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Digital Marketing Vs Software Developer

Marketing vs software development. It’s a question I’ve been asked so here it is, ready for you to read. To save time, I’m going to skim over some of the more obvious differences. I’ll also be honest and say this is written by someone who has done some work as a marketer, and some as a developer. So I’ll stick my neck on the line with a few opinions too. Hope you find it useful!

Digital marketing refers to selling ads and services for a company, whereas web development is the act of creating websites, pages, and other online information. They are both worthwhile careers, but they’re quite dissimilar to one another.

Digital marketing and software development are both incredible careers to have, but they can be very different. If you are considering leaving one field to go into the other, it’s important that you understand both jobs before making a choice.

Digital Marketing vs Web Development: How Are They Different?

Web development and digital marketing offer high-quality services to millions of online clients. They also provide a top-notch career for those who prefer to go an alternative route.

Whether you’re tired of working for a boss or you simply enjoy the time spent at home, hard work can allow you to succeed in either field.

Here’s a list of the differences between digital marketing and web development:

  • As shown by T Group Method, digital marketers care about sales and profit, whereas web developers want to create functional, eye-catching material. The end goal of both careers is to make an income, but web developers are much more artistic than the job requirements of a digital marketer.
  • Web development creates full websites or static pages, but digital marketers only focus on email campaigns, ads, and other sources of advertisement. A web developer usually designed pages that will keep a reader’s attention, making them much more likely to enjoy the experience. A digital marketer wants them to convert into shoppers.
  • Digital marketers usually work on shorter projects, while web developers often have multiple months working on the same job. If you’re trying to design an entire website with code, then it’s going to take much longer than writing a few emails or running someone’s social media accounts.
  • Digital marketers usually have more repeat customers than web developers. Once a website is completed, it’s all done. However, digital marketers often see customers come back for new ads that relate to different products that they’ve recently updated or created. That’s not to say that digital marketers make more money, though.
  • Web developers typically have to have a better rapport than digital marketers. Companies are willing to spend a lot more money on developing an entire website since they only have one shot. A few bad ads from a digital marketer won’t ruin their business, but a bad website could do serious damage.

It’s clear that there are all sorts of differences.  The list above is just a handful of what you should expect. 

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of digital marketing and web development in order to choose the one that’s right for you.

Choosing Between Web Development vs Digital Marketing

Now that you understand how they’re practically complete opposites, it’s time to choose either digital marketing or web development. This section will cover the advantages and disadvantages of both jobs to paint a clearer picture. Without further ado, let’s dive into the lists below.

Pros of Web Development

  • Web development allows you to be creative. Customers often have a vision for what they want the website to look like, but you’ll be the one who brings it to life. Many businesses allow you to have complete control over the project if you’ve provided high-quality results. Those who enjoy creativity will love this aspect of web development.
  • Web development jobs last for a long time. You’re able to get repeat customers, but not quite as often as digital marketing. Nonetheless, long-lasting jobs provide a great income, reliable job security, and a good relationship with the business that you’re working for. These partnerships can get you more jobs by word of mouth.
  • Thousands of small businesses don’t have websites, but they want one. According to WP Forms, up to 46% of small businesses weren’t in possession of a website back in 2018. Almost all of them believed that they would benefit from having a website, but they simply don’t have the time or knowledge to create it.

Cons of Web Development

  • Web development requires a lot of coding knowledge, which is something that millions of us don’t possess. If you’re not familiar with coding, website information, and how to make something eye-catching on the internet, then you’ll need to take quite a few courses to get caught up.
  • It’s harder to get into web development without any credentials than it is for a digital marketer. Again, a company won’t worry as much about hiring a bad digital marketer since a couple of non-converting ads won’t dent their budget. A terrible web developer causes expensive problems that the company has to fix later on.

Pros of Digital Marketing

  • There are plenty of online courses that will get you up to speed with digital marketing in as little as one month. If you’re serious about learning how to become a high-end, sought-after digital marketer, then investing in yourself will be the best course of action. You’ll learn quite a bit, and you can claim the course on your resume.
  • Digital marketing usually doesn’t require any knowledge of coding. You need to know how to create ads that convert social media posts that gain followers, and mottos that make people want to subscribe. The goal of a digital marketer is to make someone want to spend their money in one way or another.
  • Digital marketers often get more work than web developers. Once a page or website is created, it’s all done. You might need to go back and help with small edits, but that’s about it. Digital marketers get repeat clients and much more work to keep up with current trends and sales.

Cons of Digital Marketing

  • There are millions of digital marketers, making it a tough field to get into. If you’re willing to try the aforementioned courses, you can accelerate the process. Another suggestion is to create social media profiles and a website to get your name out there and show off your skillset to potential clients.
  • Digital marketing can be learned, but it’s often thought of as ‘something that you’re born with’. Selling is a natural talent that some people have more than others. If you already work for commission or your job is in the sales department, then you might have a leg up on other applicants.

The few similarities between the two include the following three takeaways:

  1. Both jobs can work independently or for a corporation.
  2. They both require hard work and constant knowledge of current market trends.
  3. There’s a beginner’s barrier that requires persistence and growth to breakthrough.

A Digital Marketer Works on All Aspects Such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Website Creation.

If you want to be a successful digital marketer, you need to understand the concept of SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and it is a process of promoting a website on search engines such as Google or Bing. The main objective of this process is to make sure that your website appears on the top results page when people are searching for any product or service in your industry.

A digital marketer has many responsibilities such as identifying keywords related to your business, creating content relevant for those keywords, generating traffic through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, making sure that everyone working on your team understands what they are supposed do and so on.

The Role of Software Developer Is to Design New Software by Using Various Programming Languages.

A software developer’s job is to design and develop software. He or she uses various programming languages such as C++, C#, Java etc. The developer also maintains and updates the existing software.

The skills of a software engineer include:

  • An eye for detail
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical ability

Software Engineers Work in An Office in A Group Setting. They Create Complex Computer Programs and Applications.

When you think of a software engineer, what do you envision? Do you picture them working from home or in their basement? Do they wear a suit and tie? Or do you imagine them as a geeky type with thick glasses, hunched over at their computer for hours on end?

If any of these descriptions come to mind when you think about software engineers, then prepare yourself for this shocking revelation: Software engineers work in an office! And not just any office—but an actual cubicle in a large workspace complete with colleagues and bosses who demand results from them. In fact, the main difference between marketing and software development is that while marketers rely heavily on social media tools such as Facebook Ads Manager to market themselves (and get paid), developers create complex computer programs and applications by hand.

As a result of this difference in work environments and responsibilities, one would expect that there would be some overlap between the skillsets required for each role since both involve making websites/apps/services available online through search engines like Google.* However unlike marketers who tend to focus more on creating content like blog posts or articles related to their industry (or niche) within social media channels such as LinkedIn Pulse or Medium; developers tend towards creating code using languages like HTML5 which can support different types of websites depending upon how much time has been invested into learning how best practice coding techniques work together so effectively create something useful for users’ needs.*

Software Engineering Is Mostly with The Coding and Debugging of Software Programs.

Software engineering is mostly with the coding and debugging of software programs while digital marketing is more with promoting them through online mediums. An engineer typically works on a team to build new features for an application, or otherwise work on improving existing ones. A marketer, on the other hand, focuses more on optimizing an app’s performance through things like SEO (search engine optimization), paid ads and social media targeting.

Digital Marketing vs Web Development Conclusion

Digital marketing and web development are fun careers that call for dedication and a true passion for the craft. If you’re not interested in creating good ads, engaging emails, popping social media posts, or beautiful, functional websites, then they might not be for you.

Here’s a quick recap of the post:

  • Web development focuses on the creative side of making a website from scratch.
  • Digital marketing is the practice of making ads that convert people into customers.
  • You can choose to work remotely or at an office for either job.
  • You need coding knowledge for web development, but not always for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Vs Software Developer

Both the industry are growing opportunities but software development is paying more than digital marketing. Digital marketers have to work with many people, whereas developers work alone. In addition, digital marketers have to deal with clients; therefore they have a lot of pressure on them.

Software developer does not need any formal education qualification whereas digital marketer needs an IT degree or at least some basic skills in coding and web designing.


As a technology professional, you’re no stranger to the question “What do you do?” You might find that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the major differences between coding and marketing software. Whether you’re comparing digital marketing vs software engineering salary or digital marketing vs web development, it can be difficult to clearly demonstrate the distinctions in your work without just explaining your entire career path in detail. The results of our research have shown that there is a huge difference between the two professions. Digital marketers are paid more than software engineers in India but they do not have as much job satisfaction or work-life balance. Software developers on the other hand are not as well paid but they have better work-life balance and job satisfaction levels. So if you are looking for a career with good pay, then consider becoming a software developer or engineer. If you want to earn less money and enjoy life more, then choose digital marketing as your profession because it offers lots of opportunities for growth in this field.

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