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Content Creation Tools for Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. There are many tools available for creating content for the purpose of promoting your business, product, or service on the instagram platform. This article provides more information about some of those tools and other related topics in order to help you get started posting photos and videos on instagram.

Content Creation Tools for Instagram is an award-winning suite of tools that help you to set up a great-looking business profile and strategy, run contests, engage with your friends and followers through scheduling posts, collect photo stories and create Great Looking Posts.

Content Creation Tools for Instagram will show to you the most important tools today for content creation for Instagram. The guide features a useful collection of free tools, paid apps, and free websites that can help you to increase your chances to be successful on Instagram.

Instagram provides users with an innovative platform for visual storytelling and collaboration. The benefit? Users can share their unique stories in a visually appealing way, as well as be inspired by the stories of others. This article is a round-up of tools that can help you create content for this unique storytelling platform.

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Genre: Content Creation


Canva is an excellent graphical tool, that makes design easy, even for the “graphically-challenged.” You can quickly make eye-catching graphics for your Instagram posts.

It features drag-and-drop design, multiple pre-configured layouts, fonts, and a plethora of sample photographs and illustrations. You gain access to many more copyrighted graphics for only a $1 fee.

You can efficiently use Canva to crop, enhance, straighten, and edit your images. It allows you to add text to photographs easily, and even create thought or speech bubbles.

It comes with thousands of templates for many uses, including templates to make social media posts at the optimal sizes.  

CutStory for Instagram Stories

Genre: Instagram Stories Tool

App Store Page: Apple

Instagram Stories has revolutionized the ways that people tell their tales visually using Instagram. And of course one of the best features is that you can include 15-second video clips, as well as still images. But it can be difficult to cut a long video into the short sections that you want for an Instagram Story.

You do have to make a $0.99 in-app purchase to remove a watermark from your videos – an essential purchase for influencer marketing purposes.

It makes splitting a video straightforward – not just the 15-second chunks you need for Instagram apps, but into more extended sections, if you need them as well.

You can use even use CutStory to automatically split a longish video into 15-second chunks and then upload each piece in sequence to make an almost seamless flowing Instagram Story.

Gleam Competitions

Genre: Instagram Contests


One way to gain your followers’ attention is to run some form of Instagram contest or giveaway. You can use Gleam Competitions to run a competition embedded in a web page. From here you can set up and operate giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes. These are all designed to help drive user engagement.

Gleam verifies the entries, reducing the number of steps required for people to enter your contests. You can also provide custom viral referral links to encourage people to share your competition.

You aren’t limited to your Instagram account either. You can use Gleam to set up landing pages on a website or your blog, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as Instagram. As always, you cannot include a link directly in an Instagram post, but you get around this limitation by adding a call to action in your Instagram bio, asking users to visit the non-clickable link in your posts.


Genre: Post Scheduler


If you are a power Instagram user, you are going to want a tool to help you schedule your posts. Onlypult allow you to automatically plan your Instagram photos and videos, ready for publication when at the optimal times.

You can make your life much more productive if you schedule a series of Instagram (and other social media) posts at one time, perhaps at a set time once a week. This allows you to create your social media posts without having to ensure you are online at the ideal posting times. You can set and forget.

Onlypult allows you to schedule your posts without having to confirm your posts at delivery time (which can be a problem with some of the opposition apps).

You can upload photos and videos to Instagram via Onlypult directly from your PC, schedule them for the future or publish them in real time.

One nice feature of Onlypult is that it stores your hashtags in a My Tags section, making it easy to reuse them in future posts. It already has many hashtags categorized ready for you to use.

Onlypult offers a range of plans, beginning with the Start plan at $10.50 per month where you can upload to a maximum of three Instagram accounts.

There is an excellent cheaper alternative to Onlypult called Grum. Unfortunately, Grum doesn’t appear to be currently taking on new subscribers.


inshot for instagram influencers

Genre: Instagram Stories Tool

App Store Pages: Apple Google Play

Inshot lets you improve the quality of your Instagram Stories with a whole list of ways to edit and enhance your clips.

You can trim your video into the short sections required by Instagram Stories. You can merge videos and adjust the speed if you want a slowed down or sped up effect.

Inshot lets you add music to your videos, and comes with an inbuilt selection of fun sound effects. You can add a voice over if that is what best suits your story. You can even sync sound and video using timeline features.

Inshot allows you to rotate or flip your photos and videos. It also extends standard Instagram Stories functions, like adding emoji and photo/video filters.





Snapseed is a photo-editing application first developed by NIK software but now acquired by Google. Any Instagram user will require editing assistance in creating great pictures even if they have great photography skills. These days 3D visuals and artistic creativity on regular photos are the new Instagram marketing trends. This instagram tool has got varied tools, looks, and filters to add on some magic in your photos. 


It is easily downloadable in Android and iOS applications. It is user-friendly. It provides unique tools like tune image, transforms, and spot repair, etc. The filters range from lens blur to vintage to HDR scape. They have got beautiful frames to match your occasions. Fortunately, these all features are free of cost and devoid of any annoying ads, which we know how much we hate.


It is a bit complicated to use. It is something not everybody can catch up on the first time, so a beginner needs time to learn before uploading anything. There are some limitations in sharing your content on Facebook and Twitter. There are no content-aware effects and layers provided on Android. 

Our Take:

This is a go-to app for uploading edited pictures and videos on Instagram. If you are satisfied with the editing features Instagram already has, then this app might not be an absolute necessity. Having said this, you should still give this Instagram tool a try! 





Vsco is a solid photo editing app and much in demand among teenagers. It also has got preset filters and makeover tools.


Its toolkit feature helps you to make finer adjustments in the skin tone, clarity, sharpness, vignette, saturation, and other properties. One can edit short videos and photographs by adding hashtags and captions. Overall it is very simple to use and available on both Android and ios.


One of the most viewed flaws in this Instagram tool is that it doesn’t provide privacy as anyone can view your edits on the Vsco app. Also, there can be some issues regarding the import and export of items, such as huge-sized videos.

Our Take:

Vsco provides some very subtle and smart edits, it is a must-have if you want your images and creatives to look different.


Typorama is an amazing app for crafting quick social media images for a variety of social platforms, including Instagram.

The free version displays a branded watermark, however, you can get rid of that for £4.99 one-time purchase, or pay £5.99 one-time purchase to unlock everything allowing you to use even more fonts, backgrounds and other features.

Beam Chartmaker

Believe it or not, charts are also being published on Instagram. Rather than hiring a designer, you can utilise a simple easy to use free tool like Beam Chartmaker. There are 4 different charts, you can change the colours and add/remove text.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of my favourite tools for creating social graphics and animated videos. It’s similar to Typorama, however, can also be used both desktop and app. Adobe Spark is free but also comes with the Adobe Cloud.

Price: Free & Paid


If you hadn’t already guessed by the name, Videorama is Typorama’s sister app. The app allows you to create stunning videos on your iPhone and iPad with ease. You can add sound effects, text, filters and do plenty of video editing fairly quickly.

The app then allows you to export the movie suitable to share on social media sites such as Instagram.

Price: Free & Paid

 BLACK – B&W Film Emulator

There’s so many black-and-white photo apps available, but the majority of them are all the same. This iOS-only app, however, is simple to use and has various presets such as Kodak TRI-X 400, FUJI NEOPAN 400 and more. The various functions allow you to tweak shadows with a fade tool, control the tones and contrast and also apply vignettes too.

Price: Free & Paid

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is website content that requires site visitors’ active engagement beyond simply watching or reading. In exchange for interacting with the content, the site visitors receive real-time value in the form of hyper-relevant information.The benefits of interactive content include:


Instagram is a widely used content creation tool for marketing purposes. Instagram has gained popularity among users not only in the US but also in European countries and other countries worldwide. The platform was launched back in 2010, and till now it is serving more than 1 billion unique global monthly users.

Take your Instagram marketing to the next level, master content creation tools for Instagram and discover how you can use these tools to grow your business, attract more followers, gain more exposure and increase sales! With these Instagram content creator tools for instagram, you will be able to quickly and easily create highly-engaging visual content, engage with your audience and save time on creating social media posts.

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