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Collaborative Animation Software

Collaborative animation software is an animation tool that helps you to create, edit, review and share your movie with the co-writers over the network; built-in DVD authoring system help your mainframe to create DVD for your family without any burn or blank cost.

Collaborative animation software enables team members to create, review and approve 3D designs while working on the same project in real time. Collaborative animation is focused on communicating design intent more than coding. It emphasizes creativity, collaboration and productivity while creating high-quality files to be used for manufacturing.

 Adobe Character Animator

Animate in real-time. Really.

Being one of the newest additions in Adobe family, Adobe Character Animator is a powerful tool which allows you to animate cartoon characters in real time very easily and fast. The software works very simply. You plug in your mic and cam. Then import a character specifically prepared for animation in Adobe Character Animator (called a puppet). The program detects your facial expressions and voice in order to animate the character’s face. By using pre-defined triggers and functions, you make the character walk, make gestures, hold objects, and more.

  • automatic lipsyncing and animation of facial features like mouth, eyes, eyebrows;
  • support of real-time animation and live streaming;
  • in-app template puppets;
  • streamline recording and editing;
  • scene snapshots which act like onion-skinning;
  • walk cycles, behaviors, breathing, blinking and other animation options;
  • replays, magnets, and more functions.
  • Perfect for online education, game streaming, live chat and more.
Pricing plans:
  • Free trial – 7 days
  • Creative Cloud All Apps – $52.99/month billed annually
  • Students and teachers – $19.99/month billed annually
  • Business – from $33.99/month billed annually

Stop Motion Studio

Stop-motion animation software for beginners

An app perfect for beginners in video making. Stop Motion Studio will help you create amazing 4K stop-motion animations that can easily be mixed with 2D style drawings painted directly onto the image.

With the frame-by-frame editor enriched with super handy features, you have a powerful and affordable app for your device. Stop Motion Studio can be installed on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Android, and Windows, and you can easily open the same project on different devices.

  • 4K ultra HD videos;
  • runs on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Android, and Windows;
  • manual or automatic control of the focus, exposure, ISO, white balance
  • DSLR camera support;
  • green screen option and background library;
  • import of images, audio, video files;
  • frame-by-frame view and easy editing;
  • grid and onion skinning options;
  • connect a remote camera as a second device;
  • paint tools, sound effects, magic eraser, and more handy tools.
  • for iOS – $4.99
  • for Mac – $9.99
  • for Android – $4.99
  • for Windows – $1.99

Moho (Anime Studio) Debut & Moho (Anime Studio) Pro

Complete 2D Animation Software

While Moho (Anime Studio) Debut is aimed for beginners, even for kids, it includes powerful features that allow you to realize your vision into an animation. The revolutionary tools are combined with an easy-to-understand interface. Once you get the hang of it, you can try the Pro version which is quite more pricy, in fact, but it comes with powerful features that will help you create professional animations.

Features for the Debut version:
  • available for Windows and macOS with online or offline activation;
  • multilingual support: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Simplified), and Japanese;
  • advanced freehand tools;
  • advanced bone rigging, plus pin bones;
  • tablet support with pen pressure support;
  • animated effects for layers and shapes;
  • easy to edit and animate brushes;
  • support for images and layered PSD;
  • keyframe options: additive cycle, stagger, bounce, elastic;
  • advanced masking options, auto freeze tool and more.
  • $69.99
  • Free trial: 30 days.
Features for the Pro version:
  • all features included in the Debut version;
  • advanced bone rigging system, plus Physics engine, Dynamic bones, and Smart bones to control complex movements;
  • smart wrap for images and vectors;
  • frame by frame capabilities;
  • vector tools with bezier handles, plus accurate SVG, AI, and EPS import;
  • 4k video export, vector export;
  • realistic motion blur;
  • easy control of multiple layers and channels, and even more.
  • $399.99
  • Free trial: 30 days.


animation software - Visme-logo

Visme is a cloud-based, online design tool that lets anyone create animated social media images, infographics, presentations, ads, banners and other visuals.

It comes packed with animation and interactivity features to help you create eye-catching designs that do much more than just static images.

Visme’s animation software lets you access thousands of premade templates, a library of free stock photos and videos, customizable pre-animated characters, illustrations and gestures, and much more.


  • Friendly and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Thousands of animated templates in various categories.
  • Customizable pre-animated assets: Characters, illustrations and gestures.
  • Animation timeline feature to customize scenes and sync audio.
  • 14+ different types of animated charts, graphs and maps.
  • Advanced custom animation that can be applied to any object.
  • Interactive links, call-to-action buttons and hover effects.
animation software - Visme-editor
  • Searchable libraries of free stock photos, videos, icons and shapes.
  • Import your own images, videos and fonts.
  • Embed videos and other online content into your designs.
  • Team collaboration features: Share your projects.
  • Brand kit: Save your brand colors, fonts and logos for later use.
  • Insightful analytics: Access graphs and statistics for project views.
  • Offline animated download formats: GIF, MP4 video and HTML5.
  • Publish and share online: Use a link or generate an embed code.
animation software - visme illustration drag-and-drop

Pricing: Free plan with limited features. Paid plans start from $12/month per user.

Pros: All-in-one design tool packed with animation and interactivity features, great for both non-designers and designers, millions of free graphic assets inside the editor.

Cons: A variety of design and customizability options can lead to a slightly steep learning curve.

Ideal for: Marketers, corporate teams, teachers, trainers, personal use.


Blender is an open-source video editing software that lets you have total control over your animations. The tool offers advanced command line and programming features for rendering, modeling and creating 3D animations. It works across different operating systems, so you can use it on Linux, Windows and Mac.


  • Powerful rendering, modeling and sculpting tools.
  • Advanced animation and rigging tools.
  • Draw and edit in 3D mode.
  • Video editing and VFX, including motion tracking, masking and compositing.
  • Powerful and realistic simulation tools.
  • Extensive Python API for scripting and customization.
  • Customizable user interface, window layout and shortcuts.

Pricing: Free.

Pros: It doesn’t cost anything to use Blender. Also, advanced animation and rendering tools make it fit for both beginners and expert users.

Cons: Blender has a very steep learning curve as it’s packed with so many features. Beginners will be overwhelmed and might need to spend hours on tutorials before getting it right.

Ideal for: Animators, engineers, scientists, artists, students.

Adobe Spark

animation software - Adobe-Spark-logo

If you’re looking for a very basic animation software to create video posts for social media, Adobe Spark can help you do that right from your phone.

Use the Adobe Spark Post iOS app to create short videos with animated text and photos by choosing a template, and customizing it using one of the few animation styles available. As of now, you can only access the animation feature on mobile, not on the desktop app.


  • Access customizable templates in various formats.
  • Sync your designs across multiple devices.
  • Create animated posts on the go with the iOS app.
  • Thousands of free images and icons.
  • Download as an MP4 video or share online.
animation software - Adobe-Spark-editor

Pricing: Free.

Pros: Create animated social media posts on the go with the iOS mobile app. Simple, easy-to-use interface. Sign in with your Adobe account.

Cons: Lack of advanced animation features. Animations only available in the iOS app, not in Android or Web version.

Ideal for: Freelancers, marketers, bloggers.


Image of Best 3D Animation Software Tools (Some are Free): Akeystu
  • SoftwareAkeystu
  • ApplicationKeyframe Animation
  • OSWindows
  • Price$179/year
  • Formatsakt, fbx, obj, dae, bvh

Akeytsu is by no means a new piece of software, having been around for several years already. It has steadily made progress, however, and has a clean, uncluttered UI that gives you the basics to get going in the world of animation.

Akeytsu also isn’t the most complex of animation software out there, but it’s fairly priced (starting from $14.99 a month) and has the option of a 30-day free trial, giving you the opportunity to get to grips with it before you purchase. It gets better if you’re a student, because it’s free for a year in that case.

A big part of Akeytsu’s appeal is the UI and simplicity of use. Key to this is the software’s “spinner” which is a floating circular widget that covers transformation for your model. Auto-Rig allows you to create a bipedal character in just a few minutes too, asking of you only parameters, hot point and joints before applying skeleton, weights and controls automatically. Being easy and intuitive is a key characteristic of this software, a theme that continues across its many features. Having supposedly been designed by animators for animators, it shouldn’t take long for any animation enthusiasts to feel at home here.



Image of Best 3D Animation Software Tools (Some are Free): Motionbuilder
Source: Autodesk
  • SoftwareMotionbuilder
  • ApplicationMotion Capture, Keyframe Animation
  • OSWindows
  • Price$1,950/year
  • Formatsasf, amc, bvh, c3d, fbx, htr, tr3

Motionbuilder is the professional-grade 3D animation software by Autodesk. It combines keyframe animation with motion capture and virtual production. With this 3D animation software, you can animate 3D characters in real-time that are especially suitable for game development and animated movies. Motion capture data can be retargeted with a vast array of tools that allow for fine-tuning the minutest of details in the character’s movements quickly and consistently.

Similar to movie editing software, Motionbuilder will enable you to cut and stitch together different movements – the key difference is though that instead of hard cuts, the 3D animation software assists in creating smooth and natural transitions between the files. The whole process is non-destructively, so the original files are not affected in any way.

Motion capture and keyframe animations can be supplemented with animation layers to achieve distinctive effects and clean animations. Motionbuilder comes with an assortment of physics engines to dynamically animate interactions, such as falls using ragdoll solvers. Published by Autodesk, this 3D animation software integrates well with other Autodesk products like 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Maya to speed up the overall workflow.



WITH Collaborative animation software, you and your team see the same project at the same time and manage the design process from start to finish. Project collaboration is optimized by reducing delays, increasing design quality and eliminating costly errors.

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