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At the moment, content creation software is being integrated with AI technology and automated content generation software to produce content such as blog posts and article contents. Bloggers are also using these tools to generate articles as a part of their ongoing marketing campaign. There are many content creation tools available at present designed in such a way that they can create niche focused content within specified time frames.

Here, I have carefully selected some automated content creation software that will help you be more productive.


This tool can transform the given data into productive narratives. Wordsmith is known for producing written analytics by converting the data that is been provided to it. This tool came into focus after giant companies like Yahoo, Microsoft, PwC, are making use of this tool to generate around 1.5 million contents every year. The tool offers a paid plan where you will be able to get over 1000 articles per month at a cost of $250. The prices may vary based on the number of contents you want to offer. 



QuillBot is an expert AI tool that specifically finds the full potential of any data and creates high quality content for the final use. This tool works very much like the human brain and handles the language generation platforms to produce the best result. This tool a lot different from the rest because it gives you the option to personalize the narratives the way you want. As a user, you will be able to use the narratives to customize and create much meaningful content for the audience. This AI tool handles the everyday language and sets the processing speed for the stories. 



If you think a computer is not able to function like a human brain, then you are extremely wrong. Articoolo has proved this thinking wrong; this tool is used to create content that writes out an article just like a writer. Firstly, it recognizes the meaning of the subject in question and starts with working on paraphrasing it in the right sequence. For instance, if you want to write an article about a “variety of color pens,” then the tool’s algorithm will understand what a “color pen” is, and then start with writing the piece.


Word AI

Word AI is working just like a human. It doesn’t find the sentences as the word list. Rather, it has the capability to turn the word list into coherent sentences that will help people communicate. It rewrites from scratch, every bit right. This app is yet another example of the advancement of the AI, the huge pressure of content rewriting also makes this tool in demand. The tool is accessible as a monthly plan of $49.95 along with an early plan of around $347. 


Article Forge

This content creating platform uses informative algorithms to rewrite the posts automatically, much like a professional writer. The intelligent algorithms study on any relevant subject automatically, read an infinite number of papers and then write the article in its own terms. Article Forge also takes help from the configuration of the search engine and operates accordingly.

The method allows the content to be completely authentic. The best part about this tool is that you can set the timing and it automatically posts the contents in WordPress sites. This brilliant tool comes with a price, and you will be able to use it for $297 per year and $47 per month. Also, the tool comes with a 30 days no risk and money return policy. 



Content is just not limited to words or text format. Generating content on digital media also includes creating media like images and videos using the AI automation technology. Canva is an online tool to create various images. A variety of templates are available for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, posters, presentations to name a few. All you have to do is put the content in those templates and your design is ready to get published.

This tool needs no special skills to create a design. It is free to use and if you want you can also upgrade it to more templates.


This predictive content AI-powered platform presents insights based on past performances and the best content marketing practices. The insights that the platform provides makes it easy to plan the further content strategies and make it work according to the planned goals.

The platform also assists the marketers to deploy their strategies as well. It has a feature that easily curates and distributes the content. The monthly subscription costs around  $11 and for website traffic is $67



This is an SEO plugin for WordPress that analyzes your content and identifies organized categories/entities on them to improve relevancy. For instance, it digs out the applicable entities from an article and searches for related articles on the basis of the tags. It creates a navigational widget that categorizes the tag. Ths, thus, calculate the amount of time spent on the website and then improves the SEO accordingly.



If you are incorporating videos as part of your content strategy, then this tool is the right choice. TubeBuddy offers a free of cost Chrome extension that has a handful of feature to optimize your YouTube and fill positive energy into it. The YouTubers can channelize their daily work processes on YouTube which also saves their time so that they can focus on creating new content.

There is need to produce more video content as that is preferred by the audience. You can also embed those videos on the websites just by creating a code.

The pricing slabs are in three categories of Pro, Star, and Legend that costs $9, $19 and $39 per month respectively.

Quuu Promote

With this platform, the content gets hand-reviewed and it is the only platform where the in-house review process of the content takes place. Quuu also enables the user to schedule content for the future and keeps all the posts evergreen by generating new content every single time.

Though the technology has advanced big time, and many big brands are taking the advantage of it. But replacing humans here won’t be a good idea, because the content generated by these bots is mechanical and do not have any substance in it. No doubt, it matches the SEO part, but the human touch is missing. Moreover, there is no opinion to it. It is all about facts, figures, and statistics. The in-depth analysis is missing.

So if the technology is advancing, it is getting ahead to help the humans. The journalists, writers, and bloggers can take help of this AI technology to generate content but the value added to the content can only be given by the humans.

 Semrush online content creation Tool for content marketing agency.

Semrush content creation tool for digital marketing

All in one Content creation tool available as a chrome extension and WordPress plugin.

Semrush All in One Digital marking tool that helps you to full fill your Marketing Wishes

Just Putting Competitor URLs on the search box and Analysing the competitor Website.

You can Scan the Competitor insight hidden Strategy, Means Like Social Sharing, Traffic, link building resources, Backlink, external and internal links, etc.

Well As I talk before in the paragraph that creating digital Content is not an easy task.

It takes lots of content-creating Strategies and digital content creation tools to help.

But Semrush is the best and only tool that helps You to fully fill all content Creating digital Aspect.

Benefits of content marketing agency.

The benefit you find from this tool is you will get a 15-day free trial to access all Semrush toolkit and features.

That makes it easy to understand how this tool will help you out to create Awesome, Outstanding, and User-friendly digital content.

Not only content creation but also help you to analyze competitor Insight Marketing Plan.

Like – CTR, Ranking Position, Top Ranking Keywords, Broken Link, and top social media influencers Marketing Strategy.

Aweber Email marketing and automation tool for digital content

Aweber best automation tool for email marketing

Aweber is a helpful tool for Small business content marketing companies to get leads through Aweber easy to use email marketing and automation tool.

Well if you are running a business website or blog website and talk more about your business product or services.

Then you need a tool that helps you to collect email through the contact us form, push notification, and sign-up email.

And automated feature to deliver all blog posts (updated or Latest ) to your audience just in a click.

Aweber helps the marketer to create a powerful email marketing campaign, Well more of the small business marketer.

And entrepreneurs get this tool helpful to run a targeted email marketing campaign.

Email marketing tools Aweber is Operating for over 20 years and has a great impact on digital marketing platforms.

Easy to use User-friendly Dashboard No, need for technical knowledge, You can take a customer Solution team support.

Which is available 24*7 to help their customers to Succeed and reach their business goals.

Out Grow Content lead generators and automation tool for digital marketing content

Well, if you are looking for a digital marketing content creator tool or software to generate more leads and Sales Then this tool will help you to Outgrow your business Product and Services Sale.

Cause of providing an attractive landing Which is means engaging the audience to your product or services Page.

Where you provide upcoming or ongoing offers and in return, you ask for sign up and get the % discount.

Actually, Outgrow provides a feature that is highly interactive and engaging content and helps to generate lead conversion.

It provides a fully optimized and well design template which are optimized for advertising, email automation, website image gallery.

And also these templates are helpful to create digital content and share it on Social media.

All, Outgrow templates are well optimized which makes them easy to open on mobile, desktop, and tablets.

In this automation tool, you will get features to create quizzes, Polls form, chatbot, and different types of attractive forms to get audience engagement.

Typeform Online Form for digital marketing content

Digital content creation tools for marketer

Typeform is one of the best online form generator tools that help to get Customer online feedback, just putting out review-based questions in front of the audience.

It is one of the best online leads generating tools, that not only help to get customer feedback also support interaction designing templates that look professional.

And this tool helps you to build a signup form to invite the customer to join events, create a form to receive a job application with a sign-up form, Creating an online registration form, create engaging quizzes or interactive stories.

Express your business profile and powering your brand with well-designed user-friendly templates that attract users and push them to convert to sell. make easy to your by

This tool has all kinds of digital aspects that help to grow your business and generate leads to convert your customer or audience in to sell.

Snap app + uberflip digital content Campaign management tool

Snap app automation tool

Snap app is one of the best Digital Content campaign management tools, that helps to create an ideal Campaign to personalize to empower your business growth Strategy With scaling and monitoring your marketing platforms.

This helps you to keep eye on your business campaign to check out what is going on in your running campaign and find out what are those campaigns impact directly your business to grow online.

You Can handle or control your all social media content promotion, schedule, and manage, Scale and analysis all social account activities.

And It not only help you to manage all social media account but also help you to track and analyze all running advertisement. Like Google Adword or other ads networks.

This tool helps you to promote your hidden content based on your audience’s content engagement interest.

Many Internet marketers our Digital marketers find this tool helpful to empower their leads by running a Marketing campaign and forcing Spehcifs content to sell funnel customer email.

Overall this tool has a direct impact to empower your business profile and outreach more audiences and improve click to funnel Sell.

If you are interested in looking for a digital marketing content creator tool to manage all Social accounts, Advertisement Campaign, Email Growth.

Here is a deal For You, NOW You Can grab the opportunity to access the uber flip 30-day Free trial and get a Scale experience of a better business marketing program.

Marketo best automation content creator Software For content marketing agency

Digital content lead generating tool

Marketo is a type Of Automation Software that attract the audience with focusing the audience need with eye caching, well-designed Templates.

This Software has a direct impact to empower your business profile, Brand Quality to drive traffic to engage on particular Sell Content Page Which Generate revenue.

Marketo Software work for all type of Business and provide an easy to use modern Digital content creator Marketing features, which has a direct impact to B2B and B2C Business Profile.

Well if You are searching for Software that helps you to save time and money, measure and scale and optimize all business insight marketing investments, and grow revenue faster.

Then This Software is an amazing tool to handle all kinds of insight Marketing activities for example: Lead generation reports, sell funnel, social activities, email automation, advertisement Campaign and a lot more.

Here is a deal For You, Now You Can grab the opportunity to access this Software free with limited features to access.

Animoto video content creator Online for content marketing companies

free digital video content creator tool

Animoto is a kind of online software or you can say it is a kind of tool that helps you visualize your business product or services related content in a video visualization Format.

This means the content you delivered in front of your audience, Your content gets more CTR according to the test-based content format.

If you are one searching for a kind of option of Online Software or Marketing tools to visualize your content visibility in front of visitor and increase you CTR and ROI.

Then Animoto Online Video content creating tool will help you promote your business product or services in video-based informative content increase Sales.

Well, Animoto is has a Well designed easy use, user-friendly drag-and-drop features, Which make it easy to create a dynamic outstanding video just by adding photos and video clips.

You can also adjust colors, Select fonts that Suit your brand, customize your videos and music.

Here is a deal for you, Get this video creating tool now with lifetime free access.


The main idea behind automated content creation is to remove writer’s block, or the difficulty of constantly coming up with new ideas. This is a major issue for many freelance writers and is exactly what Content Automation software helps you address. The software can knock out a lot of content very quickly, so you will be able to spend time on other projects or simply take a break.

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