binary Code is a great way to introduce binary coding to even the youngest of learners! With 5 school themed different puzzles, students use the binary code provided on the page to solve the answer to the School joke or riddle. This activity could be used year round or put into emergency sSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyBack to SchoolEnd of YearGrades:3rd – 6thTypes:WorksheetsActivitiesPrintables

Also included in: Crack the Binary Code BundleWish List

Computer Coding Color Mazes

by Down to the Wire11FREE

  • PDF

Catch this ***FREE*** computer coding activity perfect for introducing coding to young programmers! Students will use colors and directional commands to move through the mazes and avoid the Emoji faces. Included in this download are three mazes, recording sheets for lesson extension, and answer keysSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyGrades:K – 2ndTypes:WorksheetsActivitiesLiteracy Center IdeasWish List

by The LibrariAnne9FREE

Ozobot Code Sheets

  • PDF

Printable basic code sheets to use with Ozobot robots. Print the sheets in color and laminate for student use. You might also like these Ozobot Activities: Beginner Ozobot Practice Ozobot Task Cards Advanced Ozobot Code Sheets Thanks for checking out this product. I know you’ll love it and your sSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyFor All SubjectsGrades:Not Grade SpecificTypes:HandoutsWish List

Advanced Ozobot Code Sheets

by The LibrariAnne8FREE

  • PDF

Printable advanced code sheets to use with Ozobot robots. Print the sheets in color and laminate for student use. These are great to use with my basic Ozobot Code Sheets. Print both sheets double-sided and have them all! You might also like these Ozobot Activities: Beginner Ozobot Practice Ozobot TSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyRoboticsGrades:Not Grade SpecificTypes:ActivitiesWish List

Binary Code Worksheets

by Teach Your Kids Code1FREE

  • PDF

Binary is a code that represents numbers using a series of 0s and 1s. Codes are like a secret language that computers, apps, and phones speak. You may think the computer is the smartest thing in the world, but really computers are just super good at following incredibly specific and detailed instrucSubjects:MathComputer Science – TechnologyGrades:1st – 4thTypes:WorksheetsWish List

Algebra Coding Skills mini Bytes 02 – USING LOOPS – Ontario Math 2020

by Mathy Techy2FREE

  • Google Drive™ folder

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Try a sample of Coding mini BytesAre you worried about how to teach the new Algebra C3 Coding Skills expectations in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum 2020?  Worry no longer, Coding mini Bytes to the rescue!  I have created a series of coding challenge tasks that are desigSubjects:MathComputer Science – TechnologyGrades:5th – 9thTypes:ProjectsMinilessons

Also included in: Algebra and Coding Skills Complete Year BUNDLE 5 Intro Lessons 11 Coding TasksWish List

Addition with Regrouping Worksheet with Video Tutorial (QR Code)

by Cora and Kate10FREE

  • PDF

Give your students access to a video mini-lesson printed right on the page with this product. This type of worksheet is fantastic to send home for homework, have in an independent center, or even send home for absentee work. I have also used this concept to give support to my struggling learners whoSubjects:MathArithmeticBasic OperationsGrades:1st – 3rdTypes:WorksheetsHomeworkMath CentersCCSS:1.NBT.C.42.NBT.B.5Wish List

QR Code – Reindeer Freebie

by Renee Dooly8FREE

  • PDF
  • Multimedia

This is a freebie for your to try out learning with QR codes. This freebie is a fun info video about reindeer that has been attached to a QR code. The video has been run through Safeshare to remove any ads or sidebar video previews. This freebie includes a QR code card that can be laminated andSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyGrades:1st – 2ndTypes:Fun StuffWish List

QR Code Comprehension Sheets Penguin Edition Freebie

by Carolina Tech Teacher3FREE

  • PDF
  • Internet Activities

FREEBIE 4 Comprehension Sheets for Tacky the Penguin with QR codes to the stories read aloud on YouTube. These are great for listening station on iPad or Chromebook.Subjects:English Language ArtsComputer Science – TechnologyWinterGrades:K – 2ndTypes:Literacy Center IdeasWish List

Video Worksheets! – Mean Absolute Deviation with QR Codes linked to Videos!

by PawPrintables by Burke2FREE

  • PDF

Video explanations to help students understand mean, median, mode, and mean absolute deviation! These video worksheets are perfect for absent students, substitutes, stations, refreshers and more. This file contains 3 video worksheets. Each worksheet has a 3-5 minute video. The students are toSubjects:MathStatisticsGrades:5th – 7thTypes:ActivitiesPrintablesCCSS:6.SP.A.26.SP.A.36.SP.B.5Wish List

Binary Code Worksheet

by Amanda Landwehr1FREE

  • PDF

Binary Code worksheet with alphabet (upper and lowercase) and characters.Subjects:ScienceComputer Science – TechnologyEngineeringGrades:Not Grade SpecificTypes:ActivitiesFun StuffPrintablesWish List

Morse Code Worksheet


  • Google Docs™

One page worksheet that introduces students to Morse code. It includes a link to a video and activities using Morse code.Subjects:Computer Science – TechnologyCareer and Technical EducationInstructional TechnologyGrades:4th – 8thTypes:WorksheetsActivitiesHandoutsWish List

AP Computer Science – Array Algorithms

by Goldie’s Math Emporium2FREE

  • Zip

This information sheet gives the pseudo-code and the Java code for the following array algorithms:-Outputting an array-Adding an element at the end of an array-Adding an element at a specific index-Removing an element at a specific index-Swapping two elements in an array-Linear (Sequential) Search-LSubjects:Other (Math)Computer Science – TechnologyGrades:10th – 12thTypes:LecturesStudy GuidesHandouts

Also included in: AP Computer Science A – FULL CURRICULUMWish List

Coding with Python Unit 1: Intro to Python

by Cookies and BytesFREE

  • Google Drive™ folder

Unit 1 of 8 in a semester-long Computer Science course in Python. Activities level for students of different levels of comfort and ability. This unit introduces students to coding with Python including print, input, and comments.This course can be used on its own or following Cookies and Bytes’ MiddSubjects:Computer Science – TechnologyGrades:7th – 10thTypes:Lesson Plans (Bundled)Unit PlansActivities

Also included in: Coding with Python – Full CourseWish List

Binary Code – Worksheets

by Rachel Ko’s WorksheetsFREE

  • PDF

These worksheets explain binary code as simple as possible. They are perfect for those who had not had any experience in learning how to code. By the end of these worksheets, students will know how to create a byte! They will also know how to use the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information IntSubjects:MathNumbersComputer Science – TechnologyGrades:2nd – 4thTypes:WorksheetsActivitiesHandoutsWish List

QR Code – Engaging posters for students.

by The Learning Paradise5FREE

  • PPTX

Use these QR Codes to share engaging messages with your students. The QR Codes will link your students with beautiful images, you can print the QR Codes, or put them in your worksheets, tests, etc.I use them when my students are at the Robotics Club or practicing Computer Programming with Khan AcadeSubjects:MathComputer Science – TechnologyRoboticsGrades:1st – 6thTypes:Fun StuffComputationPrintables


These worksheets are designed for kids to practice the coding skills they’ve learned in school. These work very well as a supplement to a computer science course and will give your middle school students the chance to apply what they’ve learned in a fun and engaging way.

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