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Colorize Photo Online Free

To add some color to your photo, you don’t always need a strong set of Photoshop skills. Instead, use the free and handy tools that allow you to colorize photo online free.

This post is to tell you about the best web photo colorization service, that allows users to color black and white photos online. The service also supports conversion of gray scale into colorful ones.


color grading software

Best Features

  • Excellent graphic processor
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Handy color grading features

Shotcut is another free color grading software that is best known for its video editing and color grading tools for Windows.

It’s highly efficient for color correction as well. With the help of available filters, you can make adjustments like lift shadows, highlight, and create mid-tones.

Your images can gain a very eye-pleasing, aesthetic look in a single adjustment of color grading. It’s fast, effective, and professional.


Price: Free, $89/Lifetime


Luminar is a professional photo editor combined with grayscale to color features. The color splash effect supports make only certain colors in an image reappear after converting it to grayscale.


  • Make photo from grayscale to color with high quality
  • Support lots of editing features


  • Color photos manually

How to use Luminar?

  • Step 1: Download Luminar software
  • Step 2: Upload a photo from the device
  • Step 3: Color photos manually
  • Step 4: Download image to your device


Price: Free   


Photomyne’s application suite is the most nostalgic application in the world. The smart automatic process for turning your photos into vibrant colorful memories. It can be used in a browser and is also available as a downloadable app on both Android and iOS devices.


  • Support both PC and phone
  • Simple and quick


  • The speed is slow

How to use Photomyne?

  • Step 1: Upload your photos
  • Step 2: Make photos from grayscale to color automatically
  • Step 3: Download the image to your device


Price: Free & $39.99/Lifetime

Pixbim Colorization Software

Pixbim is an easy-to-use software to convert grayscale to color with a simple and clear UI design. It claims that its photo coloring software uses the worlds’s most advanced AI technology. You may try it to turn grayscale pictures to color as it offers a free trial version to download.


  • Easy to use with a simple and clear UI design
  • It uses advanced AI technology to automatically turn grayscale pictures to color


  • Sometimes the result is not ideal


Price: $20.99/mo

Photoshop is a well-know software to help you work with photos. Nowadays, with the population of artificial intelligence, Adobe has adopted it in its product-Photoshop CC which allows you to quickly convert grayscale pictures to color. But it does need a little helping along to fine tune the photos.

Photoshop Colorization Software


  • It is packed with many powerful tool to enable various editings


  • It requires a long learning-curve
  • Too expensive


 Open source

  • Cross-platform
  • User-friendly interface
  • Various image formats
  • Tools, offered by Photoshop
  • Long time to load


Verdict: GIMP is an open-source photo editing software. Working with GIMP you can take advantage of almost all the tools, offered by Photoshop.

If you have an experience of working with multiple layers and know how to change the mode to CMYK, you will save a lot of time. Either GIMP or Photoshop, these programs are designed rather for professionals than for beginners.

GIMP is colorized software compatible with GNU/Linux and Mac OS. The “Sepia” effect, hue, saturation, and lightness are the main colorize tools in GIMP.

gimp colorized software interface

AKVIS Coloriage

 Quick natural-looking colorization

  • Color replacement
  • Colorize selected areas
  • User-friendly interface
  • Support for RAW files
  • Only compatible with Adobe Photoshop


Verdict: Coloriage is colorized software, compatible both with Windows or Mac OS. It will help you color your black and white photographs, sketches, remove color from colored ones, desaturate color patterns, recolor fading images, and many more.

With AKVIS Coloriage you will also enjoy a multicolor mode, auto-colorization, color library, GPU acceleration, large format print, color print, IPTC & EXIF support, recolor brush, photo share, comprehensive online guide, free trial, and many other wonderful features.

The software supports various photo formats, for example, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, RAWPSD. The user-friendly interface allows you to choose from 9 languages.

To use this colorize program you don’t need to be a professional, or manipulate layers, or use any complicated techniques. Coloriage is very easy to use: choose the colors you want and the program will do the rest of the work.

akviscoloriage colorized software interface

Colorize – Color to Old Photos

 Colorized app with high rate

  • Free license
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Variety of effects
  • Regular updates
  • Glitches happen
  • Result may be worse than expected

Colorize – Color to Old PhotosFREE DOWNLOAD

Verdict: Colorize – Color to Old Photos is AI-powered B&W colorized software. The program offers you a wide range of colorizing styles, so, you may get so many different results, just applying different styles to one photo.

Change the color of any detail you want: hair, clothes, pets, etc. Select a color you like and get a different result. When the work is finished, save the photo to the gallery or share it with your friends.

colorize color to old photos colorized software interface

 Vance AI Photo Colorizer

  • Price: Free, Basic ($9.90/mo), Pro ($19.90/mo)
  • Compatibility: Online

Vance AI Photo Colorizer is one of the AI photo enhancer tools from Vance AI that allows you to colorize black and white photos automatically in seconds. Based on AI technology and deep learning, the AI photo colorizer can add lifelike color to your black and white, yellowish, and grayscale images in one click. This AI picture colorizer provides free trial version that allows you to colorize black and white photos free up to 5 images per month. For Pro users who want to further edit colorized photos, Vance AI Photo Colorizer supports PSD file format, which is a boon for creative professionals and Photoshop users.

Vance AI Photo Colorizer has launched on Product Hunt. To help it get featured and have greater influence, click here to upvote this AI now>>> 

Vance AI Photo Colorizer


  • Automatically colorize black and white photos online
  • Use deep neural networks to restore beautiful color to images
  • Offer 5 images free trial
  • Pro users can access PSD format


  • Lack editing tools
  • Limited credits to colorize black and white photos free

How to colorize photo with Vance AI Photo Colorizer?

Step 1: Upload the image you want to colorize into this image colorizer

Step 2: Click “Start to Press” and let AI colorize the photo.

Step 3: Download the results.

If you want to know the steps of how to use this AI photo colorizer better, below is a video that may be helpful.

Read the latest news about this product: Vance Technology Releases Vance AI Photo Colorizer provides a new AI image colorizer, which aims to help you colorize black and white images instantly online. If you would like to colorize some old black and white photos, whether it is a face image or landscape, this AI photo colorizer can help you make it in just one click. There is no need to sign up or download any programs. It’s hassle-free.


  • Claim to use AI to colorize images in one click
  • Fast to use
  • Colorize black and white photos free


  • No batch processing

How to colorize photo with

Step 1: Drop  your photo in this AI colorizer

Step 2: The AI will colorize your photo automatically

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds and get your colorize photo

You can also read our previous post about how to colorize old photos with Official Colourise.


Photo colorization is a new feature released by MyHeritage, which is an online genealogy platform. MyHeritage acts as a powerful photo colorizer that adds color to black and white photos automatically. Powered by deep learning technology, this colorizer has been trained on millions of images.

What’s also great about this online colorizer is that it keeps your black and white photos lossless in quality. It outputs more realistic and higher quality results than most automatic photo colorizers. As you open this site and upload an image to the website, you will be required to sign up with Google or Facebook accounts. You can upload a photo from your laptop or simply drag and drop one into the frame of this web.  It takes about 10 seconds to colorize an old photo which depends on its size and level of detail.

Colorize Black and White Photos


  • Colorized photo is lossless in quality
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Free to colorize 10 photos after signing up
  • 14-day free trial to access unlimited photo colorization
  • Download colorized photo or comparison
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter


  • Require signing up
  • 14-day free trial requires payment information
  • Add watermark to result for non-subscribers Colorize

This online colorizer is actually an image colorization API. It adopts a deep learning model that has been trained on color images and their black and white counterpart. After hours of training, the model learns how to add color back to black and white images.

You are only allowed to upload an image of no more than 1200px for any dimension. Otherwise, this AI image colorizer will shrink the image so no dimension is large than that. You can colorize old family photos and historic images. There is no download button on the website. But you can colorize black and white photos free by right-clicking to save the image directly to your computer.

Colorize Black and White Photos


  • Colorize black and white photos free
  • Easy to use
  • No watermark


  • Limit the size of an image
  • Colorized photo has lower quality

How to colorize photo with Deepai?

Step 1: Upload an image to this AI photo colorizer or input the url of the image

Step 2: After only 2 seconds you will have your AI colorize photo

Step 3: Save the result

This is a free online colorizer for you to colorize black and white photos. You can instantly get the result with this easy-to-use tool. With a simple UI design, it is quite easy to use and doesn’t require any operational or retoucher skills. You may simply upload the image you want to colorize and the AI would complete the work.

Colourise Online


  • Total free to use
  • Doesn’t require any skills


  • limited image size
  • Doesn’t allow to restore photo


I love colorized vintage photos and there’s a way you can convert your own black and white photos into color. See how to create a colorized photo of yourself or family, and find more photo editing tips and tricks on the blog!

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