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Zoo 3d Animation Software

Zoo 3D is popular animation software and plasticine-based 3D animation studio that simplifies a rigging and animating process. It employs industry standards, such as keyframes and curves, to make animating easier. With it you can create a complete animation without writing a line of code. The Animation Kit contains 12 video tutorials lead by a professional artist and teaches you how to create 2D animation using Zoo 3D. the hue animation studio is a plasticine animation kit specifically designed for people that have no prior experience in 3d animation. It includes everything you need to get started and turn your creativity into reality.

Zoo 3d Animation Software is a powerful 3d animation software that allows you to create 3d animations and interactive games. A great way to create instant online presentations or reveal prototype designs with the ease of use of an animation kit. Plus its an animation studio that is super simple to use, making it the ideal program for any beginner this animation studio kit will complement your animation software with a whole new level of excitement.

Whether it’s King Kong for Hollywood’s dream factory or apes in a computer game: even experts usually need several days using conventional programs to recreate animals in three-dimensional digital form, and to animate them in a lifelike way. Now, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken have developed software that even non-specialists can use to create such 3D figures in just a few minutes – to do this, they need nothing more than a video that shows the animal moving. Users only need to indicate the lines of the head, body and limbs, the software does everything else. The program could be of interest to the film and computer game industry but also to non-specialists, who can use it to easily produce animated animal films.

“HUE Animation is an animation software that is used to create stop motion animation.”

What do you like best?

HUE Animation is mainly used by professionals to help them learn about the basics of animation. It can be used at office or at professional environment. It comes with an HD camera that helps you record high quality animations. It also comes with a guide book that contain instructions on how to use the software correctly. It can be used on both pc and mobile and works well on both however for mobile phone camera can be difficult to place. The user can create time lapse videos and use special effects in them. The created work can also be share on YouTube or a platform introduced by Hue Animation itself called Creatubbles so it allows creativity and enhances communication. You can use its camera or your own web camera to work with.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

HUE animation definitely has a learning curve and it takes a lot of time to learn its correct use. It is a bit complex for the beginners and the interface is old fashioned and not according to software of current age. It is not free and requires a licence to buy it.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

HUE Animation offers a wide range of features to create special effects and to introduce professionals to basics of animation. It also works with green screen and numberless tutorials on it are present on the internet. Frames can be edited and the work is done quickly. Templates available are incredible.

As some animators may already have noticed if they launched HUE Animation on a computer running Windows today, a brand new update is available for download. This version 1.6.2 update is a major one, completely removing the QuickTime requirement from the Windows edition of HUE Animation and addressing a number of system-specific bugs which related to QuickTime on newer operating systems.

This patch is available free of charge to all HUE Animation (and SAM Animation) license holders, and you will be prompted to download automatically the next time that the HUE Animation software is launched. If you would prefer to update manually, the new version can be downloaded from your HUE website account at any time.

Since Apple’s withdrawal of support for the Windows version of QuickTime was announced abruptly last year, our team has been working hard to update the software. Once the HUE Animation 1.6.2 update has been installed, you can safely uninstall QuickTime from your computer and HUE Animation will continue to work.

If you’re unable to update at the moment, we recommend keeping security/antivirus software up to date and avoiding any suspicious email attachments or website links, as the published security flaws to date rely on visiting a compromised link or downloading a compromised file before QuickTime is at risk. This advice applies regardless of having QuickTime installed – there are similar exploits for Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Explorer, among other popular applications – but we want our users to feel safe and confident using HUE Animation.

If you don’t update regularly, you will find that the newest version includes a number of extra features, including built-in Creatubbles sharing for your finished movies and improvements to the export settings.


Zoo 3d Animation Software is an excellent application for students who can use the variety of animation tools to create works that are animated manually, or automatically. Robot training has been implemented so that you can use your computer as a robot controller. You can also save your work into video file formats, and also publish your animation on line.

Action shots, sports videos, and 3D animations are just a few of the applications dedicated animators appreciate in Zoo 3d Animation Software. Dedicated animators will appreciate all the features this software has to offer. High-powered computers and quad-core processors aid to rendering images and videos smoothly, giving you more time to explore other photo and video enhancements. Are you an aspiring animator? Join the ranks of professionals who discover the joy of creating characters for both gaming and traditional animation software.

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