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Easy Personal Finance Software

Personal finance software is a system that helps users chart out their spending, bill paying and investing over the years. All these functions are performed in the interest of saving up cash for specific goals. It also tracks income, savings and expenditure on a daily basis.

Personal financial management software is a program for all people who wish to keep their personal finance in order.   This type of software is intended for financial planning, investing and maintaining your cash flow. The software that helps you maintain your personal finances can be used by individuals, small business owners and even enterprises.  Since there are so many personal finance programs available, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. To help you make that decision, we have reviewed some of the most popular personal finance software for you and we have compared these personally. In our comparisons of various personal finance software, we have considered such parameters as available features, ease of use, price/performance ratio etc.

Easy personal finance software will help you manage your money. You can use the software to track bills and payments, set up budgets and spending plans, create goals and financial plans and even file your taxes for free.

Working with a budget is a good idea for anyone, whether you’re making $1,000 per month or $10,000. A great way to keep track of your spending and savings is to use personal finance software, which is also known as PFM (personal financial management) software.

What Is Personal Finance Software?

Personal finance software is any application that helps with all aspects of your personal finances. You can choose different software for different goals. Some software is ideal for budgeting, others are good for investing, and others are right for debt tracking and savings goals. It’s designed to make managing and tracking your finances easier and more efficient and helps you set up systems that work for you. 


FreeAgent is cloud-based accounting software that was created by an accountant, so it’s specifically designed to help you keep track of your business finances. It has some great features to help you manage your finances, such as forecasting and budgeting tools. You can also use the software to track invoices, expenses and even VAT returns. The big downside with this option is that it doesn’t really have any features for running a small business on the side or for investors who don’t own a business themselves.

Quicken Essentials for Mac

Quicken Essentials for Mac is a free personal finance software that helps you organize your money and monitor your spending. It can import data from Quicken 2010 and newer, as well as other sources such as Mint, Yahoo Finance, and Yodlee. The program also integrates with other Quicken products like Bill Pay and Homeowner Pro.

Quicken Essentials offers all of the basic tools you need in order to keep track of your financial status: budgeting tools; account balances; graphs that show income vs expenses over time; customizable reports; reminders to pay bills on time or file taxes before the deadline approaches; historical data going back up to six months (or longer if needed); password protection settings so others won’t be able to access private information without permission first given by user at the signup process


PearBudget is a free budgeting app that can be downloaded via the Apple App Store. It’s available for both Mac and Windows users, and it offers a simple interface that makes it easy to use. If you’re just getting started with personal finance software and want something straightforward, PearBudget is an excellent choice.


Moneydance is a personal finance software. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and it’s also available in multiple languages. It’s easy to use and free (with one paid add-on). Moneydance is open source, which means that anyone can contribute to the development of the software by submitting suggestions, bug reports or code changes to developers via the project website. This also means there’s a large user community surrounding the project with access to many active forums where you can get support from other users or ask questions about how something works.

AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is free personal finance software that can be installed on your desktop computer or laptop. It’s available for both Windows and Mac systems, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The free version of the program limits users to 12 accounts, which might be enough for some people but not others. If you find yourself needing more than 12 accounts or if you don’t want to be limited in any way, there is a paid version available that offers more features such as unlimited accounts and data storage timeframes (up to 30 years). Data import capabilities are also included in the paid version of AceMoney Lite and can import data from QuickBooks Online Edition, Excel spreadsheets created by many different applications including Money Manager Deluxe/Personal Finance Software Deluxe (MMD), Quicken Home & Business 2015 & 2016 / Personal Finance Software Deluxe 2015 & 2016 / Home & Business Accountant Edition 2015 & 2016 (H&B AED), Moneydance 3 – 4th edition versions of MDE files created since October 2014


Mint is one of the most popular personal finance software online. It’s available for you to use on your computer, phone, tablet, and even smartwatch. Mint is an easy way to see all of your accounts in one place so you know what money is coming in and going out.

Mint has partnered with many financial institutions to give you a full view of your finances. You can connect up to 5 accounts with them so that they will all be synced up together. This makes it easy for you to keep track of where all your money goes each month!

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a great option for budgeting and keeping track of your finances. It has an online service, a mobile app, and it offers free financial planning services. Personal Capital helps you plan for retirement, tax-planning strategies, cash flow analysis and investment planning.


Quicken is a personal finance management tool that allows you to track your spending and investments. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.

It’s perfect for people who want more features than Mint offers but don’t want to spend the money on some of the other software options.

Quicken makes it easy to set up multiple accounts and categorize them according to how they’re used (e.g., “car payment” or “mortgage”). You can also assign tags so you can easily see how much money you have spent on groceries over a period of time. The app provides detailed reports that show where every penny goes —and why!


YNAB is the best personal finance software. It’s a little different than most other money management apps because it focuses on teaching you how to develop an awareness of your money habits and change them for the better. YNAB stands for “You Need a Budget,” a phrase that they use as a mantra to help you get started with budgeting in a way that works for your life.

The first thing to note about YNAB is that it’s less of an app and more of an experience. The software itself is free, but when you sign up, you’ll actually start learning how to budget in person with an actual coach through video calls or over email—and then every few months after that if you choose to continue using their service, which costs $6 per month or $50 per year (after 14 days).

The goal of all this coaching is not just to teach you how to manage your finances better now; it’s also supposed to create lasting habits so that when things change down the line—similarly as they did when I switched jobs and had less disposable income—you’ll already know what steps need to be taken so that everything stays in balance again


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You may not necessarily need TurboTax to manage your finances throughout the entire year, but when it’s tax time, the software can come in handy. While it’s one of the pricier tax preparation tools, it’s also consumer-friendly, walking you through your tax preparation to help you accurately file your tax return. Entering your tax information is fairly simple—you can import your W-2 information from your employer or take a picture of it and the software will transfer the information into the form.

If you’ve used TurboTax in previous years, the software will remember your personal information and ask whether there have been any major changes. The most basic version lets you file your federal and state return for free if all you use is form 1040 with no attached schedules.

On the higher end, TurboTax Live connects you with a tax expert to give you personalized advice and answer questions about your tax return. Paid versions of TurboTax include a feature to help you uncover deductions you may not have known were available to you. While you can use TurboTax on the web, you can also download the software to your device for added security.


AceMoney is a free personal finance software that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. AceMoney can import data from Quicken, Moneydance, Microsoft Money (for Mac), YNAB and many more accounting programs. Importing data from other accounting programs is easy with AceMoney.

Importing data into AceMoney is also easy if you have an existing file from another program like Quicken Essentials or Quicken for Mac. The import process will ask you for the file path of your existing file so that it can open it and convert its information into the appropriate fields in AceMoney’s database format. Once imported into AceMoney’s database format all transactions are automatically categorized by date and type making it easier to manage your finances!


CountAbout is a free personal finance software that can be used for tracking your expenses, income and net worth. It also has investment tracking capability. The interface is user-friendly and has some great features like the ability to set reminders for your transactions and recurring payments.

The app lets you categorize your purchases in different ways. You can create custom categories if needed too. For example, if you have a lot of grocery shopping that happens at CVS or Target, then it would make sense to create a category called Grocery Stores under which all those purchases fall under one umbrella category instead of having them clumped into a generic Grocery category which may not help much in tracking down those particular expenditures later on.

These are the best free personal finance software for use on a computer, android phone or apple iPhone.

Quicken: The Quicken software suite is one of the most popular personal finance applications in the world. If you’re already familiar with Quicken, then it’s probably worth a try for your needs. It’s easy to use and can help you keep track of your spending and make plans for saving money. For those who just want something simple and straightforward, this program may be all that you need.

Mint: This free budgeting app from Intuit lets users add their financial information from various accounts so they can see how much money they have at any given time. The app also allows users to create budgets and track their spending habits over time so they can get an idea of where their money goes each month (or quarter). Mint has both web-based access as well as mobile versions available on Android devices or iPhones/iPads so users can access their account information no matter where they are in the world!


One of the most important steps in financial planning is to set up a personal budget. Personal finance software can help you manage your money more efficiently by providing detailed information about where your hard-earned cash is going. Best personal finance software is essential software if you are looking to manage your money more efficiently. Personal finance software is software that can help you track your money better and plan for your future. The best personal finance software provides a proper solution and works as a lifesaver in terms of managing your money, paying bills, borrowing and saving.

If you’re looking for a better way to track your finances, it’s time to check out one of these free accounting programs. They won’t cost you anything and they’ll help you make better financial decisions in the future. You might even save some money!

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