Event Planning Software for Nonprofits

Have you been looking for an event planning software for nonprofits in nigeria, or free event management software? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Fundraising event management is a great option for non-profits who want to plan and run successful fundraising events.

Are you a nonprofit looking for event planning software for nonprofits? This is the guide for you. You’ll find what are the best event management tools you can use to organize an event. If you’re reading this, it must be because you want a simple guide that walks you through how to use software for event planning.


Nonprofit Event Software Overview

CharityEngine offers a complete software solution for nonprofit organizations. Not only can you plan events, but you can also plan how that event will fit into the rest of your nonprofit strategy because it’s all handled within the same solution. 

In addition to incorporating features that make it easy for your guests to get involved, such as ticketing and peer-to-peer fundraising, CharityEngine’s solution offers all of the management features to also help keep your nonprofit organized in terms of your venue information, location, and speakers. 

After your event, your organization will have access to comprehensive reports to see statistics about fundraising, attendance, demographics, and even period-over-period comparison data.

Is Nonprofit Ticketing Software Included?

Yes! Guests and attendees can use this top event management software to purchase tickets for your nonprofit’s next event. 

Is Online Event Registration Included?

Yes! Create branded registration pages on your nonprofit’s website. Then, use CharityEngine’s integrated marketing and management solutions to promote these pages to your supporters.

Event Management Software Pricing

Contact CharityEngine for more information about pricing.

CharityEngine offers an all-in-one nonprofit event management solution.

Check Out CharityEngine!


Nonprofit Event Software Overview

Regpack offers organizations a streamlined, all-in-one solution for their event management. With Regpack’s suite of tools, your nonprofit is equipped to register guests, conduct email marketing, process payments, and build comprehensive reports, all within the same system. 

Regpack aims to be flexible, allowing organizations to collect payments and manage attendees for any event, program, or other offerings, including conferences, camps, courses, trips, and more. If your organization needs to process payments online, Regpack can also help your team create a custom registration process and charge fees.

Grow your event with Regpack. With simplified operations reducing administrative tasks and numerous automated features, Regpack is designed to save your team time so you can focus on running the best event possible. Plus, Regpack’s reporting tools allow you to stay in touch with your event’s data from beginning to end. Use their suite of tools to manage each aspect of your event, inducing payment and sales reports and email communication with attendees. Their dynamic filtering tools also allow organizations to find the information they need when they need it at any point during their event.

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Explore Regpack's event management software by visiting their website!

Is Ticketing Software Included?

No, Regpack does not include ticketing software. 

Is Online Event Registration Included?

Yes! Regpack enables nonprofits to embed online registration forms into their websites. Use their registration form builder to customize your forms, ask necessary registration questions, and present any other necessary information you need. Regpack’s offerings include event tickets, event add-ons, and more. The system calculates the amount due for each attendee and charges them automatically. Regpack supports both automated payment plans and one-time payments for all of your unique offerings. 

Plus, Regpack’s dedication to creating user-friendly interfaces means your guests will be able to register with ease, promising a 52% reduction in support cases for online registration.

Event Management Software Pricing

Regpack’s pricing starts at $125/month. Get a quote to learn more!

Lumaverse CRM

Event Registration Software Overview

Already part of their CRM solution, Lumaverse event registration software allows your organization to add in registrants and adjust ticket prices as needed.

Because it’s hosted within their CRM, all your data is housed in one central location with an intuitive and streamlined process. You won’t have to worry about data migration and losing any important information. Instead, you can focus on forming stronger connections and fulfilling your mission.

Event Registration Platform Features

Lumaverse’s solutions even allow your organization to add notes and other details to your donor’s registration. This software enables you to 

  • Add registrations to multiple ongoing events
  • Send a print or email proof of registration
  • Record your supporters’ payment information

The multifaceted event registration platform offers features to help your organization run an event smoothly and effectively.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Lumaverse offers 5 different packages so your organization can find exactly what you’re looking for. Prices start at 1,000 contacts for $100/month and increase from there depending on your needs.

If your organization has more than 50,000 constituents, additional contact blocks are available. Simply call or visit their pricing page for additional pricing information!

 Get started with our favorite event management platform, Lumaverse!


Event Registration Software Overview

The Mobilize event registration and management platform is a must-have for mission-based organizations looking to build stronger bases of support for their cause.

This solution drastically grows the reach of nonprofit events by making it easy for existing supporters to get involved and allowing you to tap into the growing Mobilize network of over 2.1 million volunteers that are eager to give back.

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Organizations working with Mobilize have seen significant improvements in event engagement, with as much as a 30% increase in event attendance from online signups alone! Beyond the clear registration benefits, however, the Mobilize platform offers valuable tools to engage these supporters during the event and steward them long after it ends.

When it comes to event registration and management platforms, Mobilize is key for growing your supporter base in the long run.

Event Registration Platform Features

We’ve seen that Mobilize empowers nonprofits to connect with more supporters and volunteers than ever before.

Beyond that, the platform also includes a variety of attendee engagement features including automated communications and the ability for all-star supporters to host their own events on your behalf. Members can even subscribe to your community event calendar and communicate with one another through the platform—building support well beyond the initial event they first engaged with.

Event Registration Software Pricing

Mobilize offers a free starter package and custom toolsets of their event management and recruitment features based on your needs. Explore their website for more information.

Soapbox Engage

Nonprofit Event Software Overview

The Events app from Soapbox Engage is a leading choice for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Built around the core goal of saving your team time, this tool can support any type of event, large or small. With this app, you can:

  • Create unlimited event registration pages and customize them with text, multimedia ticketing options, and custom fields.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to capture all your reservation data, or use the Events app as a standalone tool as needed.
  • Choose your ideal payment processor to find the one that best fits your needs while also offering easy PayPal options for users.

Soapbox Engage creates apps for organizations to support nearly every aspect of their online operations, from accepting donations to conducting online advocacy campaigns. They’re all designed to work seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM platform but can be adapted to fit nearly any toolkit.


Event Registration Software Overview

OneCause’s event registration software is a must-have for any organization looking to soar through the registration and check-in processes.

This solution offers easy access to registrant information for your organization because it’s all stored in one, central location.

OneCause knows you have a lot to manage with any fundraising event and while event registration is incredibly important you don’t have time to fuss over the tiny details, so they do that for you!

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Event Registration Platform Features

You’ll be able to enter in ticket and fixed price item purchases while accepting additional donations. Plus, your nonprofit will even be able to capture additional guest and payment information during check-in!

Event Registration Software Pricing

Because OneCause knows one size doesn’t fit all, they offer multiple packages to fit any event and need! Contact OneCause today for a quote on their event registration software.

Handbid | Best Nonprofit Event Software for Mobile Bidding

Nonprofit Event Software Overview

Handbid specializes in auction software designed specifically for nonprofits. They provide everything you need to plan a mobile-friendly charity auction from start to finish, so you can focus on creating a lucrative and engaging event that your supporters won’t forget. They place a heavy focus on online access, so bidders all around the world can join in on the fun. Plus, they even offer crowdfunding and peer-to-peer tools that you can combine with your events to expand your fundraising potential even further.

Why We Love This Fundraising Event Software

Never run a subpar auction with Handbid on your side. This nonprofit event software streamlines auction management so you can focus on procuring standout items and driving bids. Handbid gives you everything you need to centralize and streamline auction planning, including:

  • Mobile bidding. Widen your audience with Handbid’s mobile bidding app, which offers an experience that’s as seamless as the desktop interface. Bidders can easily browse the catalog, bid on items, and enable push notifications to know the moment they’ve been outbid.
  • Live streaming. Stay connected with remote attendees using Handbid’s native live streaming tools. Stream directly to bidders through the bidding app or site and promote items directly under the stream, perfect for inciting bidding wars.
  • Gamification. Nothing drives participation quite like some friendly competition. Use leaderboards to showcase top bidders, a live thermometer to showcase donations, and a countdown timer with winning bids, purchases, and donations.
Handbid's nonprofit event management software streamlines mobile bidding.

Is Online Registration Included?

Yes, Handbid makes it easy to add bidders to your guest list and keep up with who attends.

Nonprofit Event Software Pricing

Handbid offers five pricing packages, starting at $696 per year. They also offer add-ons so that you can customize your solution.


The software for nonprofits is designed for smaller organizations with limited staff and resources. Too many nonprofits use the same charitable event management software over and over again. This means they are not using the best online event management strategy to help them succeed at their fundraising campaign.

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